Prophetic Dream 2018 – Hard Times Ahead for USA Christians

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Spent a long time with Jesus a few months ago, April 2018, in a prophetic dream full of symbolism of the difficult challenging times soon facing all of his people in America. 8 months since I posted here that revelation, for many people here those hard times are unfolding as we see the Scriptures getting fulfilled before our eyes. For 800,000 as of Dec 22 2018, this prophecy has turned into their realities. This prophecy holds a personal message from the Lord to any in the Body of Christ finding themselves entering these hard times in the USA.



I had a dream today from the Lord another dream and it was similar to my dream that I posted not too long ago with where Jesus trained me it's similar not that he trained me but that I was at a long time with Jesus a really long time with Jesus now I almost did not want to video this dream but after I thought about the dream I realized it was a Daniel kind of dream that was full of symbolism when I understood what a symbolism was and I realized that I have to make the video because it was an important revelation concerning the end times and times dream and this dream is about the difficult times for Christians that are ahead but the Lord will be with us that's the good news the Lord will will be with us ok so it was so it shook me up so much it woke me up and it's a kind of dream if you've ever had such a dream where whether or not you you have to go use the restroom you still have to get up you have to get up you're so shaken by the dream and you've just got to walk it off well this was this kind of dream I had to walk this dream off and now I want to first say there's nothing in this dream that is traumatic in itself there's no there's nothing at all but the symbolism is what is so powerful what it translates to so I found myself with Jesus and a small band of people exactly for two men and two women now we represented the people of Christ we represented the people of Christ now let me first explain to you what Jesus looked like because I was there with him a long time now Jesus had his hair as you can see me right to here it was came down to just below his shoulder and it was dark cocoa brown really dark cocoa brown however it was as if it started out brushed but he had been in the field for a while so that it was windblown the top layers of the hair this way in that way and when I considered the dream I realized that also is symbolic it symbolized that Jesus when this is happening he's going to be down with us in the field he's not going to be that perfect manicured look because he's going to be with us down in the grunge with us with his people now you could say that we were a cult a Jesus cult because that's kind of like this sensation I got that the world looked at us like a cult and we were around we're outdoors it was sin I like a South Florida scenario where it was verdant green the skies are beautiful and this also symbolized the times that we were yet in times regular times everything's normal however soon Jesus was going to take us on a move and I can also tell you what he was dressed in while all of us were dressed in regular street clothes Jesus was dressed in a Middle Eastern gown that came down to his ankle and it was kind of rough I won't say terrycloth but it was real world kind of gown that you see that they wear over there and over it he had a a tunic that hat was sleeveless and it was kind of unraveled on the sides that came kind of mid thighs on him and he had a belt and all of these were real real world clothes that one could wear outdoors and that was a a kind of like a pale yellow a cream and they were kind of closed that you know a lumberjack could wear if he was wearing a that kind of a full-length golfer that men wear and he was about to take us on a move and the time came that we were all to go into the van and he was going to start taking it and the dream opened where I was beginning to plead with Jesus because I understood we were going to go on this move and I had the understanding it was going to be someplace very different than what I liked and what I was used to in fact for all of us because we were all were there in this same environment the environment representing representing our regular our regular way of life Pleasant the places that we liked and I was pleading with him I was telling him you know I was trying to tell him you know I like these uh where the grass is green and I was telling him that you know I don't like cold weather because you know I myself I'm still trying to how could I say rebound from my losing my husband and that was ten years ago the first few years I had to go through a really hard time of of a foreclosure a false foreclosure against me that turned to a short sale and it was years of legal battle I didn't finally close that correctly except three years ago and now I'm in transitional housing and the interim I've been trying to find a place to go to and that means I've been firt looking all over the place and I already know that even though there are really reasonable houses up north I don't do well with snow in fact I don't know what's involved in the principle of winterizing the same places that when I was looking at homes inside they've got these capes like a crime happened and it says winterized and I I told myself you know if I don't know what's involved in winterizing I have no no place over there if I don't even know what that means so I already determined that wherever I'm gonna be it better be the kind of weather and such that I know so I was trying to tell Jesus this that's if you didn't know I was trying to tell Jesus this and then still we all got into this van two people were assigned to do the driving a man and a woman they would take turns now when we were in the van I was seated next to Jesus now it's not like I'm sitting here what I was doing when I was next to Jesus I was on his his right-hand side I was having a meltdown built up with Jesus Jesus was sitting here and I was next to him twisting myself in front of him an inch from his face having a meltdown I was pleading with him to keep him from taking taking us someplace so foreign to me I couldn't deal with it so so what I couldn't handle because I've already like I said I've been years considering where I can go and where it can't go and I've already know that I shouldn't be anywhere up north where it snows and things like that because I not only don't know how to handle such cold weather but you know I'm at my age I really can't even handle the cold to me I'm freezing at sixty and I already known this but still I also know that I want to be in in places familiar to me and I was trying to use this with Jesus telling him you know I was trying to tell him that I am better off and just in a place that I know about and so on and so forth well let me tell you how Jesus was the best scenario I can take this with yes it symbolizes Jesus even though Jesus appeared in his 30s he looked like he was in his 30s and in that group I was the oldest because I look like myself look like myself here even though he was you know this in this youth he was the authority and the people with us who represented the rest of the people of Jesus were adults themselves this whole scenario even though he appeared like Jesus when he was at the age that he was crucified at 33 he still very much was the authority It was as if and even though I was older it still was as if he was the father and I was the the teenage daughter and this whole scenario was like father that day God and it was we kind of had suspected this big that day got up and said we're going we're going and we were the whole family had to go and he knew it would be especially hard on his his teenage daughter 18 because they were totally uprooted her from everything she knew she really wouldn't be able to handle it well but he was the decision-maker he had plans that had to be done however he knew she would handle it well he knew she would have a meltdown so the scene was like all the families forced to go in the car and the daughter who who has no way of roan who totally depends him on him had to go and he knew that the whole trip just about it would involve the daughter having this meltdown in front of his face like I was having and because there was family there was no ever know never any kind of question or situation where he was gonna lose his temper it was going to be it was going to be stone-faced about it intractable this word represented Jesus throughout this whole dream intractable it was not going to budge he was going to be Stern but he was never going to turn on the daughter he wasn't going to hit the daughter it wasn't going to open the car door and toss the talk around it was never going to lose it because it was real family and he had this wisdom he knew this was going to happen and he was prepared for it even though it was going to be very unpleasant unpleasant for him he was just going to let her melt down and when she was able if she was able maybe she wouldn't she wouldn't she would either just or not but he was being like true family the true father but there was an intractability it was going to happen it was going to happen it was going to happen so what he did the whole time while I was having a meltdown in front of his face I mean like great emotions this is why I woke up from the dream I had to walk it off because I had so much of this emotion I was really pleasing so much with Jesus and was so long and I was really feeling this despair and this this some distress I was trying so hard to get through to him all he did the whole time he sat he looked straight ahead intractable his face his jaw said sternly he was neither going to look left right it was nothing he was just going to because his plans his plans were the plans were the plans yet he knew his his his daughter was going to have a total meltdown and that's what he did and so I was the whole time cleaning because this was I couldn't handle this and this represents this was symbolic this meltdown I was having so when we had a break and we ended the car the van stopped we got out so the first thing that I did I went over to one of the two drivers which was the woman and she was on the left side of the van outside stretching her legs and they came up to her and the best way I can describe this it's as if we were all family but she was a Secret Service agent and her behavior with Jesus as if a Secret Service agent would behave before the president when the president says we're going to go here we're going to go there even if it was a tough place there was no flak no no no kind of meltdown just do it there's just doing the job and and her reaction was if I was out she was a Secret Service agent and we were family and I was part of the family of the president as well so in no time does she have any judgmental look or nothing because this is a serious situation we were all in we were all on this move as the complete people of the Lord that's what this was about a move of Jesus is making with his people so I asked her where are we going and she looked at me sideways and all she did was she lifted her left hand up and she made this symbol bringing her fingers together like like you make her fingers together is if a symbol of a bird and when I saw her I said I realized that represented penguins and I said Alaska said you said I said what he's taking us to Alaska and she nodded oh my gosh that worsened everything just made it go worse so we got back in the car and I continued on with my pleading to Jesus now that I knew that we were going to not only up north but to a frozen wasteland not that I mean not the places where the people live where we're gonna be out in that that tundra that's where he was taking us and as I was bleeding still and melting down in his face I was I was sometimes be looking at the window and we were passing residents after resident sister residents and and pleasant houses and I felt sometimes a longing that I wish I could be like those people but I realized that it was an illusion those people who were outside of the van they were not jesus people and for a while they would be able to be in this this delusion this state and the things that they like cherish love a regular earth life they would go on there everyday they would pick up their newspaper in the morning on the sidewalk they would go to their jobs they would go to the gym and they were get to come home to their nice houses or even their their trailers wherever it would go on as well we the people of Jesus we were going going and heading into a place that was going to be very hard it was going to be hard for everybody it was going to be hard for the drivers who knew because it's the tundra it's harsh and what it also revealed as this is what the part of my melt town was about that Jesus even though Jesus would be right with us he would be right next to us while we were travailing while we were pleading with him he wasn't going to respond because this was a playing out of plans of his plans the plans that were going to be they were going to come to be all those things are revelation all those things that were set by the prophets they were coming to play and no amount of pleading from the children was going to change the course however he was going to be with us when we were travailing and not seeming to hear from him or get anything background from us he actually was going to be right next to us right close to our face like I was he was going to be there and even though he's going to be there with us it's still gonna be something very hard it's gonna be hard for us sometimes knowing he's there won't help us to deal with the emotions still still the thing that I knew that I could look forward to if you want to call this looking forward to was that after a time I don't know how long after a time he was going to take us out of that that was going to be the end we were he was going to take us all out of this tundra out of this hardship out of this difficulty that was going to happen to those who were really his people those who are really the people of Jesus those who are really the genuine Christians are going to have a a difficulty are going to be suffering a hardship are going to be going through a wilderness of difficulty just targeted because they are the people of Jesus and he's going to be with us it's going to be for some of us very hard harder than for some others but it's going to be hard for everyone all the same because she's the harsh environment we are moving into for the people of the Lord however after some time I don't know how long I guess when it when it plays through we he will take us out of there he will take us out of this hardship but we are – we are to be uplifted that he's with us he's already with us he's dressed in his field clothes he's not gonna leave us he's gonna be with us the whole trip and after we go through this this difficult hardship in this place we're forced to go through because we're forced to go through it's no choice there will be an end to it there'll be an end to it we will be delivered he won't take us out of there he's not gonna leave us in there all the time but the plans of the Lord the plans that were set before any of us here and this time period on earth were born they are going to happen they're going to happen the end times they're going to have it some some of us well in this particular dream all of his people everyone they're represented all his people if you weren't a people if you were outside of that van so everybody is going to go through it's everyone who's really a person of his everyone who really belongs to him everyone who really is one of his people everyone who is one of his people that were all family that's what that was and some of us will be able to handle it better than others but don't get discouraged that you're not getting an answer but things – to get lighter to get easier because it's part of the point yet he's gonna be there right there you may even be feeling his shoulder touching your shoulder because he's there he's hearing but the plans of God has to play through they have to play through you you you