A Conversation with Four Millennial Preachers on "Announcing the Call" by Dr. Frank A. Thomas

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The African American Preaching Legacy Series hosted by Dr. Frank A. Thomas presents “A Conversation with Four Millennial Preachers.” Four outstanding and accomplished Millennial Preachers, Rev. Dr. Neichelle Guidry, Rev. Dr. Charlies Dates, Rev. Willie D. Francois, III, and Rev. Dr. Brianna K. Parker discuss preaching from the millennial perspective: call stories, sermon preparation, preaching mentors, technology and social media, depth in preaching, Womanist preaching, and so much more. Because of the powerful nature of the discussion, the Conversation will unfold in three parts: the first video will be “The Preview: Announcing the Call” and will feature their call stories. The second video, “Part I: The Opening Conversation,” and then “Part II: The Closing Conversation.”