Shooting Inside Historic African American Church In Charleston

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Shooting has been reported at a historic African-American church in Charleston in South Carolina.

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but will begin 9am with some breaking news coming in at this moment shooting has been reported at a church in Charleston in south carolina state in the united states these are pictures that are coming in from news agencies from the united states now the reports that we have actually got so far is that a gunman has opened fire on a historic african-american church in downtown as many as eight people may have been hit by gunfire refine most of them reportedly dead the suspect has been identified as a young man in a sweatshirt and jeans whose according to the police still at large police were still searching for the suspect and now information is in fact available about the victims at this moment we are in the process of getting more information as far as this shootout is concerned but police is completely cordon off that area it's midnight at this moment in South Carolina these are pictures that are coming in from news agencies alright so you can carry that you're coming with me now local media were there in the United States and South Carolina is reporting that multiple people could have been fatally shot at a church in South Carolina this areas for Charleston police are responding to the scene it's not clear exactly how many people have been shot with some local outlets are reporting as many as eight people could have been killed in this particular attack you can see that media q is now present there in large numbers as this is a shootout incident many of which we have heard from united states that are reported this one of course quite fatal which has now been reported from South Carolina gaurav salmon joins us on the phone line gaurav South Carolina has a very high indian population in fact the governor is also of indian origin nikki Haley just take us through this particular incident what more details do we have at this moment very sketchy details just as yet but gramma beside the information that the police in South Carolina have so-called given out is that they're looking for a white male he appears to be a young man and this appears to be an incident where church goers were attacked and this is this appears to be prime FSI a case of racial attack so far the information that that a filtered out seems to indicate at least eight people could have brought their lives they were on their way to church and this is where this fatal shooting is learnt to have taken place a police accordant of this entire area they're looking for a young white male all right god of some many thanks for joining us at this moment will get you more information we'll try and get in a word from the ground as well that is a South Carolina in just a short moment from now as this particular shootout incident has just taken place in my just imagine that person who shot at so many people there are reports unconfirmed though at this moment of as many as eight casualties imagine he is still at large the police has not been able to catch hold of this particular man who's he where has he gone when will he actually be nabbed all that much more will be reported right here on India today