Jewish Rabbis Are Calling Minister Farrakhan the Messiah!

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Minister Farrakhan’s enemies aren’t even qualified to judge an ant, as they throw stones, hide their hands, even their faces (ex: fake social media profiles etc.). They attempt to attack the Minister with words which are void of actual facts, and behave as children by calling him names (Ex: anti-Semite, racist, bigot etc.) How foolish! These enemies often ban together to discourage supporters from making contributions, but they fail every time.

The Minister couldn’t be an anti-Semite, that is impossible according to the definition. The original people are the Semitic People of the earth.

Definition of Semite : a: a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs
b: a descendant of these peoples
2: a member of a modern people speaking a Semitic language.
Calling him an anti-Semite is quite ignorant, belittling, or condescending to society as those who have knowledge have been consistent at ruling the ignorant is such a evil way, while mocking the children of slaves and poor people alike who apparently lack the education, and knowledge of their past.

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Minister Louis Farrakhan is going to go down in history as the person who saved humanity silver in a cup that the chalice is placed in get the picture to Jewish rabbis stayed for hours downstairs in the lobby of our hotel and they came upstairs finally mr. Harry Belafonte was in my suite we were talking and the Jewish rabbis gave me this and believe me I people give me stuff but I was so dumb I didn't know what this is you know but I went home and I read the words to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan you are the Messiah of the world [Applause] and you are the Messiah to every human who wants to be civilized [Applause] one thing without the father's demise is inevitable it is necessary for the father's to manage that masculine energy that only a black man can manage me as a mother I can mother my children I can do a sublime job mother and my children but in order to respect their masculinity I cannot control them and respect their masculinity without becoming abusive it's not necessary for the black man to become abusive because he has a better understanding of who he's dealing with he's dealing with himself so for me I can deal with the sisters but I can't teach my sons how to function in the most profitable way in this society the 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