Conservative Bible Belt States Ban Sex Toys

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Conservatives like to set themselves up as judges in place of god to arrogantly tell you what to do and how to live your life with their deluded views of the bible and reality. In this case its their anal puritanical right-wing attitude towards sex. James and The Reverend Dr. William J. Eisenman take on the right-wing conservative forces of evil once again. Free market capitalism strikes again! Newsletter Censored Video Broadcast with James and The Reverend Dr. William J. Eisenman, from the research center. In order to continue providing you with hard-hitting truth and news with our very informative videos, support this work by subscribing to Censored, from our website.

hi this is James of mega life 21 the hardest-hitting internet talk radio station on the planet our website is www myspace com /a mega like 21 www youtube com forward slash mega life 21 and WWE newsletter sensor calm ok I am here at the newsletter censored Research Center in northeastern New Jersey with the Reverend dr. William J Eisenman and this is a continuation sort of a part two of the other video that involved conservative right-wing fundamentalist counterfeit Christians and their crazy deluded way of thinking and we were talking about how much they are anti contraception anti you know of basically all forms of birth control at all and and also of course they are pro-life they are they're not pro-choice there are there anti-abortion and we were talking about also this crazy Pastor Steven Anderson that is praying for the death of our president barack obama this nut is praying for our presidents demise because he is a right-wing fundamentalist asshole deluded asshole jerk like the rest of the right-wing fundamentalist conservatives and Barack Obama is a Democrat even if he's up even if Obama is a moderate Democrat there's no reason to talk insane like that for me it's insane saying that it's God's will that what he's saying is is that it's God's will that liberals are destroyed and wiped off the face of the earth by God as punishment is that what I say what he's doing is what the right-wing religious and that's always do they want to be in charge they want to judge you they want to judge others they do not want to allow God as he said is in the Bible to judge people when their time for judgment is come they want to do it now they put themselves on a stone people who want to have abortion they want to stone homosexuals so according to them they they want to be the victor of Christ they want to bigger greatest and in four right here in passing right here and now so you it would be very accurate to assume that the right wing people are very self-righteous individuals indeed and very very power hungry because what else would you call it if you want to be the judge you want to take over God's job of being the judge he is the one who will judge you the Roman Catholic Church rich very very wealthy and very power hungry Antonin Scalia who is a Catholic with a Supreme Court bream korma right former ho he's still there bill making stupid decisions yes when does he windows when he wants to retire when he wants to retire where did I get life long life long tenure tenure but could they be vetoed by the president they can be a beach I mean no could put their decisions countered by Congress so they don't last word on decisions thank you if Congress comes up with a law first of all the president doesn't make a law Congress makes long okay and then the Supreme Court says whether that law is constitutional or what about the Senate what role does Congress is the senate and house the house puts out a bill oh I'll kill goes to the Senate they reconcile they make a pill and then ok so the house the House of Representatives and the Senate or Congress make the law and then the law goes to the president and the supreme inside Orville if there's no problem with the law I never receives anything with the Supreme Court never involved with sweet boy only if it's considered on prostitution and people fight it and then it moves up the right the court sir Fitz vetoed it goes back it goes back like a ping-pong ball to the that's how I represent me knows that ok right but usually Supreme Court justices the Congress can override a veto so they're there for life Supreme Court Justice week or anyone getting back to this crazy diluted obsessive right-wing fundamentalist can counterfeit Christian views on on sex psycho sexuality a contraception even if it's a poor third world country and they can't afford one child they do not want these people to practice contraception now you tell me actually you've told me this Oh many months ago that in some states in the United States I think in the Bible Belt Region you said alabama texas yeah there's our mothers do but i couldn't make up my cup of my sex toys are illegal in this state art in these states in other words women cannot purchase them and people cannot sell them within the state and I within the state I don't know if I have any kind of problems with importing them but within the state they will not be sold you cannot sell them or if there are sold and you buy it it's an illegal purchase similar to it's like Mount one well who would be selling them if is is that the state law says you can't do it certainly they wouldn't be opening up no adult emporium which is well bees which to me is extremely frivolous crime of marijuana it's frivolous just like prostitution and I mean it goes back to a woman look it's a restraint of trade actually restraint of trade restraint of trade because they're stopping you from selling a product which you not only other states is considered legal it's a vibrator for god sakes it's a vibrator it's not in those states because it gives the person using the vibrator a little bit of freedom or whatever they don't like this stuff Justin II want is just a massager shaped and you know into a elongated to form that's all it is I mean some of them are more realistic than others but the point is we're dealing with if some of them are better to like it does sony one the hell of a lot letter to what better than one of those little well there's a on late night Niall shape one on late-night TV there's a bunch of chicks wearing very sexy outfits representing some company from California selling and not well not explicitly demonstrating them but you know their their hands are stroking these things up and down and there and they're going like this you know like the price is right you know like the models go like this to the car or they're doing the same thing to the dildos and vibrators and and sex toys which are vibrators with silicone realistic of phallic in things but attached to it and they have these uh what they call I guess bullet vibrators which is like a little stainless steel egg-shaped thing whatever I don't know how powerful they are but the thing is they're advertising them but very late of course what these are illegal in the certain state right wing conservative traditionally right-wing fundamentalist Bible Belt states but it goes back to a woman's freedom right a woman's freedom and right not to be a mother if she catches the pregnancy very early okay conception or maybe an embryo Dupri's like a fish or just practices contraception or her right to sell her body if she wishes of course the government cannot collect taxes on this off the books income that's why they don't like it probably but you know they're victimless crimes and send purchasing or selling sex toys it's a woman's right to have these sex toys in our house it's a woman's right and a man's right to view pornography in the privacy of their own those who use mode the most pornography on the Internet just what you're talking about religious nuts religious nut effects Oh similar to Jimmy Swaggart yeah look this thing it is seeing love woo he's crying I'll do it anyway and then I'll be forgiven and then he's caught picking up hookers on the highway but he's forgiven then but but then he goes back to doing it again after we going after he collects more donations millions of dollars in donations he doesn't get a little vs in boo crocodile cheering at all and boiled down to we find out I just want to make a loss for you to won't pay it's probably something in them that that if they they have these laws for them for them because they're they're the religious nuts but they want you to obey them too and it sort of makes the makes them feel better they don't like you sitting out there with freedom of choice and all this other stuff while they have to wait here to always wrong and stop see I want you to do speak and speak of stupid women selling dildos on late-night TV Sarah Palin was speaking in tongues recently isn't that funny she's lying she babbles anyway nonsense Ozzy all right we got to take a break