Bringing The World Into The Church

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The President’s Message delivered by the Reverend Thurmond Tillman, President of the Congress of Christian Education for the General Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc.; and pastor of First African Baptist Church located in Savannah, GA.

the first believers in jesus were jews and as lawyer jews they saw the law as the vital important importance and emphasize the covenant that is your help of God the sign of which was circumcision these first believers were set out with the world mission but it was hard for them to reach out to non-jews it was some time before the true mission to Gentiles began Paul as a positive the Gentiles believed that if non-jewish people turned to the Lord in repentance and faith they were accepted as members of God's people without the necessity of their becoming Jews and of males being circumcised there were Jewish Christians hi Evan who in Antioch and in Galatia insisted that these Gentile Christians should become Jews so the Jerusalem Council of X 15 was called and to deal with the same issue Paul wrote a letter to the Galatians years later this was still a problem and so to write about it was a safeguard for the Philippians Paul was so incensed against those press who those press for Gentiles to become Jews that he called them dogs the name that use gave to Gentiles these people however were more deserving of the name than energy in town because of the way that they like to prowl round the Christian congregations seeking to win Gentile converts over to Judaism such were the comforts that needed they needed to watch out for they were evil workers turning people aside from truth and freedom because circumcision had no spiritual value they were just mutilators of the flesh when the spiritual value of circumcision is no longer there the practice becomes only an external right a matter of confidence in the flesh it is we who are the circumcision said Paul while something that he may have been speaking just of Jewish Christians the evidence is that Paul and the New Testament writers generally take up all the titles and privileges of the people of God from Old Testament days and apply them to data Christians were the Jewish or Gentile in other words we can find judaizers in the church today those of us who put restrictions on folk before we allow them to worship God we too want people to be like us first go through what I had to go through before you can really worship God go through what I go to before you get to know Christ you can definitely and you definitely had better get it together before you come to my church and worship my god and it's tragic that we live as if the only time sinners can come to Jesus is on Sunday morning and our worship and we don't want them to come unless they've changed first sort of get circumcised and come worship us with us it's ridiculous for us to think that folk need to change before they get the experience and know the one who can change them church is not just sunday morning worship is not just sunday morning to see what church actually is in it and and think about it because we say this many times I've heard us say you need to not do that pastor you need to not do that you've leaders you need to not do this I you're trying to bring the world into the church y'all need to stop bringing the world into the church my brothers and sisters I wants to understand something even as we sit here today and has transformed this school until the church if we had invited little Wayne and he was here this morning and we just cut him loose to do his thing I know that would be objection all over I know if I did it at first African the meeting would begin before Lil Wayne saying one word if it was here the Congress I would no longer be President and Chad would be fired as General Jim director-general everybody would have to go because we brought the world into the church all that stuff that he was is in the Charter prevent in the church audit in the we would have fits and I don't blame you but the question is how can we be so concerned about the world coming into the church and not concerned about the world coming into the church if we can't have little Wayne in the church house you should have little Wayne in your house if you can't bring go to wane in here he shouldn't be in here once we figured out that you want to church that I'm the church that we are the church then we'll figure out when we need the worship God in spirit and in truth