Coming To America If Christians Don't Wake Up!

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Published on Sep 17, 2019

Sadly most American’s don’t see how bad this really is. If Christians don’t start speaking up this will become the norm in America.

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Ilhan Omar is in the news again and Ilhan Omar she would not admit to how nasty she is she won't admit that her words are hurtful she won't even admit it she's not even acknowledging it she's trying to play the victim see that's how the Democrats are you either become the victim or you create victims and that's it so let's go to this clip this is uh this is Ilhan Omar she's having a conversation where she will not admit that her words are hurtful it's not in that club we said in the introduction you're controversial the Republican National Committee has released a video of you and it I want to read you just some of it you're comparing migrant shelters to dungeons used about 400 years ago in Ghana that you recently visited and you toured those caves in Ghana recently it's getting a lot of attention did you mean when you were talking there to compare US border agents to slave traders so I'm only controversial because people seem to want to controversy what I talked about at our panel that was the plight of black immigrants was about the experience I was having as I went through the dungeons there were stories that were being told and I talked about how at that moment I had an image of what's happening in Libya as as people as are being sold we've we've all seen that video that action of somebody being sold for $400 and then I talked about the separation stories that he told about how families were being torn apart how children were being separated from their parents how a husband and wife would be forcefully separated and I said that kind of reminded me of what was happening at our border here but you didn't mean it as an attack on US border absolutely not I think this is is always the point right there is always an implied intent to every conversation I have and if you listen to the video one comparison of what the dungeons looked like and people being sold was to what's happening in North Africa and the other one was of family separations and of course we obviously have she's good but she's through the whole thing she still never admitted what her words are hurtful she still never admitted it I mean it's like it's not in her to admit that she says something that was wrong there are nothing but victims and then if people acknowledge that what they're doing is wrong and then they want to call you xenophobic because you're pointing out that this woman that was not from America she should go back to where she came from yes I said it she should go back if you hate America that much we don't want you here I don't want you here you're gonna come and say the despicable words to my some people did something that's exactly what they're talking about but she doesn't want to talk about how terrible her words aren't but see they're quick to talk about how terrible trust words are Oh Trump is bad bad right man bad right man see they don't talk about her because she's a person of color okay so we have another clip that I want to play this is a this is a powerful warning to Christians in America see Christians you think that it's not gonna happen here are you so-called Christians or people that's sitting idly by not paying attention look at this next video cuz this is what's gonna come if the Democrats get their way one thing that Islam is doing to defeat you is causing you to be coward and fearful to stand up and speak against the invasion of Islamization which is going on in your country stand out before it's late North Africa is the part of Africa which first embraced Christianity it was defeated by intimidation and threat if you get afraid today within time you will find your children and your grandchildren being Muslims touch with other people you hear that if you don't start speaking up you're gonna find your children in the same situation where acid was poured all over their face just like his this is not the country that I want to live in see the Democrats they don't say anything about it that's okay so think we have Tom pepper we're gonna bring Tom pepper back in and let's go to this other clip really quick this is some Somalian woman from yeah Sudan and she is walking around oh she's from Saudi Arabia she's walking around and she has her hair down she's actually a beautiful woman and she's doing it to be defiant so let's play that video and bring Todd back in with us and we'll discuss it because I think it's just just her walking around showing her showing her hair off going against the Muslim belief she's not wearing a hijab she's completely going against it because this because people are getting fed up with it people are no longer there like I'm done with all that so do we have that video we can play that is b-roll and we can bring Tom man whenever you get when yet whenever you have them yeah so here it is she's walking around she's you know she's stroking her hair and she's just she's sitting next to another lady at a water fountain that has been has on the hijab and she just sit in there she's on her phone minding her own business she's doing her thing she's walking around and they know I'm pretty sure they know that she's Muslim all right Tom's back with us so what do you think Tom do you think Christians need to recognize and start waking up to what's actually happening or we're gonna end up just like those countries that won't allow women to even drive in most cases absolutely I mean it we are in a horrifying place right now it is true Seanna tea by and large against the belief system that has not involved since the 780 when they had a paedophile process going around and marry me a twelve-year-old I mean this is a warlike culture they burn people they do acid attacks they chop them to pieces within the setting and by the way let's not even talk about North Africa like Libya where you can still today buy a black slave that's 1852 but let's not even talk about North Africa let's talk about London because this is already happening in places where the radical implements are taking hold you're getting acid attacks in the street you're getting violent in math you're getting the horrifying thing and God bless this woman who is brave I don't want to know what happened to her at the end in this video because yeah exactly according to the end of the Sharia it's against the law I mean it's against the law and we already have some governor's in some cities are really trying to comply with the Sharia and if the people don't wake up and you don't start paying attention to you don't start speaking up we're gonna end up just like these countries and then if you say anything against the oh you're Islamophobic you're bad you're bad you're bad you're bad the proprietary head filter is one of the best showerheads I've ever owned I've owned rain shower heads and I've owned various types of shower heads in the past and by far this has been the best the pressure is wonderful in the different settings that come from this showerhead are phenomenal one key point about this 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