The Remedy For Divorce – Pastor David Uth – First Baptist Orlando

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Jesus said that the foundational reason for divorce was “hardness of heart.” Pastor David Uth from First Baptist Orlando church shares how to keep from having a “hard heart” when your marriage is in trouble.
The answer is not in reading more marriage books or trying harder. The answer is found in the Cross of Christ.

What did Jesus say causes divorce? Hardness of heart. So if sin causes divorce, what's the
only remedy for sin? Work harder? Read more books? That's the only remedy (pointing to cross). Believe me, if all we needed was a book God would have sent a book not his Son.
We needed a Savior and so Jesus came and died on the cross. And if I understand it
right, He took our sin to the Cross and that means the sin that's messing up my
marriage, and the sin that could cost me. And He took that and He nailed it to the
tree. So what do? I do I need to understand that if I go to Him, and I
bring whatever it is to the cross, and ask for his forgiveness, and He makes me
the man of God I want to be, I will have a much better chance of having the
marriage He wants me to have. I believe the Cross has the final word.
I believe it absolutely covers..the blood of Jesus covers all of our sin.