Portland Church Operates Hotels

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Eastside Foursquare Church in Portland Oregon bought a hotel were they hold services. They have made a major impact on their city and are gaining national attention for this “new” model of ministry. See their story.

a year and a half ago I stood at this very place with the drain and today that dream is a reality come with me and let's share a story together and so we began a dream of trying to find a place where God wanted to land us one of our hotel brokers was looking for a hotel a vision that we could fulfill and in about of March of 2004 he had found the spot he said it's the old Travel Lodge hotels and Bob turn to me and say Erica it just needs a little work but you know what there was a vision and the dream in my heart and once I saw this place and I stood out on the fish bridge out here and I looked over the the freeway my heart began to move as I stood on that bridge and I looked up at the sign and I realized that there was a place that we could open up we're lost people could come in and we could give hope to a weary traveler and rather than go build a place where no one would come we could just take over a place that everyone was coming and so in June of 2004 you know the story we bought the place and we possess the land the police department has formed us as we got under this property that we had just bought the largest methamphetamine house in all the Portland as the police officer shared that with me he reached out his hand not knowing who I was and said so who are you nice that I'm the pastor of the largest methamphetamine God put in my heart that what we needed to do was to build a place of presence here a place where God could show up a place where he could come and he could restore the place where broken lines could be mended and so we built several places here the very first area that we focused on was the rooms and many of you have toured through our rooms and we have two buildings of rooms that are done now and more construction is happening and what I see is amazing because as people came onto this property they began to work they began to do landscaping they began to volunteer and people folded laundry and landscape and did construction and all of a sudden we began to see a dream come about and all of a sudden the bar downstairs became the Children's Center I love that miners are definitely allowed and happy hour has a totally different meaning and there's a youth center downstairs and youth are coming in it and and God called us to pay attention to the details the nicest rooms in all of Portland exist right here at this hotel and people will ask why did you put so much why did you put so much detail into this let me tell you why we did that we did it because this does not belong to us it belongs to the king of kings and the Lord of all and God said when somebody comes into your hotel in as much as you have done it under the least of these you've done it underneath so where did we want to put Jesus to bed that night I wanted to put him on a pillowtop mattress and so when we sweep we're sweeping Jesus's law when we watch winders we're watching D this is windows this place does not belong to us the other thing we put in with sacred grounds downstairs yeah this is a Christian coffee dump and we are so glad you're here it is the place where relationships can be formed and community can happen and the cool thing is how that is forming some wonderful relationships in stay together we also put in a Christian counseling service called family to family counseling and family the family counseling is a place of care there is a place right here in our garden area where we have three rooms that are dedicated towards the counseling service I think that's awesome when all of a sudden now we've got a place of community and we've got a place of caring and that strategic partnership is working so well then we took a look around and we said father we don't want to just stop there we don't want to create just a place of care we also want to create a place of healing and then we begin Freedom House Freedom House is a 501c3 nonprofit discipleship program that builds consistent Christian character and the lives of men who want out of drugs and alcohol of street life may be dead I'm thankful to Jesus in and the freedom house and thankful to God that he's got programs like this work for men who have like Victoria she's like I had and so when they come in here they're coming in and getting into a highly structured and accountable environment where they're fed good solid spiritual truth every day the other day we walked out and they were all back behind the property and they were weed whacking and pulling and getting things ready for the bark and pulling out weeds and all kinds of stuff when we walked out there and it's pouring down rain and they were just they would just clean things up and it has become a place of healing Freedom House is truly a place where people can come and get to the other strategic alliance that we formed was with my father's house he is saying I want to build a house where my presence can be and all of these partnerships come together when I met pastor Eric we talked about what and it came really in line with what we were here housing families and keeping families together so in so duplicating we decided to partner together and use the ministry Hotel and see it's just not my father's house and Freedom House and family the family counseling services it is us as the body of Christ laying down our own turf and simply say let's build his turf we're doing missions work where the urban thirteen and we came from different churches to let's build his kingdom let's mark strategic alliances so that something late can happen and I will serve you and you serve me because you can do what I can do and I can do what you can do but together when we come together we we'll do great things for the people because what we're about here is building people in order to deliver our mission here at least sight is very clear we are not about building a bigger mousetrap we're about building bigger tousle in order the thing like moving to the kingdom of God and Kingdom how hungry are we see the presence of God means beyond themselves because Jesus said I want you to drill the place for me and that's what we're gonna do here at these sites we are going to build the place that's not about Eric or about Jamie or about any of our worship leaders are about any of our pastors it is going to be about Jesus and when crucified Jesus said if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me family best of three words I think culture you know we get used to segmenting their lives to be thing s ministry this is business but it tears together it's really amazing can I believe that we are his hands if Jesus commanded us to go to the world can I believe we've heard the call whose prayers will heal this world whose hands will nurse her pain whose compassion will bring them to the cross religion derailed us our agenda has failed the loss but I can believe it yes I can see it I can believe can you believe the time is now and I believe the world we are to go