Arrogant Christianity

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Christianity, homosexuality, judgmental church members, and all the other things believers love to hate. Responding to a message in my DMs and sharing why I started this platform, and why I rarely share my opinion on politics and faith.


1John 3:14-15
1 John 4:7-8
1 John 4:20
Matthew 7:1
Galatians 6:1
John 4
John 8

FOR THE RECORD: The title came from a quote, which came from a DM request I received. I have not, nor will I ever leave the church–I attend weekly. I am there to fellowship with God first and foremost, and other Christians second.



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Quick plug, I recently did a podcast in which I go deep into my story–from middle school to undergrad–just talking about the experiences that have shaped me into the woman I am today. I happened to touch on a lot of the topics covered in the questions and requests you all send, as well as cover some ground I haven’t gotten to yet on my channel. I have linked the podcast down below!




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okay guys it's fou Maya so I recently got a message to my DMS that really really touched my heart and I had been meditating and thinking about making a video like this for a while but when I got that message it was just like the confirmation that I needed to know that this is a video that needed to be made and these are things that have to be said basically this person reached out to me and he is a homosexual man and he was saying that he actually found my videos watching videos about law school and he started watching all of my content and stumbled upon my faith videos and he let me know that religion had always sort of been a sore topic for him because of his sexuality but watching my videos he felt like I talked about my faith with such grace and simplicity that he just kept watching and was sucked in and he asked me for guidance so you know who you are and I just want to say that this video is dedicated to you since I started making faith videos on this platform a lot of people send me really specific questions which I love I love that you guys are sending me questions a lot of your questions are super thoughtful and show that you're thinking critically about your faith and how to apply it to your life and that's really exciting for me but at the same time I get asked about my opinion a lot and they're asking for my opinion on a wide range of issues from the general to the specific okay so I know this girl who lives with her boyfriend what do you think about that are you a virgin why can't you say how many guys you've slept with is it that many what do you think about gays in gay marriage what do you think about people who are divorced what about women who don't dress modestly what do you think about people who drink and like go out and stuff what do you think about gender-neutral bathrooms what pronoun do I use to refer to someone who identifies as a hee but looking at them it's clear that it's a she real quick I just want to address this one because this is such a common question and I don't think it's that hard imagine I walk into a room right and I say hi my name is foo Maya and someone says that's cute and imma let you finish but you look more like a Jessica so I'm just gonna go ahead and call you that everyone in the room would get you like you were a lunatic so why do you think it's any different in this situation if you meet someone and they say I'm a he this is how I identify you refer to them by the pronoun that they have so kindly asked you to that's just common sense and I don't get why it's so hard listen I'm not trying to throw blame I'm not trying to condemn anyone I'm just I really have to get this off my chest and I feel like it's something that's really important it's a message that's really important and I'm making this video because one of the most painful things for me to hear one of the most frustrating things for me to hear the thing that makes me so mad is when I hear someone who says I'm broken I'm lost I am looking for God I'm seeking that hope I'm seeking that light and the one thing that they say is standing in their way are people Christians in the church fear of being judged fear of being rejected nothing gets me angrier than that nothing because guess why Christ came he came for those people he came for people who are broken who are lost people who don't have it all together and the argument that comes up all the time as well we don't want them to corrupt the Christians who are in the church we don't want them to corrupt those who are trying to walk with God are you kidding me that's like telling someone who's sick not to go to the hospital so that they don't infect other people who are trying to get better it doesn't make sense it's a weak argument and you sound really ignorant using it if someone is lost if someone is not living correctly if someone is broken if someone is hurt the church is exactly where they need to be God is the only one who can turn someone's life around God is the only one who can save one of my all-time favorite quotes says this Christianity is just one beggar telling another beggar where he got the bread don't get so full of yourself off of this strength of God's grace that you forget what it was like to be hungry and you forget what it was like to be lost then you forget what it was like to be broken don't get so full of yourself that you now become a stumbling block for those who are seeking salvation and to just give the benefit of the doubt I know why people ask these kind of questions I have done a lot of faith videos on my channel a lot of people look up to me and feel like I'm wise and I have the answers and then to know my opinion on different issues to help shape their own opinions and inform their own worldview but I can promise you that even if I have this channel for the next 300 years I will never ever answer a question like that and here's why I learned a while ago one of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned that my opinion is not required for every situation nor is it even beneficial for most situations so I don't feel this need that a lot of people do nowadays to inject my opinion into things that is just really not necessary for secondly this platform is not about judgment and condemnation and it never ever will be I will never use this platform to shame people or to answer any questions that could lead to people feeling condemned or to make content that make people feel ashamed that will never ever ever be what I use this platform to do the only time you will hear me share my opinion on this platform is when it edifies and uplifts otherwise I'm here to share my personal experiences to point you in the right direction so that you can come to these answers and conclusions by yourself everything you want to know is in the word you can just go there and it's all there I promise you so I was at YouTube space New York a couple weeks ago and the bathrooms were all gender neutral and I think it didn't really register with me because they gave us a tour and they said here's the bathroom and she was kind of making eye contact with me so in my head I think I assumed it was like a ladies bathroom so I just walk in there and the first thing I see is I see a man in there and it was startling at first I'm not gonna lie and then it dawned on me oh yeah she did say the bathrooms were gender-neutral I went in there I used the bathroom he used the bathroom I washed my hands he washed his hands and guess what no one died and it started to get me thinking about how worked up Christians get about this bathroom issue and how angry they get and how much vitriol comes out of this situation and it really started to kind of upset me because yeah it's true my opinion isn't required my opinion isn't beneficial in most situations and I do think it's unfair to make those kind of snap judgments and I'm not into making content that condemns and makes people feel judged that's all true but what I thought about it and I really really really thought about it and I sat down and I was like how do I feel about gender-neutral bathrooms and about all these things that people are asking me about and what it comes down to is I just I just don't care I don't care what you wear who you love or what pronoun you choose to call yourself I don't care where you pee or how you do it I just I truly don't but do you want to know what I do care about I care about the fact that depression and anxiety are robbing people at their purpose in life before they can even figure out what that is I care about the fact that self-harm is on an astronomical rise amongst our young people and children and I care that teen suicide is at an all-time high if you think I'm full of it that's fine that's your prerogative but do this one thing go to the New Testament and just read it read it spend time in it and meditate on it and if you're one of those people who only believes in the red letters then just read that part and look at how much time Christ spent talking about what he's against versus how much time he's spent talking about what he came to this world for and I want you to compare and contrast and if you can honestly tell me that he spent more time talking about what he was against than what he came for and what he stood for then I'll wear the idiot hat for however long you want me to but I assure you if you go through and you think critically and you read closely you'll find that Christ spent the vast majority of his time talking about love and salvation and hope and how he came to be a light to this world and spent very little time talking about what he was against and most of the time when he did take time to talk about what he was against and what was sin and what was wrong it was because he was asked asked by who you might wonder the Pharisees so I'm not going to devote precious time on this platform that I could use inspiring and empowering and uplifting people picking up the my new ship of theology in the Christian faith and getting into the letter of the law with you guys I'm just not going to do that I call myself a Christian because I follow Christ and I live a lifestyle that revolves around my relationship with God and what that means in my everyday life as I strive to end Christ who he was how he treated people how he loved people so I just wanted to come on here and set the tone those are the things that I care about that is my mission for this platform that is my mission for this channel and that is what I seek to do every single time I sit down and I upload a video is how can I inspire people how can i empower people how can I use my personal experiences to point people in the direction of the same salvation the same hope the same light the same love that saved my life that's it