7of8 Debate The Origin of Islam & Christianity

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Sheikh Ahmed is a scholar on islamic science and comparative religion and one of the pioneer student of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat.Sh. Ahmed attended Kumasi Technical College in Ghana. He also graduated from college of Irrigation and Surveying in Kano state Nigeria, and Kaduna Polytechnic College of Environmental Studies respectively.
Sh. Ahmed is currently the founder/ director of ZAITUN DAWAH INSTITUTE (ZDI) with head quarters in Seattle WA. He is also the dawah director of South Seattle Islamic Center (SSIC),WA. USA. Sh. Ahmed is a board member and dawah director of Iqamateddeen dawah and humanitarian services based in washington state with the head quarters in New York City.He also ministers and do dawah activities in the State Of Washington prison system.

Sh. Ahmed has aquired skills necessary from Sheikh Ahmed Deedat to present the message of Islam to especially the people of the Christian faith and those who have on faith at all. His in-depth knowledge of islamic science and the Bible coupled with logic is a mercy from Allah. Sh. Ahmed has presented papers on Islam in numerous dialoques and symposiums in different countries in Africa and the United States. He has also presented Islam through lectures, debates, and public lectures. He also teaches Islam monthly at a jesuit catholic institute in Seattle WA.
Sh, Ahmed lectures on Islam and Science and comparative religion at various colleges and university campuses and various institutions across the continental USA, Canada, Europe and Africa.Sh. Ahmed is the founder and instructor at Zaitun Dawah Institute, a branch college he established in Kano State Nigeria with over a hundred student. He was the permanent guest speaker on the fame programm ISLAM AND SCIENCE which airs on METRO TV, a cable tv station in Ghana and Nigeria respectively. He is also a frequent guest on many am/fm stations in both Ghana and Nigeria.

WEBSITE: zaitundawah.org
E-MAIL : [email protected]
PH. :(206)354-0102