Jews Decorate Christmas Trees For The First Time

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Will they get it right?

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– ♫ We're Jewish, it's Christmas ♫ There's no Yuletide cheer ♫ So bugger the eggnog ♫ And (grunts) the reindeer ♫ – That is not a Jewish thing.
– (laughs) Jews Decorate Christmas Trees – I've never touched a Christmas tree. I assume if I did, my hands
would burn or something. – It's just about glitter. – I think Christmas sucks. – I feel like I'll be pretty good at this. – Christmas sweater! – Let's see what we have here. – Why do they make Jesus a baby? – Anything with a hook on
it, let's put on the tree. – That was pretty good! Look at that, I just threw on– – No! – Oh wait, we could put eyes under it too. – Ok. Oh, that's not so hard. – She has a nice little angel yarmulke. – Put my keys on there. – She needs a belt. – This tree looks delicious. – Smells great. – (crunches teeth) – This tree looks super fake. – This is tacky. – Just because we're Jewish, we know what real trees are supposed to look like. – I guess candy canes are
good at hanging on trees, because they're definitely terrible candy. – I feel like if my family did this, we would just leave the tree up forever, because no one would want to clean it up. – Look at this skirt, it's
not even covering her knees. – Are pinecones, is that Christian? – Is this the Virgin Mary? – I don't know if the
Virgin Mary had wings. – My understanding is the
goys sing while they do this? – ♫ All I want for Christmas ♫ – Oh could you name those seven reindeer? Galant! – Knoll. – Like a grassy knoll. – Who is Noel? Is Noel God, is he Jesus? – Dancer…
– Dancer. – Lemony.
– Nope. – Can I just wrap parts
of it in aluminum foil? – It's conspiracy theory tree. – They rhyme, a lot of them rhyme! Lancer, Prancer, Gandalf… – Yeah, you can put that on. If you want to go to Hell. – One, two, three! Yay! – Merry Christmas! – Merry Christmas! Those are definitely a fire hazard. – I feel like if a rabbi sees this, they're gonna kick me out of Judaism. – I'm not a Jew anymore, right? – I think I killed it. – I don't know why everyone's
always making a big deal about decorating a Christmas tree. I feel like we did it pretty
quickly and totally kicked ass. Happy Holidays! – [Voiceover] How do you feel now that you've decorated a Christmas tree? – Like a whole new person. – I'd give it like a B. – We forgot one thing. Mistletoe. – Yeah, I'm reasonably
sure we got everything.