Hungarian Scouts in Cleveland Ohio

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Joe Gyorky, President of American Hungarian Friends of Scouting in Cleveland Ohio, at the Hungarian Scouting Festival Labor Day weekend 2009. He tells about Hungarian scouting and how it was banned by the communists. He also speaks about the closing of St Emeric Church.

my name is Joe gy├Ârgy I'm the president of the American Hungarian Friends of scouting we're a local nonprofit organization that exists solely for the support of Hungarian scouting in the Cleveland area our Hungarian Scouts breeding is yeomen cot which means wishing you good works good deeds this is our fifth annual 54th annual excuse me Hungarian Scout festival always held on Labor Day weekend Hungarian scouting has been around for over fifty four years in the Cleveland area and our organization itself is approximately 56 years old as you may or may not know Hungarian Scouting or scouting per se was banned in post-war communist Hungary and a number of our parents and grandparents as they emigrated brought the tradition with them and now it's passed from generation to generation and we've been working hard to preserve it and we have hundreds of Hungarian Scouts in attendance today which shows that it's working all our work is done in Hungarian it's immersed in Hungarian culture and traditions and we are loosely affiliated with Boy Scouts of America following their guidelines and traditions as well so we welcome anyone and everyone to come visit us and we normally in attendance of about two and a half thousand today we have a dance troupe that performs today and all year round we have a Hungarian School which holds class during a regular school year and one bit of bad news sad news this year is that we receive word from Bishop Lennon that he's closing our home our our Center which is st. emmerich parish near the West Side Market so our Hungarian school our Hungarian Scout folk ensemble our Hungarian Scout troops are all scrambling now to find a place that we can go home after June 30th of next year it's a very depressing issue for us what we're trying to do our best to overcome it and hopefully with the help of all our friends and supporters will be able to come up with something