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The 2018 Midterms will be on November 6, 2018. Prophecy (some from Kim Clement) would tend to indicate (though not directly stated) that Trump will prophetically take the US November Midterms by storm (Trump is called “God’s David” by Kim Clement). What this would appear to mean is unusual success for the Republicans (and particularly Trump’s republican choices) in the 2018 US Midterms.

This prediction and prophecy would be VERY CONTRARY to the liberal or democrat news medias (commonly often referred to as “FAKE NEWS”).

Accordingly, democrats have been leaving the democrat party in MASSIVE WAVES commonly called “Walk-Away” parties. This has happened in historic amounts within African Americans, Hispanics, and young white Millennials. The over view of these walk away parties is simply that they are fed up with the party.

This would also tend to support the TRUMP WIN for the 2018 US Midterms (ie the 2018 midterms go strongly republican). In combination with this, the crowds for Trump are MASSIVE at all the rallies; whereas, there virtually are NO RALLIES at all surrounding ANY of the democrat candidates for the 2018 midterms.

However, not dissimilar to the 2016 election of Trump himself, the liberal / democrat (often called “fake news”) report they are WILDLY AHEAD.

These prophetic insights, listed above and within the video, STRONGLY DISAGREE with that. Time will tell the truth for the 2018 US midterms.

MIDTERM PROPHECY: Video also includes

In this Trump 2018 Midterm prophecy video you will also find footage of Trump Rally in Springfield, Missouri. Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell (footage by Tony Winkler) attended the 2018 Trump rally in Springfield, Missouri. There were reportedly 20,000 people turned away from this Trump rally as the stadium was too packed with Trump supporters. This is also our assessment.

Additionally, in this video is info on Mike Hughes (owner of Sunbeam; also, Rocketman products). Mike Hughes has been involved in many Biblical Archaeology projects over the years (a large supporter of them). Also, Mike Hughes (NOT the flat earth Mike Hughes) has been in numerous God in a Nutshell videos, including the original Trump prophecy video. Some of his current and interesting work is discussed herein.

Also, Paul Lehr, writer for God in a Nutshell and also for www.paulthepoke.com discusses the 10th red heifer and the significance of that for Israel.

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Mike Hughes / Rocketman / Sunbeam products for further info:

number one come over here talk come here it's bad it's bad that's it but we gotta have a shared real we got to get your feeling on so hold on one second I've got to see the back flip this around you are okay tell us why you love trauma I'm Trey Smith have gotten a nutshell and one of the most common things that has rested on my heart in the guitarist Pete in emails is there any prophecies about the midterms why is why is God doing this for God said I am dissatisfied with what emerges from both parties what you're looking at by I mean we're actually there this is footage from Springfield Missouri and before I answer the question are there prophecies about the midterms and even they will shout impeach impeach they say but name but more than that before we get into that I just like to look at the surface level value what's going on here just like in the election the election get an unusual time period unusual time okay that comes that's the lady with the head on the stake now tell us okay so walk me through it what what is your feeling about Trump you're gonna be voting for in the midterms I'm assuming you go in all Republican so walk me through it I'm confused I can see that clearly what I'm stating here and all of you are pushing for Trump's got loose Trump's gonna lose I can't laughter from here to Timbuktu on all of your late-night shows it's not even John Stewart anyone used to be funny one of this man Donald Trump's Twitter feeds Kuzma is more entertaining then all of their late-night canned laughter shows combined that a beating into your head [Applause] no matter how hard and this morning he added a new wrinkle tweeting as has been stated by numerous legal scholars Noah is making his mark tackling the topic of race taking aim at president electron in Donald Trump's America everyone is speculating as to who should be the most afraid black people Latinos the English language because I've just received today probably the most wonderful news I have ever heard in my life the leader of the free world just spoke out against four murders in South Africa as well as expropriation without compensation now let me read you his tweets I have asked Secretary of State Secretary Pompeo to closely study the South African land and form seizures and expropriations and large-scale killings of farmers thank you for being on the show it is great to see you tonight Barack Obama made his final appearance on The Daily Show as president discussing the election of Donald Trump Obama began his remarks by thanking South African presidents Hill Rama poza for quote inspiring new hope in this great country now if you've been following what's going on in South Africa you might be shocked by that because it turns out Rama poza recently declared that he will change the South Africa Constitution he'll do it for the explicit purpose of persecuting a racial minority seizing their land without compensation not because they've committed a specific crime but because they are the wrong color but now we turn to racial tensions in America and one man who seems uniquely poised to take the issues head-on growing up biracial in segregated south africa only seemed to sharpen Trevor Noah's sense of humor these South Africans have already been murdered in race killings many and many more are fleeing the country for their lives it's not covered here but is covered in the rest of the world and it's real Obama knew all this he described it as quote inspiring this has been my dad died it was killed I never for watching it for what he was a good man he was an awesome men and just shoot somebody six times execution stopped gonna take it easy you cannot sit back and wait for a savior you can't opt out because you don't feel sufficiently inspired by this or that particular candidate this is not a rock concert this is not Coachella we don't need a messiah but he shall not come in the time of President Obama they shall come when this new one arises my David that I have set aside for this nation the actual goes around the building basically twice and this is the line for this is the line to get into the Trump rally and I want you to notice as I point over this line you've got white people you got no say well it Trump's a racist Trump sir didn't I heard they're black there are so many Spanish people that are in this line across the way from me over here there's there's some black people right here there's some it's all sorts of people but and I point that out for this cause I point that out for this single cause it per capita in a place like Springfield it's you know there's a lot of there's a lot of people of color that are from all over the globe that are right in that line over there Noah's uniquely suited to talk about racism growing up biracial in apartheid South Africa he was forced to navigate the dangerous worlds between black and white but he says he learned that communicating with those of the opposite view is crucial to success and the killings continue Graham takes us to his closest neighbor 15 minutes by Road her cousin was just killed during a burglary a horrifying event for this elderly woman whose husband was killed in similar circumstances and then just shoot somebody in cold blood from behind a respected man David Green resembles nothing of the white racist farmer stereotype his murder however does match the national statistics to farmers are murdered every week in South Africa do you think Donald Trump is racist I do I do you do and I'll tell you what it's tough to say that somebody is not racist when they're doing all the racist things now let me read you his tweet I have asked Secretary of State Secretary Pompeo to closely study the South African land and form seizures and expropriations and large-scale killings of farmers South African government is now seizing land from white farmers women for tribal Wow I don't really want to be in an interview woman has a safe there's woman has a saying yeah Trump tells it like it is and he lets women have their own speak of mine they can say what they want he lets him do it he puts women first example one person who's sticking by him is Kanye West now he's been having a love fest online posting the photo and a make America great again Catherine tweeting that the mob can not bat mob but I guess the collective mob can't make me not love him we're both dragon energy he's my brother like I think that it's really cool that he has Kelly and Conway she's the first lady oh you're really close she's the first lady to win a presidency so you do why does he make a month good you think the economy is better with time it's halfway in the middle it's in the middle yeah because we got a lot of people that's trying to get to their you know the upper scale I mean taxes tax break is a different class so no you're just trying to get in very browse fit in there are you following yes I just came back from Montana Wow yeah so you think okay so it does the stuff do okay yeah what's the best shirt seeing the piston on this I want about how much are they 20 20 bucks and by the way by the way you don't need one prophecy and understand there's at these rallies in summer which at Iowa 20 this one that we attended the line went around the stadium twice and then on often to the University I would estimate deadline was over a mile long it was lightning and all those people got turned away there was enough room stadiums the people that were protesting got some footage of that transsexualism put a lot of work into their outfits I found out you don't know well they're still deciding that's that's a great answer and I like your jacket that look like that good a lot of work you were thinking about Trump a lot putting that jacket together I'll show you that what did this guy say okay well make a choice for reply to you I know the Lord's are cowards over there I know it's darn thing without they will love you over there even with that jacket on okay so why tell you I tell you this what I was hearing from women that this is the first time we've got a president in office that actually likes me but you disagree with that stick walking through it I mean if you I mean that obviously you seem impacted why don't you like Tron okay why is always seems like most women in America like you why don't you why have you got his head on a stick little old ladies with Trump's head on a stick but I'll tell you why just on the surface level is because Democrats are showing up this is in fact what I was hearing evening from and I'm allowed to tell you this my friends gathered and milli over Infowars shut down Infowars well I got friends over there at Infowars some of the top footage that came of Trump rallies remember during the election yet Hillary Clinton yeah the old lady here so yeah I got it I got a head I can put on a stick – it's kind of evil-looking isn't it and it's a dirty one – it's a this mask is mine outside it's a dirty Hillary's what it is and why don't you like why do you feel like another one like if you're telling another woman this guy's a real scumbag he's a pussy grabbing man the reason Democrats are showing up in mass to vote for Donald Trump you know and all the people that they were saying oh no no no he's a racist guys are worried that right Yeah right I'll tell you the lines are full of black people they are full of Spanish people from here to Timbuktu and here's why because the last presidents that we've had last cutie little presidents even Obama it was supposed to be wonderful for black people the fact was he might be great at giving a statesman like speech a lot of these people are waking up that's what I was hearing in line after line after line because it's not even they maybe that guy didn't even maybe intended well just didn't get anything done and I'll tell you what people are voting on and I think that they are in love with Republicans Republicans weren't really either I'm not sitting here but tell you that facts on my best friends are Democrats and it's an insult what's happening right now with the can after on the comedy shows I can't have two hahaha oh he liked the week fund the rich guy like the pretty girl you gotta be out of your mind you got to be absolutely good accent but that's humiliating that's the fact that they even sitting Oh Kevin although we thought the sexual accuser from I think his childhood right well he's running for this was 25 years ago oh and can't find even one witness that says the two of them were even together at one point in the same room somewhere but we can't find evidence that a judge who was the friend's mom who was found unfavorably for them in a case there's a two hundred thousand strong group of motorcyclists say they will create a barrier to block off protesters if they get too out of hand during the ceremony let's bring them bikers for Trump founder Chris who joins me now Chris basically you say bikers all of them are patriots how was it going to work how are you going to wall off the protesters well we certainly have every confidence in the metropolitan the police department the Park Police and the Capitol Police as you recall back in Cleveland there was a lot of polarizing of the what might happen and law enforcement learned from the mistakes that they made in Cleveland sorry in Arizona and Chicago so I'm anticipating a peaceful transition of power here why do you have a shirt on that says F try yeah but why'd you feel that way why do you want people to grab you in that way over here if we look over here there's lines [Applause] is that the white from sea to shining sea and what Spanish people are voting voting most midterms as the Democrats same Democrats and you don't have Hillary in there the fraud look this guy here that's on the screens he had to overcome is dirty lady is she really is this a dirty mess dirty it's an evil dirty looking mass because that's who she is that's who the people that funded her are her friends shall I be in prison truth know those people out there that had been with their eyes waking up from sea to shining sea in that voting no call it wrong call it whatever they're not voting for crooked politicians because this guy here seems to make those people angry and everybody season and know that they're voting for their own wallets this time I'm not the dirty politicians wallet and you got a guy there I tell you this you got it not only do the people not care about boy I think that we fund a rich guy liked a pretty girl the women are in line and masculine women for Trump women for trunk and by the way million woman March boy that's a funny title the one a million with not even close race entitled anything anything you want you want to see a million women marching all these Trump rallies we're walking around a line and they're all yelling women for is it maybe they just like the fact first time you've got a guy in office a long time that actually likes women say for a Bill Clinton that hey guys I'm just I'm just half man I'm just one to smoke some pot in the White House people it done with games and nonsense and Bush he can't find his way through the golf course and Obama he can give you a great speech why I tell you what I'm Tehran you go ask the black people out there that are in line their wallets look these things right here and you call it greedy you call it whatever God is the author of prosper in this place the prophecies to put this man in there yeah he yes the Lord cares for Mature prosper that comes with a price as well so you've got a guy back to this blessing Israel you bless Israel you will get the blessing of God and as opposed to cursing this president you begin to pray for as president you pray for these midterms God is going to do some unusual things he's heard all the canned laughter he cares to hear and the big tech guys guys I respect you but your numbers were falling just I think Facebook 132 billion dollars or somewhere thereabouts just a month back and Google Google on YouTube didn't fare all that well and this comes in the same time frame or will pull of people's channels and to be frank you guys but that guy's you forgot your own base the very people that puts you there now how is that a winning outcome by any stretch you forgot the very people even by pulling the plug on voices maybe you don't like okay let's ask us this just happened this week facebook spotify Apple YouTube right they all banned the Infowars channel so let me ask you do you think that's a good thing or that's a bad no I think it's a catastrophe okay so what's your what's your solution do you believe Facebook or YouTube should be forced to provide a platform for speech that they detest no I don't think they should be forced I think that they're I think that they've they've bit off far more than they'll be able to chew well sure Trump Wayne what probably puts you a step closer to being a public utility which I would be terrified I would frankly me too I'm scared for you and I'm sitting over here cuz because now they've decided well now they've decided that there are ethically responsible for the content on their platforms so good luck with that decision because they have an awful lot of content and drawing the lines is going to be extraordinarily difficult thing to do so basically the way that these companies were set up to begin with is that people could post content and then other people could watch it and basically decide by their viewing they could value the content by their proclivity to view hmm and now they've decided as a consequence of this decision that they're going to be in the business of arbitrarily determining what should and shouldn't be presented for public viewing and they'll never run out of decisions to make you know lots of people were watching Alex Jones didn't agree with them they were just keeping an eye on him you're pulling guys like me and I'm there for my man I'll be swinging it if I were there and you know what you need to begin praying for young wallets to you guys because numbers are falling like rocks your numbers are falling like rocks it's not because of Donald Fonda no no no it's because in your fight for frivolous university frat boy crap you forgot the very people that put you there bottom line you get big fat ingredient forgot about your own base and you assume that they're gonna be there for you I'm telling you up in these rallies boys they are not buddy a man I got the guy right here ah yeah you Nephilim videos yeah you're supporting Trump yes I am well tell us about your on man you know what I think it's the only choice left it's you know it was I was a was a libertarian not anymore because I collect communists have infiltrated the party so now I'm supporting Trump it's not everything's not perfect but it's at this point in a day and age I think it's either this or the alternative was horrible and I would like a lot of what he does I do believe in American I hope we can make it really get me a lot of people don't know hey you know my family wrote a lot of the software that takes stuff in and out of security military facilities I even own the copyrights on some of it today my people don't know that we've got some stuff we're gonna hand to you I'm thinking about hand it to you for free it'll make sure they're not they're not looking at your stuff in fact it'll make you a pixel and a great big middle finger flying straight that big tech and a CIA and the NSA and all these other creepers it because only creeps creeps through other people's trash go through their garbage and read their emails only dirty people did that only people like Hillary can't even keep a hold of their own crap so you don't even need the NSA shield release our 30 emails in a heartbeat because that's how stupid they are if God calls this man here his David and trust me David was with a few girls and if he thought David was with a few girls home plate though you talk with Solomon I tell you both of these boys you get up that the news articles if they're running with their can laughter stuff like he's tell that joke that David and Solomon you get dad I think we'd father a rich guy with a girl oh you gotta be this is humiliating man thanks for the shirt you that is an arse this is like it's got a dude from the Nephilim videos hey and thank you for saying hey check it out I got look I got this shirt here today and that's Trump right there peeing on CNN hit the pray Lord for Prospero he thinks he's the author of prosperous places speaking of that indeed I do I was sitting here right in this chair walking on one of most powerful videos that I've worked on and the Lord showed to me I took a break it's about ain't there angels apparent worldwide and some things that black angels african-american angels oh yeah oh yeah african-american angels yes sir and you know what they're voting Trump to Spanish angels you know you know what the Lord's you know the Lord doesn't see color skin the big media people have been trying to play against each other I tell you what what they're scared of is that you'll have any power and power comes in your pocket look and now they've got that they'd like to take that from you let me ask you this the Democrat Party helping anybody because the other truth the reason the Republicans are so terrified of this guy back here and his choices that he's putting in boy you go out there and vote if you a Democrat I support you in voting and if you're a Republican you go vote because it ain't about that this is about you taking the power back and you know that but as it turns out I was sitting here in this very chair working on what I believe to be the most powerful deity of the Lord has ever attacked me I said Lord would you show me something about these men jobs just show me something and then I clicked on one of those just one spot this was on the same tape that part of which I used the Trump prophecy thing I think coincidentally had played this right right when I clicked and asked the Lord what it played and then there is a nation he showed me took me eating for a new kind of war with America they will shout impeach impeach they say that name this nation shall come very sadly but he shall not come in the time of president obama they shall come when this new one arises my David that I have set aside for this nation a man of Prayer a man of choice words not a man who is proposed who is verbosity who speaks too much they will even say this man is not speaking enough but God says I have set him aside they will shout in beach in beach but this shall not happen and then God says highly embarrassing moments when another Snowden arises and people will become very afraid they'll say we have no protection and then God says have I oppressed with your weapons of war am i impressed with a strength of your men's legs ah I have said I will bring this nation to its knees and God said you have been humbled and yet some more and then you shall hear the sounds of great victory for where are the people gathered where are my people gathered where is the sound of unity from my people I was just this crowd here and all the thousands watching all of the world just do me a favor just for about 30 seconds raise up your voice and shout once you two brought even a bad people then we're all bad I'm just gonna go ahead and give it to us you put a guy there to do that and you put a guy there that makes the evil people mad and God likes watching God likes watching yeah yeah the guys I'd be careful if I were on the other defense screwing with him too long because I think who you're really fighting with is God and on top of that you're fighting with the guy that God put in here his career starting one of his attorneys represented all five of the major crime families in New York to me that's just smart business but maybe prepared them for the day that you have to deal with evil folks like this right hand because you think there's a lot of people don't walk away from this lady here still breathing if they disagree I think it was a preparation for exactly these hours a lot of Democrats don't know that he's the first president in history to turn down the presidential salary he only takes a dollar cheers understanding Lord Jesus I just say a prayer right now over you and your families I'll care Republican Democrat white black and whether they all watch my videos man they watch look look at the Lord speaks to these and the next thing that's about to come and the herd of every race creed color you are in the final hours you are in the hours all the prophets looking at and saw you are in the final truck maybe not that doesn't mean it happens today you that like a setting of the stage okay stay there but they have a setting of us to age you can't be you can't be on the bleachers and stuff you can't be worried about where you're gonna eat next the Lord wants you to not only understand the ending this point of my trumps there as part of why is he gonna prosper the bad people even if he's got to drag them kicking and screaming to that prosper because they're so caught up in the crap Lord Jesus I just pray I'm blessing over this nation you know I hear this United States are a blessing over Israel I pray a blessing over our president Donald Trump and I pray a blessing over every single one every single one of you save now what Democrat Republican I don't affiliate with Latinas god bless every last one of you and your families yes the midterms are gonna come out the way the Lord God wants them to come out and that will be favorable for you the Democrat or the Republican on the other side of the screen because you're not gonna fight god you're gonna support God and what God is doing the move because that's what that's what I'm asking that's what I'm asking you to have the courage to do I'm tracing God bless every last one I mean get up and vote you get a pillow even if you're a Democrat you go out there and through gritted teeth you take a shot on going this time you think don't take a shot against they'll do that I'm Trey Smith god bless every last one of you and your families on the other side of the screen I was living like never heard of the Sun in the sky okay so now on this I was a little I'll be very frank with you and I wanted to pop this in at the end of this video whatever this is it's Mike you seem like yous over the years and my videos me tell me tell me yeah the nickname called rocket man because I had a and it wasn't literally a rocket it's paramotoring it's called rocket and though this is not the Flat Earth Mike Hughes they put himself in a rocket but I did find that coincidentally he's got this stuff called Rocket Man and this stuff here was well as many of you have watched videos like enemies you know that Mike hit a pyramid well he was a rocket man he was nicknamed that he so one time I'm in Central America and I flew a little too low in to windy conditions and the wind caught me and I slammed the top of a tree into the side of a pyramid and slid down the pyramid and shattered this leg in seven places yeah so it took about two years two and a half years to recover and where you can because they literally had to assemble my leg back together and bolt them together with kind of skiers going all through with three sets of rings and was hold two sets of rings yeah it's kind of funny the leg was twisting and contorting beyond belief doctors said he probably would never wouldn't walk again you know we'll share the rest of his life seven pins eight hours with the surgery it looks pretty over for Mike and I can't tell any difference so wouldn't it be great if we could have a device that could tell me exactly – even a fraction of a degree how much more motion and speed of motion I have so I invented this little disc and Mike was out enjoying things because when you walk through like an automotive like sometimes crashes on my couch and he uses ranch comes out I don't even know how a common person would get in touch with me you walk through an automotive store Michael be like oh I made that made that oh yeah you're right and of course that was motion science well later that turned out to be a design device of people using animation films and cartoons and a whole lot of things and I actually also used it in a braking system for cars trucks you walk through a car a lot of be like oh yeah I made that a depth I made that adapt it mean a lot of money through you all the Lord blessed him he's an inventor in fact one of the first things he invented there's mad a little police department that wrote him a traffic ticket when he's just a kid he didn't want his mom and death and all about it so you know so and then he lost in the in the court battle because he actually end up arguing better than the cop and all this but of course gotta prove they're in charge they're like you're guilty anyway well so what Mike did in responses was developed a device that would later become illegal that would prevent the cop from ever knowing which his speed was only somehow emit something that I don't know how it works but it would keep them from ever knowing your speed just cuz he was upset the motion science stuff he were developing and working on it with the with addition was this before they were going in all the movies yes the device had never been created before it was it was a brand new technology and even the application to using for animation or things in movies hadn't been even thought of yet so it was pretty cool to have it you know that product that early in the in the game they ended up making all sorts of automotive connectors and in fact with his leg thing that was broke he needed it wasn't the muscles in the body now we're gonna get to what this rocket man stuff does it's more than a natural and my view it's probably about the magic I use it myself like my dad has got heart trouble and I'm gonna be he's heading this I got another friend of mine that just went through a bypass was very good friend of mine a friend man the praise over these videos will it put this stuff in lying India and also I want I want to get married soon so I'm looking for I got a bunch of this stocked up yeah I'll tell you about the side of these whales and I was like Mike dude I do Christian videos man I can't people that have MS have a terrific mind and even a terrific body but there's a problem with the connection of communication between their mind and their body and what happens over time is they gradually lose the ability to command the movement of their bodies I didn't I'm but I'm going to because I believe the Lord gave it to Mike here's what made Mike's and periodically they'll have this this this thing you come upon them where it's believed the MS is attacking them right then their nervous system and chipping away at their ability to to control their body and once they're out of that that kind of that funk they're a little worse off and you give it enough episodes over a period of time and they gradually lose the ability to communicate with their body and even move where they can't move anymore and their muscles get atrophy much body didn't work he's an inventor and so here's an inventor that made all these parts for automotive stores and mechanical things gone wrong and now his own body doesn't work because the rocket man hit hit up here made going through clothes cuz he got few daring and that his body didn't work and everything worked out but your body doesn't work ain't that bad we're actually men that had multiple sclerosis and we found something pretty amazing first our test subjects were saying that he was stopping the onset of some of their episodes that's pretty exciting that alone would be a great accomplishment but it turned out they all had a side effect well the Lord began leading Mike on how he was gonna make his own body work because it wasn't the muscles of the bones or the pins and air these things were all fine the ability of the mind to talk those legs down yeah now is it turned out it talks to all the parts so while we were doing the test with these guys the amount of doses they would take started kind of growing you know weekly all the men in the test study had a side effect that made them want to take more in the rocket man just for the side effect yes it would help and actually did help man that had multiple sclerosis or MS to stay off some of these episodes but because they started taking more doses we started asking what's happening what why are you taking more I mean are you having more episodes you trying to avoid well it turned out that well let's talk about your body for a second Rick Derringer when I was out there Sodom and Gomorrah he starts talking the Mike on the phone because Mike used to support all of these could like ron wyatt's stuff and things as a hidden secret was it i mean i'll say well we had lots of funders he has I really met Mike even Joe Rogan is one more thing even Joe Rogan real popular on the internet now I find interesting that's interesting and he was dogging on those are [Applause] man picture on a cloud special in fact 600 years old but uh Mike Hughes came in and was recorded with him because Mike had been funding stuff like that all the other guys were laughing at it I think the Lord saw that most even pictures of a fucking arm yeah he's working on the archaeologists believe this Michael Hughes with white archaeology I'm not missing we actually found the art but I can tell you what we found first of all I'm a doctor man if somebody claims they've made an incredible discovery art our company actually checks it out sighs okay woody have what's has to be done and then checks it out so let's say you've found that a sword or something from Psalm okay and you spend your life looking for it well just could you just dug it up last week doesn't mean any much don't believe that right so so an archaeologist I shouldn't look for a documentary that'll you know check it out and say okay and we actually fund expeditions to back up or somebody claimed I'm gonna tell you the shots I'll show ya whatever boy your mind because that was something like that was supported things that the Lord made and I believe that's why the Lord blessed mine yeah I could return many using oh man yeah okay so everyone making what make me well again it's um you know it's sort of like some of these discoverers that we've met you know like the Wyatts and the Richard Reeves and his family and all this they get this drive that's important to them and it just becomes something that it's more than making a living or it's more than a career it's something that they're just driven for and that's what we are you lose more control your body until eventually you're in a wheelchair Mike when to figure out a way to stop at it if the stuff he had or different versions of it could you could do then it turned out it looked like they were recovering which would be a significant discovery in of itself save for the fact that the wives started calling it frankly saying oh we need some water send more boxes a day you got extra strength we need because of Rocket Man Rocket Man has says ok but ok but seriously but this stuff here okay you viagra you guys have tried viagra like for me and my family I'm gonna have my dad take this no don't you have a dirty mind the body okay so like if you have viagra for example was first developed by inventors because they they were working with heart medications right so there's two ways to get like if you don't have a dirty mind you've got something pumping and you've got a valve it shut off okay and that's just one part of the problem by the way but if you've got a heart issue or blood the flow there's only two ways you can do that want us to get dis pumping order which is probably not good right that's probably what viagra something does chemically and this is natural stuff his stuff he follows all of the rules he's like a hawk or he Bruins guy that's why it's done like everything he develops is after God's design while the free-energy stuff in fact the only free energy street as I understand it in the world in Austin Texas was to get ten years of fighting him to let me put in that if he fight the crap out of people doing free energy stuff I accept that point money into it to make sure that you guys make sure you've got a free energy Street just cuz that's what you're into anyway there's two ways to get something to the one is to pump more blood throw work extra hard the other way is to release so this can work more naturally more lonely more like it should and your body wouldn't fight against it correct gonna be taking it myself and there's a reason the pill is separated from the liquid I don't even know what they it Mike's technically you go check with my all those weird technical reasons who technical you off the blog but the bottom line is is it I want my father's hard to keep working there's a lot of people out there myself included it would like to maximize what everything everything that God gave us this place so I for one would be I got quite a bit of this Rocketman by Mike use and to be honest with you anything that Mike has always believed in whether it be a power poor thing whatever yes goods are why it works rockstars opinion it works it works Rocketman works like a rockstar yeah it works better than any of the other gender solitary desert desert wired this is a ground this this is a groundbreaking product that the future has not seen yet yeah something happens over time when a man gets older and nobody knows why is it about diet is about our environment is about things that are in our environment that are battling against us we don't know but whatever the whatever the cause is when when men get older their body starts having a problem hearing their mind I saw even Rick and Genda when I went to a couple of rock shows I realize like Rick Rick would be like maintenance and this is when this the bottles were in development all that and then other people like hardcore Baptists and stuff they data the stuff really do this is picked up recent Mike Shiva missed everybody they usually clinics for other different battery of carcasses how Mike walk so we're coming into where they're they're protesting Trump and by the way by the way it's like to point out these actually come from Israel so coin with Trump's face on well let me get spiciest dump truck this thing that I'm holding right here on my hand it's got Donald Trump's face on it this is an official this is a trump Cyrus coin and Cyrus that is used on that point this is an actual coin from Israel and this point is authorized and through the sanhedrin of Israel you know what that means you know the importance of that on the back of that coin is the Third Temple and it's just speculation at this point you know what any of that means you know that this probably becomes extraordinarily valuable at the point that Temple is there this is a real coin this is a half shekel coin that would be usable at the temple as I understand see it's as far as I know I'm people they've actually cut a knee away then you're supporting God and then I show your support in Israel playing in my view a role in prophecy by learning one of these I it's real say yeah it's a very simple coin am yisrael half shekel Donald Trump's face on the front it's made by the book by Levitical law yes so we're here we're in the protesting area where there's just a lot of angry people the lines to get in go clear around the stadium and back several times and I'm out here I'm actually holding a Cyrus coin my hand so and we ship these entities these actually come from and are printed in in Israel just Paul here that is rapture and in a degree covers the seven Church and whether you agree with the rapture don't agree with the rapture could definitely fascinates you but more than that he's one of the most competent writers on the everything going on in Israel and in the Middle East he's got his thumb on the heartbeat you being refined I'd like to follow up I find it interesting best guess on this Europe moving towards they just had birth in Israel the 10th red heifer the ten point in history this would be the ten together and according and this is an oral tradition this is not anything you're gonna see in the Bible but according to world traditions that have been passed down that historically there will only be ten renée first ever we've had nine the first Moses to had the first one I believe coming off of Mount Sinai now Israel has been in some instances trying to and they're still following all the Levitical laws but they've had nine red heifers in history the 10th from a prophetic perspective and I cut the olives back here a bull with the Mart's number one the three and what God is three and onee first The Aleph starts everything it's a silent letter that's the bet right there it's a symbol for home once they got to mention I've got if you have not seen the god to mentioned you'll get a copy at mount up just do it there's been nine this would be number ten in the last and then I guess if you go back to his name is Maimonides of the most renowned Jewish scholar known also by the acronym Rambam wrote in explanation of the law that the tenth red heifer will be accomplished by the king the Messiah may he be revealed speedily now this was written holy cow thousand thousand years ago or so so I mean they've been looking for this tenth ran effort it's been at least 2,000 years since the night red heifer a next day and that's for rabbi Chi E white man and he is the international director of the temple Institute best gets the setup for that third temple comes through the president that you got an office right now he not only supports Israel he kind of takes variety making five star stuff from buildings and these kind of things I would imagine as a legacy thing it's a pure red heifer and it's the ashes of the sacrifice of the r NF er are necessary for the purification of the building of the third temple so in other words we're not having a temple until we have a pure red heifer to be sacrificed other thing we're talking about it it's pretty interesting this work there's no argument of this for any of those prophetic things in the kitchen as long you need them to get that temple bad guys you just do you just do but not everybody can disagree what happens later but you need them to get down it's the way that I'm reading it looks that way Christians I hear again and these will go nail and teeth over each other you need it there's no way to read the book without getting head it's just not so they're gonna watch this little cow like nobody's business and I think they're looking to inspect it again in three to four months now they've had something that they think may be of qualifying to three to four months later they developed some imperfections here's why a fistful God then I shall DVDs looks like right there I want to run these water pass you look at that and no not only the beautiful total there are the baddest dogs on the Block on any coffee table the two ports it will ultimately be a three parts it was like those number three's well we've been doing a study on Enoch the first part is called Mount Hermon this will all be released with you I don't know what time you're watching this table if you're looking at right now but might even be up when you're watching this but we're gonna have a set up is the most not only the most beautiful that I've ever done but the Lord really flowed particularly in the I'm in the first part will knock your socks off but the second part of them but the second part of it which is called Lord of spirits that's how large Himself is referred to very very often so the hey back there the number of grace that's the age n that's how God is often very referred to in the book of The Book of Enoch well it's gonna be looking at angels that appearing all around the globe some of these angels look they're not like your common paintings these can be black they can be implied they can be American indie they can be the women they can be I'm telling you the supernatural is as close as the air between your fingertips and I really felt like a lord move for this new thing but I want to thank every one of you has gotten sets of these I also want to say thank you to those of used to get to these new videos of it coming out the way to get them to them the fastest and to them right now before they're even order them before they're even or durable now I don't know what's up yet okay but there is stuff up there in a subscriber section but more with the Godman are shelling subscribers when better and better getting stuff out there more and more consistent basis here's the deal guys a lot of people look a lot of people fake like with the garden I shall stuff just deliver things for it to be chopped put things up in there when you're in there right getting a little faster at that so I've got help now but it still has to be stuff that I know that if I look to go when I look at it myself I'm like the Lord was a little bit crazy out here and you're supporting us by being important you're actually helping I want to thank every last one between families that have come over and becoming partners of garbage I'm Trey Smith god bless every last one and your families on the other side on another screen