Battle of Dallas – Wolf Age

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In this episode of Wolf Age Steven talks about the struggle to protect confederate monuments from being torn down in Dallas.

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yes it was a battle no it didn't involve gunfire or even fisticuffs you won't find it in the history books not yet anyway it was a battle of political power persuasion and devotion to duty and it sure as heck is not over this time we call the wolf age is by definition a time of degeneracy and decadence as it says in the fullest ball one of the points that has come down to us from the Viking Age brothers shall battle one another and fight to the death sisters sons bring ruin on their SIB there is a hardness on the world and great whoredom an axe age a sword age shields are cloven a wind age a wolf age before the world falls no man will spare the other then of course comes right in Iraq the great battle at the end of this cycle of time recently I saw the degeneracy up-close-and-personal in Dallas Texas early in March I went there to fight the removal of a Confederate monument that as stood in Dallas since 1897 it features for Confederate luminaries generals robert e lee Stonewall Jackson and Albert Johnson as well as Jefferson Davis president of the Confederate States of America these four men are arrayed around a 60-foot column at the top of which is a representation of an ordinary Confederate soldier I flew into Dallas from my home in California for the sole purpose of speaking before the city's landmark Commission which was to vote the next day on the fate of the monument I was born in Texas and despite the fact that I live on the west coast I still consider myself a Texan my trip back to my native soil was an act of love and duty arriving at the Dallas Fort Worth port I settled in with friends who were putting me up and conferred with locals who would be at the hearing with me the next day we drove to the Dallas City Hall there were about 70 people in the audience a couple of obvious local leftists were present but most of those waiting for the action to begin seemed to be supporters of keeping the monument those of us who wish to address the Commission were given one minute each to make our points when Mike turn came to speak I stressed the fact that I had been motivated enough to fly halfway across the continent to make this one-minute statement I had hoped to get perhaps three minutes that didn't happen but here's the speech I would like to have presented ladies and gentlemen my name is Stephen McNally I was born in Breckenridge about a hundred thirty miles west of where we sit I flew out from California for the sole purpose of speaking to you today and to urge you to not disturb the monument which is at the epicenter of this discussion this is not a monument to slavery it is a monument to men who fought for their homes their states and the nation of which they were citizens they fought outnumbered often hungry sometimes without shoes on their feet and dressed in tatters they bled and many of them died black men fought in their ranks as volunteers paid the same and equipped the same as their white compatriots I had a number of ancestors who were soldiers in the Confederate Army and I honor them they gave me the gift of life their blood runs in my veins I do not stand here to defend slavery which was wrong and a great evil I defend my ancestors simply because they are my ancestors and they were brave and I will not see them Dishonored if you vote to destroy this monument you will be spitting on the memory of heroes you will be spitting on my ancestors and I swear as one man who loves his ancestors that if you demolish this monument this battle will not end this day indeed for me it will only have begun you may think that by destroying it you are on the side of right and history but you are not there are between 50 and 80 million Americans who have one or more Confederate ancestors we are awakening and we will remember do the right thing and save this monument for the sake of the past and for those yet to come thank you well predictably the landmark Commission voted against our wishes while basically admitting that the monument did not meet the criteria for removal they nevertheless voted to do so removal means moving the monument to a storage at a nearby Air Force Base or it can be kept for up to three years after which well nobody really knows but I think we can be sure it would never be seen again anywhere a black member of the Commission was allowed to make rambling insulting anti-white comments with no censure from the chair the local television station lied are you surprised and stated that the great majority of citizens who spoke were in favor of the removal but in fact there were three three people who wanted the monument removed and about thirty of us who wanted it left alone is this battle over no way we have a whole series of legal options remaining and we will never surrender my thanks to all those who showed up to fight this battle for defending our history our heritage our culture our people and a special thanks for those who let me sleep on their floor and who drove me from and to the airport and gave me company and comfort laughter and joy they know who they are and they are valued the battle continues