How is 5G Connected to the Mark of the Beast System?

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How is 5G Connected to the Mark of the Beast System?


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hey I want to give you a quick update on some of the things that we're hearing this this year at Mobile World Congress 2019 the theme this year is intelligent connectivity and overwhelmingly what we're hearing the first two days that we've been here is about artificial intelligence now again remember this is the the world convention of the telephone industry but their main theme is artificial intelligence and what we're witnessing is the convergence of five g 5g connectivity and artificial intelligence now if 5g if you're just wondering what is 5 g 5g simply means the G means generation it's the fifth generation of mobile telephone technology and so you know another generation comes out about every 10 years and I you know I was thinking today how much the world has changed since 4G came out can you remember 3G think about this Netflix would not exist today without 4G okay well that is very true uber would not exist today without 4G you know being here in a different country we're off running 3G on our cell phone you can tell the big difference from when we're at home with 4G there is there is a difference but comparable to 5g Wow it's going to be now think about quite different okay so can you remember 2g oh yes can you remember 1g okay so the first generation of mobile phones that's back some of you will remember that's when your mobile phone was the size of your boot oh yeah and you know I you know I never had a I never had a mobile phone a car phone that well baked bricks the risk our phones yes you had a whip antenna on the back of your car yeah and this massive console and and a and a telephone receiver yes you know like a big older rotors with a rotary go all right yes that was you know that's been decades ago that's how far we've come yeah and it's it's it's almost like I can't even remember when you weren't able to stream video to your phone that's almost normal now it's I mean but it wasn't that long ago at all well well you worked for Apple when did when did iPhone come out I mean well the first iPhone you you couldn't you couldn't stream video like I couldn't go on youtube and watch videos because the cell service was because it wasn't good enough to stream video but the iPhone just came out with 2008 2008 right so just 11 years ago what's the point the point I'm making is your life is already different in 4G than it was in 3G right it's radically different than it was in 1g and so we're going to 5g and the jump from 4G to 5g is going to be greater than the jump from one G to 4G right and and it's so exponential now that 5g involves things like virtual reality augmented reality so it's not just the speed that you can download but it's the latency so we're talking about sensors and and content just being streamed in and out of all these IOT devices at a rate that we've never seen before faster than your Wi-Fi at home it's it's intense it's way faster than your Wi-Fi it's it's able to run every device 4k whatever you got in your house everybody at once they'll be able to be online as you'd say and and run without any foot without any issue you will not see a difference you know guys I I could hear people right now watching us and they're saying why is this Christian news organization obsessed with 5g I don't get it that's true you don't forget it this is why we keep repeating it to you it's going to radically transform the world's ID the entire society civilization is going to transform human civilization and we're trying to get the Church of God worldwide to wake up and realize the scope and scale of the transformation that we are looking at right now yeah it's already underway it's happening Nepal you've been here with me for several conventions and the first time there was almost to a euphoria and you know it was like it was like they were giddy 5 G's coming fight you know I'm talking about the executives you know they were they were drinking the kool-aid is off it was help I'm G it was the buzzword right Wow it still is and they had really utopian projections of how fast this thing was gonna roll out this year it's much more it's much more subdued and restrained the the projections the dates the numbers are far more realistic than they were two years ago and even a year ago so what we're hearing now and now they're still shooting for that the date 2030 they're gonna have this thing built out by 2030 I totally done totally done it they're building worldwide a new world you could say yes they are building a new platform for us to exist on but understand the infrastructure will be finished by 2030 yes the infrastructure the transformation of the world will not be finished by 2030 the infrastructure for that transformation will be finished by 2030 now the date that they're shooting out a lot this time is 2025 seven years from now they're talking about 2025 that is a major milestone for them and this is what this is the the notes that I took okay this is what I'm hearing that by by 2025 15 percent of the world of the global mobile telephone connections worldwide only 15% will be 5g by the year 2025 now you might be thinking right now well big deal 15% that's not a big deal we're talking globally that includes Africa India right all right the islands that includes all the remote areas of the world but by 2025 50% of America 50% of the United States of America will be connected to 5g by 2025 30% of Europe 30% of China mr. massacre grin rib who is the director general of the GSMA that's the trade association that sponsors this event he said quote the arrival of 5g forms a major part of the world's move toward an era of intelligent connectivity which alongside developments in IOT that's Internet of Things Big Data and artificial intelligence is poised to be a key driver of economic growth over the coming years what kind of economic growth we're talking about 25 billion Internet of Things connections 25 billion items on the planet there would be 25 billion microchips connected to 5g Internet by the year 2025 and it's a IOT itself will be producing 1.1 trillion dollars worth of revenue a business by 2025 now third world in developing countries are continuing to adopt mobile technology here alright so you've got you've got vast areas of Africa South America Asia Middle East is still people are not using mobile phones 700 million new subscribers over the next seven years one-fourth of that 700 million that's 175 million will be in the country of India alone now that's four G that's four G that's not five – all right so this is what I'm saying it's they're still working at getting the world connected to 4G but by the time we get to the 2030s the whole world will be will be transitioned into 5g and that is when here's another 1.4 billion people will start using mobile Internet over the next seven years think about this 1.4 billion people have yet to log onto the internet on a mobile phone incredible and and it will empower them to do things like having a bank account it's a lot of these areas they don't have they don't have the normal infrastructure that we're used to in the States so their mobile phone gives them the ability to have these things now because because they don't have the internet what they think about what would you just say very poor people in undeveloped country yes who've never had a physical bank account have never been in a city and there's a bank building and a teller will never see it they'll never see what this world is that's what I'm saying they will never see that old world they will have a bank account and their first bank account will be on their phone there they're gonna skip that entire thing we heard from James furryz from Citibank and he said that they're focusing on the 1.7 billion people that don't have a bank account yet and I really wonder if blockchain and implants will have something to do with this because these are people that don't understand technology at all they don't even have a bank account but they're looking at ways to to allow farmers to be able to do transactions quick small transactions but it's not things like you know savings account or loans they just want to be able to buy and sell market that's what they want they want to be they want to grab that section in the world that hasn't been involved in any of this and they can supply that to them without the infrastructure of a bank being built they will never have telephone wires they will never have a cable running into their house they will have a 5g transmitter on their Hut yes everybody's gonna have a 5g transmitter that's no they yeah now that's something that we need to talk about right Mary to think about it really is it and I planned in the coming weeks to to devote time when true news to talk about the potential health hazards or 5g nobody's talking about it in in a serious way right now they don't even bring it up by oh it's never brought up question in as you can for text questions that didn't show up on the screen at all they will not talk about that they barely touch on it they barely touched on I remember three years ago the only time I ever heard about the word radiation at all was from Matz himself and he was saying that this is the stuff that I have to deal with behind the scenes and then he quickly changed the subject but he's talking to world leaders about the concerns but this is stuff that the normal public don't they don't hear about it you know and I would just depends on where you live in I'm assuming most of our audiences in the United States but we're depending on where you live and where you live in the USA you will notice 5g transmitters going up right now right that's right in the state of Florida and they're gonna be putting them on houses they're calling him fixed wireless access so you'll see these little you know you see like dishes on on top of houses to get TV access and even right now if you have poor cellular connectivity you can call your cell company they'll put a little cell booster on your house but now they're gonna be putting in 5g boosters on your home and this is how they're going to have this spread but I mean the amount of radiation that's gonna be constantly penetrating you and your family if you install one of these or your neighbor installs one it's it's serious it passes through drywall like you wouldn't believe hey even if you're saying hey I'm not putting one on my house well I Got News for You your neighbor is but I got some I got some other news for you all right it states in America are already a ruling that that the state right away along roads and streets and highways is is a fertile ground for 5g transmitters so they right away that the state has going through the edge of your yard along the road or the street the states are saying hey we're gonna put we're gonna put 5g transmitters in that right away you can't do anything about it it's gonna be in your front yard they're building the new superhighway if you would and we know if you have land on the superhighway they will buy your land now and you just have to move well this is what they're doing but they're doing it with the house is still there this is how they're gonna cover mass amounts of area you hear 5g it's not just a certain kind of antenna they're saying that it's it's taking all spectrums so if you know anything about radio or television 5g is going to encompass all of the spectrums available so all the metropolitan areas will be covered with really fast dense signals and then they have a new generation of mid and low band technology that will help cover these rural areas that's why television stations and radio stations are starting to go off the air because the owners are being offered the vast sums of money to sell their rights to the bandwidth that they receive from the FCC and and I heard recently in Florida where we live that Florida powered an electric the statewide electricity company is installing 5g transmitters on the telephone poles throughout Florida California where I came from you'll see them put up like fake trees but inside the trees are these towers are these little 5g towers and they put them I don't know 200 yards up from in between the homes in the neighborhoods they're going up right now and you have no say about it it's just happening that's right and on top of that tens of thousands listen why is that tens of thousands of low orbiting satellites will be launched over the next 10 years they're building them right now in Florida Cape Canaveral and these these low orbiting satellites are going to saturate every square inch of the planet with 5g connectivity you cannot get away from this I'm this is what we're trying to get across to the audience you have to deal with this at some point this is a a radical transformation of human society it's not just that we're gonna have super fast internet and you can get your movies faster if that's all you think it is you are totally missing what is happening right now in real time in your life my life I'm telling you it is a it will turn out to be a complete transformation of human society