Ep. 162- Loosening the Bible Belt

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AL.com posts an article that asks if Alabama is losing it’s rich religious heritage. The Lee county DA believes they found Aniah Blanchard’s remains after nearly a month-long search. The suspected murderer of Sheriff “Big John” Williams of Lowndes County is taken into custody. The Yale-Harvard game is delayed because of a climate protest.

with great power comes great responsibility compromise where you can where you can't don't even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right even if the whole world is telling you to move it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree look them in the eye and say no you Mouse never step onto the battlefield of ideas unprepared before you enter the fray you need a plan and there's no better place to get one then right here on tactics with host Caleb Colquitt the Situation Room goes live now on Newsradio 1440 good evening everybody and thank you so much for being here with us on tactics whether you're joining us on Facebook live on YouTube on Facebook whether you're joining us no matter where you are no matter where in the world you are we are thankful that you've chosen to make us a part of our day right here on tactics where speech isn't violence tolerance isn't love and disagreement isn't a as always I'm your host Caleb Colquitt and there was a lot of local news to get to that we're going to be covering today and really this kind of goes beyond just the state of Alabama we're going to be talking a lot about things that affect us as a country as a whole because there was a nail calm article that surfaced over the weekend that I found absolutely fascinating and like a lot of things there is good and bad a lot of the articles whether it's al calm or a more conservative site like the blaze or yellow hammer I can find some good in some bad and I think that that's because there are a lot of things out there in the world that are untrue but have a kernel of truth or are kind of on the same track but they they go awry somewhere so I'm gonna just give you my opinion on what parts I think are worth considering and worth looking into which parts I think are actually false and I'll tell you why that it all goes back to this article that was posted earlier this weekend on al com about Alabama losing its religious background so we won't read the whole thing because it's quite long I think it's actually six pages seven pages if you add my notes but it six pages overall in the regular version but this is the headline losing our religion faith is a part of identity in the South but it's changing and so like I said there's going to be good and bad sort of interspersed in this but we're going to take a few segments from it and just kind of tell you the the important parts that I think may either be completely true somewhat true and will tell you where the blind spots are so there's a section in this called changing beliefs quote beliefs are changing especially in the younger generation those concerned about gay and transgender rights feel that the church has been incredibly judgmental and exclusive Tory Bass one of the men that they interviewed said that's turned this generation generation off well this is something that sort of a running theme throughout the entirety of the article as they try to make the case that part of the reason that the south and America as a whole is getting more and more non-religious and it talks about the growth the fastest growing religious affiliation in the country is the nuns people that aren't really atheist agnostic they don't have any kind of religious affiliation at all they don't go to church they don't believe in Buddhism or really anything and that's a hundred percent legitimate thing to look at to question and and I've talked about on this program quite a few times but where I think that they actually go awry here is they're creating a conclusion without giving you any evidence to support it now granted it makes common sense typically people that are younger including in my generation the Millennials and the Jens ears that came after us tend to be more accepting of homosexuality and because of that it would make sense that the church in general we're talking about the umbrella all churches that refer to themselves as churches tend to be anti homosexual because of that that would kind of explain why people aren't going to churches nearly as much right well actually the data does not bear that out and great power comes great responsibility to come on computer there we go sorry anyway this I do apologize for that for some reason my intro fired off so this is a graph that shows attendance at religious services among older Millennials religious group so just so you know this and by the way this is the exact same study that they're referencing in this particular al com article and do so multiple times so I'm looking at actually the same data that they're using this is a breakdown by age and they have older Millennials and younger Millennials broken into two groups but here's the thing I checked the younger Millennials and it differs a little bit but it's basically exactly the same now when you notice about this first of all the people that attend religious services the most often are Mormons and then in second place is evangelical Protestants followed by historically black Protestant followed by Catholic then mainline Protestant and then unaffiliated so there's something interesting that I want you to notice about this because you'll remember that basically their conclusion the way that they see this thing is that the reason that this is taking place is because churches are seen as mean and judgmental to homosexuals but if that's the case here's the question I posed to you why is it the churches that historically have been the most harsh towards homosexuality the most vocal in talking about how they believed it to be incorrect and wrong why are they the ones that are having the most attendance and the most frequent attendance from from Millennials that doesn't make any sense because you look at the Mormons they're very clear in their stance on it you look at evangelical Protestants that would be the one that would probably be second most vocal and their disapproval of homosexuality historically black Protestant you know that that follow suit Catholics are a little bit more open to it the Catholic Church official stance isn't but Catholics as a whole tend to be more accepting of it and then mainline Protestant they're by far the most accepting of it those are the ones that actually there are several churches and what are called the mainline Protestant lines that actually have gay clerics gay people openly accepted in the church so they're the ones that are suffering the most people just not attending very often when it comes to Millennials which kind of flies in the face of that whole narrative it doesn't make a whole lot of sense if your premise if your rationale for why this is happening for why Millennials are not attending church is well it's because they're mean to its meaning and they're mean and judgmental towards gay people I'm sorry the data doesn't back you up on that if that were true then the mainline Protestants the ones that most frequently the ones that most often are the ones that are accepting of homosexuals you would think that they would be the ones that were selling but the exact opposite takes place the denominations that tend to be more vocal about their disapproval of homosexuality seem to be the ones that are actually getting higher church attendance amongst Millennials so it really doesn't comport with the data and if you look at this because I have a second graphic here this is just church attendance in general and broken down by generations so you'll notice that the at least once a week which is the the most frequent one you'll notice that there's not very many of any of those and then of course that portion gets a lot bigger when you get into once a month couple times a year seldom or never but what I want you to notice about that is that the ones that tend to not attend church the most often in the seldom or never never it's still Millennials but not by a very wide margin if you add that 15 and 18 together that gives you 33 percent okay that's only four percent more than the baby boomers and 5% more than Generation X you look at once or twice a year 16 16 that's 32 okay well 32 is just 1% more than the baby boomers and just 3% more than Gen X and another thing that you have to remember too the reason that pew broke this into two separate groups in the first place is because really Millennials aren't being judged adequately because there's so many of them being lumped into this because if you're looking at the definition of millennial anybody under the age of 34 but under the age of 34 but it would be everybody that's older than the age of I believe 21 so you're getting a lot of 18 to 21 year olds participating in this that are actually Jen Sears and I'm not saying that this is insignificant or that there's not a lot of similarities between Gen Z and Millennials I'm just saying that you have to keep in mind that they broke this in half for a reason they are different demographics that have different points of data so if you're looking at it I'm not trying to say that Millennials don't have a larger problem when it comes to secularization and not having religious affiliations I'm just saying that it's not something that's unique to them and it's not as though Millennials are wildly outside the norm when it comes to this the truth is based on this data every generation in America is becoming increasingly and increasingly more secular so Millennials definitely not above reproach they definitely have their problems I am in no way insinuating that Malia's don't have a a more prominent issue with religious teachings religious practices what we would refer to as Orthodoxy within the Christian faith I'm just saying that it's not as though it's only happening to us it's happening at a higher rate but not much higher just two or three percentage points if you're looking at those numbers and if you look at it it really does help put into perspective exactly what is going on here now I understand that there's a difference in the South specifically in Alabama specifically versus all of America but the trends seem to be going down similar paths and there seems to be a correlation there at least enough that we can look at it and kind of see the similarities and say that look at that to help give us some clarity on this so the second part of this this is coming from that al.com article those identifying as Protestant dropped from 64 percent to 53 percent those identifying as atheist rose from 3 percent during that 10 year span while those calling themselves agnostic rose from 2 percent to 4 percent those who said they were quote nothing in particular rose from 10 percent to 16 percent combined those who were quote unaffiliated religiously rose from 13 percent in 2009 to 23 percent in 2019 in the south nationwide the trends are more dramatic the number of unaffiliated rose from 17% in 2009 to 26% in 2019 now this is a real problem they are bringing up an absolutely 100% legitimate concern when it comes to Christians in the south or in anywhere else if you're looking at it demographically you are seeing an increase in secularization a decrease in people that believe that traditional religion going to church worshipping corporately that kind of thing is an important part of their spiritual lifestyle so it's bringing up a hundred percent legitimate question and asking that but let's look at graphic three here real quick and and this is a chart that just shows Millennials are less general s religious overall and they are you know right to point this out because you're looking at it religious and there is very important attend religious services weekly or more absolute certainty belief in God praying daily or more believes in Heaven believes in hell you'll notice that in every single rubric every single one your lowest one is the Millennials with the odd exception of belief in hell now I'm not going to go into all the logistics of why I think that is I do find it interesting I guess maybe the greatest generation they're getting close to the end and they're thinking maybe I don't want to believe in hell maybe I'm afraid he'll endeavor when I don't know but that that does seem like a really strange outlier but anyway if you're looking at it this is why I say it's a legitimate criticism to Millennials into the legitimate criticism that Millennials are less religious you're looking at that and you understand that is the case the real question is why is this happening because to look at this article and to read some of the people's observations on it you would say that it's because like we said earlier one of the reasons that they give is because the church is just you know not accepting of homosexuals or not exception of transgendered there are other explanations that are given in here just increased urbanization and we're going to get to that a little bit because that comes a little later in the article there's a lot of cultural things that have shifted that have made a difference in church attendance in the south but I think it's important to ask us why this is happening because I think what's actually going on here with Millennials and with the population as a whole is the exact opposite of what they're suggesting you see I think what's going on here is that many churches have tried to adjust have tried to be more accepting of people that are trans or homosexual have tried to be more open when it comes to things like where when you come to church trying to be more accommodating in that sense being much less traditional than they have been in the past things like lights and not just instrumental music because that's been around for you know a few hundred years now not just instrumental music specifically but instrumental music that's more like popular music whether you're talking about rock pop country whatever it is incorporating a lot less traditional aspects of worship and trying to draw people in with sort of the dog and pony show of worship and people are you know coming to that to a degree but they're not staying and that's the difference I think what has happened is a lot of churches have sacrificed the truth of God's Word and have done so in favor of a lights and spectacle show and people are starting to figure out that it's empty people are looking at it and seeing what's there and yes they are distracted by the shiny object for a while but not unlike the parable of the seeds they don't have a lot of root they don't have anywhere to dig into that soil and have the Word of God nourished them because all they're getting is rock concert well if you want a rock concert go see Styx go see REO Speedwagon go see the Eagles well you know what's left of the Eagles go see the stones if you want to be entertained we are freaking flooded with entertainment I mean you just look at society in the way that it is right now for the price of a smart TV which you can get a decent size nice smart TV for three four hundred dollars I mean that's a top-of-the-line one it's not going to be quite 80 inches like we've got now but you know if you want a nice forty to forty five inch Smart TV you can get one for 300-400 dollars especially if you're gonna go shopping on Black Friday and then you get like a Netflix subscription a Disney Plus subscription and Hulu's subscription you will have more entertainment than you could ever possibly watch in your life spanning all genres that's the world that we live in now we are saturated to death with entertainment Church cannot draw people in using entertainment the way that it used to I think that they can to a degree and I think they can bring in new followers but I think that turnover rates going to be very high because eventually people are going to figure out that there's nothing deep there there's nothing that's going to nourish them spiritually and if they're just going there to be entertained they can do that on their couch watching Netflix I mean that's a possibility well maybe noght not so much watching Netflix anymore guess let's be honest quality's gone down a little bit but you know Disney Plus or whatever streaming service that they want there is no shortage of entertainment and when the churches decided we've got to get people in we got to get our numbers up what are we going to do they opted to go for more entertainment things that draw people in but they don't stay that's the reason people are seeing it is less important the reason people are only going and maybe once a month maybe once every other month that's why that's happening the churches aren't offering what people need right now and especially when it comes to Millennials and I talk to a lot of Millennials I get that this is mostly anecdotal evidence but there is some data that backs this up that I just showed you the biggest problem that I've been able to talk to when it comes to Millennials and I've spoken to a lot of them I work with a lot of them the biggest problem is everything is empty and meaningless they feel like they're not making a difference they feel as though that their religious experiences aren't making a difference and they want to have something in this world that means something they are dying starving for something that is real and true because they've lived in a sea of ambiguity their entire life that has been telling them over and over again oh it's all relative it doesn't matter there is no right or wrong a human can't live that way for very long and if you want to know why we have things like suicides homicides the reason that Millennials are are starving for this thing is we have a dearth of meaning and purpose and if you want to get around that stop trying to entertain them to death at church give them something they can actually use they need spiritual food just like everybody else you're starving them from that to further illustrate my point I'm gonna go ahead and look at this this desk next segment exceptions to decline while mainline Protestant denominations such as United Methodists Presbyterians and Episcopalians have suffered drastic losses in membership by the way the ones that are more friendly to things like homosexuality so they're kind of making my point for me without realizing it a decline in number of millions nationwide over decades and thousands per year in Alabama some segments have shown growth most notably in Alabama is an evangelical mega church the Church of the Highlands founded in 2001 it quickly grew into the largest church in the state it has 18 branches and reported at an average of 48,000 worshipers weekly statewide according to its 2018 annual report this includes 3,600 a week at the new Huntsville West Campus than 2,000 at the new Fulton Dowell campus new branches keep opening meetings on Sunday on Sunday in schools and they grow new grow new campuses that are built some critics of the Church of the Highlands say steal it is stealing sheep from established denominations by offering high-energy worship services there are like Christian rock concerts with uplifting lifestyle sermons delivered by a charismatic pastor who caters to youth others say it's providing a road map for future faiths and this is a quote from a young lady I love it because as an introvert I don't have to make lots of small talk with people if I don't want to said Laura Harrison 28 who worships at the mchale a branch of the Church of the Highlands I've attended small churches before and always felt kind of like we were forced to socialize at Church of the Highlands I don't have to worry about that at the time you can join at the same time you can join small groups to meet people in comfortable settings with the handful of people all right so this is dangerous territory for me so I'm just gonna give a little disclaimer here I know some very good people from church of the Highlands I don't know a whole lot about them but I'm thinking of two people in particular and I'm not going to name them because I don't want them to get the wrong idea here but one of them is been affiliated with the show for a long time he's been a guest on my program really good guy somebody that I have a lot of respect for and I have a lot of respect for his faith and the other one I don't know as much about his faith but suffice it to say if I said his name you would recognize it because he's kind of a minor local celebrity and he's somebody that is affiliated with the radio station and I'll just leave it at that good folks I like both of them a lot I have a lot of respect for them but the reason that stigma that it's talking about with the high energy worship and the dynamic pastor is there's because from what I've heard and granted this is coming from an outsider I do not know that much about the Church of the Highlands I'm just going off of what other people have told me so please take this with a grain of salt and don't accuse me of making judgments on a church that I have not been to and research myself I'm just saying this based on their perception from the outside as an outsider looking in that seems to be all the Church of the Highlands is could be wrong about that and I'd be fine with being proven wrong about that if that's the case that it does seem like a dog and pony show and I think a lot of it has to do with even though some of the things that they're doing may not be strictly prohibited by the gospel it certainly seems to be the shiny object that is drawing people in but not giving them some kind of spiritual food to get them to stay there and I've known multiple people not multiple people that have tried it out for a little while and then quickly fallen away because they saw that it was empty it's a really shiny really nice empty glass again never been to church of the highlands don't know if their lessons are actually good or not don't know what they're preaching don't know a lot about their doctrine I'm just telling you the perception of somebody from the outside that is looking in but there are churches of Christ that have the same thing that this young lady was describing in her description of Church of the Highlands that they are so large that you can slip in and out completely unnoticed if you really want to actually there have been people that can do that when it comes to my own home congregation of dal-rae de now we make it a point to try to say something to visitors or is somebody that we don't know but when you're in a congregation of 400 and yes I consider 400 a large congregation when you're in a congregation of 400 since you don't know everybody and you don't know every single person that you're worshiping with occasionally somebody's going to slip in that you don't recognize and you're not sure whether they're new person or they're a person that's been going there for 3 4 5 years and you just never happen to cross paths with them before that's the danger of a large church not saying that it's a bad thing I mean nobody could be expected to know every single person that attends on a regular basis and room that big I'm just saying that it is something that we need to be aware of and make efforts to overcome because that is not description that a church should be given because if your big draw to church of the Highlands or any churches well it's really easy for me to avoid fellowshipping with the Saints if I want to that's really your big draw to the church because keep in mind fellowship is not an optional thing in God's kingdom if you're looking through especially the epistles but you also look through the Gospels fellowship is something that is supposed to be an integral part of the spiritual experience it is an integral part of being a citizen in God's kingdom and if you are specifically choosing a church because you believe it is easier to forego that vehicle command that's a you problem I'm not even blaming Church of the highlands for that I'm saying that is a spiritual problem within yourself if you have no desire to fellowship with other Christians that is a spiritual sickness and you don't really understand what the kingdom of heaven is supposed to be I'm sorry but and I would say this this young lady if she had said it to me directly that is not what the kingdom of God is meant to be we're supposed to fellowship with one another to bear one another's burdens I mean virtually the entire second half of the book of Ephesians does nothing but go over that that particular subject that's essentially the entirety of that book and to hear somebody say that the main reason that I like this church is because it's really easy to slip in and out and I can avoid fellowship if I want to if someone had said that about my church I'd be devastated did that was the reason that they liked my church and what I've really found interesting about this is that studies have actually shown the exact opposite for most Millennials now I understand that this particular millennial miss Harrison and that she seems to think this is the the thing that she likes about church to the highlands and I think she's being honest I have no reason to believe that she isn't but my point in all of this is this is an atypical thing for Millennials if you look at this study that was done by Barna Group if you look at this study real quick so this was a survey done specifically of Millennials and it was choose the the image that feels most like what the church ought to be in the world and an overwhelming majority almost half said that it was a Bible study it's an in-house Bible study with a few people but the point is it emphasizes both community and it emphasizes the scholarship of the church now the other images I think you know they do showcase something that a church should be obviously the hospital that's the the aspect of the church people that are ill coming to get better through the church the watering of the flower that's in that that's actually a biblical metaphor where it talks about the church watering the flower of the seed of the gospel that's been planted working out sort of keeping yourself spiritually and mentally sharp I understand that that could be something that is an apt metaphor for the church but the one that primarily most Millennials wanted to identify with was that image that you're seeing right there of a Bible study which gives me hope personally I mean you're looking at it they're saying well it churches a place where people ought to get together and study God's Word and increase in their fellowship well yeah that's exactly what the church is supposed to be that's arguably the most complete idea of what the church is supposed to be the body of Christ the family of believers that worship Jesus and seek to learn more about him and to make themselves more like him through fellowship with one another well yeah I mean that's that's a pretty good summary of what church is supposed to be like I wouldn't say that it's all inclusive or exhaustive but it certainly you're going down the same the right track but that shows that that's the exact opposite of what is usually the case when it comes to Millennials see what they're really wanting is that sense of community and belonging and that's something that's true of a lot of Millennials we really want that sense of community we really want that sense of connectedness to other people and a lot of that goes back to exactly what I was talking about a few minutes ago we have a strong hunger a strong desire for that sense of community and we have that because we need a sense of purpose we're constantly being told and have our entire lives that we're just floating around here that we're just a sack of meat floating on a rock through space that there's no purpose to it all that once it's over it's over and done and there's nothing else I mean that's what we've been constantly told that your decisions don't matter that there's really no such thing as right and wrong the only thing that gets rid of that is studying God's Word and what reinforces that is the fellowship we're able to enjoy with others that gives people a sense of purpose so it's no wonder that in a survey of Millennials that that's the answer that they came up with so this is the next part of this life for many revolved around and it is talking about life in Alabama life for many revolved around homecomings dinners on the grounds baptisms weddings funerals revivals hymn-singing and choir practice people wanted a preacher to baptize them marry them and bury them church was an essential part of their lives from the cradle to the grave small rural towns across the state typically had either a Baptist Church a Methodist Church or both I don't think there's a question that Alabama is probably less religious than it was 80 years ago Atkins said there are probably a lot of reasons urbanization has hurt but there are mega churches in the cities now on the evangelical side mega churches such as Church of the Highlands that are very much a part of that dynamic so I wanted to ask you this why does the urbanization play such a large role in this why would organisation in other words the state looking more city than country than it used to why would that contribute to the lack of religion amongst its people ask yourself that question why is that it really does go back to the idea that people in urban environments are less religious and I think a lot of that has to do with they are less dependent on God in an obvious way because obviously if you believe in the scripture everybody's dependent on God every single breath that we take in is a gift from the father but if you're living in a city you don't see him working in your life every single day the way that you do in the country because if you're a farmer living out in rural Alabama and you have to grow everything that you eat or at least most of the things that you eat and the things that you grow or the things that you eat that you didn't grow you bought from selling the things that you did grow you're pretty dependent on God at that point Thomas Jefferson actually made mention of this he said that the occupation that is closest to God is the farmers because it's the one that most depends on him and he goes on to say that as long as we were in agrarian society we'll continue to be a godly society which is a bit of a stretch because there are tons of agrarian societies in the past that weren't really godly societies but so I think Jefferson kind of misses the mark but he's not completely off here you see when it comes to this when you have things like industrialization and you're going to the grocery market as opposed to going and out in the field and growing food yourself you're a lot less dependent on God at least not in that obvious way because when you're out there praying for rain and God answers your prayer and you give thanks to I mean that that does strengthen your reliance on God in a lot of ways that doesn't happen so much in an industrialized society and keep in mind I'm a big si capitalist I'm in favor of industrialization I'm just saying that there are spiritual pitfalls and dangers associated with a urbanization community as people get more and more urbanized and even the suburbs look more and more like cities because I mean let's be honest guys you know that I'm from the Millbrook Prattville area cops world Road looks like he's Boulevard there was a time where you could drive down cops Ford Road and you saw nothing but fields I mean there was barely a freakin streetlight and that's in my lifetime and I'm only 30 and over the span of my living there now you've got virtually everything that you can get a Montgomery you can get on Prattville specifically on cops for group and because of that increased urbanization people are less and less dependent on God they become more secularized they become more commercially motivated they become more of a consumer culture and that really does have a detrimental effect on our spirituality if you look over and over again in the Old Testament what normally happened is that Israel was in trouble they cried out to God God came to their rescue they thanked God and were grateful for his help and know about a decade or two later they start kind of falling off the wagon kind of forgetting why they were the way that they were they start getting prosperous they get very fat and happy and they forget to give the thanks to God and then God has to thump him again I know that that's a vast and gross oversimplification of the Old Testament but let's be honest that's not a terrible characterization of what happened over and over again especially in the time of the major and minor prophets and to a lesser degree earlier in the the Old Testament we're kind of the same way urbanization more conveniences those things happen as a result of people having it easier having more convenient having more convenience at your fingertips tends to make you fatter and happier and not really have to allow and gone all that much give you happiness but not joy and that is the difference and so this urbanization this thinking that hey everything's good why do I need God to help me out that does have some detrimental spiritual side effects so we'll go ahead and I believe we'll just the last segment is coming up we'll just wrap this up and I'll give a little commentary on the conclusion because I think that that may be the part that is most instrumental here so in the conclusion of this article the author writes finding a spiritual home is what people go to find a church Flint said they want to find a community and a place of belonging to he said it's rootless it's a rootless and morphus society where roots had are hard to put down Flint said man that is a difficult sentence people sorry I'm showing my public school education there people move about they're hurt they're lonely they're looking for somebody to love them and to take care of them this is more or less true and we've already talked about it so I'm not going to harp on it but people really are looking for a community a family a home especially when you're talking about Millennials and like I said that's basically the whole thrust of Ephesians four and five for sure and to a certain degree chapter six as well a large portion of chapter six at the very least but here's the thing the reason that this is a problem is because when you're talking about large churches that do mostly lights and lasers and trying to bring people in with the shiny object as opposed to bringing people in with the gospel what you have is sort of a drive-thru mentality and that's never going to be enough that's never going to give you a sense of community and belonging to the body of Christ because it's not designed to that and so what people are looking for is essentially let me just come in and get my my cup of righteousness and get the church to serve me for an hour and then I'm gonna go back home and do my own thing that's not gonna be enough that's exactly what the young lady in the quote that we were reading earlier was for she's like I can just slip in and not have to fellowship with anybody and I can just kind of observe the service be entertained and then I take off well that describes the football game actually that's worse than most football games because if you're walking out of an Auburn game I mean you're mostly just with your little group that you came with and you don't socialize that much but because you do have that common thread of being a fan of one school or another you occasionally get caught up in conversations on your way out or on your way up or whatever that happens to take place you can meet people and socialize with them but the average person just shows up they're entertained they walk out they might do a little small talk here and there but by and large they're just there to see the spectacle and then they walk out church was never designed to be that way if you look at every example that we've been given of the early church do you know how they weathered that kind of persecution do you know how they were willing to stay true to the faith and continue that race until the very end even though there were people literally threatening to kill them and their families if they didn't deny Jesus it's because they were doing the exact opposite of that it's because when they came to church it was a battle meeting they were there to be spiritually fed because they needed it after the kind of week that they had had they were there because they knew that they needed God's strength to feed off of or else they were going to be overwhelmed whole mentality is what allowed the early church to thrive and they couldn't have done it if there was not that sense of community because your church family was your family and in many cases especially in the early church that was because your actual blood family had abandoned you for being a Christian not saying that happened in every instance but it happened in a lot of them and so what we're looking at is we're trying to create this drive-through mentality where you just come through and pick up your order of righteousness and then go about your merry way once you're done that ain't gonna fly that is not going to keep people and I think that's actually far more dangerous because some of the people that thinks that way they're going to ride that Pew all the way to hell and I know that that's harsh but that's the only way to actually describe this that they are going to convince themselves that because they go to church every once in a while that they are fine that person is in far more danger than somebody that doesn't go to church and has the sense that they really need to the person in the first scenario that we talked about they're convinced that they're okay with God the other guy at least has a sense that maybe he's not and if I were the devil trying to tip somebody that's the position I want that person in just slides into Church checks that off the list slides right out and thinks that he's okay that's exactly how I want people to think if I'm trying to keep Souls away from their God the next part of this for modern hide for modernized churches of 2019 there is an emphasis on luring people into worship with trendy music and messages as opposed to scaring them with talk of the devil here's the thing both of those things are trendy yes the spirit of the age in other words the trendy music the light shows the fog machines all of that that does draw people in we've been talking about that a lot but the fire and brimstone preaching of previous generations was just the trend back then and the problem with the statement in this article is creating a false dichotomy like the only options are giant Christian laser lightshow and rock concert or constant fire and brimstone well no there's tons of other options one right many of them wrong but the point is just because something is trendy now and something used to be trendy in the past doesn't mean those are the only two options now there's nothing wrong with an occasional fire and brimstone sermon but if you're looking at the history of churches looking at the history of Christianity in the South in particular there was a time where that was a really popular thing to preach about and it seemed like every sermon was about that well that's not right either that can be just as spiritually damaging we should of course be aware of the devil and of course be aware of sin and of course be aware of temptations and the eternal punishment that awaits us if we're not able to withstand them but that's not the whole of the gospel that's barely scratching the surface and the thing that's hilarious about that is they're trying to talk about one as though it's trendy and one is though that's the default that's just the way it used no that was at rent two you can see that pattern bubble up and then go away after a certain amount of time and so it's really one is is no less gimmicky than the other and this is the next part of that quote practice and ritual and doctrine are not important to Millennials Flint said it's a sense of community of belonging someplace where you're moving from here to there if you're lonely there's no better way to find a sense of community than through a church Church of the highlands emphasizes serve days volunteer efforts to focus on helping the community quote ministry is important to a sense of community Flint said yeah um from what I've seen and granted this is going off of my own experience I get that this is anecdotal evidence so I fully acknowledge that but from what I've seen Millennials are actually far more about ritual and practice than a lot of our older counterparts I know that this seems counter to the narrative that you're often seeing out there but just based on the ones that that I've seen and the ones that I've talked to you they take that very seriously now don't get me wrong Millennials are also really all about some service projects were the most charitable generation and I think for generations when it comes to time and money donated and usually when there's some kind of event going on to help the less fortunate at church we got have we have men come from all different age groups there tends to be an awful lot of Millennials there part of that may be because younger men are stronger and can do more of the stuff that's associated with that but you know part of it may also be that as a general rule Millennials statistically have been shown to be a little bit more about service projects and that's not a bad thing that's actually in my opinion a credit to who we are but the idea that because of that the ritual and the practice doesn't matter that's not what I've seen at all in fact what has astounded me as far as people in my age group goes is they seem to be more worried about that stuff than a lot of the older generation and really if you're looking at it we're a lot more like our great-grandparents then our parents or grandparents are it's that middle generation of Gen Xers and baby boomers that seem to be less focused on that that that's just my opinion and you know feel free to disagree but it seems to me that they're the ones that prefer the more relaxed version of worship because of what I said earlier where Millennials are just absolutely starving some kind of substance something that's real and traditional they tend to be more about ritual and more about those practices there was an article that we covered I think three or four months ago about this interesting trend amongst Catholics where a lot of these really young frankly very attractive young women are going into the the world and trying to go into the training to be nuns and when it comes to tradition and ritual there's nothing more traditional or ritualistic than the Catholics I'm not saying that is a compliment or an insult I'm just saying let's be honest they've got a ritual for everything and so this idea that Millennials are trying to shy away from that I'm sorry I don't see the data to back that up they're basically just making a blanket claim and giving nothing to back that up that's not the impression that I've gotten from the Millennials at least the ones that I've spoken to at all and I've spoken to to them from every scope of life churched unchurched people that grew up in the church versus people that have barely ever seen the inside of a church and you get the same kind of answer that it really is a generational thing and then finally and this is how they wrap it up for Alabama's religious identity to move forward and continue to thrive churches will have to adapt the chain to the changing culture culture is a process said bass the same fruit historian for culture to survive it has to adapt to new traditions there are ways the church can adapt to new cultural traditions and still minister to people sorry but that's a load of horse crap I mean there there's no delicate way to put that the idea that the church just needs to mold itself around the culture that's absurd the reason that churches are failing is because they're holding themselves around that culture the reason that church attendance is plummeting like a rock is because churches have abandoned what made them unique in the first place you see your culture can conform to the church my culture has there are things that I would probably be involved in now I'll take that back there are things I would definitely be involved in that I have no business being involved in if I were following the culture and not the church but there are also cultural things that I have been able to mold around my spiritual life a great example is for those of you that have been watching this program for any amount of time you'll know that I really love videos videogames and movies just one of my things well I really like the ones that are story based and a lot of them have messages that can be applied to spiritual matters there have been multiple occasions where I used a movie or a video game as a reference point in a sermon now what I don't do is I start using the movie and then try to fit Bible verses or spiritual messages around it I always do the opposite I start with a biblical message and then use the movie as a metaphor to illustrate my point and that's the difference you see I use my culture I use the world around me to try to further the gospel Paul does this multiple times you'll notice that when he visits in Mars Hill he doesn't conform to the culture around him conforming to the culture around him would have been to say you see this altar to the unknown God yeah I want to tell you about him and he's a lot like the other gods that you have you know pretty much the same thing and you can believe in those other gods too but I want to tell you about this God and he's my favorite God and I'd really like you to start worshiping him as well ah that ain't what Paul did he said there is one living God you have been worshipping Him you've just been doing so in ignorance and he used their understanding of multiple gods their understanding of paganism to illustrate his point and help them to understand the gospel but he didn't change the gospel he fit the culture around the gospel he didn't do it the other way around and that's what this article is suggesting well if churches want to survive all they have to do is just make themselves a lot more like the culture they need to adapt and adjust know the culture needs to adapt and adjust around the church it's the exact opposite of what you're suggesting the idea that the church is just going to have to do if it wants to survive it's going to have to adjust to the population around it every single thing in the epistle says the exact opposite the churches were instructed to stand fast regardless of what culture they were surrounded in and that is how they would survive look the church has been counterculture for 2,000 years the true church the ones that follows the gospel and obeys it has been counterculture for 2,000 years now and it has survived if it had adjusted to the culture of its time it probably wouldn't have but because it decided to boldly stand against the grain to boldly stand against people that wanted to snuff them out because it stood against what the people at the time we're telling them was right or wrong that's what drew people to it now it may not have done it in massive quantities it may not have done it in giant numbers but the reason the church has survived is because it has an eternal message at its core and that foundation is Jesus Christ and the idea that we just have to adjust our teaching and not teach the gospel that Jesus did because it's just not culturally appropriate anymore that is a death sentence to a church that is going to drag it away from its original purpose and it will cease to be a church maybe it'll survive in the worldly sense and I don't know if it will or not there are an awful lot of denominations of Christianity that no longer exist but that is going to let it survive in the world maybe but spiritually you'll just be in something that's called the church that really isn't you'll be worshiping something but it ain't God and it ain't the Jesus Christ of the Bible just as dangerous if not more so than the church not existing this idea that well if the the church just adjust itself to be what the world wants it to be then that's going to make it better that's hogwash I'm sorry that is a doctrine directly from Satan himself we'll go ahead and take a break and we'll be back in just a minute you and now for a reading from the social justice warrior Bible with pastor Gregory Post welcome in I'm Gregory Post head pastor at the eternal Living Word trains denominational Community Church and coffee house in Novato California now it's time for a reading from the SJW Bible today's reading will come from Leviticus chapter 10 verses 1 through 10 now nade a band a by who the sons of Aaron took their respect to fire pans and after putting the fire in them placed incense on it and offered strange fire before the Lord which he had not commanded them and the fire came out of the presence of the Lord which created a wicked cool light show for them to see and totally got everyone feeling the spirits presence then Moses said to Aaron it is what the Lord spoke saying even though I didn't command you to use this strange fire I totally understand your need to express yourselves in worship and keep yourselves entertained so Aaron therefore danced and yelled with joy knowing that his sons were having a good time at worship Moses called out to Mishael and as a fan and the son of Aaron's uncle Isaiah and said to them come forward carry your relatives away in front of the sanctuary outside of the camp for they have fainted from being overwhelmed by the power of God's coolness so they came forward and carried them still in their tunics outside the camp as Moses had said then Moses said to Aaron and his sons Eleazar and Ithamar do not uncover your heads nor tear your clothes because God wants us to always be happy and as long as we're happy he's happy therefore if worship doesn't give you an overwhelming sense of euphoria you need to find another congregation preferably one with a more dynamic pastor and band so they did according to the word of Moses and the Lord spoke to Aaron saying do not drink wine or strong drink neither you nor your sons with you when you come into the sanctuary so that you will be able to drink more once you arrive it is a perpetual statute throughout your generations and so as to make a distinction between the holy and the profane between the unclean and the clean because when worship stops being fun or feels judgy then it becomes profane and unclean Wow so inspiring this has been a reading from the SJW Bible and remember the only truth that matters is your truth and welcome back everybody thank you so much for being with us now I did have a couple of big local crime stories that I wanted to go over because I know we're quickly running out of time but these are important and very very much breaking so I wanted to go ahead and let you know what's going on with those first of all this afternoon there were remains found on exit 22 which is the shorter exit right there around where victory lane is and on Macon County Road 2 they found remains of somebody and they believe it to be the remains of and Aniyah how do you say that name enniaa Blanchard I think it's Ania anyway she's 19 years old you may remember a while back that she actually went missing and they believed that they did locate her remains today right off of County Road 2 and the Lee County District Attorney said that he believes that it is most likely her remains so they have I don't know exactly what the details are what makes them think that it's her remains but he said that's most likely the case for those who don't know exactly what's going on here here's the backstory she was last seen at a Chevron on South College on October the 23rd which I know exactly which one they're talking about that Chevron it used to go there all the time actually right before my broadcast because I'd have to sit there and wait so long so I'd usually swing by there to get a snack but that's what's going on there and the next day after being spotted on that security camera in that Chevron she was reported missing so I mean this is one that hits incredibly close to home for me I know all the locations that are talking about have been to that Chevron of course most of us have at some point been to that interstate exit if you ever go between Auburn and Montgomery and on October the 25th they found her SUV at an apartment complex right here in the capital city and evidence inside that SUV suggests that there had been foul play at some point so this is one of the reasons that they were so concerned about this and the reason that this story started gaining a lot of of momentum is because it would be one thing if it were something that were suspected of suicide or that she just went missing and it was some kind of you know mental illness or something like that but that's not the case they suspect that there was a kidnapping involved and because of this Abraham Yazeed of Montgomery was arrested in Pensacola a few weeks ago under suspicion of being her kidnapper and then a second man named Antoine squirmy Fisher I don't know why his name squirmy but that's apparently his alias was charged with assisting in the kidnapping transportation and destruction of evidence so these two guys are currently in custody which is good if they did it and we will probably find out more information on the body a little bit later in the week maybe even tomorrow but the Lee County DA has suggested that it is probably the case that these two were the guys that they're pretty certain about that and they're also pretty certain that these are the remains that they found so I don't know how they got that tip I don't know if someone just happened to cross it but either way they they believe that they have found the remains which is really sad into that story I know that they were hoping to find her alive but it doesn't seem that that's going to be the case and then we have another local story the shooting of Sheriff Big John Williams of Lowndes County he was shot and killed at aqv gas station in Havel hainan Ville Saturday night about 8:00 p.m. so after a four hour manhunt the suspected shooter which I mean he's confessing so we can pretty realistically say that he's most likely the shooter William chase Johnson 18 turns himself in at the same gas station so actually goes from the gas station and then they find the guy and then he returns the gas station they don't really know exactly how all that took place or where that he went but that's all going to be under investigation the really strange part about this is this eighteen year old that shot the sheriff he is the son of one of sheriff Williams deputies it's really strange and we're not real clear on motive yet I guess we'll probably find that out in the next few days but sheriff Williams is somebody that I didn't know about him or was not aware of him before this story broke but I am really fascinated by this because he seems like the kind of guy that everybody liked and was well loved by his community this is a statement from sergeant Stephen Jarrett who works for the for Borrelia so he doesn't work directly under or didn't work directly under sheriff Williams but he knew him he says it's always hard to see a fellow law-enforcement officer lose his life especially in this manner just something so silly but Big John Williams was known by people all through the state and probably neighboring states he was just a great guy he worked 24/7 he was always willing to help the citizens here loved him it just couldn't have happened to a nicer person or a better law enforcement officer and that seems to be pretty along the same lines as everybody else and what they've said about him he was a marine well loved by his colleagues people in his community praised him he won his elections by a wide margin and this is another statement that was put out by the Attorney General's Office Steve Marshall it says quote tonight Alabama mourns the loss of another law enforcement officer in the line of duty lambs County Sheriff big john williams died from gunfire while responding to an incident in Hainan ville sheriff Williams devoted his life to law enforcement he gave more than 40 years to Public Safety in his home county serving the last 19 years as Lowndes County Sheriff his dedication and experience are irreplaceable sheriff Williams was the fifth line of duty off death of an Alabama law enforcement officer to gun fire this year and the sixth to lose his life overall in the last 11 months serving the public in this role of a peace officer is a difficult calling fraught with peril yet thankfully many Alabama men and women choose to answer the call oftentimes putting their own lives in danger to protect us it simply cannot be said enough that we owe these heroes our gratitude and our support I know all of Alabama all Alabamians join me in passing along our condolences and prayers to sheriff Williams family in the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office you know I think that around this time of Thanksgiving it's really really important for us to be thankful not only for our material blessings but also the people in our lives and sometimes people we may not even know people like sheriff Williams that protect us on a daily basis from dangers that we're not even sure how they're protecting us now obviously in some ways if we call a police officer and they come and help us out of a situation where we're in danger it's obvious them but whether it's our virtual responders as police officers firefighters paramedics they all are willing to give up time with their families time with their loved ones to help us out on Thanksgiving and I am incredibly grateful for all of them in many of their cases their services heroic and self-sacrificing and I am grateful for them and when it comes to Thanksgiving it makes me think of one other thing you see a couple years ago I lost my great-grandmother literally just a few days before Thanksgiving I want to say it was no more than about two weeks but I don't remember what day Thanksgiving was on that year but remember that that year it was incredibly difficult on me and my family because she had been the matriarch of our our family for I mean decades at that point was just so instrumental to my family meant so much to us it was really hard that first Thanksgiving and that first Christmas after she passed especially because it was also fresh on her mind and also because every year we had gone over to her house for those events to celebrate she was always the one that hosted it the woman had about 30 grandkids and she bought Christmas presents for every single one of them she didn't have a lot but she was a person that was very generous with what she had and losing her around that time was incredibly difficult and what I'm thinking about now is the Blanchard family who recently lost the 19 year-old daughter and they're gonna have to go through this holiday season without her that is not going to be an easy thing in the family of Big John Williams having to go throughout their Thanksgiving holiday in their Christmas holiday without a father without somebody who I'm guessing was either the patriarch of the family or somebody that was very instrumental in the family you see at this time where we're all celebrating and being thankful for things it's a hundred percent appropriate to be grateful for the meal that we've been given it's grateful to it's time to be grateful for the things that we have but be grateful for the people in your life because they're not going to be there forever and there will be a Thanksgiving giving that will come for most of us one after this if we don't pass from this world before then for most of us there's going to be a Thanksgiving that's coming up that's going to be a little harder to be thankful and a little more difficult to really be in the spirit of Christmas because those people aren't with us anymore so let's be grateful for the time that we have with them I know it's one thing that I intend to be grateful for this holiday season with that being said let's let's go ahead and move on let's go to the daily dose of stupid missed it up you're stupid and today's daily dose of stupid I know with the segment we just had it doesn't make a doesn't seem to make a whole lot of difference and that's fine but a lot of you know that I'm a football fan and this next story is all about football not Auburn football which you may be sitting there thinking well caleb doing a story that's not on Auburn football why does it matter to him well this actually is pretty good the harvard-yale game was that delayed when hundreds of climate protesters took the field to protest Harvard and Yale being quote complacent in the oil and natural gas and the climate change catastrophe so here's a quote and a Twitter post containing a picture of the group that did this protest that they're called divestment Harvard so you'll see they're breaking over 150 Yale and Harvard students alumni faculty stormed the field at Harvard Yale to demand divestment from fossil fuels and to cancel holdings in Puerto Rican debt I don't know what Ford Rican debt has to do with it but whatever when it comes to the status quo nobody wins so they wound up keeping this thing delayed for a while before they were able to move everybody from the field and continue on in the game just from a political standpoint even if you are a hundred percent onboard with the climate change thing you believe that it's real you believe that it's pressing you're like a OC and think we only have 12 years before the earth is a giant fireball and there's nothing we can do about it even if you're a hundred percent onboard with that idea what makes no sense is doing this and here's why if you are trying to curry people to your cause and to get them to take climate change more seriously interrupting a football game specifically one that they paid for if you're talking about the fans and the stands there is one of the dumbest things that you can do it's exactly the same thing as when people like this block roadways you remember back when the black lives matter thing was huge a lot of it was a very popular thing to block roadways that's one of the dumbest things you can do because now they don't care about your cause and they think you're a jerk like there's nothing that you could do doing grace to make people less likely to be ingratiating to your cause than to tick them off while you're doing it for example if we were to reverse this you guys know how pro-life I am it would make no sense for me to protest abortion by doing so at a Broadway musical and interrupting it because there are people there that have paid for the show they're not there to see that all that's going to do is make me look like a jerk and when you're doing it at a Broadway musical let's say it was a Broadway musical that featured a lesbian couple and was about how evil Christianity is like I'm not gonna win any friends at that thing and specifically because it's a crowd that is less likely to have a favorable view of my cause and I would say that that's probably true at most football games or sporting events in general when it comes to the climate change thing not all but you know a majority if I tried to do that at said Broadway musical those people already probably don't like my cause all that's gonna do is make them like my cause less so even if you agree with the climate change thing this was a politically very stupid move to do now here's what I would suggest happens first of all it mentioned in that post and I have no reason to believe that they're lying about that that there was faculty involved in that protest anybody that is a faculty of either school that was doing that protest automatically fired no regard whatsoever for tenure no regard whatsoever your office cleaned out and don't let the door hit you on the way out when it comes to this particular protest not only are you breaking several laws which is grounds for termination pretty much no matter where you are but you're also interrupting an actual school function now y'all know I'm about as Pro free speech as anybody you will ever meet and if these same people have been doing exactly the same thing outside the stadium not disturbing the ballgame itself I don't think there's a thing you can do they have a right to protest that's what they have a right to do but you don't have a right to interrupt a football game to be the stage for your protest see that's the difference this is state property that has been reserved at a specific time for a specific event and there are people that have shown up and paid good money to be at that event and you're also having to worry about the TV contracts with the school and so anybody that works for this school that is involved in this protest they ought to be gone and I would say that regardless of what university it is I would also say it regardless of what the event is if it were a pro-life demonstration sorry you're gone you don't have a right to interrupt a football game or a baseball game or any other school event I would say it if it were a play or something you don't have a right to interrupt an actual school function with a protest that's completely beyond the pale and all of the students that were involved in this I would expel them immediately you can't just interrupt a school event and expect to not have repercussions for that but here's the thing is this entirely their fault because ultimately you know where I stand on this the decisions that we make and the consequences are ultimately ours they made a conscious decision to do this when they should have had enough common sense to realize it was not only a bad idea but it was also illegal and against school policy but why is it that they felt as though they could get away with this without any repercussions why is it that they believed that this was an acceptable form of protest I think that Harvard and Yale have been complicit in this I mean they had faculty going with them you see so many of the universities are so entrenched in leftist culture that they believe that stuff like that as long as it's for the cause is going to be okay and I don't know if Harvard or Yale has responded to this and with firing the faculty or any of that but for whatever reason these 150 people felt as though they were going to be okay doing this which is the reason they did it Harvard and Yale has cultivated a culture in their universities that leftism is welcomed with open arms at all expense I mean you look at the trench in your bathroom things you look at they're now having trans students live in dorms that are not there correct sexes I'm there they're rolling over backwards there's are they're bending over backwards and rolling over for every leftist college why would these leftist believe that this event was going to be any different at a certain point you almost can't blame them for thinking that this would be alright not saying that they should have done it or they shouldn't be able to count before it I'm just saying that at some point the culture that surrounds Harvard and Yale at least plays a part in it and is a factor and if Harvard and Yale doesn't make a very clear statement that this kind of behavior is not going to be tolerated you can't blame them when this becomes a regular event and I don't know that it will but I'm just saying if they just give everybody a slap on the wrist or do nothing at all then they're going to have stuff like this happening on a regular basis at every football game and they'll have only themselves to blame for it but I'll tell you this if I were a wealthy Harvard donor if I were a wealthy alumni and I have my fancy box seats that I have because I'm such a big donor to the school and I go to watch this game and it's being interrupted I'll tell you right now I think about taking my money somewhere else to a more worthy cause that isn't putting stuff like this up because ultimately I do believe that Harvard and Yale do bear some responsibility in allowing these people to think that this was going to be all right this was going to be acceptable behavior because obviously the faculty didn't even think that this was going to be a bad idea for them let's go to the chaplains report in 1775 the Continental Congress created the chaplain Corps under the command of General George Washington each soldier was required to attend worship service every Sunday while other armies advanced on their feet Washington's troops advanced on their knees it's time for the chaplains report with Caleb Colquitt on tactics the chaplains report today comes from the book of Isaiah but before we get into the actual scripture I wanted to give kind of a background on this to help you understand some of the terminology I'm going to use you see Israel was a covenant nation and to understand what that means you have to really study and go all the way back to Israel at its inception if you look at Exodus 19 and this is repeated over and over again in the Torah it's repeated over and over again in the writings of the major and minor prophets David alludes to it several times Israel is a nation that had a covenant with God and that covenant came about in Exodus 19 when Moses and God were communicating with each other on Sinai and before he gave Moses the law he said if you will follow my commands and if you will follow my laws I will be your God you will be my people if you keep my laws I will keep you and that includes a range of things including blessings from a material standpoint blessings from a spiritual standpoint being a peculiar people that is set aside from the rest of the world that gets special treatment from God as a result of that and that was all done of course we know with hindsight to create the environment that was ready for the coming Christ but even without all that knowledge is real understood that they had a covenant with God and that they needed to keep that covenant because here's the thing if you've looked throughout the biblical narrative from beginning to end there is something that is consistent about God all the way through and that is he never breaks a covenant however if you break the covenant he is also not going to keep his into the bargain to my knowledge and maybe somebody that is more biblically a stupe than I am can point this out but I don't think they can is there ever an instance in the Bible where God makes a covenant with someone and then they break that covenant God's like I'm gonna do whatever I promised for him anyway no every single time there is retribution that comes from a breach of God's covenant and Israel was certainly no different and that's really where our story starts here today so let's look at the Book of Isaiah 24 verses 3 through 6 the heirs will be completely laid waste and completely despoiled for the Lord has spoken this word the earth mourns and withers the world fades and withers the exalted of the people of the earth shall fade away the earth is also polluted by its inhabitants for they transgressed laws violated statutes broke the everlasting covenant therefore a curse devours the earth and those who live in it are held guilty therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned and few men are left now that's pretty strong language to the point that I don't know that you can get a lot more extreme than the earth is going to be laid waste and they're going to be very few people left and what's the context of what Isaiah is talking about he's saying Israel this is you and you brought this on yourself because you broke God's covenant that's what he's saying he's saying because you just you refused to keep God's covenant to keep your end of the bargain with God your land is going to be laid waste everything is going to be desolate and the what he's describing their poverty war famine earth that part where he's talking about how the maid is going to be like the the master and the servants are all going to be the same what he's talking about is extreme poverty there because you'll notice that when people are prospering there are certain people that are doing better than others that you have a society that's somewhat stable when you have extreme poverty everybody's poor everybody is in the same state of misery there's nobody to help you out because there's nobody that's doing better than you to help you out you're all just kind of living at the same base level which is kind of like socialism but we won't get off into that right now that's not really the point of this but when they broke the Covenant the the overall point of that it says that the people even polluted the earth with sin and because they polluted it their covenant they became the pollution themselves and the earth was no longer going to bear it when we make decisions that defy God's natural order we are actively working in rebellion to God and we cannot be surprised when we fall victim to the consequences of our own decisions when we make those decisions we make a constant conscious decision to do evil evil will come back to get us and that's exactly what happened with Israel they had broken their covenant with God and the reason this is important to us today is a because on an individual level all of us that have been buried with Christ in his in his blood that have been with him that have been made a new creature through baptism all of us that have gone through that process have made a covenant with God so on an individual level and this is the reason that we referred to as a a royal priesthood a nation of priests as the church we have made an individual covenant with God and if we break that covenant we are not going to reap the benefits that he promises those who are part of his kingdom but on the broader sense a lot of people don't realize that America is also a covenant nation let's look at Washington's first inaugural address where he says since we ought to be no less persuaded that the pompe des smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal Rules of Order and right which heaven itself has ordained and since the preservation of the sacred fire of Liberty the destiny of the Republican model of government are justly considered as deeply perhaps as finally staked on the experiment entrusted into the hands of the American people now what is Washington doing there and keep in mind this is directly after the prayer that he started his address with where he asked for God's protection so right after Washington prays for God's protection and his blessing he says and you remember America that a nation has an obligation to be thankful to God and to realize that they cannot rise or fall without his blessing that they cannot be a good nation that is entrusted with the sacred fire of Liberty if they are not following his precepts and paying homage to him you see Washington was making a covenant that day he was making a covenant with the Almighty and he says that it's up to the American people to keep it it is up to the American people to see if this freedom thing of not having a king not having some kind of mob rule over you that man living by his self and living worshiping his God the way that he sees fit and not having the government mandate that to you that American experiment as he calls it it's up to us to preserve it it's up to us to see that through and if we don't keep our into the Covenant we will lose it I realize that Washington's not Moses and I realize it's not nearly as official because it's not in the Bible but I believe that covenant still stands today that that agreement is still here because it's the natural order of things that if we fall into debauchery and disarray just like Israel did then we will lose God's favor just as his real did and so its instrumental that we keep the promise that Washington made with God because if we don't we will visit his wrath upon us and it's proof of this pure notice that our darkest hours were always at times where we weren't obeying God think about this every dark hour we've had in American history always happened as a result of a time where we weren't worshipping gods we were supposed to were doing something in contradiction to his will perfect example when the country founded we were doing very well and part of the reason was we were working towards ending slavery and then about 30 years after that we started working in the opposite direction and the civil war which is arguably one of the darkest times in our history was a result of refusing to let go of slavery venya fast-forward one of the darkest hours that we had was in World War one which happens directly after we tried to embrace socialism we did something pretty similar in the lead up to World War two and the exact same thing happened we embrace nationalism and that came back to bite us you see all the periods of great upheaval and America have come directly as a result of us refusing to do what God asked us to do and I don't think that's a coincidence let's always always remember the Covenant that George Washington made with God and here's the the main thing that you should take away from this this isn't something that can be won with elections or legislation it doesn't matter how many laws we pass it doesn't matter how many Supreme Court justices we get appointed or how many elections or elections that we win for president or Senate or at the local level doesn't matter none of that is going to be something that turns us back to God now maybe turning back to God will result in some of those things but ultimately we can't confuse the cause and effect if we want to have a good prosperous nation the only way we can do that is to honor God and to keep his commands horse runs tactics is a production of News Radio 1440 and cumulus media Montgomery any opinions expressed on this program or those of the host and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of cumulus media the theme song for tactics is six-foot town by big and rich graphics by jessicadawson broadcast studios provided by cumulus media Montgomery location studios provided by the del rated Church of Christ copyright 2019