Love and Marriage in Orthodox Jewish communities | A Match Made in Heaven – Part 2/3

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Film starts at 0:37. For the first time, Orthodox Jewish people in Israel allow a camera to enter their personal lives on an intimate level, enabling us to discover the wisdom behind their way of life, in the potential hope that we can apply some of it to ours. We take a look at relationships between men and women, between singles and their friends, and between them and their families. The story follows the protagonists on their quests for love, across a chronological series of dates.

Dating and matchmaking in the “Haredi” (ultra-Orthodox Jewish) world has always been mysterious and intriguingly different from the secular world. At a time when the institution of marriage in the modern secular world is about to go bankrupt – increasing divorce rates, infidelity, the trend of extended bachelorhood, single parenting, etc. – the question arises: where are we going wrong? And what is it about Haredi relationships that keeps them strong and stable? How does it work?

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In the documentary “A Match Made in Heaven” we explore the world of matchmaking in the different sectors of the Haredi world and observe couples in different stages of relationships, and through them, we learn about their behaviour, philosophy, and the key to a happy relationship and marriage. Through the participants’ stories, we learn the values of relationships and marriage according to Judaism and how they actually apply them – very different from secular attitudes (love at first sight as opposed to love that comes with time; the women’s role in relationships; the man’s role). This is the first time that Orthodox Jewish people in Israel allow the camera to enter their close community, and through a different perspective to our own, lend valuable insight into a peaceful coexistence.

A Film by Ronnie Kay, Natalie Ginat & Shay Werker

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