Joshua Harris Author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye Leaves Wife & Faith

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Former mega preacher Joshua Harris who authored I kissed dating goodbye announced he was leaving his wife and then days later Joshua Harris says he’s not Christian anymore and is leaving the faith.

I give my thoughts on what you should do as a christian when you hear of news like this concerning Joshua Harris’ marriage. I also talk about why God told me not to make a video when the news first broke and the lesson God was giving me.

All relevant links below about his announcement.

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Joshua Harris’ Relevant Links

Joshua Harris’ Announcement:
Joshua Harris’ Second Announcement:

this is a recent story that's been building up over time it's of a former mega preacher who basically has decided to divorce his wife now this actually came out a couple of weeks ago was about two weeks ago in fact that this news came out and at the time I wanted to actually mention it on a live show I felt like God was telling me not to cover it at the time and just to kind of get into some of the nitty-gritty of this whole story all of the links are gonna be below okay in the description box for stuff I reference as well for you to watch after this video but the fact of the matter is when I first heard the news two weeks ago one of the first things that was on my heart when I was hearing this was pray okay because one of the things you need to understand about this whole scenario is this is never good okay when a preacher in high status obviously I've already alluded to several times he was a former myth a preacher method miniature she was passed about a megachurch okay and he's obviously probably probably famous Joshua Harris and he is obviously got famous I guess from his book that he wrote about 20 years ago talking about dating okay and kissing day and goodbye etc so he came out a couple of weeks ago and just deeply in my heart I thought to myself you know what prey this guy this his wife they need prayer the Christians shouldn't look at this and just like ridicule him and just cost stones at them what they should be doing is praying and saying you know what excuse me lifting them up in God's eyes basically the same these are people that were serving you and I don't know him like that so I'm speaking from a distance just bear in mind but from the outset from what I've seen it seems like they were doing some really good work in God's kingdom and at that point you have to pray for these kind of people and say you know what god I pray that you can touch his heart I could pray that you can touch her heart her heart we obviously don't know the specific reason why they've got divorced but we do know they are planning to get divorce different already and we already know that in those circumstances but doesn't lack divorce and can I even give you a couple script references for that we've got Malachi chapter 4 where I believe it's Malachi chapter 2 actually where God space we're talking about his house he doesn't like put him away and we can reference you can reference that with Matthew 19 1st Corinthians 7 Romans 7 just to name a couple but we should be praying for reconciliation in their life okay not that yeah they break up and they divorce and all these different kind of stuff and XY I said the first thing whenever you hear from married couple married Christians basically being together the first thing we should always be is and let's pray for reconciliation because reconciliation obviously ormally what but always want in regards to marriage jesus said it in matt 490 now reference there already God said it in the beginning to become one flesh let no man break that asunder they stay together so that's the first week obviously in regards to this situation now the next part to this and this is probably why I believe God was telling me not to mention this in a previous show and God was that look don't mentioned it's not talked about this year like I said I really wanted to talk about this two weeks ago when when the news came out and just like I said pray I was really strong on my heart but the fact of the matter is I feel like the recent news that came out a couple of days ago is probably why God said don't do it because on this channel we're big on norm just getting into gossip even if there's situations like this I've mentioned I don't know all of the facts but the facts I do know give me an opportunity to comment and say certain things you don't want to be on different forums saying oh he did this he did set cetera at the end the day they're married couple so we do know that they can divorced okay you can see that in the lower the lower post that's on screen next to me okay we do not again divorced and we do know that God doesn't like divorce so from that standpoint let's pray okay let's pray that they don't get divorce at cetera now where it gets a bit tricky to a certain degree is the fact that he's now came out the calendar in the top post a couple of days ago now saying he feels like he's fallen away he called it a reference deconstruction okay he's feels like at this point in time he's been in us in a circle in a phase of repentance for however long and because of that he doesn't feel like he's a Christian anymore okay and obviously different people are piling on and even in this scenario here okay I'd still say pray okay pray that God can touch his heart pray that God can touch his wife's heart and they can maybe hopefully reconcile pray that God can touch his heart and realize that the feelings that he's feeling guilty for okay what can raise him up from those situations okay and in the scenario know the different news has come out and that he started to affirm certain beliefs and certain doctrines all that kind of stuff and it does seem like he is drifting yeah and I was even reading this article today which was basically talking about how it was basically a strong rebuke to him basically how it was doing the right feeling and how he's basically switched he's basically switched and gone full circle he can still come back okay if he wants to come back if he realizes that whatever he's done okay in most cases nari owes whatever he's done okay I don't want to say a blanket statement cuz I don't live with the guy don't know what the guys been doing personally but in most cases Oreos II he has an opportunity to come back okay and God will accept him okay he is leaving God God isn't necessarily leaving him even though you look at some of the facts and you think to yourself what's actually going on but the one thing I wanted to highlight as well about this is Paul rejoiced okay this is one thing that was it I felt as in my spirit go through the different letters I believe even John does this in one of his epistles okay they rejoiced when they heard the Nagata news that people were still in the faith people were still in the faith contending for the faith etc okay so anytime you hear someone that's still fighting that's still holding on okay you should address in those matters and even this scenario like this there's a guy he's on the brink he's talking about how he's left the church he doesn't feel like a Christian he he he used to be a pastor at mega church okay think about and this is what gets lost in the shuffle at the time think about them think about the sheep think about the congregation's the people that have been following him had a must feel in this scenario he's been raising them up he's been teaching them he's been doing all of this different stuff to feed them and all of a sudden he's walking walking away okay and the sheep are always in a lot of cases just left in the shuffle