It's a Coachella Palm Springs Wedding! Client Vlog #4 I Debbie Church

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This Coachella / Palm Springs wedding was so fun! We stayed at the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs the night before. Honestly, such an amazing experience with so much color and fun at every turn!

So happy to have been a part of this brides wedding. Such a cool girl!

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since we are doing a wedding party makeup tomorrow very very early in the morning actually I packed everything up my makeup bag is right here I got my extra like skincare and lashes I got my um you know I don't hurt your case and then I also packed like you know it's fine like 12 outfits I really like the Saguaro hotel or so cool the cigar yo so Claro hotel cuz it's like so pretty and like multi-coloured and all that stuff and I was like maybe I'll just try you know I'll just try and see if there's any rooms I got a really good deal for today so we're gonna go we're gonna leave actually pretty early so we can enjoy ourselves out there car is packed packed is made its Laura let's go done and done yeah this is the best primer ever for oily skin and then I normally get the 24 karat gold under eye patches but the cucumber detox Hydra gel eye patches are really really good too because they're really really hydrating and really nice for like evening out like puffiness and under eye wrinkles and it's good for like really dry skin and dry weather so I thought this would be good for Palm Springs we made it to the hotel okay let's do this thing let's do the damn thing you're finally being introduced to the vlog I did that on I did the video way earlier this morning did you I was like okay I got to do this I've got to do that Sarah have I to get it done I'm about to take a lot of pictures the extra look at this this is the party time so um it smells like a party in here yeah but it's fine you know I love the orange