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MASSACRED-Christians Massacred in South Carolina Church: Where do We Go from Here?

This program originally broadcasted on June 18, 2015
Last night, Christians were gathered at Emmanuel African Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina for a Bible study. As another Bible study began, it appeared like any other with people taking their seats. This particular gathering would be unlike any other as Dylann Storm Roof took his seat. According to CBN, Roof was present for a few moments before opening fire in the meeting, ultimately killing 9 people. There is outrage in response of this shooting that took place, of all moments, during a Bible study. It is pure evil that would drive anyone to carry out such heinous acts of violence.

Many are watching the news headlines, such as this one, wondering what to do. We cannot sit idly by and witness these atrocities being carried out. The community has responded in prayer as more than 50 pastors throughout South Carolina have gathered in Charleston to pray, to come together in unity, and “to stand in solidarity”. It was only a few decades prior that injustices were sweeping the nation. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. responded. He stood up as a voice. He got involved. As we look back on the life and events of Dr. King, there is a contradictory viewpoint of who he was, and the life he lived. Glenn Beck brings clarity to this by contrasting the view of the Right vs. the Left of Dr. King. According to Beck, the right taught that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man of God, while the left looked at the framework of his actions. Both are correct. Being a Civil Christian means that we all participate in the governing process. We have an obligation before God, to move in love. Continue Reading Full Description…





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In light of similar battles, Dr. King said this, “May I say a word to those of you who are struggling against this evil. Let me say to you to always struggle against it with Christian methods, and with Christian weapons. Never succumb to the temptation of becoming bitter. Never succumb to the temptation of indulging in hate campaigns. You must, at all moments, move with wise constraint and all calm reasonableness. Keep pressing on, but press on with discipline and dignity and use only the weapon of love and let no man pull you so low as to hate him.”

We are seeing increasing events such as these take place on a wide-spread scale. In a discussion Glenn Beck had with David Barton, the founder of Wallbuilders, they dialogue about how the Church must respond in these critical moments. Comparably to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel 3, its “either bow or burn” for us today. Realistically, it’s always been this way. Only now, we are experiencing the inevitability of the matter.

We are experiencing the reality of the rising awareness of events that will either cause us to fold or stand. As this is not the first injustice that has been experienced in America, some have asked the question, “where is the Church in all of this?” Glenn Beck pondered the same question while he was dialoguing with Bishop Jim Lowe. Bishop Lowe reveals a striking reality. “It’s been easy to be a pastor at this point, at least white pastors, and black. A church that does not experience persecution needs to question itself, Am I preaching the entire truth?” It is easy to look at the events of history; World War II, the persecution of the Jews, and ask where was the church? The events that are transpiring now are happening today. 50 years from now, people will look back and ask the same question. This is our generation. This is our moment. This is the moment that we stand together, in unity in Christ, just as those who walked with Dr. King did.

Christians were massacred during a Bible study in their church at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston South Carolina such a tragedy this Dylan storm came in with a gun and did this we're gonna find out more about it but we're also gonna look at dr. King back at what he had to say about things like this also we're gonna talk about David Barton and Bishop Blow trying to find something in this take a look a tragedy took place a few hours ago last night in South Carolina and an AME Church where church members were gathered for a Bible study in a white male races reportedly by the name of Dylann storm roof went into that church and massacred killed nine Christians nine African American Christians reported as a matter of fact let's take a look right now at CBN News reporting latest the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina is a crime scene today after members of the church were killed Wednesday night as they gathered for prayer these people were in church church police are still looking for the shooter he's described as a clean-shaven white male in his early 20s wearing a gray sweatshirt jeans and timberland boots he's believed to be the only shooter officials refused to go into detail about possible motives for the shooting but many are calling it a hate crime not a treason someone could walk into Church and shoot people predator is out of hate the only reason that is the most dastardly act that one can possibly imagine the Emanuel AME Church is one of the oldest black churches in the south its pastor well-known for his civil rights activism he's believed to be among the dead church members say the shooter sat down and attended part of the service before opening fire powerful prayer moments happening in the wake of that shooting members of the community gathering in prayer circles down the street from the crime scene we want the entire community to pray for safety for our people and that we would hope that this person who has committed this heinous crime which is a hate crime be brought to justice so we stand in solidarity but we also solicit your prayers for the family members who have lost loved ones here tonight another elder reported that more than 50 pastors from all across the state have gathered in downtown Charleston to help comfort those affected by the tragedy Caitlin Burke CBN News the suspect Dylann storm roof what you're seeing right now was arrested I believe he was apprehended in North Carolina and they're going through the processes of justice right now this is a tragedy that kind of you know as Christians we know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness that is evil from its core that is the most evil that you can imagine taking place to do something to human beings they were gathered together at the time of worship our prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones our prayer goes out for the church at large that the Lord would protect the church and that we would awaken and realize that there's people that have a mind set against the church and we need to stand up and call evil evil and that is evil the question is when you think about it you know what are we as the church do about it for quite quite often you know many people are just looking at their televisions just looking at the news or looking at newspapers or online and they're not just going like they're thinking somebody else is going to do something it's time for us to join in the movement it's time for us to begin to think about what would Jesus do one good example of that is dr. King dr. Martin Luther King what he did when injustice was taking place we can no longer remain silent we have to get involved that time has come this is that Archduke Ferdinand moment for America this is a tragedy this is a massacre and God is saying you know what are we gonna do what are we going to do when this thing is happening are we gonna balance the scales and do what's right before our God we're gonna turn back to God we're gonna talk about what to do and more after this break join us we want to get right to what do we need to do what's going on how do we respond to this the first thing that we do is exactly what the pastor asked us to do in South Carolina is to pray for protection of God's people pray protection for the Christians now we've talked about this earlier and you can see it probably on today's torch but you know we talked about the vulnerability of the church and how we need to begin to think you know securely about who we are when people are provoking you know you know just just like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he said Benjamin Netanyahu said he said America he said this scuds for you this thing that's going on is about you and what was some other words were what's happening on the shores of Tripoli is gonna be coming to America and we're starting to see what other nations have been experiencing in the persecution come to America and that's Christians a few hours ago we're reading their Bibles having a Bible study at this AME Church is a matter for historical AME Church as dr. King spoke at historically that just walked in and begin to just Massacre nine members of this church that's your brothers and sisters Church what are we gonna do about it we can't just look at and go well that's bad that's tragic we need to wake up and say God we want to be involved and in seeking justice and and these this allowing such hatred to exist and I think about you know you know what did dr. King you know some of the people that are going there to the the crisis area right now South Carolina South Carolina is a doctor Evita King she's going there and she's the niece of she's the niece of dr. Martin Luther King jr. you you've heard already a Bernice King his daughter and we're gonna be hearing more about her today and also about how you know God has called his churches people to to respond to these things how do we respond and we don't respond to it politically we don't respond to it you know and divided wise we stand up for injustice to anybody anywhere is injustice to anybody and everybody everywhere that's right and so what what was what what did dr. King do that brought things together or the church could begin to walk out something that began to change something that was evil in this nation take a look at this it makes me think about this particular interview on the blaze when they're talking about beginning to explore this because it's time for a movement it's time for civil Christianity in a Christian land how do we do that what's this one education this is more important than you think it is we barely understand why Martin Luther King and Gandhi succeeded and and there's a good reason for it the left and right have very different memories of Martin Luther King we were all taught that Martin Luther King was a great man but the right was taught that Martin Luther King was a man of God the left learned that he was an activist and that sit-ins and boycotts worked what's the truth both of them they will deny the God part in fact there many times they just called him dr. Martin Luther King instead of Reverend dr. Martin Luther King and they almost if you read his sermons and then you read about him in a textbook they're completely different when he was talking he was almost all biblical but you don't hear that anymore so we have the God principle we looked at the principle there and we know that worked they looked at the framework of a movement and they know that worked the secret is both of them together is what works and we're the people that can put both of them together starting right now it is so important to understand that a civil land the word civil means we all participate in the government governing process so as Christians in the civil land we have an obligation to participate in the process how things work before the Lord we have a table Gatien before God to stand up for end justices and to move but move in in love I mean you think about when dr. King was you know beginning the movement you know what it was 1957 or so that it wasn't that popular most people weren't joining it he was kind of using logical sense but he was doing it in the face of great evil people are being killed hung beaten ridiculed I'm in ridicule upon ridicule but you know just everything you could imagine you know that everything who you were and what you stood for was just any way possible I'm people to the point that people were burning crosses in your yard and wearing white sheets in saying that they actually or some pure race and then and they're burning the very emblem or God met man and they're there it's just the devil this has nothing to do with Christianity that is not Christ and you know the Hitler was in a church but he was not a Christian and you got to understand that but you know what do you do and so I think about the words you know when dr. King was speaking you know at Dexter but it was a Dexter Baptist Church but this is go listen to it listen to his speech let me say to you to always struggle against it with Christian methods and with Christian weapons never succumb to the temptation of becoming didn't never succumb to the temptation of indulging in hate campaigns you must at all moments move with wise restrained and calm reasonable keep pressing on but press on with discipline and dignity and use only the weapon of love and let no man fool you so low as to hate him the secret is is that we're called as Christians were called to love see hate cannot drive out hate only love could do that and darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that and this is this is I mean so many people are so quick to jump on some bandwagons and this and causes and all this different movements right what I think about is like do I want to win I mean do you want this thing to hopefully work out and a lot of people don't even think about that's just outright stupid that's not that's not gonna work hating folks ain't gonna work you know pushing your agenda is not gonna work promoting some political party's not gonna work God as Christians we know we're supposed to know that God is in control he's a creator of the universe he holds everything together that's the first thing that we have to believe and understand and secondly that He gave His Son you know for us and he is the Lord he's follow he is the supreme organizer and it makes me think about you know organizers of the day versus organizers of the night it's time for us as the church to realize that they you know saw when he was persecuted in the church he was an organizer and he was organizing people against the church but as soon as he met the supreme organizer Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus when he was going to persecute the church he instantly didn't just get rid of what he was he submitted who he was to Christ in Christ begin to use him to organize the Gentile church and so organizing is not wrong unless you're trying to organize God but if you're under God if you're under the Lord and that's what you know Glenn was talking about that he realized that you know he's both he was both he he was totally 100 entacle II amazingly committed follower of Jesus Christ dr. Martin Luther King jr. was at the same time he was a brilliant strategist in regards to how to walk that out at a civil way he said outright in his speeches you couldn't do this in Japan you couldn't do this in China you can't do this in Russia but we're not in Russia we're in America and I'm oli holding you to what's written on the papers so he was saying how did speaking about how to be civil a civil Christian in a civil land and that's so important because he was willing and he did give his life for what God had called him to do and you'll be hearing in a moment you know his daughter Bernice King who's over at the King Center that uh that he was not he so much so when people say you know God's called dr. King he called dr. King to the civil rights and she clarifies that that he was actually he had a spiritual call in his life and he was a sign to civil rights and civil rights are for everyone to be treated civil especially as Christians you know the world will do one thing because Christians we want people to be treated well and the cost of that as we saw what dr. King was his life and it's it's it's that point I think about you know David Barton as a matter of fact David Barton just said these are one of those moments where you either you know it's like the Shadrach Meshach and Abednego well you got a either bow or burns mind if I take a look at this David and I were talking during the break about how afraid people were on 8:28 David you were next to me and remember the fear at the time of the people in the country a lot of people didn't come because they were afraid I we've really matured as people yeah you know well we've got our back up against the wall in a way that we haven't before and it's you can it's like out of the Bible you kind of tube our you're gonna burn you know and and so we're choosing to stand up and if we burn we burn but we're not gonna bow it's amazing it's a good change you know that's not a new thing it's actually was the original thing if you were in Iran and you decide you know I'm gonna be a follower of Jesus Christ its power burn yeah it just so happens we happen to be in America and to to be in America it's been pretty easy to be a Christian but it's unique in the world it's not it's not you know that was reasonable were you know we're fighting for you know that that ability to be able to do that so it's not unique in the context of it's supposed to cost you supposed to cost you jesus said it would cost you and so it's just something that we experience here in the United States and so we need to be able to recognize that many of our brothers and sisters around the world have been suffering like this and have been dealing with a bunch of in justices and so now we can start being start walking this thing out yeah and so suffrage is not it's what you know we're called to do good and suffer for doing good that's the call and so you're looking at and you can see historically what people would cost them to be able to do this and the question I start thinking about you know I think I think about you know Bishop Bishop Lowe Bishop Jim Lowe out of Birmingham when he was saying you know you know where is where is the church as a matter of fact look I've talked to you know the head guy of the Eastern Orthodox Church I've talked to the the head of the Coptic Church in Egypt and they all say the same thing to me where's the American Christian Church where are they glad when you bring that up it's the same thing that I was I feel like sometimes when we condemn Muslims if there are Muslims that that condemn the beheadings and condemn all of the things that are being done by Isis and all and the murders of the Christians in our where those Muslims well you know we don't hear that much about them but I looked and I realized I'm guilty too if I don't speak out against the murder of those Christians that are occurring and and and I don't speak out and and and join with the voices of others to proclaim that that's wrong not against Islam itself but the murders of people we have to cry out anything an injustice done to an individual is an injustice that's done to all of us because all of our lives are interrelated God created every one of us with a purpose a purpose that that that we we affect mankind you never know the life of somebody that you take that what that life might been able to do and years that were following and more than that you never know what their offspring could have done you've cut off generations when you take the life of one person all life matters this is so important because we have to understand it's the human race yeah you know so many people who are Christians are profess to be Christians they just think about theirs they're their group and goddess for your neighbor he's for your enemy he's for different nations I'm he's for all of us and so we talk about rights you know we have to stand up for the the persecuted person and it's God's kindness that leads us to repentance I mean you think about the environment that Moses was in think about the environment that Paul wasn't the disciples were in and they were preaching the love of God to everybody everybody and in talking about religions and and idols and all these different things you know they didn't differentiate we he went to Greece basically and just said listen you got all these gods everywhere but you have one called the unknown God and he used that one he used that one moment to be able to preach about the true God and he wasn't hating us he wasn't hating on them he wasn't and we got to talk about this because God has called us to do something in this day to be civil Christians in a civil land as a matter of fact you can go to civil Christianity org and it's time to join the movement this is so important what we're talking about today this tragedy that took place in South Carolina at the AME Church just last night and how do we as Christians respond respond like Jesus will respond we respond like what God's Word tells us to respond and then we ask ourselves where were we before all this happened like Bishop Lowe was talking about you know where is the church where is the church been and he realized he's you know you realize he said you know that I'm accusing other faiths for not responding when people who proclaim to be in their faith aren't doing anything and then he realized wait a minute I'm not doing anything when I'm seeing and so we had to reach spawned you know we're your personally held accountable so it's not it's not necessary looking at everybody else realize you got to read the Bible it applies to you you know jump out of the 81% all according to George Bonner who doesn't even pick up their Bible jump out of the you know nineteen percent that she reads it or seventeen percent that reads it that doesn't even apply it yeah and move into that three percent it's like everyone's watching as they're saying at a certain point you get to decide what role am I gonna play in this and it's time to get in the quote-unquote game exactly and the storm and you think about his name there's this evil so the suspect that his middle name is storm if you've been hearing what we've been saying this storm has come in the perfect storm all these words that we've been given and this is just the satanic it's a it's a it's a devilish attack it's horrific but the thing about it is we have to ask ourselves if God is in in control what have we done that would allow an environment that anybody could think they could just walk into this AME Church and harm anyone touch them much less you know Massacre them and it's like the day it's almost like the Archduke Ferdinand moment right now I'm telling you I just feel that in her heart where we're talking about that in the studio but you know we'll go to 766 here when who guards to the door trouble really has been open it's been open listen the watch does Bishop re what are you feeling when I asked Jim Garlow this and I and I asked David Barton this and and I talked about it I sense that we are on we are at now the doorway and we may have already taken a few steps into the room of real profound trouble where our where Christians are going to either fold or stand soon do you agree with that or not I definitely do we have to take a stand this is our watch it is our time we are here when if this were happening I can look back at World War two and I can say where was the world when they were persecuting the Jews there where were the Chris at that point I wasn't there I can ask that question but if there's another 50 years when somebody looks back and they said where was the church when these things were going on all over the world where was the church when stuff was happening in Ferguson where was it happening in Baltimore I'm here it's time we have to do something we have to become involved we can't sit silently by and let these things go down this is these you know Bishop Lowe's talking insisting we are Bishop Lowe Bishop Lowe is singing our song yeah he's a Christian singing we got to do something this is our generation this is our time don't this is not a history lesson this is now and we're living out history our you know our children are gonna look back and say you know maybe what will happen in Germany what did you do when the Jews are being persecuted what'd you do when the Christians are being persecuted if you don't know this or not when you see Christians being beheaded in Libya when you see Christians being beheaded all over the Middle East and you see Christians massacred in their church building in a building in South Carolina that's the body of Christ and Jesus said this he said he said when you weren't concerned about that you weren't concerned about me when you didn't see that that was me being persecuted and me being murdered and you didn't see that you totally missed it I misses specifically we simply Matthew 25 and so the thing about it is we tried the churches tried to live this comfortable life and it's unreal look what it's produced look at the darkness that is producing in the world and it's time for us to awaken and realize we have to get involved is it gonna cost us listen to a bishop Lowe says about the reality when you stand up it's this is time as they said that the church is either gonna fold which is the probability you know I'm scared I'm terrified all those my thing I'm the rich young ruler I don't want to lose nothing I'll walk away for even though it was religious when Jesus asked me to pay the price I wouldn't pay it and I walked away it's called folding by the way or we're gonna stand and it's time to stand we can listen if you stand with God and it's like the fiery furnace you know where Shadrach Meshach and Abednego they said listen you know our God can deliver us from the furnace but even if he doesn't we're gonna stand for what's right and it's time to it's time to stand for what's right matter if I go to 767 here and dis understand about this glee and I'm passionate about these things I believe that we have to take a stand somebody you said to me you said to me I think it was Thursday we spoke last week and you said I always wanted I always grew up wanting to be somebody and I am somebody I'm a pastor and I told you then I think this is now the time when pastors are coming in too it's been it's been fairly easy to be a pastor at least four white pastors in the last hundred years and for the last 20 years it's been fairly easy to be a pastor it's not going to be soon well you know to be a pastor that's going to speak the Word of God the word already has told us that there will be persecution because of what we believe a church that does not experience a persecution because of truth needs to question itself am i preaching the entire truth preaching the entire truth and Bishop LOH is right and unless it's a truth and sad to say it's normally religious voters are giving you a hard time when you start saying I got to follow Jesus this is what he says I understand you're gonna lose your 401 K or something but when you lose your 401 K then you're then your soul you know it's better to for a man it's for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul as a terrible thing yeah you know I think about you know what do we do at a time like this and I look back and I'm thinking about you know what David Barton's been working on for quite some time with wall builders is about the black-robe Brigade and they recall black road Brigade because it was the ministers of all races who stood up when Great Britain was coming in to be able to persecute America and they stood up as a and it's called the black road regiment if I take a look at this it's 768 David we we started the black-robe regiment you started the black-robe regimen before 828 five years ago and both of us had the same prompting for a long time hold back hold back hold back you've been working that I've been working on mine they go hand in hand and both of us had the same prompting now my prompting is now is the time right is that your prompting as well now's the time and it is following the model of going through the communities not going to the National stuff just like they did in the American Revolution it's very local so I said today that Bonhoeffer had less than 10 pastors I think he had three or four he had very few that words would stand with him you have told me that you think you have about 17,000 that will walk through a wall of fire yeah as of now there are 40,000 who have just signed a letter said we'll go to jail before we compromise our values on the marriage issue and getting 40,000 pastors to say they'll go to Jim one of them was a pastor of a church of 35,000 which is no small thing and so these guys are starting to get some backbone starting to stand up and you haven't heard that in the news I would think a group of 40,000 pastors might make notice not because again it says community by community and so to talk to you a little bit about that on radio tomorrow because you have something from some people that can I say where yes from the DOJ that where they are saying if the Supreme Court goes gay marriage here's what's coming down the pike it is a bloodbath for churches it would it will not be churches the way we've known churches for the past four centuries it'll be a whole different mechanism and that is where the rubber meets the road it is and that's where the black-robe regimen has gotta step up can I ask you a question where Bonhoeffer made the mistake was bond up in my opinion I mean far be it for me to say you know you know dietrich what you should have done but we're Bonhoeffer made the mistake was he cared only about the church and at first he cared about the Lutheran Church and he wasn't reaching out to the Jews or anything else later that changed yeah but he cared about the church these 40,000 will they will they go to jail to save the life of a Muslim who isn't Muslim enough that's what we'll find out and it's a first step because I don't think five years ago we'd get 5,000 willing to go to hell for anything yes so the fact that there's standing now now we you know Jesus was known as the friend of publicans two senators not as a friend of Jews and so who you're hanging out with will see if these guys will make that next step but it's a slow process because we're having to re-educate pastors from their culture from what they've been taught in school from what they get taught to seminary it's a whole it's like get back to the Bible guys important getting back to the Bible and this is not a militant thing this is being civil and a civil and being a civil Christian and a civil and standing up for the rights of people and if you haven't yet gone to go to civil Christianity org you know we've been talking about this for quite some time you're gonna need some tools to begin to to learn and in and we've been making things available for you we have great things in regards to you know Saul Alinsky rules for radicals organizers of the day versus organizers the night God's been speaking prophetically we have different insights on how to be able to respond but the big thing is you got to decide you know are you gonna fold are you gonna stand are you gonna separate yourself from the ones who stand up with hate and evil and and they're the only people they care about as people like themselves or are you gonna stand up like God would stand up or Jesus stood up and just say I'm for everyone I don't want I want everybody to be say don't want all people all men everywhere to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and not celebrate you know when anybody is harmed anywhere we got to stand for everyone that's the whole thing I mean Jesus died for everyone and it's not about us being divided but it's about standing for injustice for all people go back to the scripture whatever you know you've done to the least of these brothers of mine you've done to me break we're gonna go back in and hear what dr. King was saying when he was on Meet the Press talking about this very thing about what to do how to be a civil Christian and a civil and don't forget go to civil Christianity dot org and join the movement our world and responsibility is to really set the tone and direction of society and culture I tell people all the time that the movement that was led by my father was a spiritual movement it wasn't a civil rights movement it impacted some rights but it was a spiritual movement and its assignment was to civil rights it's time for the church to be able to wake up and just it's time for us to join the movement the movement of God's Spirit the movement following our great Shepherd you know what the Lord wants us to do and in that you think about we got to begin to understand morality versus the law when you see these two things they're totally different they don't always mean the same thing for example it was legal for Hitler to do some of the things that he did but it was immoral for Hitler to do some of the things he did it was illegal to oppress a race in America one time but it was immoral for that to take place so the what's legal and what's moral are two different things and we had that available to for you on the vfn torch you got to go hear this talk about it because you might just jump into this what's happening right now and think legally and you totally miss it because if we don't think morally then it's because the issue right now is is as God's people it's the it's the ones who profess to be Christians jesus says says the Word of God says this if my people when these troubles happen and when famine happens when crisis happens if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways then I'll hear from heaven and he'll their land he said nothing about people that weren't God's folks so how to be a civil Christian in a civil and who said it better about how to make that stand and dr. king himself will Meet the Press take a look back at this our guest today on Meet the Press is dr. Martin Luther King jr. who is in San Francisco on our panel of reporters in Washington DC you'll just met Lauren Spivak our other reporters today our Tom Wickard of the New York Times James J Kilpatrick of the Richmond News Leader and John Chancellor of NBC News will continue the questions now with mr. wicker dr. King you said a moment ago that Alabama was a state that gives respectability to the resistance and defiance of the law and you listed an observance of the law by local agencies in the south as one of the cardinal aims that you were seeking yet on March the 9th you led the second march on Montgomery and violation of a federal injunction not to March you said that order was unjust and John Lewis one of your colleagues said that Negroes had a constitutional right to March injunction or no injunction now was that in keeping with the spirit of non-violence and the restraint that has always characterized your movement and could you explain your reasoning in defying the court order that day well let me say two things to that mr. wicker first I did not consider myself defying a court order that particular day I consulted with my attorneys before the March and they stated that they felt that it was an invalid order and that it would not be that I would not be in contempt of court violating the court order if I led the march to the font of having a moral confrontation with the state troopers at the point where the people were brutalized on Sunday so I still don't consider that breaking a court order of breaking what I consider an unjust law on the other hand I must be honest enough to say that I do feel that there are two types of laws one is a just law and one is an unjust law I think we all have moral obligations to obey just laws on the other hand I think we have moral obligations to disobey unjust laws because non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good I think the distinction here is that when one breaks the law the conscience tells him is unjust he must do it openly you must do it cheerfully he must do it lovingly he must do it civilly not uncivil and he was do it with the willingness to accept the penalty and any man who breaks the law that conscience tells him is unjust and willingly accepts the penalty by staying in jail in order to arouse the conscience of the community on the injustice of the law is at that moment expressing the very highest respect for law well I can I can sympathize with a good deal of that but it seems to me you get into a very difficult point here at which one man's conscience is is set in fact above the conscience of society which is which has invoked the law how are we to enforce law when a doctrine is preached that that one man's conscience may tell him that the law is unjust when other man's conscience don't tell them that and I think you enforce it and I think you deal with it by not allowing Anika to develop I do not believe in defying the law as many of the segregationists do I do not believe any evading the law as many of the segregationists do the fact is most of the segregationists and races that I see are not willing to suffer enough for their beliefs in segregation and they are not willing to go to jail I think the chief norm for guiding the situation is the willingness to accept the penalty and I don't think any society can call an individual irresponsible who breaks the law and willingly accepts the penalty if conscience tells him that that law is unjust and I think that this is a long tradition in our societies a long tradition in biblical history meshach and abednego broken unjust law and they did it because they had to be true to a high of moral law the early christians practiced civil disobedience in a superb manner academic freedom would not be a reality today if it had not been for Socrates and if it had not been for Socrates willingness to practice civil disobedience and I would say that in our own history there's nothing that expresses massive civil disobedience any more than the Boston Tea Party and yet we give this to our young people and our students as a part of the great tradition of our nation so I think we're in good company when we break unjust laws and I think those who willing to do it and accept the penalty those who are part of the saving of the nation it's so important the words of dr. King like I said it's law versus morality I this you can see it don't on your screen here make sure you get it when you partner by the way for any MELAS whatever you can watch the entire talk on that and begin to understand it because a huge difference between the two that's what dr. King is talking about don't forget also that you want to go to civil Christianity or civil Christianity org and we're gonna have the same 10 10 commitments basically the dr. King had the very same tipica 10 commit commitments to be able to walk with him are you know the first one is to meditate daily your committee musi I'll join this movement this is what I'm committing to so they know that people think if you're part of that movement this is what you're committed to to meditate daily on the teachings in life of Jesus the revolutionary abide number two remember always that nonviolent movements seek justice and reconciliation not victory number three walk and talk at a manner of love for God is love number four pray daily to be used by God and order that all men might be free number five sacrifice personal wishes in order that all men might be free number six observed with both observe with both friend and adversary the ordinary rules of courtesy in other words be nice to everyone number seven seek to perform regular services for others and for the world number eight refrain from the violence of fists tongue and heart number nine strive to be good strive to be in good spiritual and bodily health number 10 discipline yourselves to follow the spirit of the movement and then you sign that pledge you can go to Christian you can go to civil Christianity org and join the movement and sign that pledge and we'll begin to seek the Lord and have a conversation about Lord what do you want us to do as a people as a whole people I want to pray for you right now don't be silent anymore stand up listen we're gonna be held accountable Jesus said whatever you did to the least that these are mind you did to me whatever you didn't do to the least these in mind you didn't do to me we have to stand up this is horrific injustice and mores to come if we don't wake up with the Lord has shown us but if we turn God said he'll stop this storm father god I pray right now Lord for the families Lord in South Carolina and the AME Church Lord God that lost their loved ones dear God we pray for justice we pray for healing to their hearts father we pray for protection of the people and the churches there and across the land God we pray protection over your church father God we pray for protection all the citizens of America father God that you would turn this evil spirit of racism and hatred out of this country father God we ask you for this Lord we ask you for a revival a third Great Awakening dear God we ask you Lord for a spiritual movement of your spirit across this land in Jesus name god bless thank you for watching vfn TV if you like this video give us a thumbs up also if you want to see more videos like this subscribe you know a lot of people want to Bible the Lord but they just don't have a plan to do it you can request that plan today at I abide Iorg don't forget you can join us 24 hours a day seven days a week download our app and sign up for our newsletter the torch at vfn