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Megachurch Pastor John Hagee cheated on his wife, then took $1

John Charles Hagee (born April 12, 1940) is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church, a charismatic megachurch in San Antonio, Texas

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amen give the Lord a hand clap of praise and rejoice in his house tonight god bless you you may be seated Usher's if you would please come take your positions a time has come to honor the Lord with our time and with our offering while they're coming i want to make welcome those of you who are visiting with us here in the sanctuary this evening if you do not regularly attend cornerstone church and have chosen to worship here tonight we welcome you in the name of the Lord and are honored by your presence visitors would you please stand and congregation would you make those who are visiting in the house of God welcome here tonight visitors would you stand and allow us to recognize you here in God's house we're certainly honored to have you and want to tell you how pleased we are that you've chosen to be here with us also lets you know that immediately following this service we have a dinner on the grounds fellowship that takes place in our life center for those of you who'd like to join us there'll be an opportunity for you to find out more about cornerstone church and the things that are taking place there also if you'd like to you can grab this pew card in the back of the Pew in front of you in a few moments if you'd like you can use it for notes during the service but it also gives you information about all of the things taking place here at cornerstone church next Sunday morning I'm going to be continuing in the sermon series feelings faith and facts with a sermon it's time to face the facts so I encourage you to be here next Sunday morning at eight thirty or eleven o'clock on that Sunday evening next Sunday night we're going to have a warfare prayer service and it's going to be an opportunity for us to use God's Word to accomplish what it promises that we can cast down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God how many of you need God's power in your life we're going to give you the opportunity to receive that next Sunday night here at Cornerstone Church and I encourage you to come and be a part of it and then on the 14th the 21st and the 28th we're going to have a three sermon series on relationships you know February's a month when people focus on relationships we got Valentine's Day and all these other box of chocolates moments that take place where we're going to be looking at the relationship of marriage the relationship of parents and children you know you used to be a child that didn't understand your parents and now you're a parent that doesn't understand your child and no matter how you look at it it's a vicious cycle but it's going to be a unique opportunity for us to study the Word of God together because I'm going to actually be drawing on experiences from within this congregation doing interviews from relationships that have been here at this church marriage relationships that God has healed for the teenager portion of our program i am going to interview the coolest teenager i never knew my dad i'm going to interview him and have him tell us what it was like yeah we're going to roll back the clock and we're going to talk about what it was like when you were a teenager because I assure you they didn't have iphones but they did have attitudes and as a teenager he had one we're going to find out how his mom helped overcome that it's going to be an interesting sermon series if I survive it I look forward to the month of March and give you the opportunity to be a part of it how many of you have come tonight to honor the Lord with your tie than with your offering you know I was considering this as I read scriptures the other day if Jesus Christ were to come to any church and he were to look at the health of that church he wouldn't sit in the balcony during a worship service and find out how many people have their hands raised or knew the songs and he wouldn't come to early morning prayer service to see how many of the saints gathered before the Sun to pray together if he really wanted to know how healthy and how strong and how willing your church was to do the work of the Lord he'd come see what you put in your offering because the Bible says where your heart is there your treasure is also so what we do right now in this service is as much a demonstration of our heart for God than anything we may ever do in this life so if you have that offering I want you to hold it in your hand as we pray this prayer opponent receive it as a sacrifice of praise and his kingdom Heavenly Father we thank you because you are a mighty provider you are good and you are loving and you are kind and tonight is an expression of our love and of our heart for your kingdom we so this seed that there may be sufficiency in your house and pray a blessing upon those who participate and I pray that the work of your kingdom would be done by our hands and bring glory and honor to your name this we ask in Jesus name this we receive in faith believing all of God's children said praise the Lord brothers you may receive this evenings tithe and offering tonight we look forward to our college and career ministry worship team under the leadership of Kayla Alvarado coming to sing hands to heaven we are your church we are sons and we've gathered for you it's our hands so you come how we No [Applause] how see I I this to receive [Applause] [Applause] give a good hand to our College worship team we've got a great and thriving group of young people in that college ministry that are doing their utmost to carry the gospel to college campuses where it is desperately needed if you have a youngster that would like to be a part of that college ministry I encourage you to get them involved on our tuesday-night services and always lift up those young people in your prayers because their battle is on the front lines of faith for this next generation and they need our support amen tonight I am honored to introduce to you a friend of mine I met Alexander right when he was living in Amarillo Texas and if you don't believe that the steps of the righteous are ordered of the Lord when a former NFL football player is in Amarillo he's on a journey with God and the thing that I most appreciated about Alexander from the moment I met him is it before he wanted to be known as any kind of an athlete or someone who had walked in the highest circles of excellence on the field of sports he wanted to be known as an individual that was wanting to serve and do God's will when he came and he joined our staff here in San Antonio he continued to demonstrate this willingness as he led young men in Christ and now he helps lead this congregation from our pastoral care ministry at one time he played for the Dallas Cowboys the Los Angeles Raiders and rams and as my son JW asked me the other day he said dad he said Alexander played for the Cowboys back when they were good right he is indeed a delight to know a wonderful brother to work with and a friend of this congregation would you make welcome cornerstones very own Alexander right Jesus this for him it's the Lord God thank you pastor Matt you may be seated hello everyone you know it's great to be here with you it's great to be able to share with you this evening my testimony if I was to give this a title I would title this message you cannot outrun the love of God you cannot outrun the love of God you know regardless of our history our profession or our status we all have one thing in common we all want to be free to live our lives and reach our highest potential as human beings I find it very interesting how I'm described or how I'm introduced to a group father husband former NFL player former NFL scout those are all true but there are some descriptions of my life that are also true that most people don't know physical emotional and verbal abuser to wife a very rebellious and angry person we are all in the way of God's full potential we are all in the way of God's full potential tonight I'm given to you my testimony life before Christ what I was what you were what some of you might still be how I came to know Jesus personally what happened to get me save my life since I became a Christian what has happened since my salvation can we pray father God we love you we worship you and adore you you're so awesome Lord Jesus through your precious Holy Spirit help me testify to the people in Jesus name Amen you know my testimony like many of yours is about choice it's about making the right decisions I was created to make a difference I'm I say that again I was created to make a difference God play something to me that was bigger than me but I was in my own way I wanted to do things my own way my NFL football career was from 1992 1996 I have to admit to you guys football was not my first love my first love was track and field my nickname was scooter rabbit scooter rabbit because I love chasing rabbits as a kid when my family and I would go rabbit hunting although I never caught a rabbit it was not for the loss of me trying I did not catch a rabbit I did however develop speed and quickness because I was determined to eventually to catch one of those rabbits someday I made a choice to become as good as a runner as I possibly could there are young people here I made a choice to become as good as a runner as I could be that speed became handy doing my high school and track field days it was my speed that caught the eye on my high school football coach my high school football coach asked me to join the football team doing my senior year this is the 12th grade year I've never played football before in my life I am not sure why but I felt a nudge to say yes you see I experienced domestic violence as a child and I witnessed domestic violence all of my life as a child a very dysfunctional family it was the norm in my home I would experience in 10 feelings of anger this anger would frequently suffers in a in an inappropriate and unexpected situation as in my mind danger always seem to be present as long ago as i can remember kindergarten I always believed in God I consider myself a good person and I tried to do the right thing in dealing with others I worked hard and I was considered a success by those who know me like my mom my dad and my three younger brothers as I grew up I use athletics as a way and a means to escape from my home life and my community I did not like my community I lived in it was stricken it was poor environment it was hardcore I always needed assurance about being protected so I play high school football my senior year my high school football coach was Al woodham from Albany High School in Albany Georgia he said that he and the team would protect me I heard the word protect I had no security within my home there's no bars on the windows there's no security alarm no security in the home I was uncertain about life one thing I was certain about I wanted a college education are there anybody in the house you are certain you want a college education that was me my heart work on the football field and on the track as well as hard work in the classroom got me a full scholarship to auburn university in Auburn Alabama I met my wife at Auburn University I'll freshman year in the fall of nineteen eighty-five and a child development class call make selection ma te selection mate selection stay with me I'm getting the happy up here all by myself you hurt me mate selection it's a child development psychology class it is not a class where you go looking for me it was one of our elected classes and we took the elected class early in the fall of nineteen eighty-five to keep high GPA up I was minding my own business everybody say mind your business mind your own business can you say to your partner mind your own business I was minding my own business in my personal best face that i thought was too small for me but nevertheless I happened to look up and said oh my this young lady was up to the pencil sharpener shopping in her pencil this young lady is tall 511like tall as me wait a minute is she taller did me at that time I was a college football player on a full scholarship at Auburn University in Auburn Alabama I was 511 I'm a six footer with a high box haircut we're here on my head don't think I was always ball headed people I used to have hair on my head I'm a six footer which football cleats on a high top I need every hype of inch I need it all so here we go stay with me is she told it in me I thought to myself I must introduce myself to this young lady it is the most that I can do quick get a pimple wait a minute I don't have a pencil I have an ink pen a paper make in pen not watch this the god next to me the guy next to me in his small death he has a box of pencils yeah you heard me you heard me that God next to me and his small desk has a box of pencils so I say well I need to think quick I gotta come up with something she's still at the pencil sharpener sharpen your pencil so I say to the guy can I borrow one of your pencils do you know what he said to me he said no I see what you say man obviously was the wrong question to ask she's still like the pencil sharpener sharpen your pencil so I say gotta think think think think think I say I will I must provide a service to this man so I say to him I see look you see the girl at the pencil sharpener he said yes I see I want to meet her I'm telling her I'm gonna do I will provide for you a service I was shopping one of your pencils bring it back to you sharpen he looks at me and say why didn't you say so in the first place now watch this thing with me now this is I'm ambitious how I'm telling you I'm describing to you how I met my wife in this class call mate selection now watch this she's still at the pencil sharpener sharpening her pencil the college professor has not shown up it's the first day of plans the guy is taking his time open the box of pencils I'm like dude hurry up man some sense of urgency or something now watch this he finally opened the box of pencils I snatched a pencil and I rush up to the pencil sharpener now about this time guys I'm sweating I'm perspiring it's wet all over the place it was not my intent to be sweating over this I could smell jovan musk in there Mike along is all over the place stay with me now watch this I rushed up to the pencil sharpener I started her she startled huh I don't know what she's thinking she could have been thinking stranger here weirdo stranger danger I don't know what she was thinking but I'm trying to be impressive Oh y'all with me still meeting my wife now watch this this young lady she has short hair blue eyes and as I'm looking at her I say hello yeah I see y'all laughing at me that's okay you can laugh at me that's okay I tried to be extremely intelligent I say to her hello she says back to me hello I say wait a minute what is this her voice had an accent ha I said wait a minute you are not from around here wait let me break about you are not from around here with my southern accent you know the Heart of Dixie the land of dixieland Sweet Home Alabama no you are not from Alabama what are ya with me good good good good I figured you guys get that you like that I made you laugh she has an accent now watch this as she is talking to me she's looking me straight in eyes and watch this my brown eyes connect with her blue eyes my brown eyes connect with her blue eyes and we're talking and as we are talking having a nice little conversation I'm trying to impress her her eyes starts to change color from blue to hazel green what you say man would you what is this what is the professor still has not showed up he's not the college professor has not arrived stay with me now watch this we're talking she has this accent so I say hey you're not from around here she says no I'm from Belgium I say Belgium you mean belgium in Europe straining you mean Belgium and Europe she said yes I'm from Belgium I live in huntsville alabama now watch this to my astonishment and I'm gonna pick up a little bit my fast forward to my stomach stunning as we're talking at the pencil sharpener she did not believe a word I said to her did not believe a word I said to her watch this I told her that I was on the Auburn football team her response was you're too small I told her that I would run track for the Auburn track team her response I do not believe you why you may ask this young lady was already on the Auburn football team in the summer of nineteen eighty-five I was not as far as this young lady was concerned I was lying to her not a very good start to ask her for a date she already thinks I'm a liar what I love about this young lady more was the fact she talked she spoke with assurance she spoke with confidence she spoke with security and I could tell she trusted her ability and had confidence in herself let me ask the question can you talk with the surance can you talk with confidence are you secure in your speech I was not I could not speak with such confidence fear gripped my heart at that time I realized I was the complete opposite of this young lady this young lady was blunt in your face shoot you straight tell like it is my Orban coaches were brought straight to the punt shoot you straight tell you like it is my Dallas coaches they will blood straight to the point tell you just like it is I would talk around discussions I would change the subject if it was a topic of discussion that I was insecure about for example what is your dad like I would immediately change the subject when it came to talking about my mom my dad or my brothers this young lady that I met in college was completely different we could make you laugh she was funny she's still funny today I also recognize that this young lady was a strong intelligent college girl now doing the time that we dated I was not that good college boyfriend I was not a good call it war friend make a note if your high school middle school note to self choose your friends carefully pray to the Father pay attention to the writing's on the wall be on your guard stand firm in the faith be courageous be strong do everything in love are you in a toxic relationship do you have toxic influences what decisions what choices are you making right now my choices were not always the best I had to learn a lot on becoming a man fast forward five years of dating this young college girl and courting her on the Orban planes my wife and I we got married on graduation morning and we graduated that evening i graduated from auburn university with a degree in adult education my wife graduated from auburn university with a degree in civil engineering Marion my wife is one of the best decisions I have ever made obviously that may be happy Marion my wife is one of the best cisions I have ever made thank you now watch this I'm gonna talk a little fast just a little bit I was selected by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round 26 overall in the nineteen ninety NFL Draft I was the first white receiver to be chosen in the first pic of the second round from Auburn University I was considered a role football player as a gifted athlete with elite speed I like that a leet speak I like that a lot I remember my cowboy days as if it was yesterday I remember my cowboy days as if it was yesterday we had probably one of the best offensive line led by just the name of you may know march dabrowski John Deasy we had a solid offensive line of protection in the early 90s our quarterback was Pro Football Hall of Fame Troy Aikman yes sir mmm thank you Jesus all running back was Pro Bowl Hall of Fame and the NFL all-time rushing leader Emmitt Smith praise the Lord the Dallas Cowboys leading fullback was darrell johnson he is now pro football hall of fame nominee for the class of 2016 DJ was his nickname Darrell doesn't DJ that was my workout partner he and I we worked out together you got to be pretty strong to work out with DJ you gotta have some strength in your body amen not watch this I was starting flanker was white receiver Michael Irvin might call everything might call everything might wanted to football all the time Mike wanted to football all the time might talk a lot to might talk to light in the locker room might talked on the field he talked to light in the football games he talked to light into football games he talked a lot in the football games he's still talking a lot today amen and me let's talk about me just for a moment we got time I watch the clock let's talk about he just for a moment all right here we go y'all stay ready we had a route in our route tree in our playbook we had a route it was called the look route everybody say look Robert L okay look right it's called the what route they look round toe ankle was very accurate throwing the quarterback he was very accurate throwing the football try push the ball on the money you have no choice but to catch the football why because Troy could throw and put the football on you effortlessly on target Michael Irvin is the master running the look Rob it's time for the rookie that's me it's time for the Ricky now ready for this okay it's time for me to run this Rob we're at practice at Valley Ranch the players calling the huddle I line up on the line of scrimmage in the most explosive stance that any white receiver can get into I'm in an explosive stance the snap count is second sound choice says sit up top speed I'm rolling I'm running a 4-2 smoking it's the perfect coverage the Safety's in the middle of the field the corners are deep third the glam Packers they have drop and and I'm running top speed and you know you know what happened man Troy hit me in the head with the football I'm wearing my helmet he hits me in the head on the star Everett just like you guys are laughing everybody's laughing it's embarrassing that's embarrassing everybody laughing and everything because i did not look so this is what happened because of that particular play I became a kickoff return specialist yeah you guys laughing at me because of that particular play they move me to special teams so I became a kickoff return specialist on d7 two 20-second 1991 thank you Lord Jesus I set the record for the longest playing cowboy history in my mind with a hundred and two yard kickoff return against the Atlanta Falcons thank you Jesus I warned that NFL fastest man contest 1992 1993 I was considered a pretty strong wide receiver I could benchpress 365 pounds squat around 415 ah man life is good so I thought I gotta shift gears because of the time that I have my down roll my downward spiral what happened what's going on what happened Alexander watch this I'm drafted by the Cowboys the first thing i did i miss summer camp because I held on account for more money this is the set bag I did not learn my place nor did I have my timing down with Troy Aikman this is a setback I hope none of you guys do this but I'm gonna be transparent coach Jimmy Johnson is the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys I gave him a look there weren't a happy look it was one of those look don't let me give you a word of advice don't give you boss the look that look could get you replays I gave him the look not good a setback I rebelled against wide receiver techniques the coach is trying to teach me how to get off the line of scrimmage a little better use this technique I rebelled against that not good sent back all of these disappointing setback led me to anger and fear the same anger that I experienced elementary school middle school high school college and now in the National Football League I did not perform well as a rookie NFL wide receiver I did not demonstrate love to my wife the way a husband is supposed to demonstrate love to his wife in 1991 my wife and I separated six months during our second year a marriage in the year of 1991 our second year of marriage we separated for six months my wife was going to divorce me I was verbally and physically emotionally abusing her I was trying to entice her to do things that she does not want to do I was trying to make her feel bad because she would not engage in certain behaviors with me nothing please mean I constantly complain I focused my negative attitude on a person or the group of people all the time it's this you don't raise your hand don't region I don't want i'm not looking my wife mind is made up she's already saw out the lawyer she has the lawyer the papers are written up she's going to divorce me I did not like how I treated my wife I did not like how I talked to her I did not like myself a lot of the times I cried a lot I was going through the trauma of getting a divorce and the pressure of performing as the NFL wide receiver father God sent the man to my mom's Church in Albany Georgia this man was the keynote speaker at my mom's church in Albany Georgia my mom saw an opportunity she gave to this man all of my contact information she says to this man of God when you get back to Dallas contact my son here is all his contact information he doesn't know Jesus he's gone to hell he's gonna lose that lovely wife of his here his numbers call him up when you get back to Dallas this man comes back to dallas texas on a mission in his heart he's on a mission pastor matt got in touch with me and he said he wanted to teach me a Bible study and pray for me what you say man pray for me what's up with this I ran from this man anyone any guys receipt off on is your hand you have those people they call you they invite you to church they witness to you they said come on and you run away I know what I'm talking about cuz that's what I did my phone will ring all the time I know was him it's the minister he's calling me again what does the man want he wants me to come to church stay with me I screen all my calls the phone rain one day gotta wrap this up the phone ring one day on the thursday i had just got home from a Dallas Cowboy practice at Valley Ranch it was business as usual I was dropping passes you glad that's okay i'm here now I'm here now I wouldn't heal him but I'm here now you can have you won't hurt my felt I was dropping passes praise the Lord I could not concentrate I was falling asleep in the meetings and in the meeting rooms well anyway the phone is rain I pick up the phone it's Reverend Mac it's past a mac on the phone he asked me a question how are you doing how are you doing al is under well I'm broken this is my response I got a couple more minutes I said well I'm not doing well sir i'm probably going to get fired my wife wants a divorce pastor Mac invited me to visit with him at the church he said what are you doing he said can you meet me at the church I say sure sure I can meet you at the church he gives me directions to the church I was terrible at directions but that day I understood directions I arrived at the church there is no pastor Mac no one's in the parking lot I got angry I'm about to leave I drove a nineteen eighty nine hundred civic hatchback 2-door good on gas mileage I was tight war two money was tight I tell you were wasn't a tighter either praise the Lord it was my wife's graduation gift from my parents I drove that vehicle as I'm about to leave a el camino pulls up a white El Camino pulls up out of the car jumps this 59 man screaming my name is under I was under I stopped immediately the way he called my name sounded just like my dad when we were in the fields and I was chasing rabbits it sounded just like my dad it was safe that day march twenty-fifth nineteen ninety one passed a mac invite him into the church he pulls out this Bible study and he's teaching me in this bible study at the end of the bible study it asks you a question would you like to meet the Lord and Savior Jesus I say yes I would like to meet this Lord and Savior Jesus he says pray this prayer with me we prayed a prayer I confess Jesus as Lord and Savior with my mouth believed in my heart that God raised him from the dead we prayed the sinner's prayer we prayed that prayer oh oh man I got happy I got happy amen that day march 2015 became a born-again Christian this is on the Thursday the next day Friday ma'am happy I'm talking to the football Mike I told you might talk a lot now I'm talking running my mouth too they said what's wrong with this brother man tell you would now I'm just talking all over the place please be quiet Alexander but running my mouth talking about the Lord Jesus amen guys my time has expired but i do want to shift to this right here you know i don't i don't know why you here tonight I don't know why you came maybe you can't because you wanted to worship the Lord Jesus at cornerstone or maybe you wanted to hear a good testimony or maybe a friend bug you are actually to come maybe you're here listening to seek God's power through prayer through feeding on the scripture through its powerful testimony maybe you ask the Lord God to get you out of a toxic relationship or maybe to help you with toxic thinking maybe you need the Lord Jesus like i did to help you establish healthy boundaries with everyone whatever the reason is i believe you are here tonight because God wanted you to be here if I was to give this message just test them on a title you cannot outrun the love of God the Lord loves you a lot the Lord wants to heal you a lot we serve an awesome god we serve an awesome god I want to thank you for this opportunity my time has expired and not they don't have a lot to say don't have a lot of time at this moment I'm going to turn this over to my pastor pastor Matt thanks a lot guys [Applause] do you thank God for Alexander right [Applause] remain standing we're about to be dismissed Alexander said some very profound things if you listened to the story of his life natural gifts and talents took him farther than most would ever dream they could go God gave him abilities that caused men to offer him opportunities that frankly just about everybody in this place would give anything to have but even when he got to the point where people said everything should be solved his team is ready to drop him his wife is ready to drop him and he's ready to drop himself but you need to know something that whenever everybody else is ready to drop you that's when Jesus Christ will be there to pick you up as gifted as he wasn't his natural abilities they didn't have any opportunity to solve the hurt in his heart until Jesus Christ change that and maybe you're here tonight and you need that same kind of change the same fear and anxiety and longing it was in Alexander maybe its present in you and if that's you tonight I want to give you the opportunity to receive that from the hand of God you feel like everybody's going to give up on you but I assure you Jesus Christ is here to pick you up if that's you I want you to raise your hand right where you are and hold it high earlier in this service we sang a song that we're no longer slaves to fear but we're children of God would you worship the Lord with that chorus just one time no