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✎ Sarah Jakes Roberts’ Top 10 Rules for Success. Need motivation? Watch a Top 10 with Believe Nation! Grab a snack and chew on today’s lessons from a woman who went from a teen mom who got pregnant at 13, having to drop out of college to work as a waitress in order to support herself, to becoming a successful businesswoman, speaker, and an author! She’s Sarah Jakes Roberts and here’s my take on her Top 10 Rules for Success!

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1. Find your wilderness
2. Shift your mindset
3. Be willing to be uncomfortable
4. Be authentic
5. Make a breakthrough
6. Play to win
7. Don’t compare to others
8. Don’t punish yourself
9. Take ownership
10. Have fun
11. BONUS – Don’t settle for safe

✎ More about Sarah Jakes Roberts. She’s the daughter of megachurch pastor, bestselling author and film producer, Bishop T.D. Jakes. She attended Texas Christian University, where she studied journalism. She has been integral in the success of many major initiatives at TDJ Enterprises. She serves as the senior editor of eMotions, an online inspirational magazine designed to empower women. She was responsible for grassroots marketing efforts for the feature film, “Not Easily Broken”. She served as an office liaison for The Air Force. She has also been featured in numerous media outlets including The Today Show, Dr. Phil, Essence, and The Associated Press. She released a memoir titled “Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life”.

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Sarah Jakes Roberts
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The Potter’s House at OneLA
The Potter’s House at OneLA

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Thank you for watching – I really appreciate it 🙂

you're gonna have to start living in a state of being uncomfortable everything's gotta go every hater every doubt every fear every insecurity depression I didn't want to do what had already been done before I wanted to remain authentic in genuine need motivation watch a top ten with the leave nation what's that believe nation at seven I believe in you and this channel is designed to be a part of your daily success routine so let's get your motivation to attend and get you believing in you grab a snack and chew on today's lessons from a woman who went from being pregnant as a teenage mom at age 13 having a drop out of college so she can waitress to support herself to becoming a highly successful entrepreneur speaker and author she's Sara Jake's Roberts and here's my take on her top ten rules to success enjoy okay let's kick it off with rule number one find your wild earnest a wilderness is an uncultivated uninhabited and inhospitable region where God has set up a place for you to thrive I'm gonna say that again because I know that most of us would want to be in a hospitable environment where everyone likes us and we don't have any issues in any struggles but what I'm telling you is that you are at your best when you are at the wilderness where God has created a place for you to thrive a wilderness is an uncultivated uninhabited and inhospitable it's corporate America it's marriage when you've never seen it displayed for you before it's entrepreneurship it's an uncultivated uninhabited no one else has done it the way that you're gonna do it and that's why it's a wilderness no one in the room looks like me and that's how I know I'm in the wilderness no one in my family thinks like me but that's how I know I'm in the wilderness it is an uncultivated uninhabited an inhospitable region that God set up for me to thrive rule number two shift your mindset there are very few words that bless my soul as a believer like the following 3 everything must go those words bless me not just because of the reason that I found one studying but when I see them on on a store it speaks to me that God is really looking out for my finances in this season say god I prayed for savings and you put my favorite store on sale how great is your mercy towards me everything must go and that used to make me so excited because I knew that when I walked into the store that they would be willing to discount even further items that I had been waiting to get for a very long time and so when I went home and I told my husband that I finally got something that I'd been looking for I could tell him but honey it was on sale and so we saved money I didn't spend money now that I am a business owner though I realized that when they put those words outside of the store it's not just because they want to bless my spirit just fascinating they actually do that because they have new inventory coming in and because they have new inventory coming in they have to get rid of everything that is no longer profitable so that that which is profitable can take its place what if we as believers started to treat our life with that same level of philosophy that we looked within ourselves and said everything must go that is no longer profitable so that that which is profitable can come in how much powerful would we be if we looked at our bitterness and said no you can't stay because you're taking that place where my joy could be what if we looked at our misery and said no you can't stay because you're taking up space where my purpose could be what if we started to say depression you can't stay here joy is in your place you got to make room and everything let's go this is a mindset that we should have everything must go I won't be this part with this message until you leave here desperate to clear out anything that's taking up unprofitable space down on the inside of you anytime a negative thought starts rising up until you say everything must go God renew my mind and give me a mind like Christ I can't afford to have this thinking thinking any longer I'm trying to press towards the mark and I can't do it thinking like the same girl I used to be everything's gotta go everything's gotta go every hater every doubt every fear every insecurity depression lose my mind did you know that you have authority on your own depression [Applause] rule number three be willing to be uncomfortable I want to show you what it looks like to be in harvest it's harvest time but it looks like work it's harvest time but it looks like it took more work to bring in the harvest than it did to actually sprinkle the seeds you see this is what harvest time looks like it looks like sweat down your back it looks like confusion it looks like no one understands what's fully going on no one sees what's harvest and what's tare no one sees the weeds no one can tell what's going on but these women who understand that what they planted in these fields have come back up and now it's time for them to do the work to receive the harvest and then church everyone gets so excited about harvest time but they don't tell you how much work goes into harvest they don't tell you that reaping actually takes work and so we'll be looking at other people rejoicing and wondering when are we going to get this chance to finally relax and to put our life on cruise control and then God tells us that harvest time doesn't look like rest which is like a total bummer because aren't we all working to get to this place called comfortable this place where we're no longer worried about how Inns are going to be met or how we're going to be perceived in the world or whether or not the deal is going to come through or whether or not we're going to get the promotion we're all waiting for this place called comfort but God says that you're gonna have to start living in a state of being uncomfortable that in order to reap the harvest he has for your life you're gonna have to risk sweating rule number four be authentic did you see a lot you know just growing up in church world yeah where you felt like I've got to conform I can't be myself I've got to conform yes certainly it is all that I felt that this idea of Christianity and having a relationship with God had to look like whatever someone else's relationship with God look like and so anytime my relationship didn't mirror that I felt like there was something wrong with me and I wasn't one of those people who wanted to pretend so either had it or I didn't and I didn't realize at that time they're growing with God is a process you know and that everyone has an individual relationship with God and I think it's a disservice to people to say that in order to be a Christian you have to look like this you have to act like that because the reality is that God is too creative to make us one version of a Christian and we limit who people can be and really I think in the long run do a disservice to church because there's so much creativity that our generation and other generations have to offer but because it doesn't look like tradition we throw it away and then those people find a place in the world and we cry you know and so as I grew my platform and people started really gravitating towards me I didn't want to do what had already been done before I wanted to remain authentic and genuine and my process with God and you know that doesn't mean that you know wearing the dresses down here in your skirt that is wrong that's not for me you know and it doesn't mean that it's I won't be right for me I could decide tomorrow you know like my relationship with God has convicted me to do this but I think ultimately it's about conviction rule number five make a breakthrough back in Genesis when Eve ate from the forbidden fruit and God cursed the serpent and he cursed the woman he told the woman that you're going to be in pain when you give birth and you're longing will be for your husband did you know that Eve started this whole woman evil thing yeah in Genesis 3 in 15 when God has given out this curse when he is giving this woman the curse that another woman would carry in a prophecy in Revelations the beginning in the end it's all connected I just need you to know that you didn't get to where you are by yourself that some women in this room are carrying another woman's purse and that's okay because when he gave the curse to Eve he also gave her a promise and the promise was that even though the serpent is going to bruise your heel that her heel is going to crush your head and I just wanted you to know that you may not have gotten it from your mother that you may not have ever seen another woman do exactly what God has called you to do but I came to tell you that you are a curse breaker that you are a head crushing demon trembling hell gets nervous when you wake up in the morning because I may be carrying another woman's curse but God also gave me another woman's breakthrough so I'm getting in position I may be pregnant because of her pain but when I birthed it I'm gonna break it off for her and me and my daughters for generations to come I can't just move on from that point until every woman in this room understands that just because you have another woman's curse doesn't mean that you don't have the power to break it for her and for everything coming after you rule number six play to win I think that I enjoy social media perhaps in a way that is not very healthy sometimes because I consider it my opportunity to be like a touch point for people and I wonder if the process of me being a touch point for people that I forget that I'm first a touch point for god to the people not a touch point for the people and if you don't realize that you are a touch point for God to people then you will become a touch point exclusively to people and let me tell you the danger in that is that people will have you making decisions about your life and about what's next for you it's almost like they trick you into believing that you're trying to avoid a loss and when you live life like you're trying to avoid a loss you settle for just trying to keep your head above water because I don't want anyone else to see me fail when you become a touch point for people they dictate what success looks like they dictate whether you are supposed to be married or not they dictate whether or not you should have made it by now or not because you have become to live your life for people's access and for people's viewing and I realized that that's one way to live life where we live life trying to avoid a loss but another more divine more strategic way to live as if we live like we're playing to win if we win like heavens resources are backing us up so we already recognized that God has gone ahead of us it it sounds very similar because if you're trying to avoid a loss perhaps you organically get a win but that's not necessarily true because there's levels to this but when you maneuver like you're playing to win you just carry yourself differently you're not seeking validation it's when you are the ultimate touch point for God God touched me and so now I have been touched to be a touch and so now I'm maneuvered differently because I know I have something to offer I'm not looking for something to take and this is the big deal for me because I used to be a touch point for people I used to live my life based on their opinions asking them to accept me asking them to love me but then I messed around a meta Savior who convinced me that I was fearfully and wonderfully made that that he had already created me and His grace was sufficient for everything that I had gone through so now I live my life playing to win I'm playing to win I'm after something I'm after something I am after becoming a touch point for God and every area and in every arena of my life rule number seven don't compare to others first force of Galatians 6 says but let each one examine his own work and then he will have rejoicing in himself alone and not in another this says to take inventory of what you're doing in your life compare it with what God told you you were supposed to be doing if you can say that the thing that you're currently doing is exactly what God told you to do then you can rejoice and yourself and you don't have to rejoice in what anyone else is doing and you don't have to compare yourself with what anyone else is doing that you can have enough confidence in who you are and where you are if you know without a doubt that you're where God placed you you see the problem is that we examine our life by other people's success and when we do that we can't rejoice within ourselves all we can do is pick ourselves apart but this scripture says that we can rejoice remember 8 don't punish yourself just to give you insight the mindset of someone that age when they get pregnant is that I'm going to get in trouble you know without any real reality of recognizing that it's bigger than just timeout or being grounded that you're bringing a life into the world before you've even discovered what life is about yourself I felt so much shame I felt dirty I felt embarrassed and you know we all go through something I think it's a little bit more challenging when you are responsible for your own issues I think that oftentimes people can be victimized and then people can make decisions that end them up in places that they never expected and for me I felt like because I had the power to stop this and I didn't then there must be something wrong with me and so I spent many many years thinking less than what God says about me and I think that that some of the things that we do when we're experiencing shame as we punish ourselves and we think if I beat myself up in my head I used to call myself all the names in the book you're a ho nobody once you just all of these things and I lived that until it became a reality and then I hated who I became and I just had to make a decision that ultimately you can continue to listen to these voices of shame in your head or you can decide I'm just gonna try and live on the faith that I am who God says I am that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in spite of what I've gone through in spite of what my past looks like on paper I'm just I want to believe that I'm better than the mistakes that I've made and the moment I lived in that consciousness I started noticing things changed for me and began to turn around and I think what I'm most proud of though I have you know a book deals and I've been so blessed to be on these tours when I'm most proud of is that I look in the mirror and I love the girl I am their ugly truth and the beautiful things and I'm no longer ashamed of Who I am rule number nine take ownership if we are not careful and intentional about harnessing the gift that God has given us then there will be people who see our crown even though we don't see it and they will see a way to manipulate your crown for their advantage and so what pushes us in having authority is when we realize if I don't protect this thing that God has given me then someone could come and strip it away from me before I fully develop what it is I had to say that I got to say that like in a way that I really mean it that's why it was so important that Pastor caught a prayer for identity so that you can see yourself properly because sometimes the people on the outside can see you better than you see yourself and because they can see you better than you see yourself they see gifts and talents that can work for them but work against you and so we do have a responsibility to take authority over my gift I can't just do anything I just can't hang out with anyone I'm taking the ownership and Authority come on 20:19 what's y'all talking about I'm taking authority over what God has given me I'm not just gonna wait for someone to hand me something I'm gonna go out there and establish it myself because I don't want to have to bow down to the person who gave it to me I have to create an opportunity to exercise the authority God has given me over my gift seeing yourself properly is the greatest gift that you can ever gift yourself it will qualify relationships and opportunities it will tell you who you can be connected with and who you cannot be connected with I take authority over my gift I know I've been through some things I don't have the perfect little pest but I'm still here which means that there's something still down on the inside of me and so now like never before I take ownership and authority over what God has placed on the inside of me god I want every ounce of what you've given me God I want every ounce of every gift in every town that I'm supposed to push out into this earth and I take authority over it I'm not just going to cast my pearls amongst once I take authority over my anointing I take authority over my gift I don't put myself on clearance anymore I take authority over what God has given me I am a child of God I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I did not survive through all of the things that I have gone through to get to this level and mess it up that's better than y'all cramping that's alright but it's something that changes down on the inside of you I I had a moment like this myself where I realized God you didn't just call me to be an influencer for the sake of being in an influencer you've called me to effect something in culture so instead of waiting for culture to come to me I take authority over what God has called me to do and I will invade the culture for the sake of the kingdom so I take authority God I feel that for somebody I don't know who that is for and I want to move past it but I feel like it is a season for you to take authority over who you are I'm not going to be dictated by what people say about me I'm not going to keep apologizing for something I cannot change I'm ready to move forward and they take ownership over who God has called me to be I take authority over my voice I don't need you speaking for me any longer I take authority over my relationship with God it's about me and him and no one else any longer I can't afford help my power back my 40 back know what me and God can do when we combined together and I can't do that unless I take authority and will never attain the last bonus clip is have fun who is more likely to go over there some more minutes and I'm finished on special occasions who is the better gift giver [Laughter] [Applause] see the peanut butter jelly what's your best restaurants in LA but those pots and pans he doesn't know all right here's more likely to crack jokes at a church staff meeting master joke teller in church that babies know can I do you like that now I've got a special bonus clip from Sarah on how to not settle for safe that I really think you're gonna enjoy but before that is time for the three-point landing questions time to move from just watching another video to taking an action in your life or business and if you're feeling bold leave your answers in the comments below here we go question number 1 where do you punish yourself too much number 2 who do you need to stop comparing yourself to and number 3 what big mindset shift do you need to make don't settle for less give to us what inspired you to write this book well you know I really decided as I was looking at my life I was coming off the heels of going through such a difficult time and I thought you know what I just want to find this safe place I was a single mother and I said I just want to get a job I want to get a home and I just want to get this routine that feels safe for me and then the more that I got that routine I realized that there were still things happening to me we set challenges we said obstacles and I started really questioning this idea of safety and I recognized that safety is such an illusion because regardless of what you've accomplished in life or where what station you are in life you still have these issues you still have problems that spring up in your life problems that make you feel a little bit unstable and maybe question your faith and then I recognize it if we choose to stop settling for this idea of state and instead recognize that in embracing the unpredictability of life that there are lessons and wisdom that we can gain from those experiences so we don't have to start searching for safe instead we can embrace the uncomfortable and in doing so our faith becomes unstoppable if you like this video check out the top ten rules I did on Bishop TD jakes the link is right there next to me I think you'll enjoy it continue to believe and I'll see you there but only instinct can find it you must understand that the purpose is an underlying chemistry that makes you live your life