Gold Plated Jews (90 Sec) Rabbi Eliyahu Dworetsky

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The vessels used in the Holy Temple were covered in gold. Their insides were wooden. There was no lack of funding, so why was it done this way? Why not pure solid gold? Rabbi Dworetsky shares a beautiful insight about the gold plated vessels and how they were actually symbolic of each and everyone one of us…

the vast majority of the vessels that were in the temple were made of gold but not solid gold there were only gold-plated they were wood inside and gold outside and now there was plenty of money clearly says that there was plenty of money so if we were trying to make a place for God please for our Shem then why did we make them solid gold only gold-plated the answer is that the calum the vessels that were in the temple were symbolic of each one of us because we are the ones who have to bring his presence to this world and sometimes we think that you know if you really knew what was inside of me I'm trying to do all these good things all these positive deeds but it's not real because I'm not through and through I'm not where I need to be and you feel almost as if it's disingenuous and the message was that that's not true his presence does not only come to people that are solid gold that's rust work but inside we're not perfect but if we do what we're supposed to do we continue to make our actions the way they're supposed to be even though we're only going please that's what brings his present lucky man a chef god those were not perfect he knows were would incite he wants gold-plated shoes