Do Rabbis in Israel believe YHWH is Yehovah?

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Do Rabbis in Israel believe YHWH is Yehovah?

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although they stopped pronouncing the name publicly the name was never lost that we do know from the records that whether it's the on yom kippur the priests saying it or the high priest telling to the next type Greece and I've had this confirmed personally by myself by rabbis in Jerusalem and I know a man there who's a Orthodox priests for about forty five years he speaks fluent Aramaic and Hebrew and he confirmed to me because he knows all the top rabbis in Israel that 100% he believes the name is Yahweh because he got it from the rabbis mm-hm and that's what they say that generation to generation so think of like Abraham to Isaac to Jacob right that something is important as the name of the creator you're not going to go your whole life and not tell your child so this is priest to priest to priest and that's what he says there's never been a break so even though they're not pronouncing it publicly that they never lost the pronunciation and that's what the the top rabbis in Israel believe the name is Yahweh you