March 25 2017 weekend update Mt. Olive Lutheran Church Corpus Christi Texas

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good morning everyone it is friday marched the 24th I wanted to give you our video update first a little sip here let me give you a shameless plug for sams of daily chef French roast coffee excellent just excellent I have a cup of fresh ground here this morning this weekend lots of stuff going on the therm in this sunday will be on John chapter 9 it starts with a man born blind and it has some significant words of Jesus towards the end of the chapter please take a look at that before Sunday morning and you'll read Jesus words throughout the text at the beginning and at the end of the text and take a look at those they are significant the Sunday School lesson is coming sunday is about the judge deborah from the book of Judges chapters four and five significant woman in the history of Israel this sunday there's a voter's assembly meeting at nine fifteen and then from 9 to 1 30 there is a blood drive here at Mount Olive and an accompanying potluck following late service a you'll probably be getting a telephone call about that at some point have a blessed day have a cup of joe if you want we'll see on sunday morning god bless bye bye