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Join a group of Orthodox Christian pilgrims (led by Metropolitan Demetrius of America) as they journey through the Holy Land. They visit various holy sites in Israel and Palestine including Bethlehem (the birthplace of Jesus Christ), the Sea of Galilee, and Mount Tabor.


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you have to go back in the first centuries of the church where for someone to travel down to the Holy Land from where they were and when Europe or even North Africa they had to come up to the only road and so forth it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience most people wouldn't even be able to afford never mind the danger of all along to come from another country and to become had G or a pilgrim plane and we're here in a few hours it's not so difficult I'm not so dangerous as before but I think the experience is the tomb of the mother of God was also very special music anybody wants to they should go on this trip it's life-changing the glad tidings that comes through the angel to the mother of God who announces to her that she will give birth to our Lord and she's confused because she's she's without a husband and the angel tells her the Holy Spirit should come upon thee and the power of the Most High shall overshadow the gracious the Holy Spirit comes third and she seems to Oh a strange and marvelous mystery do I behave as a lover Jenna cherubic for the me we're in Christ God the iron curtain over Warren are three Kline him do we praise a Magnus and they were afraid with a great fear and the angel said unto them fear not for behold I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all the people for unto you Is Born This Day in the City of David a savior which is Christ the Lord we suffer so far Clemens of alica spoke in the modernist jurisdictions are becoming more disunited falling deeper into the air superhuman ISM this feeling inside of us of joy at the fact that the true words of those Christians are becoming more and more United as time progresses and I'm stronger I believe that a sign of this unit is how is it that possible that we find ourselves here right now we came together it was the 44 Lord's will marcella save me said those nosfy do tompa Melancon focus upon the leafeaters Moscow region as a lot because we were united here we came together here in this place this church and temple of the Holy Shepherd's even though we are separated through this great ocean how long is the amount in numbers there is no real separation between us we have because the Saint Paul says there's no Christian boundaries and we are united in our love Farsi Anna did you receive him into his arms and blessed God and said now although they soon departed the peaceful – according to that word my eyes have seen thy salvation which that was before the face of all peoples of life of a relation for the nation's st. Simeon at the time of Christ was the last remaining elder of the 70 scribes who transcribed the Old Testament into Greek when he was transcribing this he got to the line in the Old Testament that said a virgin shall conceive and give birth he didn't understand the translation ended up taking off his ring and throwing it into the ocean said if I get my ring back then will transcribe the line as virgin they were eating fish the next day and she opened up his fish and his ring was inside the fish the angel came to him and said that he would not depart from this life until he had seen God come in glory he was a educated scholar Jewish scholar he lived a long and pious life in the temple um he was one to receive Christ in the temple and when he held the babe the child Christ he knew this was the coming of man the coming of God as man he was a wonderful saint his tomb is underneath the church of st. Simeon it's a very simple tomb as most of the tombs in the time work it's carved into the rock and the church will built on top of it one of the most powerful places to visit on the fell direction so this is not the presence of the holy senior and may he be an intercessor before I go in for us and they grant us all those because we try to salvation you get lost in these churches for days and never be filled with everything the peacefulness the comfort we all feel that in our home parish but this is 10 volts because of all the saints that have been here all of the history uh you know Jesus was here this was the place he walked when Peter was coming down out of the ship you walked on the water to go to Jesus when you saw the wind boisterous was afraid the beginning to sink he cried saying lord save me and immediately Jesus stretched for the santur caught up in sedative Oh thou little faith wherefore this thought dogs then you start sinking and sinking and sinking it becomes to this difficult moment when you realize lookee my life isn't Dean coz of the fact that he was in such a desperate moment his prayer was stronger his prayer had more power because he was desperate so with all this heartless well-being he said lord save me there's no other way I can't do this I can't be delivered from this situation that I'm in I put myself in this situation I asked to come to you I know I'm sinking so once he said lord save me and you made a sincere prayer his full heart our Lord stretched forth his arm and he pulled the moat and Peter was then evil once again to come on but only with God's help so the lesson now is we have to focus ourselves on Jesus Christ we can't be distracted by the waves of this life the billows of this life you have to ascribe everything to our Lord and we have to thank our Lord for everything that he has given unto us he is the cause of every good that's what I said you'll go to church and you'll hear the gospel about throwing Nets off the side of the boat the Sea of Galilee we were on a boat in the Sea of Galilee to have an actual tangible physical experience in those places really fills your experience of the gospel in our lives because the receiver wants to get a message across to us but one of the messages is that there are those who there are those yes they came here and the church was being built and they were very poor so they asked them for help so they sent the money to finish building the church and it was blending processions of the Holy Mother of God that he worked his first miracle when you think about it you hear the Gospels all the time and you know you always hear of these places and now to actually be here I know that when I hear those Gospels every Sunday I will be thinking about when I was actually there seeing things in real life definitely impacts you a lot more than just hearing them when metropolitan boroughs have taken a group like that and some of the ladies actually are in our group this time around as they were reading the gospel a holy cloud descended on the on the Mount the mountain and actually start creeping into the church well had it shipped to autostar ball with a bishop applause from idea Marella and he saw the clown coming into the church and he was pointing to us to look at it was a sunny day beautiful day but the only thing you could see it was a cloud covering up the monastery and that was the middle of the road also the non tourist it happens every year of Voges that's the day of the holiday of the monastery but when the group was here and it happened was February a bishop explained to us that it was a sign of a miracle for us to see it and it was a blessing for the group you