Rabbi Tovia Singer reveals Miriam’s stunning prophecy that saved the savior of the Jewish nation

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all right we're going to take this nice collar collar working Joe please tell his name in were you going from hi this is Nev I'm calling from Atlanta Oh welcome tell me your name again and we need oh we're good welcome to show what's question forever actually in a public place though Miriam in the in the Jewish faith and you know it does that name so the sister of Moses and Aaron and what's the general perception of million in that faith and just if we have more information of how that family was like because this Miriam is treated as a prophetess so you essentially we have Moses Aaron and Miriam all you know process essentially if you just sounds like any information or just anything to shed light on that thank you Miriam he was a very holy child who in fact was a prophetess had extremely young age she was such an extraordinary child because Miriam got her parents who had separated to come back together and have another child and that was Moses Pharaoh made a decree that any child born to the B'nai salt would be thrown into the Nile will be killed parents thinking that my gosh if a baby boy is born that child's gonna be killed what's the point of having children if they're gonna be killed that's why you look at X's chapter 2 verse 1 we see there by Galen ish me base LaVey by ye kata as ba slave II and then Moses was born as a result of that Union if that's of them getting married and being together for the first time none of this makes sense because as it turns out Moses was younger than his brother and younger than his sister so when were they born so what happened was that Miriam was already born when they were together Miriam envisioned when she saw her parents apart that in fact that would be a great man who would come out of this will be a redeemer for the Jewish people she then confronts appearance this is not in the tomorrow's board Danica's all in the words of our sages then goes back to a parent that says what are you doing now you're counting out the female children as well because now nothing is gonna come out of you she is the one behind getting the parents to come back together and therefore she plays a very unique role once the parents came back together she is the one that then hides Moses and takes him and brings him to the river in a basket and she stands back and she watches and he would think that when this little girl is saving her brother that she cause to be conceived you could see this very clearly exit to verse 1 we have man from the house of Lady taking a woman from the house of levy this is Moses parents but we know that Miriam's older so when did when was Miriam born so what I'm sharing with you is very very simple so Miriam knows been Evora which means with prophecy that in fact that there's a child to be born who was said to be a we D before the children of Israel and she has to save the day she's very young as it turns out could you imagine that she's watching her little brother in the river in this little thing of Riis basket of reeds and it's and and the worst possible nightmare unfold who's there who shows up though the worst parcel person the second to the worst person now Pharaoh but as Pharaoh's daughter shows up the the daughter of the man who made the decree that's like that's like Hitler's daughter showed up but Miriam she stood back and she watched she stood back and she watched from a distance to see what would happen she would see how this would all at fault and that's how she was able to handle self with such perfection I mean the worst nightmare and false but she stood and watch and ultimately this Redeemer of the children Israel will be saved in water which would have would have destroyed him because there was bathing the daughter of Pharaoh should have been as antha but it's the saying he will word she stood back and just watched so she was she was a very very highly trial and therefore the miracles associated with water are attributed to Miriam later on in Jewish history at the Exodus if you look my dear brothers and sisters at the holy timer yeah I mean do you want to fall in love be interested so it's really quite beautiful so the Tyrus is that wouldn't that shows the visual now we're here later and my Chanel Bane was leading the children of Israel out of Egypt is the seventh day since the Exodus they come to the sea of reeds and the Egyptian army is pursuing them and they're there imagine a a tired nation a nation that's exhausted fleeing Egypt in a wilderness every an army set to destroy them and I have a scene in front of them there's nowhere to go how would it go imagine Miriam there by the water I what was she thinking putting Moses inside of a inside of a basket in the very place where they were throwing boys and now the water is gonna be the ultimate destruction and moisture I bein roll over show them turns the nation says stand back and watch it's the same word watch what a shame is going to do it's the same language than we find in the beginning of Exodus because Miriam it's very beautiful Miriam saved my ship when he was baby so that is all prophetic that's why later just watch watch this miracle I shouldn't do that's the reason why when the B'nai Israel pass through the sea of reeds safely and the Egyptian army is destroyed and I show me the miracle that all the dead bodies of the Egyptians were washed up on the shore with the banana stroller so they could see this the army was destroyed this is a dilapidated nation but when they saw that it gave them tremendous relief and immediately then Miriam took the women and they went off to the side and they she made her own she refresh em what is the point of that because she's the one she saved Moshe for her prophecy her vision and she stood by it now she's gonna say her own Shira own song that's gonna be Miriam and not only that Miriam is going to be connected to the the bear Miriam the will of Miriam and that's the rock from which water sprang forth and this water source in the middle of the desert traveled with the children of Israel so Miriam is connected to water that is ultimately the miracle that saves the children of Israel throughout the history so what I'd like to show you what I hope to introduce to you something really beautiful how all of the tire fits beautiful together it's all just beautiful music it's all just so delicious if you see something unusual there's actually reason why it's there what happened when was very important what is going on here the answer is that she's connected to water she wasn't afraid so Miriam is Miriam is Miriam is Miriam and she's the one who trusted and put him in the water and ultimately therefore when that miracle occurred she then goes and says Shira songs with the women that were there and the water that would travel with the children of Israel miraculously through the wilderness would be named after as well so she is very much a prophetess thank you so much for that very very important question 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