Andrew Bolt's Warning to Christians

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This is mind blowing, Andrew Bolt a non-Christian calls the Church to wake up. This is a must listen, Australia is heading into some dark days.

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hi everyone I've just got a very important subject to talk to you about today it's quite quite concerning it's by a video sorry a newspaper article that I received today from a lady that follows our ministry and name is Rebecca it's an article by Andrew Boldt and the thing that's very concerning is Andrew Boldt is not a Christian yet he wrote this article and it's calling Christians to wake up like you know we need a non-christian to come along and tell Christians to wake up the church is that asleep that God is raising up men like Andrew Bolt to do his will you know something's going to be done here Christians wake up Andrew Boldt has written in this article that says Christians take note I'll read it off the screen because that's a bit too small and it says Christians take note Queensland Education Department joins the growing list of persecutors of the faith Christians prepared for persecution says Andrew Boldt open your eyes and choose stronger leaders for the dark days have that a non-christian is telling us to open our eyes and choose stronger leaders for the dark days I am NOT a Christian but I'm amazed that your bishops and ministers are not warning you of what is already breaking over your heads how mad that Queensland's Education Department can now warn schools against letting students praise Jesus in the playground the part Minh has put out reports telling state schools to take appropriate action if aware that students are participating in religious instruction or are evangelizing students who do not participate it gives examples of what students must must not say in the playground like knowing about Jesus is a very important thing they can't say that or God please help us to use our knowledge to help others nor may we may students hand our Christmas cards or decorations what do these bureaucrats fear from children inspired by Christ what fear is there in someone believing in Jesus Christ our Christians blowing up buses of people are Christians blowing up subways are they blowing up planes are Christians driving into buildings are Christians getting in trucks and smashing through busy areas no Christian so do any of these things yet there is a growing spirit against them and I don't understand why we're getting told that we're going to get told to shut up and not to speak out our rhetoric anymore but you know what I want the atheist then then they shouldn't be able to speak out their rhetoric their godless rhetoric why why are we the only ones that have to shut up why doesn't everyone have to shut up why don't they tell the Muslims to shut up no they won't why because they're scared of them why because the Muslims are prepared to die you know you know this is really really shocking guys that Andrew Boldt a non-christian has to tell the church to wake up Christians wake up come on please wake up so that when your job stops speaking against the growing culture that is corrupt you know this this whole this whole move towards the bohr tree is just getting stronger and stronger and stronger in our culture and we the questions are shutting up and trying to be politically correct you know what if we all become politically correct this country will go down the tubes it's just going to go to the gutter to be washed away so when it comes down to you guys's as a church we got we got to wake up we're living in a really corrupt age we're living in a very sick age where they want to destroy the church they want to destroy it they want to crush it underfoot these godless atheists these bureaucrats that are trying to push this agenda against the Christian Church and why why against the Christian Church why not against all the other religions why because Christianity holds to a moral standard that's why better like people that hold till moral standard we don't try to blow them oh don't try to kill we're not trying to do any harm to anybody we're just trying to say hey don't take drugs why because it kills you don't drink alcohol in excess why because it will kill you or destroy your life don't sleep around don't encourage a doddery why because it will destroy marriages don't sleep with lots of partners why because you'll contract the disease that could it could do you write all these sinful things we call them sin but what there are is things that are clearly bad for you and so because we take a moral standard they go what they're trying to destroy somewhere fun know what strip us of fun though we want to do what we want we want to do as their will sounds familiar famous phrase by Aleister Crowley and our world is corrupt guys and world is corrupt and they're trying to crush the Christians they kept trying to destroy the Christian Church for no apparent reason except morally and I'm not saying I'm perfect and none of the Christians say they're perfect we all struggle with things but we know that even the very nature of these things the very nature of these acts are there for us we know we've got plenty of examples walk walk into the hospitals you've got oodles of examples of people that have done these simple things and got their their just desserts from partaking in those scenes the government is finally starting to rise up and I've always said this is going to happen I've always said it ever since I started this ministry I knew that God is raising up as an end time minister to encourage the people through these days these dark days but isn't it funny then again as I said before Andrew Boldt a non-christian has to stand up and say guys wake up open your eyes it's like Christians won't take it from their fellow their from their brothers and sisters they have to hear it and unchristian stand up to say it I've been saying up the years and everyone ignores me you know doomsday preacher oh but now he's injured by the Doomsday preacher no he's just pointing out an actual fact something that is going on we've got to wake up we've got to wake up and prepare ourselves for what lay ahead who knows where this is going who knows how far this will go I'm not predicting that anything's going to happen this year and next year I'm just saying it's going to continue to get worse you know things that are happening today if you said it was going to be 20 years ago that Islam was going to be a dominant force in the world 20-30 years ago no one would have believed you today it's acceptable right if 20-30 years ago people said that the homosexual movement would make it popular among all you know generations that homosexuality is acceptable no one order believes that what now we have it it's acceptable among or well if you don't accept that now you are you know the single man out so let's get it together Christians let's get it together building systems because this is this is a real time in Australia we've not seen before something is coming down and it's going to come down and I believe it's going to come fairly quickly because Satan is making his move and he wants to destroy the church the book of Revelation tells us that's what his intention is then Jesus tells us that's what its intention is we all know if you read your Bible you will understand if you don't read it this will sound crazy but it's true because it's in the Word of God and I will take the word of God and believe what the Bible says over what some scientists say says or some economist or whatever I don't I will never allow these people to make me think that what they say is greater than what the Word of God says if you don't have a Christianity like that you've got to change because our Bible is the manual to life the guide stone for our our life and it must be so you got to know of the back your hand god bless you and please send me an email or something and I'll talk to you soon cheese