Shocking Tuvia Tenenbom Interview Tells Truth About Reform & Conservative Jews

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While the Orthodox Jews fight to protect Judaism and Israel, the biggest enemies of Judaism and Israel 🇮🇱 are lefty, liberal reform and conservative, self hating Jews who cheer on for Palestinian terrorism and heinous crimes against HaShem.

Israeli author and journalist Tuvia Tenenbom explains how American Jews are the first ones to bash Israel and praise Palestinian terrorists.

For those who were shocked by the Tuvia Tenenbom video interview that I posted, this is not new news. It’s been happening for decades. Our so called evil brothers have been killing us for years. Think no further than the horrible Holocaust.

Although his book shows that the biggest enemies of Israel and Judaism are actually the lefty liberal, self hating reform and conservative Jews, these are not new findings.

Here’s some more factual research we discussed in a lecture about the Holocaust and who “helped” the evil Nazis kill so many millions of Jews. This will change your reality of the world we live in.

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outside of the Orthodox community outside of that community will reduce our power to beaches and observing Jewish laws or whatever it is but put the animal care whatever they do outside of that community we have the rest of the Jewish community which is the most of them of course some have been gone simulated totally and then the others the ones what you call American Jews the majority of them in the State of the State Temple of the temple what a sign of what I witnessed was in nightmare you see rabbi circle rabbis leaders suppose the leaders standing at the podium and all they can tell to the listeners is that Israel is an apartheid state and that Judaism is racism that's what they preach you over and over and over again I'll give you one example I'll share with you in st. Paul wonders it was an afternoon in Sunday the congregation is invited to attract the schmooze or whatever about racism I thought it's about anti-semitism well nuts but blacks and whites but racism against blacks very nice no problem there are people on the panel all liberals or so-called liberals and like in any normal liberal event there must be at least one black person you know that you have been to those parties and of course you was a black lady there and she happened to be the key speaker and he goes to the podium and she talks she says she's Jewish by choice and she tells the people that since she has become Jewish she found out really what it means to be Jewish Israel is an apartheid state Jews are racist does as I told you and the Jews listening to this slap what a beautiful thing she said when we see it and you watch it you can't believe it even the segment that you were before I will share with you something that's not in the book on Samantha power then US ambassador to the United Nations stood the podium talking to 1,000 Jews all educated the rest world look like they are doing well and she told them that United a message from President Obama and she said that the United States United States will always stand by Israel at the United Nations all always fight anti-semitism in the UN and the relations relationship with American Israel is unshakable reduce approach then come to the stage I'm in odor from the joint list Arab Israeli Knesset member and he says Israel must observe the Nakba the cuttest of day when Jews came to the land and killed innocent Palestinians in the thousands the murderous juice and one thousand Jews got up in a huge standing ovation and they applauded him for five minutes say something against the Jews and they will applaud next to me in st. Paul was a rootin against from electron shells I said to her what are you doing here she told me she wanted to find a deduce deal with race issues I say why did you find that the Tuesday racist as well racist juice she brings the message over place by place by place I'm interviewing in Berkeley University UC Berkeley State University the best State University in the United States of America I'm interviewing the Chancellor next to us sit the press person of the universe a Jew I talk about with the Chancellor about all kinds of things for example accompt universities almost half of the students I see are Asian and you're such a liberal University Akamai our DC black seal and he explained to me that the Asians of 40% blacks are 3% is revolting and then I told him of everything went well then I asked him a cetera I spoke with some American Jewish away with some Jewish students here and they told me they are slated to speak about Israel because if their fellow students lose the support Israel we would not talk to be boycotted do not talk to them anymore and I wanted the Chancellor to give a comment on that did you sitting next to us got very upset and he started screaming at me if I knew security tasks in this question I would never have allowed you to begin that's the Jew over and over and over again when you see some anti-jewish thing if you dig deep deep and put a lens a magnifying lens to see who is behind it over and over you'll find at you so then that is frightening and this is a last call I would say to us Jews it's time we wake so this to be [Applause]