David Wilkerson – Satan's Final War Plan Exposed | Must Hear

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David Wilkerson – Satan’s Final War Plan Exposed | Must Hear

There is great attack against those on the “front lines” in ministry. The devil is aiming all of his amunition toward those who “love God and are the called according to His purpose.” This is a message about the war with the principalities, a war that true Christian’s fight each and every day. This spiritual war was declared in the Garden of Eden but in these last days Satan is changing his plans. Time is near and Satan knows that his time is short. Since the cross, Satan has approached this spiritual warfare in a different way for those that are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Revelation 12:17New King James Version (NKJV)

17 And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

2 Corinthians 2:11New King James Version (NKJV)

11 lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.

1 Kings 22:31New King James Version (NKJV)

31 Now the king of Syria had commanded the thirty-two captains of his chariots, saying, “Fight with no one small or great, but only with the king of Israel.”


David Wilkerson was the Founding Pastor of Times Square Church in New York City. He was called to New York in 1958 to minister to gang members and drug addicts, as told in the best-selling book, The Cross and the Switchblade.

In 1987, David Wilkerson returned to “the crossroads of the world” to establish Times Square Church. As a pastor of the church, he faithfully led this congregation, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God.

David Wilkerson had a strong burden to encourage and strengthen pastors throughout the world. From 1999 to 2008, he traveled around the globe holding conferences for Christian ministers.

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final war plan exposed the devil has a war plan I'm going to expose it this morning hallelujah now there's a final war you know it's called Armageddon millions men are going together in the Mideast and there's going to be a final war called the Battle of Armageddon there's going to be a lot of bloodshed but simultaneously there's another final war and this final war is far more important to us and to God than Armageddon armor guidance just a cleanup job for God is it going to clean up the mess he's going to come forth with his power and his glory and and we know the outcome of that war but there's another war going on simultaneously and it's begun and it's in effect even now and that's the spiritual war this this is the or that's been declared yes in the Garden of Eden you say there's always been a spiritual war heaven against hell but folks the devil in these last days is changing his strategy he's changing his plan because the Bible says what in the habit of the earth and to see the devil's come down to you having great wrath knowing his time is short now see this is placing this battle this last fatigue battle after the cross because he's talking about those who've overcome by the blood and those who have the testimony of the lamb so this is after Calver it's after the cross and we're going to talk about that this morning dragon was wroth with the woman the woman is the Church of Jesus Christ and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ right this places the war that we're talking about after the cross those who have been covered by the blood of Christ and this leads to the last very last day of time the battle that I'm speaking about the scripture says he knows he has a short time and he in the Bible says that he comes down he's actually going to make his headquarters he's going to be among us here on this earth he's come down unto you and he's in a rage because he knows that his time is very short this is the last of the last days very clearly marked here I don't know what others are preaching about spiritual warfare I hear a lot of stuff that is foolishness and even when you say spiritual warfare out of people pull back but the Bible makes it clear that there's a war going on in the heavens there's a spiritual battle now for your mind and your soul there's a spiritual battle and the Bible Paul talks about the weapons of our warfare are not carnal weapons of war our war it says our war the war that you and I fight as the seed of Jesus Christ he's going after the seed the scripture says and this is the battle far more important in the eyes of God and hailed an Armageddon itself his spirit is going to expose the stratagems of the devil for this last day just thinking of the strategy the devil is used ever since the Garden of Eden think of this strategy Satan used in the wilderness Satan went after the scripture says those that were stragglers of the camp the rearguard he came against the weak he came against those who were crippled and those who disease he kept up with though he he came against those who were not really Jews but they came out of Israel with the Jews they wanted to be a part of what God was doing and they were stragglers that were really not with Israel but he came on the rearguard almost tempted about coming into the camp itself but when he did come to the camp the the battle then was in the natural realm it had to do with food it had to do with water it had to do with just existence itself and Satan came in tempted in these areas of flesh and appetite and very little of the warfare of Satan against the Church of the wilderness who has aimed at the leadership you'll find only a few occasions he came against Aaron for a season he came against Saul he came against David and you find individuals but it's rare and you find many of these men falling but at that time Satan warfare had to do with appetite it had to do with the belly it had to do with nature but then comes the cross of Jesus Christ then comes a need for a new strategy a new plan and folks the devil has Bible says we're not ignorant of the devices or the wiles of the devil the wiles mning planned strategies that very word is strategy we're not ignorant of his strategy his strategy keeps changing and now we have we come to the cross we come to the strategy now Satan coming against entire congregations he comes against the laity he comes against the church body comes against whole congregations and it's amazing when you when you fall it he he attacted the Corinthian church with a flood of lust and carnality he comes to the Galatian Church with the bewitching spirit Paul said having begun in the spirit are you now seeking perfection through the works of the law who has bewitched you who's cast the spell on you a new strategy from the enemy he's going after entire congregations he's going after the laity you follow through in Revelation first few chapters of Revelation Ephesus he attacks the church he taxed the love and devotion to Christ at Smyrna Satan cast some of them in prison he sent blasphemers into their midst that Pergamus false doctrine was sent to leaven the church at Thyatira the devil sent teachers in with a Jezebel spirit to seduce the congregation's into fornication and when you come to Sardis you find formality and deadness cast upon them and Atlanta sia the spirit of lukewarmness covetousness materialism blinded the whole congregation you see he's going after the land he's going after the congregation is going after the masses of believers you verify very seldom do you find in the New Testament him going after are being able to bring down spiritual leadership those who are spiritual mint leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ you find him coming again as he did in the Old Testament shipwrecks beatings jailings he comes after Paul in the flesh but you don't see Paul folding under it you don't hear Peter and you hear none of the disciples other than Judas he's not the battle now is for the church look lady he's going after he's coming stages you see works in the natural that he comes against the congregation we're going to see in just a moment where he's moving now and I know I got this from the Holy Spirit and God has been dealing with my heart on this issue very strongly and it's impacted by my spiritual life and I trust it'll do the same for you this morning you see the buffetings were yes they were against the flesh and also in the spiritual realm but you find against the masses and I'm saying now that in this last day in this short period of time the devil was such Wrath knows he has to change his strategy and the strategy is this I'm going after the leaders I'm going to focus all my attention on everyone with spiritual authority everyone who walks close to Christ every prayer warrior I'm going after their I'm going after their very faith I'm going after their homes their marriages I'm going to try to paralyze every spiritual man and woman on the face of the earth now you find a little glimpse of this strategy in the Old Testament the devil use a hab and and Jehoshaphat are waging war declared war on Syria and the devil changed his strategy and just a little glimpse of what was to come in the last days I'm sure Satan remember that strategy and how it worked he had 32 captains and he called them together nee since I've got a strategy I've got a plan I want 32 captains the charioteers the captains of the chariots and we have one mission I don't want you to fight with any soldiers I want you go right through the camp of the enemy and I want you to get Saul let me read it to you the king of Syria commanded his thirty and two captains that had rule over the chariots saying fight neither was small nor great save only with the king of Israel he said we get him they're all going to flee they have no leadership they have no one with authority they'll run to their palms and they'll run to the caves that's exactly what happened when an arrow by chance it wasn't by chance you and I know that but an arrow hits all he dies in his chariot and the scripture says there was a proclamation made throughout the host every man not to his city every man to his own country now those we have no leadership every man for himself run and all that's happening to the Church of Jesus Christ today as we see this strategy unfolding everywhere we look pastors missionaries Christian leaders deacons elders falling left and right spirits Authority being robbed we see this strategy unfolding before our very eyes this was the strategy used in Iraq they were called special forces and they were sent six months before the war into Baghdad and their whole job they were dressed as Arabs and they had a bankroll and they were to trail shadow Saddam Hussein everywhere he went and you remember the night of the first bombing the first attack came because there was an intelligence report and they called it strategic planning and that first huge bombing effort came on a palace where intelligence said Saddam and his staff were having a meeting and many still believed he was killed in that first attack but if you remember the war the British were given the city to the that was blocking to the right and a highway all the way to Baghdad a hundred and fifty miles of troops and tanks one purpose one purpose around Baghdad gets it down get the leadership don't fight with the Iraqi army go to the elite corps the Republican Guard and when we get that Republican garden those 50 liters they'll fall in the collapse and within two weeks of the war remember there was confusion in the Iraqi army because they said there's no leadership there's no one there it's inoperative the authority is gone Satan's final war against the Church of Christ is targeted at the elect paralyze every spiritual leader destroys the Duce bewitch all spiritual authority and no you see The Devil's laid his hands on every invention of man to use in this battle the devil owns the Internet he owns it three hundred thousand porno sites he owns it he owns the film industry HBO I don't even know what it means but I read that that's some of the worst filth coming out of hell I don't even know what the music channel is I don't have television but he owns television now he owns commercial televisions network television because you see up to this time they said we're going to stretch the envelope that means see how far we can go without the people rising up and without a moral out cry out cry against this filth and smut and there's no outcry anymore and now I read in the New York Times these were from film directors in the con Festival in France and they were boasting publicly we're no longer stretching the envelope we've torn it up we're gone over the ledge that means anything goes and folks who is all of this we're who who's the devil aiming at now do you think he's aiming at all the people who are hooked on pornography now all of the wicked masses who are hooked on the lust of the flesh he already owns them the king of Sirius and I'm not wasting any ammunition no chance no manpower on these masses all my power everything is aimed at the leadership these things are aimed now everything out of hell is aimed you say are you talking only but pastors it advances no I'm let me tell you what gives you spiritual authority let me tell you what in the eyes of God in the eyes of the devil make you marked in the eyes of God marked for righteousness and marked for usefulness in the devil's eye marked for this final attack is that you have set your heart on Christ you seek him with all your heart and mind and soul and spirit you've turned from the things of this world and you have laid a hold of something that you won't let go on the devil knows it and you're a testimony the righteousness of Christ in this dark wicked age if you are praying man or woman believing trusting God living in His righteousness by faith you are marked you're in that leadership you were in that elite guard not not in the flesh but in the spirit he's not going after the children of that he's not going after his own shield he's got them why would he waste any he'd be a stupid devil to waste his ammunition on those he's already killed Satan understands that secret sin and a spiritual man will paralyze him all his power and authority will be gone and if sin is persisted on it becomes habitual he knows the man can no longer speak for God can no longer have any impact on anyone living in sin the Bible says telling the King James has said dead flies in the ointment that in the original Hebrew it says flies of death caused the ointment of the pocket theory to send forth the stinking savour smell so that the little fall to him that is in and for wisdom and honor he said hey God says I wanna I want to show you he's speaking from his word I want to show you it's that it's that dead fly it's what you think insignificant is up and judged and you that the enemy comes in this throws and that sweet-smelling savour that prayer life it is a dead fly see there's a compromise there's something of the world there's something yet of sin there's something of flesh and the Bible says the dead fly in your oil of anointment your oil of unction their oil anointing a dead fly that one thing that God's been dealing with that one thing he said that that beautiful Romans been coming up again to see then for the stench the stink up the place and anyone who's been touched with the favor of God and held in honor you see the Lord says no dark place in our hearts nothing that the enemy can touch Satan cometh has nothing in me and there's a reason for that and that will unfold here as you see in just a moment you see the devil's plan is to put this fly of death just to touch the flesh a touch of the world let me tell you what's at stake and the reason Saints now focusing all this power on the spiritual man Paul sets forth the issue and here it is the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God for their foolishness to him neither can he know them because they're spiritually discerned Paul said another is a spiritual man and there's a natural man the spiritual man knows the mind of Christ he's full of the Holy Ghost no part dark no flies of death in him he's got spiritual wisdom he has revelation from God he has an open heaven and God else's mind to the spiritual man the scripture says the things which God has prepared for them that love him things that no man can know when God gives it speaks it through those who are spiritual Paul said my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom but in demonstration of the Spirit and the power he said when you came to hear me preaching when I came to Corinth he was speaking about his visit to Corinth and he said when I came to you he said I determined to know nothing among you save Christ and him crucified because Paul knew that congregation they were living in fornication incest they were living in covetousness they they were coming and drinking unworthily at the Lord's table and he said ah he said I had to make a determination how I was going to come to you I can't come with wisdom he said I learned it at Athens that I can't match my wits with the world he said do I determine when I come to you I'll know no body I'll preach nothing but Jesus Christ and him crucified but he said when I came to you and this is in retrospect he's looking back and in a letter he said when I came to you you know how I came some of you said my my speech was contemptible you could only stand my my delivery he said it wasn't in my preaching it wasn't in man's wisdom but I had an anointing on me I had heard from heaven and I came in the demonstration of the Holy Ghost and power now what is that demonstrates the Holy Ghost we have a lot of people who think the demonstration only goes people falling on the floor wiggling shaking now God can shake you and wiggle you high I believe God can take people and just prostrate them I'm not mocking that so that's not Paul's talking about the demonstration only spirit had nothing to do with Paul's body it was not raising his voice like I'm raising mine right now because the loud voice doesn't it doesn't imply anointing sometimes when you get anointed you can't help but you just explode but that does not designate the anointing see the demonstration only spot Holy Spirit was not some our countenance that changed in Paul he was not doing anything but quietly delivering the Word of God and there was suddenly a demonstration of the Holy Spirit it was the Word of God delivered through a spiritual man you see the Corinthians it moved out of the spiritual realm into the natural realm and that's what's happening to the Church of Jesus Christ today you sit in front of a television and you drink and drink and drink and I'm telling you slipping hour by hour into the natural man that can no longer comprehend the things of God because you lose your discernment and now Paul said I'm coming to Corinth to a natural people living in the flesh they're natural again they're not spiritual men and women their carnal the carnal man is the natural man he said he couldn't even speak you with spiritual people anymore but the demonstration and the Holy Ghost with power was the effect his preaching had on the hearers on the people on the Corinthians and let me give you an explanation of the demonstration and here it is you see Paul had preached about separation and holiness but be not unequal to it be not unequally yoked with unbelievers come out from among them be separate and clean that's not the unclean thing touch not the unclean thing and that word of Paul was so anointed of the Holy Spirit there was a demonstration life is the demonstration people walking out of the house of God with the message they can't shake out of their head or out of their heart and after act on it because the Holy Spirit keeps moving them in the direction of the word they've received here it is you sorrowed to repentance you were made sorry after godly manner what carefulness it wrought in you yeh what cleansing what carefulness what clearing of yourself indignation what zeal what fear what vehement desire what revenge in all things you've proved yourselves clear on this matter he said you wouldn't eat sleep you wouldn't do anything until you made sure you line up for the word on I preached they had drifted from Christ and we're compromising see folks here's the dilemma we go out now let me put it as simply as I can you show me a church of 10,000 25,000 people masses coming and those that come to church if they're not a preaching of repentance if they're not changing they're they're all-natural people there Carl they're still living in sin because there's no message and little conviction and the Holy Ghost moving in the church and if the man in the pulpit is just a man of ambition if he too is in the natural and he is in the flesh then I'll tell you that the whole congregation could go to hell because they've never had a met they don't understand there's nobody there to open their eyes there's no message from heaven that pierces the wall there's nothing that gets through to the heart and I'm convinced as many people are going to hell in the church than anywhere else in society going to hell right in church because natural men are speaking the natural man and they don't understand the door divorce rate in the church equals the divorce rate in the world now the divorce rate in the ministry equals the divorce rate in secular society but a sad comment now what's my point Satan knows that men seduced back into the realm of the natural could no longer hear or receive a word and can change the life becomes blinded it's no message no anointing nothing that pierces the heart and that's why Satan's going after every spiritual elder deacon Sunday school teacher anyone in any kind of ministry choir going after with everything out of hell and I'm telling you folks there's never been a time when you have been more tested than you are now come oh no you have never been more tested your faith has never been more tried than it is now I was talking to a neighbor recently I just walked over talked to him he was drinking he said are you the Reverend I said yeah he said I thought some old fogey pre move next to me when you moved here he said I checked you on the Internet he said I think you're OK he said I got to talk to you sir said I my wife left me 2 years ago I had a I was a high up executive in a company and he named a company said two years ago they just fired me no explain just cut me off after almost 20 years of service and he said to top it off the only thing I'd left with my dog and I loved that dog and it was killed car accident car rental my police officer ran over and he said I've been here two years drinking here's a natural man and I just stood listen to this man this oh god Tony way I can get one word to that man gets to his heart is there better be nothing in my life that hinders the voice of God I had better hear from heaven I don't want it he did fly and me and I'm thinking god no dead flies and I thank God I could stand there and the Lord says you have the word and I gave him just two or three paragraphs two or three cutting sentences I know went right to his heart and I look out of my room where I pray and I look right over to his house and I know the Holy Ghost as they're moving a still quoting those words over and over again they were just probably two paragraphs but it got right through to the heart folks never in history we needed have we needed spiritual people who know the mind of Christ and they can stand against the world and all of the natural thing that just destroying mankind and have that word that penetrates and changes where there's a demonstration of the Holy Ghost folks to tonight it's after this morning and all day you may sit quiet you may not even respond you mostly to what I'm saying but I hope and pray when you walk out the door God will have said something to you that will change your life make some changes your life has already been changed but make those changes that are necessary to come into the fullness that the Lord has prepared for you and so what brother Wilson they what's God going to about all this if the devil has a plan what does God have a plan well I want to tell you something the Lord is not going to come down and fight your battle with the devil I mean he's already done that he's already conquered the dello he's made he's been Victor he's beyond the reach of Satan the devil can't tempt him any more but he says now you resist the devil and he will flee from you now God doesn't have to change his plan he's had one eternal purpose from the beginning and that let's focus on Jesus Christ and we know that but let me show you and I've read this over and over again but the Holy Spirit pointed this out to me what I believe Holy Spirit is wanting to achieve and is achieving now in this last hour this amazing verse in Isaiah 9:7 don't turn there but because of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom to order it to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth forevermore the zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform it the government shall be upon his shoulders and of the increase of that government there shall be no end in other words there from the very time that the government of God was established those through the testimony of Jesus Christ he is Lord the Holy Spirit says I come and inhabit you but I come to govern your life and it implies that once you come under the government of Jesus Christ and the Spirit of God who is the spirit of Christ when you come under that government there is to be a continual increase there has to be an increase we increase in obedience and Submission subjection to all that the Word of God speaks to us until this nothing nothing is believed nothing is done everything is judged by the word of the Lord by the voice of the Holy Spirit of the increase of his government are you under the gun women of the Holy Spirit this is how I believe God is going to protect his leadership he's going to protect all of those who are in the spiritual man he's going to protect you not by he's not going to end pornography evil men are going to wax worse and worse the Bible said things are going to get so bad the sexual content will be beastial it'll be incestuous it'll be with children it's going to be with animals it's going to be the most incredible filth and smut the world's ever known and God's not going to stop that right now until the end the devil is going to come with this flood the flood is going to increase the flood tides are going to get higher but he's going to build up a spiritual immunity he's going to do something in the hearts of his people because the government of Jesus Christ is going to increase more and more he's going to have a body who are more and more subjected to the Holy Ghost who cry out for that direction who submit themselves in prayer into the Word of God and they begin to judge their sins righteously we're to judge righteous judgment I want you to follow me before I close I'm going to wrap this up in just a moment verse 7 again he will establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for more the seal the Lord of hosts will perform it God says that Geel means jealousy he said I in the last days he when he sees this attack of the enemy God says I'm going to rise with a jealousy and I'm going to accomplish my purpose and my purpose as he describes here I'm going to bring divine order and I'm going to bring forth a spirit of judgment now that's not that that is not judgment against us this has to do with something far different it's something is going to do in our hearts a spirit of judgment against anything that Satan throws against us in other words the Holy Ghost is going to make you a magistrate of your own heart and the word there is litigate it means everything that comes and here's what Paul the Apostle said in first Corinthians 2:5 he that is spiritual listen he did a spiritual judgeth all things he judges all things that means that everything that the enemy throws into his life every temptation everything he's involved in every waking hour he's judging everything that influences or affects his life he's judging it he's a magistrate and the Lord is empowered him by his Spirit to sit as a judge over his own life he said if we judge ourselves we shall not be judged you know that scripture let me put it plainly if you're flirting you're flirting with a married person or another man's wife or another one's husband that's adultery judge you call it what it is it's in Collin Bible says set no wicked thing before your eyes you just brought in a video and you said not just PG or pg-13 it's a small Disney and suddenly here's God's name being cursed what are you going to do you're just going to justify it are you going to judge it will you sit there and love the Holy Ghost just to spurn your heart he will do it he will stir your heart and you do it out of love because he says I need your anointing I need a voice I need to penetrate this wicked will I need you I'm not mad at you but I need your voice and you're going to convict you you either justify it are you judge it and say this can cost my anointing that's enough judge it he find yourself slipping into a little bit of gossip and the Holy Ghost suddenly said hey this is wrong this is wrong and you agree with all the ghosts yes is wrong you stop and shut your mouth and walk away judge it you see David sinned and he wouldn't judge his sin for a whole year God didn't break his covenant with David he didn't break the Covenant he's not going to break his covenant with you but he said a prophet that's what the issue was David until you agree with the Holy Ghost until you judge your sin and call it what it is and not justified David been justified and as soon as David stop justifying his sin then the promises of the Covenant were renewed in his life and every covenant promise of God awaits the moment that you and I agree with the Holy Ghost and say this is sin I'm not going to call it by another name I'm going to judge it I can't I can't live in unbelief unbelief is the mother of all sins can you find yourself doubting God and questioning God I'll come on folks judge it for what it is it's sin if we don't judge it all we're doing is preaching eternal security we have to judge our sins because he has given us the mind of Christ we have the mind of Christ in us we have the Holy Ghost not tell you the moment you agree with the Holy Ghost he comes with every covenant promise and the Bible makes it clear this scripture when the enemy comes in like a flood to spear the Lord so raise up a standard against and I looked up that word standard you know really means a flip of the finger and the moment you agree with the Holy Spirit the moment you judge your sin and say I'm not going to lose my anointing I'm not going to have a fly in my aunt 'men I'm not going to let the devil robbed me of my effectiveness and I judge my sin when that happens the Holy Ghost Thompson Flitz away the power of Hell in your life just a flick of his finger it's done it's finished he empowers you with his glorious power that's the demonstration of the Holy Ghost and power the demonstration is judging your sin the power comes flowing in glory be to God what a mighty God what a mighty God is sir will you stand hallelujah hallelujah my god my god oh Jesus would you just raise your hands and tell them how much you love him in the annex wherever you're at raise your hands tell him how much come on just tell them from your heart Lord I love you and I need you Lord I need you Lord we need you in this day you'll bless your name hallelujah hallelujah you put your heads down Lord you shall of your people you soul of your pastors and shepherds and all those in leadership they're your family they're their bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh and you will not allow the enemy to destroy you're going to come forth Lord with great governing power you're going to manifest by your spirit the law of God written in the heart bringing us under subjection to your word your spirit and Lord we're going to be more than overcomers not just over comers but more than over comers hallelujah now Lord I'm asking for a demonstration of power demonstration of your spirit with power to change us for those that are here now and while we're speaking Holy Ghost you were just pointing out something perhaps it did fly a fly of death something that the Holy Ghost has been just peacefully wonderfully lovingly nagging us about saying change it make a change before it becomes a habit and you no longer see it as sin you justify it Oh Lord we want to agree with the Holy Ghost and call it what it is if you're here this afternoon there this morning and something in the message this morning there's something grabbed your heart I don't know how to other than as I filled out the whole spirit that you know that you are not where you ought to be in Christ especially if you you've been walking with God for a long time if you've been here a lot of messages you've been hearing the Holy Ghost speak and cry and woo and whisper to your heart and you keep putting it off and putting it off it's time it's time this morning to say yes the Holy Spirit if there is sin he's not here to condemn you here to say I will not lose you I can let you go I'm going to make a little bit of misery in your heart I'm going to evict you but I do it because I need you if your husband I you need that spiritual thorn and you need his guidance if you're a wife or if you're a mother and you have children you need spiritual authority you're not going to get through your kids without spiritual authority if there's anything that you know in your life no honestly it can rob you of that spiritual authority I want you to get down to this front and just stand here with me and we're going to pray and ask God to have you call it what it is and believe God to come with his spirit and give you a freedom this morning and you walk out of here the power of Christ what I believe the Holy Spirit's leading me to say I would say it lovingly this congregation I said to is a father hundreds of your and go to work on the job you know in offices you work with other people of other sects you women work with men and some of you men work with women and I'm telling you now the Lord made it clear to me that I have to save this many of you now right now I have to ask God to help you stop your flirtation it's not become a I've become an accurate that the seed is there you with anticipation and every time that man or that woman passes you there's something going on in your heart and where it says call it what it is it's adultery it's a doctor if you look upon another woman right another man with lesson Jesus said that's a doctor call it what it is and say Lord I want that change now that's the demonstration the Holy Ghost and God when you say that God will come with a power of your spirit I'll be a demonstration of Holy Ghost and power so right now deal with that if you pass all the passes put it in myself we have warned you about your viewing television and the filth and the films that you bring into your home and everything else in these areas if there has to be dealt with agree with it right now agree with it if you don't have the zeal now you live in a situation where you can't remove a television from your home and your husband or your wife disagree with you all right fine I don't tell you something to ask the Lord when you sit there say Lord the moment you see it or hear your God's name person you get out of the room you go somewhere else and get out go shop and do whatever you have to do take an act an act it says Lord I will not cast my eyes upon that which is evil and when you walk the streets ask God to give you clean eyes ask God to help you because the seductions are so overwhelming and ask God to put you in the habit of listening to the Holy Spirit becomes a wonderful habit the Holy Spirit is so quick so quick it's a loving judgment it's something the Lord says I do this for you because I so love you I do this for you because I've done such a miracle in your life and I want to use you with your neighbors I want you to be the testimony because I want everything that you say to have an impact on those around you when your neighbors are sick and afflicted when somebody around you has a problem they bring it to you so you're not just mouthing words that fall to the ground but you're saying things that penetrate the heart do you understand that I said you understand that even in the annex right now others in the congregation didn't come forward God's dealing he's dealing lovingly with these things that hinder us they hinder you from the fullness and from the anointing and the blessing and render you paralyzed inoperative so ask God to do something of great conviction a loving conviction so that we determined we're going to walk and the spiritual man father I come now asking you Holy Spirit to demonstrate what we're talking about Holy Spirit I want to see and I don't want sit but I want you to demonstrate in the hearts of these that there be a manifestation of your Holy Spirit that comes right now and and just comes and shines the light in and says yes I know Lord that what I've allowed is sin and I agree with you Holy Spirit that can't go on it has to stop and I know Lord as I agree with you you're going to come now with every precious covenant promise you're going to put a new heart in me on this you're going to you're going to keep me now from falling you're going to give me a heart after you Lord Jesus I thank you for this would you say this right now Lord Jesus I come humbly to you and I come Lord Jesus to submit to your government I want you to rule my life by the word and the still small voice of the Spirit I want to obey you lord help me I can't do it in my strength but I believe that the Holy Ghost saved came and saved me by opening my heart and I've repented so the Spirit of God is in me thank you that you'll guide me you will keep me we give you thanks and when you raise your hand to just thank Jesus for His faithfulness to you lord I thank you for your faithfulness your great love what a wonderful see this is the conclusion of the message