Ethiopian Israelis and Systematic Discrimination

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Israel braced for a third day of intense protests over the police killing of 19-year-old Ethiopian-Israeli Solomon Tekah, but protests seemed to take on a milder tone than the previous day as leaders urged calm and restraint.
Appealing directly to the Ethiopian-Israeli community President Reuven Rivlin implored: “We must stop and think together how to continue from here. This is not a civil war.”
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that while the teen’s death was a tragedy, protest leaders must use their influence to “help stop this violence.”

136 protesters were arrested on Tuesday in clashes with police that injured at least 111 police officers as some demonstrators burned cars and tires and even vandalized civilian vehicles that tried to drive through the impromptu blockades.
Videos posted on social media showed violent scenes, including protesters jumping on cars and police officers forcefully apprehending protesters.
Protests are planned throughout the country Wednesday evening as Israelis have joined the Ethiopian emigrant community to show their support with high-profile Israelis turning their social media profile pictures red to express solidarity.
After the violence on Tuesday, Israeli police issued a statement declaring they would begin to respond to all violent protests and illegal demonstrations. 

Former prime minister Ehud Barak on Wednesday visited the family of Tekah in Kiryat Ata, where clashes were especially heated, offering his condolences as he gears up to return to politics in the September election with his soon-to-be new party.
The victim’s father also urged restraint from both demonstrators and police, vowing to prevent another death.
“I want to thank all the people of Israel for supporting us, I ask the demonstrators not to act violently, and I call on the police to act with restraint and patience, and my son can no longer be returned, but we want a fair trial and a fair system of law. Another child will not be killed, “said David Tekah.

violent protests across Israel this week surprising many Israelis by their ferocity but not Ethiopian Israelis who move very well that one incident would set the streets on fire the spark came this week when an off-duty policeman shot 18 year old Solomon taka these protests did not start because of Salomon taka it is the result of years of discrimination racism and police brutality it's a painful issue which this community has been dealing with since its first members arrived to Israel in the mid eighties the Israeli establishment created this discrimination from the beginning deliberately look at where the Ethiopian immigrants were sent to live what schools they were saying – it is all because of our skin color ethiopian israelis have taken to the streets before most notably in 1996 when it was discovered that blood donations from it european jews were not being used by mother israel's national emergency service but were being thrown away but none of the previous protests were violent as those this week we had enough it's unforgivable that an 18 year old boy sits down with his friends in the park and a policeman who wasn't even on duty shoots him to death politicians from across the spectrum were quick to embrace Tucker's family this week including the minister in charge of police I came here to express sorrow and pain on my behalf and on behalf of the entire Israeli police for the death of Solomon moto Seussville Amon is equal to alpha but if they're hoping for any sympathy from the protesters they should think again we're not buying this they came to console because we are just ahead of Elections so now the demonstrations have stopped following a request of Salomon Tucker's family but is Raj Ethiopian community has some clear demands as to what should happen next we want to open this case and all other cases and make sure that all the murder policemen will pay the price and if that doesn't happen the images from the past week could easily return