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hey guys and welcome to my first ever YouTube video my name is Silvana so for today's video I wasn't really sure what I wanted to film I was hesitant I other one and make like a recipe video or some makeup video or a vlog or something like that but then I realized hey why not talk about that time you accidentally joined a cult I wish I could say that that was quickly but it's not the fact that I actually was part of a cult and I was approximately around this time last year so I think it's a very good time to talk about it especially because I I still remember most of the details sadly I still remember all of it I wish I could forget it but I get um so today's video is gonna be talking about the time I almost joined a cult or no about the time I joined a cult mm-hmm so I wasn't planning originally on telling you guys the name of the organization you know using names of people and stuff but then I was realizing if I were to watch a story time video about someone joining a cult I would want to know all the juicy details I will wanna look things up left and right you guys can literally look it up cult right after and you're gonna be like oh why didn't why did you join after there was websites of stuff I don't know why I did that anyway the cult is named or they don't call it a cult um the cults name is ICOC or International Churches of Christ is a Bible based cult suffer they don't call it occult although the only ever defense I heard of them having was against the term cult was them saying technically anything is a cult that involves numerous people in a group like this okay know that it's not exactly right homegirl know and the fact that that's the women ministry leader who said that that's the leader literally said that the church or the cult leader said that I was like so you don't even have a good argument to back yourself up and be like well we're not a cult because a B and C no we're just like well technically they literally said well technically okay I love their arguments they're really strong um so let's talk about how I got in this mess so it all started with my brother joining this cult he joined the skulls approximately I think February ish of last year so 2018 I joined until July I had almost made it I went off to college in August I had almost made it but I just had to be a little dumb crap huh well Dom Shea who joined the friggin so my brother was in the church and he would always invite me and my mom to go do offense and that being like I think there was like a woman's woman's day or something and there was a ton of you know Sunday service events that we were invited to and we were always like no we're not interested or at least I was more like uh-uh like I understand if this is what you want to do I don't know it was a cult yeah and I still don't want to go so she just said something so I think he finally convinced us to go and we went I think it was for his baptism I all like wanted to go to be supportive because it was his baptism and I was like well I probably should go so I went um and off the bat I noticed that people were very weird like I'm not even just saying that to be messed up the people there were very strange they were overly peppy like overly nice and I don't think there's anything wrong with being I said all but the way that they did it was almost creepy they would talk to even how are you I'm so glad you came here do you want to give us your number that we can set up a Bible study the first thing they asked me was if I wanted to give some strange woman my number and I was like I remember they were like those freaking flies I wouldn't leave you alone they were like those people at the Macy's counters there just won't leave you alone except for those people are actually normal people and not cult leaders but you know anyway so I went to his baptism and that was that and then occasionally I would go to Sunday service because he would want us to go we would just go you know just for the service and that was that and honestly the service I'm not gonna like they're not that bad up until the third one then that crap gets so redundant they have the same jokes they tell every single time they use the same terms every single time every single time without a doubt they always say oh I'm so fired up fired up is like pumped I guess I'm so fired up for God like that it's one of their go-to catchphrases they're literally buzz like you're in you're pressing a button on them to say it over and over again what else there are so many terms I can't even think of right now if I made a videos alone on just the terms they would use this video would be 45 minutes long so I just move along I think it was about July now mm-hmm we fast-forwarded and I don't know what drugs I was on well not any because that's sinful but I don't know what I was thinking and I was like you know what I'll just set up a Bible study so I set up a Bible study in within three days I was getting baptized I did all of those I mean they had to do like I think about eight studies they could be more I could be wrong but I remember the first one was called seeking God not was use just to get to know you I guess do they like it's really weird the way they almost like examine you in a way they set it up so that they ask questions within the study to kind of be very invasive they get information out of you I remember being in a study not my own study but someone else's study while I was away in college and I noticed that the girl I was with leading the study she kept on doing these same questions I don't even remember exactly but there was this one question she would use to get out of them if they had a boyfriend or not because you can't have a boyfriend that's not inside the church they have to be inside the church you can't date anyone outside of the church um and that was her way of kind of getting that out of them and there were so many different questions that they would use to obtain different answers that instead of being so like it's just pure manipulation is what is is like it is completely purely manipulation they quit everything they do in their life that being like jobs or school to just devote themselves 100% to this church if people do study or go to so almost I can tell you about 95% of them study in psychology and that's mostly I mean I can't speak 100% because I'm not the mastermind behind this calls but that is some manipulate people to get them to join this calls how to work or read the feet the human mind is just ridiculous the way they do and I feel like you really have to see in motion to get at how creepy it is so the obligations with this church weren't just like you clocked in on Sunday service and that was about that no you had to go to Sunday service from like what 10 to 12 God forbid you ever miss a Sunday service they will literally knock on your door yes I wish I was exaggerating I don't think I ever miss a service because I wasn't in there that long apart from that I think on yeah Sunday's they would have family time so well you would go over to someone's house after service and just hang out and like pray and you know stuff like that people would literally call you early in the morning to pray with you I got freaking six in the morning you don't have to freaking pray first thing in the morning like I understand if you're really you know religious and stuff but I was an 18 year old girl you really think I wanted to wake up at 6:00 in the morning to pray with some freaking stranger no I didn't apart from Sunday's every other one say that you would have a midweek which is a either a man's or woman's midweek and that alone is just like a mini service but just for the men or the next week will be a mini service just for the woman every Friday you had a debo or what was called a congregational devotion no no it was just called a devotional and it was like another service but this was just for college students but you gotta go every single Friday so you know everyone would hang out with your friends no you didn't do it are from this obviously you couldn't go out you can I'm not saying like you should or anything but you can go out you kind of drink you couldn't cuss you couldn't do anything okay that's like every Friday every Friday Sunday and then Wednesday or every other Wednesday but whenever you were not Church you had to go out and find studies every single week I was I only did this like once no like a few times on campus you had to go out on campus find people to study the Bible with you and to this day I see some of those people I talk to and ask them and I feel so bad because they're they're just so awkward and to them I am known as the weird church girl that tried to freaking take them and make them join my cult that is all I am to them and that's so humiliating that people know me as that like I hate that and I can't believe I was okay with doing that but I did it after I got baptized I was here for a month before I left college and I had to go to the mall and share you have no idea how many people I saw from school who I had to go up to and be like hey do you wanna do you wanna find this I think for a charge and they're like no I was like that's cool why wouldn't either um so many people you had to go up to and people were sometimes very awkward like if this grand I'm crazy girl approaches even it's like how do you want to come to our church I don't blame you if you say no but someone invites you to our house for a barbecue that you don't know that's a little weird that's very weird actually but nonetheless I did it because I was devoted to God and it's just not even like devotion to God it's just devotion to this weird ice-cold like you can be religious you can believe in your things but apparently according to them if you're not in this church and I'm not even saying a Christian Church if you're not in this specific ICOC Church then to them you're going to hell straight up and they think they're so right they think they're the only religion that's gonna be saved but isn't that every religion who thinks that every religion literally thinks they're the only religion that's gonna be saved but according to them they're like this is how you do it brainwash you to the max thinking that what you're doing is so righteous and you're doing this right and it's just crazy how much they can get to a person and if I literally talk about think they would do you would probably never hear the end of this video the females couldn't dress not even remotely provocative like out all you literally out of a friggin cover yourself up completely you can even wear like Shore to head wear like those longer ugly shorts that no one ever likes to wear but you have to wear those you can't go swim and abating so you have to put on them ugly-ass t-shirt and some like long shorts and call it a day you would notice females or some woman wear some ugly-ass little sorry I'm trying to know cuz you would notice them seis wears some ugly little button or hairdo in the next week you would see two other females with that same hairstyle and it's just so weird how how much they try to copy each other what one does the other has to do it's so weird so I talked about how you have to attend every meeting if you don't go they'll literally go to your house knock down not really knock down your door but they'll call they're like it's almost like you're free being stalked by like 30 people or however big that church is the one here in the valley when I refer to Valley I mean like the pump Springs area um I was like 30-something people when I moved to LA the church over there was huge there was like over 100 people who I never remember the names of like more than five because there's just that many um let's talk about the disciple life so every single person in this church was assigned a disciple err and that is who they go to for advice who you go to every single week to confess your sin so apart from the Sunday service the Sunday family time the Wednesday midweek the Friday devotional you had to find time to go and meet with your decipher and talk about what you've been struggling with what have you done that sinful they'll show you passages scriptures do this and this and this and that try to control you if you ever have like a doubt or something I know my friend she she's on the church anymore thank gosh but she was actually one of the only normal people in the church that you like talk to and they're like normal people but I think she had a rolling loud ticket and they literally told her to get rid of it they don't believe in festivals they don't believe in concerts because that's you know very very sinful oh my gosh this lighting I'm so sorry about it this thing the wind just I'm sorry hang in there um like yeah my friend had to get rid of her rolling loud festival ticket you gotta get advice on just about any topic you know get advice from your sisters from people who have been disciples for longer than you that's what you're they're called by the way people in this church they're called disciples like the 12 disciples of God from the Bible 12 disciples of God in a book written so many thousands of years ago people modern-day they're trying to be disciples too they're trying to live their life according to the law they always say at this they always read the same they would always read the same scriptures to you over and over again to you know get to you they would make it seem like whatever they're doing is based off the Bible and they don't interpret it according to them they're just reading it as it is but how do you think it works you obviously read it and you interpret it one way or another so when you say that you don't interpret it it's just according like you take it literally you shouldn't always take everything 100% literally these people are literally idiots I hate to say it but they're so the fact that they give but some people have been in this church for like 10 plus years like 15 I don't know even how many of the years like so some people have been in this charge for so long the fact they have lived their entire life being manipulated by some weird cult leader you can't date anyone outside of the church you can't do this you can't dress the way you want you can't be um you can't do anything that you want to do without consulting someone else and making sure it's okay first and then they'll be like hmm I'll think about it like how wrong does that sound and I can't believe I literally did this for like a month one month of my life but I guess I got a good story time out of it the last thing I'm gonna be talking about if you guys have any questions I will answer them because I there's so much I'm forgetting but you know for now I'm just trying to keep it at a minimum the financial obligations in this church are actually ridiculous I know that you know you give money to a church you know whenever you can I don't know actually if you do I know I haven't gotten many churches but I think you usually do however for this church you would give a a weekly contribution and you know how that had to remain the same every single week if one week you're really broke you have to you have to do it it's like it's for the church you know um keep in mind I didn't work at all I didn't have a job they expected me to get money from where exactly and so how do you give that weekly contribution every single week I had to raise up for conferences money like conference money you got to go to conferences I remember I went to a conference in Anaheim let's just say we we did at the convention center on the same weekend that there was a convention for the freaking Power Rangers that's how much of a joke this church is there was literally a convention of the Power Rangers on the floor above it of Power Rangers people dressed up like Power Rangers and they play fought and we were in the same church or we were in the same convention it was a literally a dumb piece of crap anyway we had to come up with money for the conference's you know it's not cheap that ticket was alone was like two hundred and something dollars I didn't pay it thankfully my brother did but still that's a lot of money I could have bought clothes with that money I could have bought ear pods with that money air pods and a half I got about like two ear pods about money then you had to come up with missions this is where they get you a man so missions I can't remember if there were two times a year or more but I know for sure was at least two times a year they able to come up with a big sum of money and just give it to the church it was to expand the church to create more churches in different cities and these missions according to how much she would earn you would have to give like a certain amount but I didn't work but I would still have to give a few hundred dollars I don't really remember I never did thankfully because I wasn't in there long enough but I haven't I know people in churches who have given like to brand to this church no people will give like a grand they go give like seven hundred eight hundred nine hundred dollars like two or three times a year I don't remember how many times but they give this sum of money without even questioning it to the church because that is how brainwashed they are and that baffles me I can't believe people actually do that that's ridiculous I'm so thing but I was not in there for more than a few weeks because I don't know I stopped out of it real quick when I was in Northridge and I realized I had no life I was like you know what maybe this ain't from me I was in college I realized I doesn't mean I'm gonna go out crazy love the college life but I I knew that's not what I wanted to do that's not the kind of life I wanted to live to be in a cult being told what to do that is a little chunk of how this church how this church at church is the people in this church are absolutely ridiculous but yeah if you ever hear about the ICOC or they have so many college campuses or they go to some in college campuses all the way around the freaking world I wish I could just say United States I think world know yeah college campuses all around the world if they ever come up to you they invite you to a boat invite you to a Bible study say no just do yourself a favor and say no because you are about to join a cult um with that being said this was my first youtube video I don't know how is this is gonna be because I try to film this like twice but I keep on messing up I like forgetting to mention things but this was the story time about the time I joined a cult so I really hope you guys enjoy this i'ma leave a comment if you guys have any input or any additional things you want to add I don't know how many people have you guys guys have been attacked by this cult but just let me know so thank you guys so much for watching this video I really hope you enjoyed it even a little bit if you did make sure to subscribe I am new to this whole thing bear with me and I will fix this lighting situation anyways thank you so much bye see you next time