Evil Twin and Prairie Double Barrel Bible Belt #607

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hey welcome back to no hi beer reviews very excited for today's beer I know I said that old time but I really really am excited for this one I didn't know this beer even existed and then I was at the beer store today I was like so huh yeah freeze bring that so it is evil twin who collaborated with Prairie and it's their double-barrel Bible Belt I haven't had Bible Belt in a while but it's delicious um it's the evil twin even more Jesus which I love and then they brew it with the adjuncts of prairies bomb and you know prairie has done this with our breweries as well where they use that spice blend as part of like a collab and I don't know I only did what was it called true bomb like with Trillium I know they've done a few others so it's a pill style aged on coffee vanilla chili peppers and cacao nibs it's aged in bourbon barrels so in fact this has double barrel and it says agent bourbon barrels I'm assuming both barrels are bourbon just made by people who truly care fourteen percent ABV I thank you more Jesus's wealth percent so I remember what Bible Belt somewhere that 10 to 12 range I don't know what Bible Belt the regular is and this is a hair higher from the barrels and yeah so I'm really excited for like I said even though this like came out or was a thing and it was just sitting on the shelf and I feel pretty lucky that those people didn't just grab a bottle of it my wallet didn't feel so lucky it was $25 for the bottle so pretty expensive but for what you're getting like I mean it was gonna be good Isis this looks like no part of this glass that looks clean on camera or in person there we go yeah let's just focus on that part that's what the beer looks like I'm not surprising given ABV it is pretty darn dark I do see some Brown in there though so it's actually not as like motor oil as I thought it would be but it is pretty darn dark half finger ahead a nice like mocha I use a French press when I made coffee at home and kind of has like that color after I got I pushed the thing down and it creates bubbles like a frothy kind of a thing yeah looks delicious let's give the aroma I get the coffee of vanilla and then you do get the barrel afterwards some chocolate in there I don't get the pepper yet the beer is coming out of my beer fridge so it's at 55 degrees just FYI see there I'm getting more chocolate almost like brownie topless kind of milk chocolate with a little darker in the aroma there's that coffee again yeah it smells good it smells I would have thought being dull barreled it would have had an even bigger bourbon present presence yeah I mean it smells except for the Chili Peppers I get every adjunct including the barrel I get something like stout roastiness and my chocolate again from the stout portion but also the cacao nib so yeah smells as advertised – a chili it's going to taste Cheers it's pretty good all right yeah so the reason I took a second gulp sip whatever phone call it before I start talking about the taste I wanted to see if that pepper spice heat was going to kind of compound on my palate searching the back of my throat play idea that seconds if you do get some more of that pepper so you do get that so that are overly pepper it's it's not burning it's not distracting it's not taking away from other flavors it's not ranking my palate nothing like that but it has how I like it where's just some nice warmth in the back of my throat and yeah quite pleasant actually for that it's pretty creamy I get a good amount of like that oak drying tannin kind of thing and that kind of thing that exact thing a lot of chocolate in this that coffee comes through but then it works the chocolate actually unlike the aroma where I got more milk chocolate more dark chocolate and taste but there's level of sweetness where you have almost disliked effect it's dark chocolate chocolate ice cream that is as lactose or anything and it which is kind of like specifically to that taste of that kind of a chocolate the vanilla works with that is well they might be part of the reason why it kind of comes across that way I can remind me of ice cream just another popular flavor brown if you notice is vanilla ice cream but yet if the nose nice but that's in there definitely overpowering I it's pretty in an odd way it's balanced in terms of how all these adjuncts and again including the barrel being double-barreled I kind of thought this would be like really boozy really a lot of bourbon um and I'm just kidding maybe more wood than I typically begin a beer like this but nothing is really dominating or sticking out and if it is it's not by much yeah it's good I tell you what for $25 I've had better from evil twin you know $25 barrel-aged beers but this is good this is good don't get me wrong but it's inevitably some will probably like is it worth $25 which I hate those kinds of questions out of people's financial situations sometimes I feel like I know my own financial situations but if you love evil 20 love stouts you love like these kind of things you want to treat yourself to or $25 bottle of something special in that vein sure but yeah like I said I've had better even from them with barrel-aging stouts still good beer I'm still enjoying I'm so looking forward to drinking the rest of it and I'm almost wondering if part of this again I want something lack of excitement or whatever but um is that it is so well-balanced of all these flavors and maybe I do kind of wish it was more like chocolate diamond and I was like masters I drink him you know brownie batter or not a lot more heat in it but um or like you know ton of vanilla again from the vanilla and the barrel and then you know you shouldn't knock the beer for being balanced Peschel it has so many things going on yeah it's just a really nice adjunctive stout and with the double-barrel I kind of thought oh this is gonna be a certain thing it's not that thing that might be part of it as well but yeah good beer definitely well-made I think I kind of explained if I would recommend it or not let me know if you've had em really curious what people think about this beer and again I even though this came out so I don't know if it's under just under my radar on other people's radars but if you've had it and you have thoughts let me know in the comments below for sure I'm super curious about to go read some reviews about it because I didn't they typically don't in look anything up but uh I guess I was appreciate that it doesn't means the world to me Familia is here an untapped no hi beer abuses at both those places so as please like comment subscribe and most importantly and bye cheers everyone