Church Of Atheism #10 The Bible Belt

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In our 10th episode of the Church of Atheism podcast, we go deep to the South to explore why the bible belt sucks.

We also take a moment of silence for the San Antonio church shooting as well as the San Francisco 49ers 0-9 start to the season.

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welcome back to the Church of atheism podcast number 10 we've made 10 episodes now I'm travelin back with Chris how you doing Christopher yeah we've I don't know if you want to get into your stuff but I feel like we both had some yeah so some things that don't have to be public put some things that are not not dandy but we're here now we're here gonna make the most of it because everyone knows I was just gonna say that we should start off the show sending our thoughts and prayers to the the shootings in Texas and then we can just wash our hands of it cuz we've done our part we didn't really do anything but we just thought about it and we pretended to pray about it and the problems resolved yes yes and if we're gonna go there yeah we should also talk about the Giants so we can go oh no I'm talking about them no one likes them yeah we should do a moment of silence all right I just wanted to start off speaking of the shooting I actually love it when there's a shooting in a fucking redneck red state like Texas and it's even better when the guns were used only comes the use are like semi-automatic or fully automatic like this guy yesterday shot and killed 26 people I think they're at now on the news all in like the last 24 hours so it like a another Church you'll have to fill me in AI honestly don't know all the details like they name the shooter there was a white kid which means it's not terrorism though you can kill as many people as you want but if you're a white guy that's not terrorism just you know putting that out so basically what I know is that dude walked into church in a really small town the town was like 400 people it's just outside of San Antonio so yeah that kind of gives to the background of it and he just started firing with an ar-15 he absolutely had school shooter face right it doesn't make you feel good that it wasn't Tereus no well yeah bring but if he believed in Allah right he's a terrorist and he should be shot for that so yeah I was just thinking about it last night and this guy was able to walk in to a gun heavy location where everyone is dressed like you somebody see them yeah and if you know the the cool young kids today I don't know who that is just googling really quick and that's how everyone dresses in Texas yeah there are the part of the country where everybody has a gun yeah right least a lot of them yeah and to have someone like that kill 26 people in a place that has a shitload of guns just kind of tells you the difference of these of these guns and like the power of them like I I'm 100% for gun control but I'm also for the Second Amendment like I really think gun should be a thing that we have access to but I don't think they should just be handed out to people like they are now I mean I'm being obviously sarcastic I know they're not just like handed out but they're fucking easy to get I wasn't the impression that after Las Vegas all the gun legislation they didn't pass and all the all the work Congress hasn't done I kind of figured that would be the end of gun violence because they did absolutely nothing no I was wrong yeah that's I don't really have much more than that right now I don't know much more about it I just wanted to give a quick a quick two sense I guess you could say unless you have more bring up the Bible Belt I was doing some research on just like regular and you know gun crime all those good things and it seemed to me at the time that our lovely friends of the South the ones getting all pissed off about statues being knocked over don't have it as good as they want you to believe they do well let's see some stats here these are actual stats I have sources if people want them I'll put them on the website too alright so let's just look at teenage birth rates from 15 to 19 year olds by state so this is per a hundred adolescent females ages 15 through 19 the birth or the pregnancy rate among those guys the average is twenty four point two out of a thousand births are teenagers right Alabama Arkansas Georgia Indiana Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Mississippi Oklahoma Tennessee Texas the West Virginia all score higher than the average in fact though they all lead the way well in comparison those evil blue states like California and New York much fucking lower crazy lower when it comes to so I was looking over more shit STDs what's the top 10 for STDs with the top what's the top ten states Mississippi Louisiana Georgia New Mexico North Carolina South Carolina Arkansas and Delaware snuck in there somehow in Oklahoma yeah Delaware apparently a good place to go if you want to get herpes yeah I mean not as good as Mississippi Louisiana Georgia New Mexico North Carolina South Carolina Arkansas but it's something but all these things the Bible preaches good bad evil sinners bad good there leads the way and pretty much every fucking category you can think of could be I've got a divorce rates here Colorado is actually looking the lead for that which is obvious thing to me but then it goes Alabama West Virginia Florida like it's all the fucking south it's all the Bible Belt that are spreading their religion to see oh how fucking amazing Jesus is but apparently you can't stop all these terrible things from happening yeah Louisiana actually its second place okay Georgia Georgia is actually actually they're like number 12 Oh District of Columbia is actually in the lead oh I actually knew that from watching the wire right we talked about shoes before of the program and that actually did come up earlier they are close to Baltimore yeah I don't know that was mentioned on the show but that's an interesting DC yes and then yeah New Orleans are Louisiana doesn't surprise me because I watched I used to watch gangland all the time and oh yeah oh God new or New Orleans is a violent city you want to hear something interesting about New Orleans they had some had something called he was like the 30 day law 60 day law or something that anyway it was some really weird thing where if you killed somebody and they didn't have any leads or anything within like 30 or 60 days or whatever they would just drop it completely so when the yeah yeah it's really weird so when the when the Hurricanes happen happened and everyone moved like all these this place people moved to Houston all of a sudden their prisons of jails were just flooded with murderers you know they don't have that ridiculous lon Houston all of these like all these like New Orleans gaming people were like really confused by that really they literally thought that they could get away with murder you guys don't just give up here and then like I was yeah like I like to read about all the rappers and stuff from New Orleans to like just drop dead like crazy is it very very violent place yeah yeah you I was actually somewhat surprised you got the you guessed number one but actually got number two so easily like you pretty much next on that list is Mississippi Maryland somehow Maryland is up there yeah oh boy that place is the health gate I actually I don't know if it's still the case but I remember reading something years ago that at one point being in Maryland or st. Louis was more dangerous than being in Iraq during the war watch the wire and it really like it really deals with like racism in politics and corruption and a pretty realistic interesting way okay no I'm actually totally random topic – I've been I've been watching the Orval with Seth MacFarlane's it's fucking really good actually it's uh it's funny but it's not Family Guy funny yeah they go through some pretty pretty deep topics yeah yeah yeah we got Mississippi Maryland Missouri you see Lois usual tops and think I think spike used to have shows like best high-speed chases those kind of things yeah it's always in Missouri Ohio or Florida those three seats always make an appearance at least one time that in Las Vegas is video vegas cops episodes are light and yet Nebraska is the only state where someone actually got murdered hurt okay really I shouldn't hear about that new um this was like not even that long ago but they're filming an episode in Omaha for I think the first part um and they ended up getting in a shootout or something what a lot but I think cameraman caught like a stray bullet actually thinks from a cop yeah yeah could be wrong about yeah yeah yeah for sure I didn't even know a we filmed there I know Omaha something pretty bad too yeah a pretty violent place yeah at least parts of it I lived there for a very short time and it wasn't bad where I lived but we weren't too far from the from the entertainment I guess you could say we did hear gunshots a couple times like no yeah enough to hear it yeah yeah I was just I just found it interesting that like issue after issue statistic after statistic showed that the places that practice religion the most the practical people that love guns the most other places you're most likely to get shot killed raped rape is another big one that it was like nine out of ten was on the south STDs you're gonna get it like all the places that don't have like a science background I'm saying like yeah so many places that have bullshit like sex education you know abstinence first well it turns out bitches that doesn't work out now I didn't do enough research to find out what like specifically what they teach but I know from experience that a lot of the Christians and the bible thumpers preach and preach and preach abstinence only the like if you don't catch anything you don't learn anything and you have fucking statistics that back that up yeah they should teach the kids you know get it on safely and also they should teach him they should really break down the cost but the per year cost of having a child I think that I think that would probably scare off more people for me an abstinence-only program to learn how much if you learn the tools how much is a box of condoms I wouldn't I mean the shit apparently a 36 count you can get it at Target for $15 Wow cheaper than making a minute beam pretty much nailed it my thing is 36 condoms in a box how long do condoms last like how long until they expire you know what rate that's how you stick to your budget six into uses per minimum so you've got like 72 sessions yeah or go to the south and get pregnant teen pregnancy rate is that that's also the part of the country that's anti vaccination rate that's a very good point then I didn't think about oh yeah by the way this is one guy it works he's cool like pretty bad they have a right wing it he's always saying some goofy shit but he was talking about like how anti vaccination or something like why would you inject your kids with mercury and that bugs me because yeah there you have there used to be trace amounts of mercury but that information is like well over two decades old yeah leave some of these ladies yeah old data just can't see but I think it's been I think it's at least I think it's at least like twenty or thirty years ago but yes people still always bring that up now that is all the informations but of course if you're anti-vaxxer you're already probably not going on websites checking out the latest science news yeah like it's just so funny when like people like that use science even though they're playing around from the 60s there's mercury in those things and no way dude article I read from I haven't really because it was an old English yeah especially at the climate change deniers they love to use science like no year but then another thing that's really annoys me is that it'll say like I've heard people good well you people believe in climate change you're just cherry-picking facts I'm like well it's like uh I don't know dude III keep mentioning this I'm not sure if I've said it on the podcast before but I know we've talked about it before that the people who live the farthest away from oceans are the ones who were like yeah global warming is bullshit the ones who are living near the oceans are the ones that are like oh shit the water is rising over here like we do have to take precautions shit there's places in Florida that have already redone they're not their sewage like their their overflows so like they've dug canals under the streets and everything because they know what's gonna overflow at some point so it's like the first thing we can do right now is to make sure that when it overflows it's got a place to go like the people who are near the ocean are the ones who realize we're fucked river yeah that's like that's a dried shit yesterday it was so low I haven't seen a lot of water in it I mean granted I don't live there anymore but I usually visit once or twice a year yeah I haven't seen watering that shit for a long time yeah everyone will get like a heavy spring rain and it'll like rise considerably but last time I drove by it like you couldn't even float down it with like a inner tube thing like it was just yeah we went to it let me out yeah exactly there's nothing we went to a place I want to say it's near Columbus Nebraska somewhere there that it's like it's private property I think my grandparents knew someone that lived up there but on one part of the trail on one side was the ol lake and the other was the river and we would fish both sides we'd go to the lake and fish for a certain fish and we'd go to the river and look for the other things but you can you could do that now yeah it's just like I don't think people who are climate change deniers are gonna come around until after it's a way that's like too late yeah yeah how people are you this before but I just don't understand how you benefit from denying climate change I don't understand it I get it for Court I get it for corporations right because they're gonna have to spend money to reduce greenhouse emissions like it's still pretty messed up but at least I understand that but like the average jerk-offs we just had some like office job who denies climate change I just wrap my head around yeah how they benefit from well maybe this is going a little bit too much in the same shit I've said for a million times but I feel like the people who are doing that are the ones who are watching Fox News and I don't know if you've watched Fox News much lately but it is it's literally state state TV like it's TV but like yeah there's a state-run news channel in Russia like I've seen clips from it Center translated it's pretty hilarious scary great but it's no different right now I watched yeah I watched a little bit with my in-laws and they're obsessed with it but it's like you can watch something happen in real time like he can listen to a print like Trump speech you can listen to what he's saying and then flip it over to Fox News and they will tell you all the things that I I was watching the same thing but they were not reporting any of it yeah really Oh entertain like yeah Fox News has finally caught up with like Alex Jones I think no it's opinion pieces mast his news doesn't talk about the way it's still claiming that he invented the term faking you yeah fuckin Trump yeah good old Christian learning down there but I kind of wonder I kind of wonder why that is like I really think that probably I really think that it's like a socio-economic span you like like it stems from post-civil war when the north really did try and keep the South down right and just like the impact that the Civil War had kids yeah I think when I grew up in Nebraska I didn't understand they were still conflicts I had no idea but when I moved to Kentucky my I guess girlfriend at the time now my wife she's from New York she still had her New York license plates on her car hands I shit you not every once in a while I had some redneck little I've been called these damn Yankee before like what year am i in right now I had no idea that was still a thing and then I drove her car to get like to pick her up somewhere and I was getting out of the car apparently I was like I pissed someone off somehow this is like a damn Yankee we're brown murmur and I really understand most of what he said because I think a like 14th yeah the South in general this reminds me of a diner scene for Easy Rider I married damn it all this time I didn't think I was yeah not there's anything wrong with that I just didn't realize I was you know yeah yeah this this might take some time getting over but uh yeah I I don't know the exact reason why the Bible Belt is so fucking ass-backwards but my theory is there I don't know man I think it's just that when you follow some bullshit this hardcore is they follow the bullshit reality is nowhere near reality for them if that makes any sense yes wait like just like the cities are few and far between like major metropolitan cities I think it's just that it's so spread out and everyone so isolated for hundreds of years just a very concept of learning new ideas interacting with new people yeah still probably pretty foreign to them thank you okay that's probably I mean I feel like that's why most cities are like lean laughs yeah especially hopefully on the East Coast in California you have two biggest cities in the country pretty close to each other yeah and when you when you you're surrounded by diversity and other people's opinions you'll learn to have a conversation about it like right one of my friends I used to work with I didn't know this about him he's he's a daca recipient daca like what yeah he's still here for now I didn't know that I knew he was like Spanish descent I knew I think he came from Mexico I think but he's lived here since he was 2 years old he's American to the point of everything else he speaks better English than I do the like you get when you live in the city you will learn these things you learn to talk to people that don't look like you and don't sound like you and you get to hear their viewpoints and like their opinions on things and you learn how to discuss them without being a total douchebag black population but it's all like they're all kind of in the UH in the city's ring part so even still not that diverse yeah yeah I'll never forget when I moved to Kentucky the day of my father was having a new garage built like at at like separated from his house right and weird like my dad and I were just shooting the shit I was like you know I'm gonna be leaving here the next you know 10 15 minutes whatever and the dude who this is the first time I realized I didn't necessarily not live in the south or like the Midwest and the South are pretty alike I guess yeah he's the business guy he's got a business he's there representing his company building this garage he goes were you moving – it was like Louisville Kentucky there's a lot of queers down there blew my mind like like who's you you've got your fucking company shirt on right now it has the phone number to your company on your shirt there's a lot of queers down there man let me know I've worked retail a lot of my life that's just not something you can see it accompany customers and it turns out I mean inky queer so I guess I fit in yep yeah that's uh that's gonna do it for this episode again we're trying to make them between 30 and 45 minutes so I think we get got that number on the hit the nail on the head there at the head of the nail which one is it anyway don't forget you can support the Church of atheism podcast by going to slash Church of atheism you can help us out you should not saying you have to but uh you can check us out there you can follow us on Twitter and that's will be easiest with the Church of atheism I think that's it for me anything else you want to add all right we will talk to everyone soon