Carlton Pearson – Live Stream – August 12, 2019

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Carlton Pearson: A voice of reason in a world of extremes
Progressive Spiritual Teacher, Thought leader,
Sacred Activist/Humanist and Peace Agent

Carlton Pearson was one of the most beloved Pentecostal Christian personalities of his generation. Thousands would fill arenas and churches to hear him sing, preach and inspire. But things dramatically changed when he stood in his mega church pulpit to proclaim a new doctrine, one that declared that because of Christ, no soul will spend eternity in hell. This controversial doctrine polarized faith communities all over the world. Bishop Pearson wasn’t prepared for the rejection and stones aimed at him. He lost everything: his influence, his church, his friends and finances. In a short period of time, one of the church’s most beloved went from hero to zero seemingly overnight and became the most prominently titled heretic of his generation.

After spending the last two decades rebuilding and rebooting his life and ministry, Carlton Pearson has emerged with a new purpose aimed to help others examine and reconsider what they believe, why they believe it, and how those beliefs add to or subtract from the quality of their lives. He believes that life’s breakdowns can be turned into breakthroughs. And that experience is not only what happens to us, but what we do with what happens to us and not to just go with the flow, but grow with the flow, even when it becomes a flood!

He is developing a multi-cultural and radically inclusive “Metacostal” online cyber community reaching thousands that emphasizes expanded consciousness, radically inclusive love and Self-Actualization (the development of the personal Self and Soul, beyond impersonations and role playing). Our mission is to help create and inspire comprehensive global, planetary and cosmic peace on every level of human experience and expression. Our purpose is to help create and provide people with both techniques and emotional technologies to both discover and recover their divine selves, bridging our humanity to our divinity. We are about renewing and re-knowing who we are as not only human beings looking for spiritual experiences, but spirits having individual as well as collective earthly encounters. Navigating and negotiating through these encounters calls on and calls up what he calls the God gene, genius and/or genie (energy) resident in all of us; that life doesn’t just happen to us, but through us and as us.

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hey everybody welcome this is a Monday night last time I was with you was on like a Friday night I think last week you turn this off now I waited for a few more of you to to hook up here let's see what are we gonna do the slip that way that's a piano back there I love that for you to see that part of it this formats us all her she's a classical pianist many people don't even know that that was what she trained me first went to the to the conservatory here in Tulsa and but she likes singing and that's her passion comes up she sits at the piano she plays she's done wonderful but but her light comes on when she gets in front of that mic on that stage as he starts singing that's where she is tonight have a very interesting conversation now some of you may on my facebook have already seen the little I think it's about a four-minute exhortation I would call it actually a little admonishment from a psychologist who teaches at Yale who represents a few dozen psychiatrists who think that the president is mentally unstable to hold position or to have access to the button that would initiate a nuclear holocaust this has been a half a million people seeing it already it's out I guess fairly recent but I wanted you to see it and I keep talking about it because I think this is an issue that involves national security this is the worst crisis political and presidential crisis we've ever had works the Nixon worse than they impeached President Clinton and then it was he was exonerated but over certain moral things I mean sex sexual improprieties that shouldn't be in the news about it's not something that it puts the nation in the kind of danger that this man does there was not the kind of polarities and arguments and Criminal Investigations to the sense that we've had with this president so this is just a compilation of a lot of crazy stuff and I've been very heartbroken because the involvement of the church that I have been so in touch with all these years the fundamental church that where's my that I love and have worked with for all the years and all of a sudden BAM it's it just puts up with this crazy thing that we're dealing with right now really really off the chain so I want to talk tonight and the president has been using as a term to to incite fear in paranoia among his base that we don't need that America will never be socialist so I want to talk about socialism Christian socialism and as opposed to Christian nationalism the nationalism part I've touched on that already it has a lot of racism in it right supremacy and there are a lot of Christians or white supremist but most of the largest white superiority would call it because I was one and I wonder why it's just the idea that were the chosen people and we own the truth and I'm the gospel and know God and know Jesus and the Holy Ghost have the case of the kingdom and decide who goes to hell and who goes to heaven and who's blessed and who is and then who that's the favor of the Lord you know understand Scriptures there's a lot of a lot of insinuation insinuations or in sinuan what is any windows in our faith that suggests elitism bigotry tribalism arrogance and I'm apologizing I have repented to myself for allowing that energy to throw through me the first 50 years of my life that's just the way I was trained so I was taught by my parents and their parents and their parents on both sides of the family and millions of Christians well-meaning Christians wonderful Holy Ghost filled Christians who love God and follow Jesus and know what the anointing is and love worship but are misguided on though kinds of things we have had this condescending attitude about the rest of the world because we're told to win them you know go into all the world and preach the gospel but or you were taught to go into every man's world and bring the good news well the good news is that the bad news is all wrong that's what I've been saying that's what the radical inclusion message that got me in trouble with fundamentalist Christianity to where I'm now a card-carrying heretic and very proud to be so because it just means I have an opinion that doesn't flow with the traditions traded down ideologies most people haven't done the work done the research I haven't taken the interest in doing that and I have people are wondering well with these killings and these inner Therese in these mass shootings what about those people the men who did that will they not go to hell those men are already in hell anybody that that's bitter that has so lack of remorse no compassion so angry so racist that man is experiencing hell we don't know it said vikon gesture what might happen after this life I'm not against some with something that's remedial or curative or purgative about hell but eternal doom and damnation and condemnation and eternal hatred is what that is a we've been wedding a national peace forever just there's there's no redemptive virtue in that so that's why I don't buy into it I don't know what will happen to people when they die who are evil I do know if they did the kind of things that we're seeing these people are already evil they're vexed they're tormented well I can't learn it was looking over his shoulder he was paranoid he could never be fully free never fully happy and died that way and so these murderers they eventually the one is in prison he's Naaman cold and hard to me that's hell I don't want him to be there or anybody to be there infinitely because that would mean God who and whatever God is is infinitely angry infinitely unforgiving and the scriptures say his mercy endures forever I'd rather believe that mercy will outlive and outlast judgment and condemnation I think that's so Christ conscious thought it's a beautiful fall I don't know why people are so resistant to it they're so loyal to their anger so loyal and devoted to hell and demons and Devils and a lot of them are saying I got I have the devil in me I understand that language I've cast Devils out even religious spirits and some of y'all only a fussing I just need to cast through religious demon out of you you need to be free I know that mentality you're trapped you're into a following of Devils and you don't know that you worship devils and you give devils omnipotence and omniscience and omnipresence you think the devil is everywhere and everybody but you I was there I understand it's crazy but it worked for me and it worked on me and later it began to work against you so I've left that mentality after 50 some years and I'm 66 into this new way of thinking they say if you see something say something posted that today what I see something and I've seen something and I've been saying something for two years now maybe more I see danger I see peril I see haphazard leadership I see yes racism and crookedness but the thing that alarms me the most is not just about Trump because Trump's always been Trump is his supporters his enabler 'he's many of the whom are Christians and then I find bothersome I just have to keep addressing it I think the church has had a mental lack I think there's mental illness in what we're seeing out there this president was talking about congresswoman if they don't like America leave because they never have anything good to say about America he doesn't either he slams our Justice Department he sends our intelligence he slams our cities Congress people leaked slams America constantly thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread he never has anything good to say about America and you people get back there and just cheer and grin and jump up and down like a bunch of clowns and clowns to me I think it's a stupid it's ridiculous a misogynist a racist a xenophobic homophobic fascist Narciso how do we do this how did we do this so he uses out the socialism thing and that scares a bunch of people to vote against anybody who's considered a or progressive I'm a progressive I and I know that there's certain elements of Christianity that are related directly to socialism communism common communion common union community common unity everybody sharing and eating together that was the whole purpose of the Christian doctrine for many many years there was no lack among them in the book of Acts everybody ate everybody had plenty there jesus said I came to preach the gospel to the poor that was the first thing that he said it is what I call his inaugural message so I want to discuss the difference in and the connection to Christian nationalism and Christian socialism and remind you any meaningful conversation or discussion about anything we'd always need to take into consideration that words have different meanings to different people in any given situation or circumstance it's called semantics there semantical difference we have differences but many of them are just semantics the way we use words it means it relates to meaning and language or logic the meaning in the language the logic in the language what we say whether you're a socialist or communist there's actually and I'll tell you a group of Christian communists that believe that communism and is common unison and communion is common union and community as common unity the people are coming together around a common ideology sharing food sharing jobs certain wealth sharing worth that everybody's equal or has their fair share of whatever is available and nobody lacks whether that's health care education decent home to live in food to eat transportation education I like the whole idea of everybody having plenty because there is plenty of everything there's even plenty of love is just not dispersed there's plenty of water there's plenty of food we're Americans alone throw away millions of tons of food edible food every day not just every year we're known for excessive amounts of food been served in our restaurants we take it for granted they go to Europe and I've been there many many many times and all over the world no country or culture serves the amount of food that Americans serve for the price I love Europeans come to America because they save more money coming over here because there's plenty to see and do over here but the food alone saves the money from vacationing as much in Europe so remember we'll talk about semantics and I'm wrestling with animosity to be honest with you I'll just tell you I'm wrestling with animosity with animus and delusion that religious people like to call righteous indignation okay that's how we justify our anger I'm ticked off by what I'm seeing I'm disappointing the solution by what I've seen that that's not my essence but that is an experience that I'm having right now righteous indignation is typically it would acting emotion of anger over mistreatment over insult or malice of another everybody goes through it we'd like to put righteous on it because it's seems to be supply or sublime and maybe benign it's akin to what we call and the the sense of injustice when you see something happening many people are screaming and pulling their hair up because we see all of us injustice I'm still bothered by the raid in Mexico I mean in Mississippi last week and all those families that are disconnected of the 600 and some that were incarcerated or taken out about 300 have returned back to their homes and their families but they can't work so they can't feed their families these are men whose sweating beads at night who have little children starting school this week and they don't have a job that's going to give them the kind of income to give them lunches every day I mean just that's just unconscionable these people have lived in this country for years and worked for years and had babies and marriages and pay taxes and they're decent people church-going people many of them envy in Mississippi you gotta go to church many of them are most of the Mexicans are Hispanic Latinos would be Catholic without all of them rather than a Protestant some are Pentecostals many of them are Pentecostals they love the Lord preachers are skirt struggling to try to keep these people fed they're having to raise offerings and and it's just a crisis that the president created because of his anger and his vicious mean spirit he doesn't care he's been called a moral since he's been in office we've never had a president that had less compassion we know he doesn't have compassion when he reads the with the teleprompter he sounds boring and detached somebody else wrote the words he doesn't want to say when he deviates from the teleprompter he goes into his crazy spill then everybody perks up he hasn't an energy about his anguish that he doesn't have about civility so in some Christian doctrines righteous anger is considered the only form of anger which is not sinful when Jesus drove the moneylenders out of the temple he that's what we like to call righteous indignation why he did that is because part of the Jewish worship when you go to the temple you never go without a gift a sacrifice that could be a lamb or goat or which people did that poor people brought pigeons or or does and that's what Jesus folks brought many people live in Jerusalem they could bring a lamb or goat or a pigeon it wasn't hard because he just went to the temple if you came from hundreds of miles away and many of them did on foot some of the donkeys on whatever the most of them walked they couldn't bring all that stuff with him they wait wait until they got to churros and they bought and it was like scalping tickets the bah they paid they would jack up the money changers who would change their money from whatever culture or country they came from like we do in all foreign countries but jack up the price so high that it was ripping the poor struggling people off who were trying to follow the Jewish tradition of worshiping in the temple every Jew should do that once in his life and I think every Christian should go there at least once in their life time so Jesus saw it he just snapped one day you ever snapped under snap you flap he took out a whip according to the doctor to the narrative he will so cuz he did that twice it turned over the tables used whips that people ran him he just had a fit of rage and that's the only time we soothe him do that and I'm not necessarily the saying it's justifiable but it's explained it's understandable to me when you see poor religious people that's what he meant when he said coming to me all you that labor and are heavy-laden I'll give you rest you're heavy you're heavy lady trying to carry this heavy cross or this heavy crux of religion all the laws all the standards all the doctrines all the dogmas all the dictates all the rules all the rituals and he had compassion for people and so that's what you call righteous said the greatest is a is a reference to acting in accord or accordance with divine or moral law to be free from guilt or free from quote-unquote sin missing the mark or offending God it may also refer to a moral right justifiable decision or action or to inaction which raises arises from outrage a sense of justice or morality so indignation is angle aroused by something unjust we all have it you don't have to be a Christian to have anger or indignation or even righteous indignation you're just a person who has accurate appreciation for the human soul the human self the human psyche the human being and so you have this you get aroused by something unjust or unfair that's mean that's unworthy the standard Dictionary describes indignation as a feeling involving anger mingled with contempt or disgust I've experienced that not just now in explains that many times in my life I get angry I have gotten disgusted about stuff I'm more bothered by the political climate in America today and this idiot I hate to use such a term the reference to the solemn office of president say I'm not protecting the office I'm not attacking the officer he's not adequately he should not be in that position and I'm upset with Christians who put him there and who are the only ones that don't seem to have any sense of guilt or compunction you're too arrogant and proud to say we made an error this guy is a nut he's a racist he's a bigot and he's gonna eventually turn on you Christians I could promise you that soon as you stop criticizing him he'll turn on you like a pack of wolves he's already turned on his own party the Republicans plenty of times he sees everybody who's not with him as an enemy that they're not forests they're against us that's his mentality Jesus it's quarter than scriptures saying if they're not against us they're for us chumps thing is they're not forests they're against us and he shows it up now we're talking about Christian socialism for a minute Christian socialism I've always saw Christianity as a giving sharing justice oriented equitable mentality helping the poor first and making sure that everything food clothing visitations scripture says pure religion and undefiled before God as you visit the widows and orphans in their affliction and keep yourself unspotted from the world there's from the Carle aspects of the world pure religion and undefiled is that you visit the widows and orphans first there's a lot of widows and orphans right now in our country first from Wars and what we're doing right now so a lot of people and William Barbara Bishop barber was back in El Paso last week he called me twice from there I was with him the week before we were all both there just before the week before this this brutal murder took place at the Walmart there could have been s and I'm very touched by that very moved and bothered if you will worry if you will about that kind of a thing not that I'm concerned about me I think I'm under divine protection right now to do what I'm called to do I know that sounds sort of haughty but I feel like there's a there's a some kind of Teflon around me because I'd be actually angry and bitter and some folks think I'm just a mean I'm a preacher I'm not I am very disillusioned and very disenchanted and very disappointed in the religion that I've worked in all these years and the people with whom I walked and worked and they nobody gives me a decent there was an african-american here preacher he's sorry that he voted but he's the open Acosta guy kicked me to do an interview and he was telling me that he order for Trump minions did and many are having buyer's remorse but some are too proud to say it at least the leaders don't even indicate that there's easy upset many Christian socialists believe that capitalism is to be I I capitalism as to the idolatrous and rooted in greed which some Christian denominations consider a mortal sin greed pride goeth before destruction a haughty spirit before a fall it's hard for a rich man to make it into heaven as it is comfortable to the eye of a needle there's a lot of misinterpreted I think passages that make us impoverishing are thinking about wealth and worth I think there's a balance in there and we're missing it but but Christian socialists believe in sharing and being not just loving but compassionate feeling the pain of others I am kept awake at night not with problems with the solutions and I but I'm bothered by I'm a little sleep tonight and relax in my home in my bed my children my mother is here she's 89 my wife I I know what we have so many blessings and there are other people who live in this city who don't I'm constantly giving constantly sharing supporting others who do but there's a lot of favors that a little bit tonight in in Mississippi the father the kids are gonna see because they don't really know anything yet the dads keeping some of that firm but the dads are just getting back home they have to go back to court they could be exported or deported from the country this fear tech that's terrorism these are decent and these are not criminals and rapists and gamblers and thugs these are working decent tax and some of them tithe pay Americans they just happen to be undocumented because it's so hard to get the documentation Trump had hundreds of undocumented people working for him as early as his reason is two years ago all of his golf courses and all of his properties he's been using undocumented or illegal aliens as he would call them for years now all of a sudden he's cleaning up camp because he told his base that he was going to and that's racism and tribalism and that Southern Christian base are the ones that were the big slave pushers and owners and and saw the money it was called slave trade so that love of money was the root of a lot of evil done to people and those same people are unrepentant and they still feel like they should control the country and the culture and the government and that they have all the answers and they're the chosen people and we got to save the world and it's in god we trust' when it's very house with them that's in guns that they trust because that's what they rely on more than God or they'll get it done and ask God to guide the bullet nicked rickets its target I understand the Second Amendment I'm far my dando has a gun i Linda gun as far as I can remember sad that we never shot anybody of course we went hunting in in catch rabbits and things in the mountains and my uncle's had guns they were hunters and all my uncle's had Texas or in Arizona and California I'm not against guns I'm against rabid racism racist owning them gravid and rabid racist or terrorist or misogynist people men kill their wives with her guns they don't even need knives certainly we don't need automatics those what you use on the battlefield on war this country's going nuts and this leader is triggering this fear-based mentality that everybody needs to get a gun and now they've got laws in different states like in Georgia where you can actually wear your gun that's if it's what is it's called open was it called open something Sam you ain't been on tension he's always on this text and I'm trying to tell y'all something this concealed and then there's open care is what it is opening care you can actually walk down the street with a gun a holster on and show the gun back you're a cowboy now you know there's so many crazy people or you can have a city then snap and just go nuts for a minute and get angry you see that in road rage very very dangerous Christian nationalism is Christianity affiliated religious nationalism Christianity affiliated religious Nationals Christian nationalists primarily focus on internal politics or policies such as passing laws that reflect their view of Christianity and its role in political and social life that's what Christian nationalism they actively promote religious primary Christian and nationalistic discourses in various fields of social life for politics and history to culture and science in Europe and the United States Christian nationalism ranges from conservative to far right-wing what happened it has gotten extreme and racism has gotten into it globalist it many of us we want to see the whole world you Christians remember your Bible says going into all the cosmos all the world for God so low the cosmos not American even exists at the time there's nothing to support Christian nationalism because it becomes ethnic and tribal istic and click and Club and clone and clown it becomes vicious and defensive and offensive what I love the world would open our arms to the world most of the people trying to get in here are decent we have far more thugs in this country one is in the White House right now he is the biggest threat to this country more threat than any of these folks crossing these borders coming in here because he's president and he can make one decision and he put the whole country on shut it down for like three weeks cost us millions and millions of dollars trillions that are billions of dollars I should say the five billion he wanted he ended up costing the country eight billion when he had the shutdown he's certain to do it again he's reckless he's out of control and he has a bunch of of weak mealy-mouthed people around him who kisses but excuse the terminology but accept it there but kissers and he likes to kick butt and they want to kiss his I'm ashamed of these people I'm ashamed of Mitch McConnell I'm ashamed of the silence of the Republican Party and I want the Democrats to do more a lot of them are speaking up every every candidate about us has some really provocative and and passionate things to say I mean they're calling they're screaming out to us if you ignore these guys we deserve whatever we get because they're crying out everybody's calling even scare Moochie call the man a racist I've got anything I've I can get to it if if scary Moochie says the president is crazy there should be an argument in America we're accustomed to having gentlemen scholars in the White House knock door test Giants and monster men they're the man we have in the White House is anything but a gentleman the farthest from one we've ever had in that sacred space or place or office in our history in our country I don't hate him I hate what he's doing a lot of what he's saying how is affecting our culture how is exposed to our democracy and I hate how he banned Jellicle Christians more lenita have jumped on his bandwagon wagon with reckless abandon – and of the principles and peace patterns most Christians consider sacred and solemn and special to us as a people they just throw it aside and all I can see behind this is racism control arrogance white privilege superiority pride goes before destruction a haughty spirit your Bible says before a fall watch what's gonna happen when they unveil what's happening in all these preachers lives their personal lives and the ministries granite none of us are perfect as to my point but to act as if you are and preach against those who you assume are not and be unperfect discipline to act like you're so smug and righteous and we look for a lighter yet your protest at the same time y'all are most evangelical white right-wing Christians are pro-capital punishment that all these babies were housed some of them in foster care stay in 30 and 40 different homes and are abused and nearly everyone and do things out of their anger our prisons are filled with kids that grew up in foster homes our fatherless homes there's a there's a disproportionate amount of african-americans and Latinos at behind prison bars I think white people are afraid they're gonna become the minority we haven't acted out as minorities and we don't have bitterness and rage in our hearts to be liver bomber breathe blood was President of the United States he wasn't near as arrogant as this man throwing his weight around call my people names and choppin folks up this guy's a nut he has no business being there and you Christians ought to be embarrassed and apologetic and you should want him out like any other silver same thinking person and I speak specifically to you because you are I love you I'm not a part of you you can kick me out are you when I grew up good job I know how you think I know how you read and interpret scripture I'm caught it with the best and rest I know how you live I know how raggedy some of us can be I know how raggedy some of you preachers are and you're all smug you cried I won't say anything I'm disappointed and so that's why I'm for socialism Christian socialism and I don't want you to let the Trump use that term and scare you all to the ballots voting against the progresses because we don't notice so you don't even know how socialism is in most cases I've worked to help bring about greater unity harmony love synergies if Anisa tea and camaraderie particularly within Christianity all my life and has been and I was good at it now I'm proud of what I did but also I wanted it to be more unity at large in this country and now I realize after observing with stunning disappointment that I actually feel that accomplishing such a wonderful feat a precious feet Donald Trump's election his statements his policies his unprincipled leadership has brought out the truth and I might add the word in evangelical Christianity simply because he says horrible things that titillate and satiate his faith Christian should be ashamed and embarrassed and hang their head over this and these these most of you Christians are white evangelicals that's supportive not all of you and I know that sounds like a racist statement but I'm disappointed at that too there's many Committees of Christians who are not evangelicals but they love God they love Jesus they love the Scriptures they take them seriously just not all literally they're decent people they're more white people calling him a racist and that just bothers him he keeps saying he's not a racist everybody knows he's a racist but that's not the only thing that's bet he just doesn't care about people he's not just a racist Donald does not care about people in general he doesn't care who he hurts high profile low profile popular unpopular he generally doesn't care whatever makes him feel like he's a god or a demon God demon God is what he is he wants to be a dictator you know he's just a dick we want to be a dictator where any other group involved this I could probably be less vocal about it and I would but I'm I'm he's ridiculous he's just ridiculous and and I'm saying I'm trying to shake you folks wake up we can't put this man back in the White House for another four years we can't do that well the prophecy said then forget about ghost Road there's been a lot of false prophets out there and what's bad is when a true prophet false prophecy prophesized and I've seen that I've seen anointed gifted called prophets give false prophecies and I've seen false prophets be very accurate in their prophecies I've seen good things happened to and through horrible people and I've seen horrible things happen to and through good people so I've got a balance out here this is too obvious folks if Anthony skaar Meucci can say this man is a racist we should all stop and make note Trump hates to be called a racist any by his adversaries and especially Democrats but even racist an American applaud him for being a racist I want to raise this cause they're racist to their satisfaction that leaves no little room for argument I'm a course scaramouche's he said today on TV I think what we what what will end up happening is sound and reasonably minded men and women and the Republican Party will say wait a minute we can't do this that's scary Moochie now notice how he says sound and reasonably minded men and women in the Republican Party will finally say wait a minute we can't do this he's given people a license to hate to provide a source of anger to go after each other and he does it on his Twitter account you never know we can't control this man he's up all hours of the night he can't sleep whatever comes to his mind I felt that he just blurts it out for him to accuse the Clintons and and implicate them in relationship to the epstein suicide as if they had something to do with it trying to kill him I mean even if he thought that you don't say that kind of stuff I would sue him for for a defamation of character follow the cones open let me get my holy this man is reckless and uncouth he's a buffoon and Americans we should stop this he needs to be out of there he's way off the chain and I've posted last night some of the things that he's done but he takes a lot of credit for things that Obama and even Bush started way before he got there you don't turn our country around in two years that's trillions of dollars in debt Trump has added several trillion since he's been in office on Mondays scaramouche he also cited Trump's 10 body combative tactics on Twitter I'm quoting him he goes after individuals as the President of the United States on his Twitter account okay which incites hate okay he incites hate and cites death threats he said I mean according him at some point I I think the people in my party and Republicans will have to look at this stuff and stop being anesthetized to it and say hey what are we doing now you can said with you what about scaramouche if he loves the cameras he's good-looking he's smart he's witty he is he has a genius about it anybody that's around it he's good he's quick funny he knows what he's talking about he's probably a lot self-centered and self-serving but he's not President of the United States and he fitted in that group because he hasn't the the kind of arrogance that the president has but at least he's sobered up enough to know this man is sick and we better listen people psychiatrists psychologists are saying it intelligent well-trained many people who used to be great supporters of them are saying this is enough some of the sort of some of us Republicans actually speaking what's in their heart they resign and so I'm not gonna run again but they won't say anything they cannot stand or they're so afraid of Donald Trump lynching them publicly and calling them a name we used to say six installs will hurt my bones but words will never hurt something like that well that's not true these are Republicans they are afraid this man's were afraid of his mouth they all know that he's the worst personality we've ever had in public office in this country as president it's stunning it's staggering how can scare Lucci wake up and Jim Baker or Jerry swallow and Franklin Graham not and you Southern Baptist presidents and convention leaders and pastors of these big rich arrogant churches how can scare a Moochie who worked with the men in the office Humpty with his campaign counseled him then he turns us as this guy's an idiot is a racist bigot we needed moving and you owe us to booth you're embarrassing I'm ashamed of all of you and I would say this to your face to associate gun violence with God violence is what evangelicals bring to the table on this delicate incendiaries issue gun violence is God violence of all the God worshipers and followers are using the violence or supporting of the violations surveillance means evangelicals believe in trust worship and serve a God with a profoundly violent reputation God in the Bible has a reputation of the angry jealous and vengeful Donald Trump vengeance is mine saith the Lord I will repay that's in the Bible I'm a jealous God I shall have no other presidents I mean no other gods before me I must preach that stuff and one of the people I don't even believe in that God anymore and I'm given millions permission not to as well don't be afraid of that God I don't mean the fearing gods laughter Pete doc these murderers are running around but the God I perceive in my soul itself I don't feel for all of you who are concerned about America becoming a socialist nation Christianity itself is a form of religious socialism communism and common union are as I told you earlier are both forms of the radical inclusion and diversity of the gospel to the poor that's what communion community and some ask us of communism is Jesus mentioned it in his inaugural sermon Luke 14 the Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me or some baptizes translations say therefore he has anointed basically appointed me to proclaim the good news not to the rich not destitute the Jews of the church to the poor that's his first statement I have a ministry to the poor that's what William barber uses as one of the basis for his ministry dr. King Martin Luther King started the Poor People's Campaign it died down William Barbara has reinstituted and it's swelling by thousands and thousands across this country most of them are white people who are progressives and who are compassionate who care about hurting people a lot of them are not necessarily the Pentecostals and I thought there'd be more they're Avenger they're on the scope aliens and Unitarians and United Church of Christ and Christian Church disciples of Christ their leader was their vision the visuals with us there's was a rabbi there that represents two million reformed Jews it's a brilliant young Imam that takes families in fifty at a time I think has a place compound down in Dallas it and it triple Eight's them into the country and helps them find homes in the country that will have sponsoring families a Muslim sweetest man young way younger than I am brilliant spoke on what I would call the anointing was powerful down there who are the poor chuckles is the Greek word and it's an adjective describing one who crouches scours stews or lures him or herself to hide oneself because of fear that's happening in Mexico right now throughout this country in Latino houses Hispanics that are incompletely they're not they're not completely documented they're legally here they don't have all the papers and all the forms and all the profiles there they're stupid they're hiding they won't even come out public to to because they're afraid they're gonna cut them well what our restaurant they're gonna take their kids to the swimming pools some of them don't want to get in a car take their kids to school I don't want the kids to get on a public but they don't know this is terror and we're gonna reap what we sow if we don't cry out against this this is wrong America this is wrong and you enable us are just as guilty as the man that's instigating this stuff cause he doing it because he thinks you like it and he goes to these cities and all these big crowds come he makes these rash horrendous painful statements send her back locker of all these horrible things it's always there about women but y'all just cheer so gullible and stupid you look foolish telling you packed in there with your big stupid hats on you look dumb way out of place today this group who are talk also with a poor that Jesus would have been preaching dude that's millions of immigrants who are legally here not documentid as the process can be long and drawn-out especially for those a little money you don't have money and cloud affluence or influence like Ivana Trump who lives in the White House does she's an immigrant too and and her parents are as well but she has ties her parents have ties and anybody the Trump's and the high-profile people want to come from any country he seems to love Norway can do it so this work poor that Jesus used in the Greek means beggars poverty-stricken people powerless to enrich themselves they don't have the wherewithal it's a it's a reference to position and condition poverty or polish it now I credit the scripture says the poor you have with you always well treat them right you know he sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners of the captives those have been captured and led through a town like slaves and become slaves that hugely reference to war and somebody's been captivated as Jesus referred to that he led captivity captive he gave gifts to men where he supposedly went to hell preach the gospel and took the captives out of hell or something like paradise and put them in heaven I put them in paradise whole nother subject recovery a sight to the blind those who who are dulled by their intellect by smoke somebody blowing smoke that's what that really means and people they're just slugged like like cut zombies literally The Walking Dead there's such a Parker program there's all these movies and programs about The Walking Dead I've never had been able to watch one through they they seem ridiculous but I think when something is that popular in that public from this president to Walking Dead you should pay attention to what message is behind that what's at what is that darkness in our culture what about the walking dead delicately indirect to set the oppressed free he says social em is defined socialism is defined as a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates the means of production distribution and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole private prisoner prisons what we would call that um privatizing prisons where a man or family owns a prison and gets paid by the government for every head that's in there no wonder they're wanting to put just anybody in prison they can particularly Latinos and african-americans because they get paid by the we pay them and people are making millions of those that should not be possible in this country you know some of these big families owning a whole corporation these big mergers were a few percentage one percent owns it controls everything from the television networks to the money and it's just scary it's just frightened so socialism believes that everything should be owned by everybody not controlled by the government but owned by all the participants its birth died with a Christian concept of communion common in you it's where that idea from come from Christianity is a form of socialism the socialist parties that have arisen in most European countries from the late 19th century have generally tended toward social democracy it's tended to work for them too around the country wind brace some aspects of it here in America but the word itself is usually associated with people like Karl Marx Valinor Lenin Joseph Stalin Mussolini and other men considered ruthless and evil communist despots who hurt Haiden murder people now that might be the President of the United States these days but to throw the baby out with the bathwater or they're all socialists approach I like many of the things that Bernie says makes a lot of sense a lot of the Democratic presidential candidates are making a lot of sense there are a lot of pressure there think carefully how they say what they say when they say it into whom because they're all running and Republicans are too cowardly to run there's a lot of very decent brilliant qualified brilliantly qualified Republican people who could run for president but they dare not because that's a good old boys club and everybody's beholden to this guy there's there's something else going on that we don't know about it's probably dark but that has these Republicans just so shut up like this Christian communism let me bring this Allah forgives a form of religious communism based on Christianity I'd actually exist I didn't know that if I did some research it is a theological and political theory based upon the view that the teachings of Jesus Christ compelled Christians to support communism as the ideal social system that sounds a little bit extreme because the semantics remember I mentioned that early comment isn't just sounds demonic and devilish to live operates against it although there is no universal agreement on the exact date when Christian communism was found many Christian communists assert that evidence from the Bible like an axe the Apostles suggest that the first Christians including the Apostles established their own small communist society in the years following Jesus death and resurrection there's a passage in acts it says there was no lack among them because everybody brought their stuff and they compiled it together and made sure that everybody had some of the eats under the word and supposed to live as such many advocates of Christian communism argue that it was taught by Jesus and practiced by the Apostles themselves well maybe it was in spirit but they wouldn't have used that terminology of course but they were socialists and moralist and they did care and they shied away from rich people controlling everything there were very many rich people that follow women that follow Paul and took care of him out of their purses and Jesus as well the aunt meant that Mary Magdalene gave him or the prostitue gave you whoever that was was worth a year's wages and in prostitution and it was fragrant so the most expensive Cologne you could buy he led her actually anoint his body with it and cry and wipe with her hair she must had two long flowing hair that would have been pretty central to me you know woman wiping you body fragrant it's tough and that's but Jesus think we enjoyed so anyway months say something about capitalism which is an economic and political system in which your country's Trade and Industry are controlled by private owners for profit rather than by the state some aspects of of capitalism I support I think it's harmless but others about it are dangerous and can lead to greed and self-centeredness elements of that would form a basis of Christian socialism are found in the old and new Testament so communism and capitalism they don't always clash I think there's always gonna be like this which says the poor you'll have with you always means you'll always have the rich with you too because it wouldn't be poor you can't define poor if there's no rich okay it's like everything everybody everybody's news is nobody's news so there's always gonna be rich there always has been rich and I'm not announcing which people or rich people with riches so my best friends have them and I appreciate them very much excessive ownership and controlling the economy to the place that you you enjoy 90% of what's available and the other percent gets nothing is just not reasonable not tolerable not acceptable the Old Testament had divided perspectives on the issue of poverty one part of the Jewish tradition held that poverty was judgment of God upon the wicked and a lot of wealthy people blue bloods kings monarchies type people actually think their wealth is a sign of the favor of God's divine blessing on them and that poverty is a curse of God David says I once was young and I'm old I've never seen the righteous forsaken nor at seed begging bread which people don't big it's hard for you to have the kind of success that Trump has had in other oligarchs from Russia and Europe and billionaires it's hard for you to have that kind of even though you know you have curses all over your family it's hard to believe that the blessing of the Lord maketh rich it's hard not to believe that and adds no sorrow you can remember the asking sorrow so the blessing of the Lord because the rich and add as no sorrow if you want to be scriptural about it but most of the bluebloods around the world in all the cultures consider themselves a certain aspect of divinity their divine leaders whether they're Caesars or czars or presidents or prime ministers or they own land and property and stuff like that base they goes to their head and they chill they are kind but they also are demagogues one part of the Jewish tradition held the poverty was judgment of God the wicked while viewing prosperity as a reward for the good stating that righteous has enough to satisfy his appetite the scripture but the belly of the wicked suckers want the righteous has enough to satisfy his appetite as proverbs but the belly of the wicked suffers long however there are other sections that instruct generosity to the have-nots of society the Torah instructs followers to to treat neighbors equally and to be generous to have-nots such as stating dinners to have not so people report such as stating you shall not oppress your neighbor but you shall love your neighbor as yourself I am the law these actually a quotation from the Lord in Leviticus he the Lord your God execute justice for the fatherless and the widow and loves the soldier in the giving him food and clothing love the Sojourner the immigrant therefore for your immigrants or soldiers in the land you were soldiers are in the land of Egypt he's talking to Jews saying be kind be gracious and our city or the Jews in this town are some of the most philanthropic and benevolent the money choose that that anyway I mean we have a lot of buildings named of them as part of the Jewish concept of eternity is to let your money live when you're gone by building hospitals and clinics and wells it bridges and buildings and you know helping the culture families in Tulsa have done that beautifully I could go on there's a whole bunch of scriptures support that that support some aspects of socialism but my point is I don't want you to be alarmed by the term socialism any pre presidential candidate who is accused of in socialist just means they are more for justice and equity for fairness not greed the the Republicans and I was one from 1980 until Obama ran for president I became a Republican in 1980 I was hanging around with the James Robinson's and doing CBN a lot with Pat Robertson and and substituting for ben kincheloe who just made his transition last week I was doing PTL and doing Paul crouching or always always saying don't get to the or was always a Democrat Oral Roberts voted for Obama I didn't get to vote the second time because it was it made his transition but he would not be in support I can tell you as a man that knew they were looking for 40 years he would not be supported with this arrogant prick in the White House not at all and he would have had him on our campus the greens seem to like that kind of stuff they're good people I'm grateful for them because they have or I'll die with a debt-free ministry and they're caring on our university beautifully so very happy at that part but they're just so conservative scares me so in a billion dollars on a Bible museum that's a lot of money to spend to prove the existence of a book that's inaccurate and this man may and may have a lot of deception and lies in it as well another subject but I must also insist it's fantastic and I plan to go incog-negro there myself one day our time is just about up I want you to reconsider what I said notice the little and pass it around share with everybody those of you who are on my streaming conscious side you can't it's a it's a it's a closed group I had to have it to have anything and you can't share that anything I put on there I wish you could I don't have and even though I own it but if you go to Carleton Dean Pearson that's free free but I mean there's no limits there I'm I have to stop at five thousand on the other two sites and they're packed this other one this there's unlimited amounts of friends and followers I can so feel free to check that out see what it offers and if you like what's there and then you can share anything I put on I don't mind sharing anything ever I am I love you and I would want to be I'm thankful for you I don't get a lot of support I wish I got mine on Hawaii let me don't support more you tend to really like what I say and you here regularly but I need support for what I'm doing with we've cut down a lawn and Becker in the house but it's wonderful and I saved money by working from here I still I so pastor people in this town indirectly a lot of my members get in trouble they meet things and I have new dimensions here in Tulsa and people have to be visited some people want me to do their funerals or their weddings just visit them love on and now that there are thousands of people who still call me passed across and I don't preach but to Sunday's a month I met that the All Souls Unitarian Church yeah and they love me and I love them no part of it David's there Nicki's there Walter Armstrong and former chief of security Rob Halford I could look at a long list mother white been my church mother for long to me my mother enjoys going so next fall her 90th birthday we're gonna have a big celebration and I'd like for some of you to acknowledge her something you may want even come to town anyway good things are happening I share my heart I share it out of love concern for our country and serve for our culture I believe that I'm supposed to be here right now to help as a midwife take us through this change sometimes I come across as harsh and disgusted and I am feeling harsh and disgusted but I've never stopped loving anybody including Donald Trump and all of his supporters I warn you like I want other people against sin as a preacher you know who Pentecostals we to get on sin and and I think it's a sin to support some of the things this man he's doing and so I would warn you against it I don't think you're gonna go to hell but I believe we're all gonna go through it because of this kind of stuff you're predicting another recession just around the corner this tariffs and taxes things that Trump's doing is going to take the country into a some major debt we get asked some changes here again I Love You God bless you God be you thank you for listening tonight pass the song be a part anything you could send it be great the bill nourished nation 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