Jehovah's Witnesses and the Black Man

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Former Jehovah’s Witness elder/bethelite is discussing his own personal experience about what he knows about the practices and policies of the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society.

There’s an old saying in the Black Community, “when white folks get a cold, blacks folks catch pneumonia”. The same is true when it comes to leaving the Jehovah’s Witness religion. It seems that blacks aka African Americans, tend to remain in the organization much longer than their white counterparts after learning that this is not the truth. In fact, they have much more to lose when leaving because many times they are attracted to the organization because they are escaping their former environment. The prospects of leaving the organization does not look that attractive to them. Thus they remain in the organization longer than necessary.

From our personal experience, we have seen that on average, African Americans may work lower wage jobs and when they come to the Kingdom Hall, they receive respect from members at the Kingdom Hall more so than they do on their jobs. Therefore, they have a lot more to lose when leaving the organization.

African Americans may feel they have nowhere else to go if they leave the Watchtower, Bible & Tract Society. We’ve received emails from a lot of individuals stating that the Jehovah’s Witnesses helped them clean up their life. However, unbeknownst to them, there are many other religions that help individuals do the same thing. The only difference is the Watchtower threatens their members with disfellowshipping if they do something wrong.

While we are not saying that ALL African Americans work low wage jobs, they have much more of a struggle to attain suitable employment due to the organization discouraging higher education.

you're listening to the critical thought where we challenge our listeners to use critical thinking when examining the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses hi this is JT hey the purpose of this video is to speak to you about how to know whether or not you're being spiritually abused for the black man okay bro haha I mean we got this you know you got a little bit more chocolate let's talk about black folks hi and if your hope is witnesses number one we've both seen it why are we so attracted and then tell you know Taylor make that into a conversation now how that affects our spiritual sensitivity oh yeah I mean that's that's that's a great point growing up down south back in North Carolina I remember when the witnesses first came to our house my mom asked him a simple question he says he all have black people going to your church and the lady said yes a white lady she said yes and my mom went to the kingdom hall and she saw something that she had never seen before she saw a white man called a black man brother Wow so so at that point seems like this is true this is the truth the truth gathered me the truth got to be true and and that's we end up becoming involved in the witnesses but over the years what I've seen is very interesting when I was in the duffel one of the questions the lalibela and it's funny it both of you have like conversations and conversations and a lot of it a lot of the african-american black brothers at Bethel we just always ask of course black comes bodyman like everybody you know and I remember I remember we should ask where the brother before the brothers at you know and I remember we were invited with someone's room one night very prominent so I was witness said at the world headquarters people have seen him on TV and so forth many times and that was the question we posed to him we see no black on the body he said well you know the society the work with the program and it's very interesting and so what we have seen and then I know I know myself I think a lot of it has to do with for african-american people we've always been religious I mean the history of the history of black people this country special United States has been a religious one we've always turned to the church for answers and for help so naturally that's where you will find a lot of black people very interested in some about the Bible it's easily what Charles I think was Charles taze Russell what he said about the black man he made the point that black people are very teachable and that's interesting because that means you're able to be taught things easily without question I remember sitting in elders meetings with white elders and the circuit overseer would make a statement and the white elder would say well could you sheriff us where you get that reference from and so they would challenge I mean I was I've always been impressed all the white girls that would challenge they didn't know they wouldn't just take it laying down like well you get it from but what magazine or publication contrast that unfortunately too many of the african-american brothers I ain't sayin answer goes easy doesn't good enough for me and so unfortunately that type of mindset can be a serious problem when someone is telling something that's not true so hold on so the good news is we as black folks get respect inside the organization yes the good news is that we're teachable and coachable yes the bad news is that we tend to follow the leader and it's a question that lead that's the problem is what you're saying not really use critical thinking that we end up defaulting to a 1d or 2d as I've called it in some of the other videos level of depth of thinking yeah yeah one of the things that often happens in the black community especially in the black Jehovah's Witness community is that you know unfortunately a lot of black Jehovah's Witnesses they are not very busted we're good words social economically speaking you won't file all the doctors and lawyers and finance planners and investment bankers you know I mean I was in the congregation where we had brothers who were presents of banks brothers who owned very large corporations you know business they had built up most of the black brothers over the years and this is just history I'm just looking back at my life growing up as a kid most of the brothers they they they work very low wage jobs so they work at the meal they were little handyman and stuff and so all of a sudden at the kingdom hall you know they suit and talk right give me an education speaking doing things they wouldn't normally be doing outside the organization and getting respect from folks that don't look like that yes are you saying though that this also makes them maybe more susceptible to stain oh my goodness oh man I actually had people tell me this JT where you go okay and it wasn't a contest are you leaving Jesus it's okay you know you're doing so well usually being usually only programs this and that and so as a result of that I personal gods right now man I'm talking with I know guys who they're staying for the position I I know some Beth whites when I was at Buffalo people would often leave and the goal was to try to stay in full-time service or if you couldn't come back to Bethel to get into the traveling work that was big among a lot of african-american brothers and one against it the traveling work and I had two people I know and talking to them you know I was asking one was telling me no you get the new car and everything and saint-just going on about all the benefits that's what about the friends and the friends take care of themselves you know and so and so you see this dynamic that it plays out and it's very very unfortunate because as a result many times they are less likely to leave many times because they feel I'm giving up more I'm losing more one brother told me and say you know I give respect and I wanted to keep him home all the bills that respect my mail but on my job you know you know I'm you know he's just regular Joe Blow and so those type of dynamics mean they play a tremendous part so they're less likely to listen you know gjt you're making me think about something I said to you that you play back that I'm going to share with the group when the motion is up logic is down what I hear you saying JT for us is black males who have gone into what we thought was the truth you stay and you stay sticky for all the reasons you've just said because the emotion is up oh yeah yeah therefore the logic or the critical thinking oftentimes is down oh yeah causes you to stay there longer than you normally would and makes you more susceptible to following the leader or subcontracting out your thinking to others yeah you in another video talked about you called it spiritual abuse man-bra even off-camera you use the word torch yeah now link this to the bras that are watching this particular video and the wives are those bras that are watching how does all this kind of come together brothers getting respect probably staying in too long and dealing with stuff that they wouldn't normally deal with in the spiritual abuse sucker well what ends up happening because of this type of spiritual abuse did as a witness you gonna get if you there's an old saying in the african-american community when white people catch a cold black people catch pneumonia that's what they say as a result and this is just what we have observed over the using and I've just seen you know in talking to a number of you know white brothers you know they look at it they love saying the truth I'm not here for African Americans and this is just my person who Springs they will off and I've had me they'll look at it and I had one guy tell me strip JT I prefer to be wrong with the society than right with you so and I just set them out I was just stomachs I'm thinking we don't always celebrated truth regards the way it came from because if it's true and so his point he was making was I'm not leaving regardless right or wrong I'm sticking and I'm thinking if he was knocking and I asked myself he was not as if you was talking someone out and feel surly well my Bibles and they told you the exact thing I'm staying with pastor Larry Johnson right or wrong what would you say them you would say it was great so so you you see this standard that that often gets played and and and and that's what we've seen with some of our videos and people we've talked to in the african-american community there's hesitation message to the black man you are in double jeopardy jeopardy number one is for all Jehovah's Witnesses you're in an organization look like a Jew sound like the truth you get underneath the iceberg and into truth but double jeopardy message to the black man because the black man stays longer because emotionally he's got reasons to stay the other way into step yeah any closing comments or recommendations for the brothers and the sisters that might be watching this video because we know that of all the groups in American probably I guess internationally folks of color tend to be attracted and just stay and play longer yeah the reason why is because for the African American person or for the black person they're gonna make decisions based on this religion decisions such as retirement when I was coming along man I mean I would hear white brothers talk about we said retirement plan you know we who have set something aside if you were to try to have that conversation with an african-american brother about retirement you know investments they would they would we're gonna be a new system real soon will we will need that and so these people because of the decisions that they have made it will impact them down the road nothing hurts me worse than when I go back to North Carolina and I see all the black brothers that were young elders when I was a kid they made decisions not to invest in themselves education wise career wise you know just retirement even some if someone's buying a home they kept renting renting kept going up now they came and afford the state because the rent is so high was if they had bought a house they were locking in for thirty years they've been paying the same thing they didn't better off didn't take the little house roll over sell it but if I go back to North Carolina man and it's just sad to see all of these black good men just good men but now they're up in age and they're not prepared for what they're about to face and the other end of effects job is all colors but as I said before for for African America the impact many times in my observation is often worse 1/4 2/4 3/4 ok team so you're watching this video and I might summarize it this way we talked about double jeopardy you're talking about message to the black man we talked about what's green and good yeah I was so attracted we've talked about while we're something more susceptible to the rim I might summarize it this way and it happened to me I confused sincerity for accuracy and the reality is that you have to and so the purpose of this video is to invite you to think more critically to recognize all the good stuff that we've recognized yes but also recognize that we tend to be a little bit more susceptible stay longer than maybe we should and not do the critical thinking that Jehovah would want us to and with that in mind I think it's time to go ahead and put a period on it this is toasted almond talking to you in chocolate thunder over here we hope to see you on the next video god bless you take care oh my god interesting discussion that you had with Daniel but you know what um as an african-american female I know exactly what you're talking about and just to set the record straight we realized that all brothers and sisters that are gonna in the organization that's african-american don't do handyman work because my dad was a meteorologist and you know so we realized that there are a lot of people that do on things but like you said um I think I like what you said about the old of a statement that's made in the african-american culture that when white people catch a cold black people get pneumonia because you know even when it comes to when you leave the organization and I noticed that the white brothers and sisters they leave they may have more opportunities than we have just because of just the world that we live in you know um like for example we have a brother who in Washington DC for a number of years you know he ran one of the major news channels here in Washington DC yeah I met him when I worked in the Chairman's office he was in News Service so you know there are african-american brothers who you know over the years they have had all kinds of positions and so forth but we're speaking Jillian as a cultural type thing when you look at across the board and that's what is often interesting as well we have friends that we've known for years very very close we did things vacation all kind of things this nature and they're still in the organization and they are pursuing such things as getting into the traveling work and things this nature someone I know right now they are running our entire branch they were in a whole country so when you approach these individuals about issues involving organization oh my goodness I mean you you you just dusted us a treated you can't bark up all right and so I remember we used to have that mentioned before we had a district overseer before you know they they fired all those guys his name was JC Howard and he always used to say you know what does mama say what does mama say I mean you've been Elvis meeting that was all he would say so someone would ask a question about you know this or that he was well as mama saying and of course he's referring back to the organization and so interestingly you know just from historical context when you look at how territory is even work I remember when I was growing up and even as I became a dolphin and just in general here in the Washington DC area if you go to sometimes oftentimes some of the affluent white areas your message it's not you know it's not acceptable but if you go up into the hip up into you know the hole or you go into the ghetto you go into the where you have people who are struggling economically and financially the watchtower message appeals and it's understand typical the time the watchtower probably is one of the best products out there in terms of religion they just can't deliver so when you start telling people that they can live in a better environment than what they're living in that is very very appealing and unfortunately a lot of African Americans over the years who've come into this religion they've often come from those areas and so when you start telling them or asking them to re-examine the organization like man and so as we've seen our own personal life with people we know people we've been friends 15 20 30 years they would never leave because they have reached a certain point within the organization whether they're being used locally or whatever and so it's really a challenge as I missed before I recall so vividly you know how many times the white brothers they would challenge the circuit of this evening they wouldn't just go what do you say it was the black brothers they would just accept whatever you say you yes yes yes almost it was almost like that as if it was yeah and so this is the challenge right that African Americans faced I to piggyback up with you what you said about them not leaving is that a lot of them would be like where we go and kill yeah oh yeah because if they're still living in certain types of neighborhoods and then they don't want to go back into the church as it were then a lot of times it's like you're asking me to leave the only you know only place on they said no and then we received you know quite a few you know emails from people saying that if it wasn't for the watchtower thank you they wouldn't be still living if it's up like that because they may have come out of really bad situations and and so people oftentimes think that the watchtower has cornered the market on helping people clean up their lives and they look that many religious organizations with people were drug addict people were involved in all kinds of crime or just live the box life you know on the street party and they became involved in various for these organizations and they clean up their lives so it's not like Jehovah's with so the only way that people can clean up their lives but many times for the african-american witness and this just been our personal experience and of course we know all around the world of witnesses are in all kinds of countries and so their experience is often different I do recall having a very similar conversation with a number of Hispanic brothers and how in the Hispanic culture how things are often viewed and so the message of the witnesses it often appeals to people and so it's just a challenge because it's just an additional barrier that people oftentimes have to deal with but at the end of the day you know each person black white yellow red whatever will have to take the time to do exactly what all of us have found you have to do and that is it take the time ask the critical thinking questions and be willing to accept what the answers are right and then you know in the video JT had mentioned about where you're from they weren't buying homes yeah I do know that we're I'm from I'm from the Midwest and people did buy homes because they didn't really have a lot of apartments there and so they did you know buy their own homes and stuff like that but speaking from experience in the congregation that we went to an Alexandria we could not believe the number of African Americans that did not own their own homes and the ones that did were people that their husbands were not jehovah's witnesses when we first got there but we could not believe the number of people that were renting and there was several couples and they were getting up in age and I think they have since moved down to North Carolina in those areas because the rent just got to be too much they say they got price of a place to live and say when it comes to retirement and investments and just planning for their future all right many times they were like well scumpii we don't need that it's gonna be here soon and as a result the mindset was there's no need to plan for those things so it is it all comes down to each person will need to simply take the time and ask critical thinking questions and be willing to accept what those answers are this is JT and this is lady C all right have did this this program was sponsored by critical thinkers