The Silent Saint

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• Reference: Revelation 3:1-6
• Speaker: Tommy Nelson
• Date: 07/29/2018

I'd like you to look at Revelation chapter 3 at the Church of Sardis in chapter 3 this is a message to a church that there's no real big theological issues you don't have to know about Gnosticism or by thoughts the unfathomable we looked at last week it's a real straight simple set forward ideas the church at Sardis let me give you an idea of what this text is about I had a head young guys live with me my wife and I built onto our house Theresa and I moved in four guys the first one we moved in was gun in Charles Stahl ffice he's doing quite well and but there was a one of the guys there that he was involved in a particular pair of church group that met on the North Texas campus and he was studying with us and he went one week to go up somewhere to meet with a reunion of the guys he had Bible study with was an action group with was in discipleship with they had kind of a 10-year reunion and they all got back together and he went to that was looking forward to it and then he came back his name was Dean I said how did you enjoy it and he was really down kind of disconsolate I said what was the problem he said well I'll tell you when we were young we would always get together at Denny's and drink coffee till 2:00 we go out to the truck stop drink till 2:00 we'd always just sit around and talk and we would dream about the great things we were going to do in evangelism discipleship ministry and missions and and just how we were going to you know had that radical kind of commitment the college students have and he said now I might add that this boy I'm talking to was the only one that was not married all right and he said I got together with him and it's like Jesus said lift up your eyes look upon the fields they had lowered their eyes off of the fields and he said it was kind of they just wanted to talk about whether they took term life or whole life or whether their kids were going to go to a Christian school or a secular school and what their their retirement plans were and what their 401 3cp o or whatever you know you got them thing and they were just he said it was just kind of sad they said they quit dreaming and it wasn't because they were bad guys it was because they were responsible guys and responsibility kind of took them out of the ministry remember Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her three buddies are gonna go with the wizard and they're gonna get some solutions on how to get a get a heart and get a mind get courage get back to Kansas that's depressing and they were going to meet with the wizard and the witch is gonna stop all and what she does is remember she just says poppies poppies I'll just put him to sleep and she did she put him to sleep and all their plans ended see that's kind of what this boy was saying to me poppies they went to sleep asleep in the light all of the stuff that they know and he said it was at one of the saddest ideas that had ever crossed his mind that you would ever say in your Christian life you would remember the good old days when you used to read your Bible I remember the good old days when we used to do evangelism remember the good old days when we used to share our faith remember the good old days when we looked forward to doing missions remember the good old days when we took young guys and discipled him before we got married and all of a sudden we just got sucked down and to you know just life the couldn't the affairs of everyday life is that the norm as Christianity is supposed to be sometimes the good old days not so just listen to this this is a church that is asleep in the light Sardis I think it coordinates to the Church of the Reformation where the good guys are now in the minority and error has taken over the church and they forgot what they were supposed to do and now the good guys in verse four are gonna have to get up and leave watch this and verse one he gives an introduction he who has the seven spirits and the seven stars Jesus said during his ministry as to your advantage that I go away because if I don't go away I will the Spirit will not come but when I go away the spirits going to come and he is gonna comfort you and he's going to convict the world of their sin their lack of righteousness and the imminency of judgment he's gonna get the work prepared for you you're gonna do something great when I finish my work of redemption and the Spirit comes to announce it the Spirit of God is that person which convicts the lost of sin he illumines their eyes to Christ he draws them and creates faith in them converts them impute righteousness to them imparts a new life to them gives them rebirth you must be born of the Spirit he seals them from heaven he gives them for service and so that's what the Holy Spirit does Jesus says he's the one who has the Sevenfold Spirit the perfections of God and the Holy Spirit the seven spirits of God and so he does that whereby the church because it says he has the seven stars the leadership of the church and I've gone through that with you before they're in his hand and so Jesus Christ who by the Holy Spirit through his headship in the church is going to accomplish great things for the next twenty centuries that's why every gospel ends on the same thing go therefore and make disciples Matthew preached to all creation mark preached through every creature Luke as the father sent me so send I you John how does acts begin you shall be my witnesses Jerusalem Judea and Samaria and then you see the explanation of his word and the got on the epistles Romans through Jude and then we finish history in the book of Revelation and so Christ is the one who by the Holy Spirit through his church it's going to do something and something marvelous is called the age of grace it's called the calling out of the elect it's called the church age it's called the time of the Great Commission it's called the day of grace well this church in verse one gets no commendation all four churches up until now get a commendation they were doing something right this church gets no commendation Laodicea will get no commendation Philadelphia and Smyrna get no rebuke but this church gets no commendation he says in verse one I know your deeds you have a name and you're alive that you are alive but you're dead this church gets no commendation because they weren't doing in verse one be what he meant them to do in one a I have the spirit and I have you we're gonna do a great work you are dead you're not doing what you were told to do Puppis you've gone to sleep they were you know what it means to have a name the Latin word known you know Emma's name you know what it means to have just a name it's called being nominal you're just a nominal Christian I've got a cross I've got an in case of rapture this car will be an occupied bumper sticker I've got my Jesus gimme hat my kids do Vacation Bible School we show up at a church were nominal that's all that we are he says you've got a reputation and you've got a name but you're not doing anything you look like a Christian but you don't live like one and verse two here's the the rebuke all they get as a rebuke wake up they're asleep in the light and they have gone to sleep when you wake up it's because a new day has come and you're meant to be working the world is in darkness we are in the light amen we know who God is we know what man is we know what sin is we know what redemption is we know what God's been doing for the last twenty centuries we know what he's going to do at the rapture the one who was no one's gonna do at the tribulation after that we know why the Old Testament was the Old Testament setting inside Israel getting it ready for the message we're in the light and that's meant to do something it is meant in verse one I have not found your deeds completed it's to make you go to work that's when you get up in the morning when the light comes Jesus said we must work while it is still day for night is coming when you cannot work you go to work I got a friend that I witnessed to him for years and he didn't they just listened but he was frankly so talented in everything he did that he had no great need and he basically lived his life to get ready for retirement so he could do all the things that he loved and long story short God broke him and God converted him took him right up to the edge of death and brought him to he said God show yourself to me God did and he came to know Christ radically converted and you know what he went out to live out in West and had a house and the idyllic kind of a setting and he got involved in a little church and all of a sudden we would get together and he would look at me and his voice and choke up and he'd say I see little kids in our church that do not have a clue and they don't learn anything in school they don't hear anything else where they have no earthly idea who God is they're just wait to get arrested and going to crime and arune their lives and he would talk about these kids and I see him coming and going and said I want to get my hands on him and then he said we've got this this lady that comes to our church and I don't know what kind of life she's been through I mean she just looks hard her husband's missing she's got kids she's raising on her own and they're they're in a tough way this voice had choked up we got old paper on our church that I don't know if they're saved they'd just been showing up to church all their lives and all of a sudden there was a pain that he never knew you know why he was in the light he woke up we had a kid once in our church his name was Dan from San Antonio this boy put the he and hedonism gracious if you threw him in a creek you would skim sin off of it for about a week this kid got converted and he started spending some time over at Cumberland Children's Home Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home here and didn't with those kids that a lot of them they were had no parents because they got dealt a hard hand from early on and he started working with them these kids and pretty soon they were his main passion were these kids all he ever thought about was money now all he thought about was these kids and I remember at a men's retreat sitting around a fire with a bunch of these guys and he talked about this kid and this kid in this kid what they had come out of what they were facing the abuse they had gone through him trying to reach into him and he just collapsed in tears and in weeping these kids have no chance and they're just the tip of the iceberg on what is out there his eyes were opened and he was in the light and he no longer saw men like trees walking he said we got it something my buddy Lloyd Campbell head of our jail ministry a few about a month ago he had this benign deal and here he didn't know about thought he had a stroke what he did he had a seizure because it started bleeding they got to go in and get it out I got to get his blood pressure and for they go in and get it out they're gonna meet tomorrow remember Lloyd when they get together but I went over and visited with him and when you've had a seizure it takes you about six weeks for your brain to kind of catch up he was dizzy he was weak and all he wanted to talk about were the guys in the jail I need to get back to my guys in the jail that I go with that my nickel to go work with these guys they're down there and I can't get to him what happened to him the light and he has food to eat that others know not to do the will of the Father in two accomplishes work now that's what it means when Jesus says you need to wake up and realize what's going on he says I haven't found your deeds completed strengthen the things that remain see salvation is not the end of your Christian experience you don't get saved use God when you're in trouble then die and go to heaven your Christian experience is a rebirth and what is a birth it's the beginning of a new life whenever you go to school and you get your degree it's and you have a graduation that's not just the end of seven years work all right how long I long to talk you Alvin a graduation is not the end of your work what do we call that ceremony it's your commencement you're going to start something that your education has prepared you and so trust in Christ is not the end of the it's the rebirth it's the commencement when people in the New Testament meet Jesus Philip meets him and he runs to get Nathanael says come meet a man we found him the film the law and the prophets book Jesus of Nazareth anything come out of Nazareth come and see just come and see the woman at the well come meet a man that told me all that I've ever done come see Matthew went and got all this tax collector but he's had a party I want you to meet this guy Andrew went and found Peter I want you to meet this guy anytime in the Bible people meet guys or meet Jesus they run off to get their buddies you got to meet this guy Peter took him home to visit his mother-in-law that's commitment right there he did come here see this woman right here helper all right and so your deeds are not completed yet quit on me Bible says about the third church at thessalonica that they who was a reported how they turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God you turn from idols to serve the living and true God we're not just a name we're a voice we confess him before men amen are we willing to take the heat we have to take the heat that's why we don't go through the tribulation because our testing is now we confess him before men blessed are you who are persecuted for my name's sake now is the time that is our testing well how many times have you heard this I came to know Christ when I was 12 and went on my way I got my get out of hell card I got my fire insurance card and I went on my way with Christ as my Sunday buddy activity number six and then they'll talk about an experience that moved the cataracts out of place then I had this car wreck then my kid they found a tumor and he then my mate packed it up on me and then my job got moved out from under me and I got cleared out and I was out of a job with 30 days leave paid and all of a sudden they reached up and they found him and they say you know that was the best time of my life because now he went from being simply my Savior – my god – my lord where every knee balanced and every thoughts taken captive now I understood it's not cause somebody lectured to him it's because of just pain that got cleared up well that's sadly enough that's not to be the norm you're baptized you die you rise up clean to now live a new life except the church at sardis so can this is this a worthy letter does this letter need to be written yeah it's the story of too many people well if you'll look at verse 3 I'm depressed already we got to get rid of this okay he said in verse 2 he said he said strengthen the things that remain which were about to die the past tense their means they were about to die until you got confronted by Christ himself that I am going to intervene here and I'm gonna stop this let me ask you can Jesus shut down nominal Christianity can he shut it down in a heartbeat yes he can he can stop it so quickly and turn you back so Christ said you guys are heading puppies you're asleep and I'm about to wake you up he can do that well in verse three here's the command remember what you have received and heard you heard the gospel and you received a charge go therefore and make disciples you received a charge we're going to go out to other cities for that is why I came for to preach the gospel remember what you received keep it you honor that commitment that I gave you you preserve this message and then he says repent because you know it's interesting when we think repent we think of a great moral sin the sin right here was that of priorities that shifted and they had gone silent they're using and this is when you have to counsel people this is usually what I when I counsel people that are coming for some struggle I look at the problem they're having and we talk about it and then I say but we got to deal with what got you here okay you're coming to me for God to patch your old life and he's not going to do that we're not going to patch your old life you're gonna die and we're gonna start all over we got to start all over because you got more problems here than just what you came with you got a while I'll talk to you about the rest of we got to start your life over and so repent at that action that's your problem as you've laid aside God you know when Adam was given Eve it was not so they could forget God and go off and build their life it was so that Eve could be a help to Adam and what they were going to accomplish for God that was life as the service of God my brother Bob when he got saved I shared with him you know the Old Testament gave us the creation of God then the people of God the Jews and he gave him the commandments and they violated him and somebody was going to come to lead them out and to give his life and he came Matthew Mark Luke and John and now the epistles explain him and he's coming back Bobby it's Jesus he said I'll be durned I said yes and were to receive him and he prayed receipt and I'm the first emotion he felt after that was anger and he said has this been here all this time I said you know this books been around for a while he said why did I never hear that I said I don't know we were just in this methyl bacterium Church this epistle looping in church could be any of them and we had the cross we had Christmas we had Easter but we were asleep puppies we put asleep and he was mad why didn't I hear this you don't remember a story in your Old Testament where the city up in the northern kingdoms being besieged by the Syrians and they're starving to death they've laid siege and they're going to starve them out and it says the city is eating donkey's head and doves dung you've been to that restaurant the Dove and donkey it's nasty how would you like your donkey hidden medium dove dung well done the Dove and donkey and there were four lepers remember that and they're sitting in the gate of the city and they said you know we can't go back to the Dove and donkey we're unclean we're gonna die here we can go to this Syrians and beg for a meal maybe they'll give us one if not they'll kill us anyway so we got nothing to lose let's go over there and they went over there and during the night the God as he promised through Elijah got to read early in the story he promised that here before the morning falls they're going to be eating the best of food not the Devon donkey and well these guys go over and God sent among the Syrians the sound of a mighty army coming I think it was the Lord of hosts the armies of the Lord and they fled the area because they thought it was the Egyptians come after them and they left at like dusk of the day when all the food was cooking and so you've got Shoney's in front of you you got a deli and these guys wander over there and there's nobody there the camp is deserted and food is on are you with me can you remember what they did they started just stuff in their face fast as they could they ate everything they could eat then they grabbed the treasures that were out and the loot that they could gather the booty of war and picked it up and went off and hid it and all of a sudden one of them stops and he says that's like three points the greatest sermon title you could have eat they said three things actually four he said what we're doing is not right he said this is a day of good news you know what we would say in English it's day of the golf ball this is day of good news and we're keeping silent and then he said morning's going to come and the lights going to shine on us and everybody's going to know while they were eating their morning dove and donkey that we were over here stuff in ourselves and we kept it all to ourselves and we're about to be judged and so we better go tell somebody and they went into the city they said you're not gonna believe this they all had toothpicks been walking on the mall you know and they said we got nothing but food for about three acres and it was too good to be true the guys said you're crazy you're just trying to lure us in because they paid you to do this so you can kill us they couldn't convince them it was too good to be true and all they said was come and see just come and see get a couple of horses if you hadn't eaten them yet I love that so if they say that if you still got it yet neaten the horses just come on and I'll show it to you and they went out and the closer they got they started seeing all the armor of the enemy they had cast a silent in their fleet and there they're flying away fleeing away and they said it's true so a lot of times we do that we say this has happened the bread of life has come the hidden manna just come you're crazy just come just come look just come a little bit and you tell me what you see well to enjoy the blessedness of Christ and to sit on it this is not right this is a day of good news and we're keeping silent and my brother said that ain't right that I would almost incinerate my life and nobody would tell me well and he says in verse three if you don't wake up I'm gonna come like a thief and I'm gonna catch you you're going to be interrupted and a disobedient life don't be surprised by his return and our accounting to him not for salvation but for the deeds of our hands what we have accomplished in the Paul says each of us shall give an account of himself to God and so do you know how many times in the New Testament you see parables about people given a stewardship and a charge and they are interrupted and called to account you see for parables 3 and Luke and 1 and Matthew four times there's going to be a great getting up morning and you will have to acknowledge to God not your salvation but what you have done in the flesh whether good or whether light lived for your own glory what did you do well in verse 4 but you have a few people in Sardis now this is ironic and the earlier churches he says I have this against you a few things there are some that embrace the teaching of the Nicolaitans though the majority was good and a few were tolerated and a little Evans gonna leaven the whole lump now he says in verse 4 the majority is bad and gone to sleep you got a few guys you have gone now to where the few are the faithful earlier the few were the disobedient that's why I think that the church at Sardis is a picture of the Reformation Church to where the church at Pergamum was where compromise started Thyatira is where Jezebel took over and now you have Sardis you have a name but you're dead and the faithful are just a few so in the Reformation you had a few HUS Wickliffe Luther Peter Waldo you had the Lutheran's the the Puritans the pilgrims later on the Westlands and they all got you know what was common about them the visible Church wanted to kill him and kick him out because it had been commandeered by evil and so from about 1400 till about 1800 we have the Reformation and then what we're going to see after this is church at Philadelphia the Church of Protestant missionary explosion because they had kept the faith from about the 1800s through the 20th century and then we'll be in Laodicea where Christ is outside the church that is vastly wealthy the modern church and he's knocking trying to get in that's the church today and there ain't no a church that's it so don't buy green bananas okay well in verse four he said you have a few people in Sardis who have not soiled their garments now this is not through Gnosticism or immorality it's what happens when you go to sleep when you're not attuned to the things of God anymore and you're insensitive and Christianity was the good old days you will end up lowering your eyes and being a tune only to the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the boastful boastful pride of life and you'll find yourself somewhere you shouldn't be with somebody you shouldn't be with doing something you shouldn't be doing you're really well when you when you load no longer or striving for the eternal you will strive for the things of this world let me show you something here keep your finger right here and flip over to your left to first Corinthians 7 whenever I am asked to do a message for a college group if it's Campus Crusade and a varsity navigators Fellowship of Christian Athletes student mobilization I will always turn into first Corinthians 7 and look at the peril of post-graduate the peril of marriage in 1st Corinthians 7 in verse 25 because what are most College crowds thinking the guys thinking what is the will for my life meaning who is she the girls thinking what is the will for my life who is he and so they're thinking if I could just get married and embrace this deepest longing of my physical life I would be happy forever really let's move on that's why when y'all go to a wedding you hear all them vows I'll watch the married couples and they're doing this hurry up yeah they're making great violins they have no earthly idea what they're saying I could say to them I promise to love you to love you to give pastor all of my money I'll get passed through all of my money all of my retirement I'll give him all of my retirement I have no idea what I'm saying I have no idea what I'm saying thank you and verse 25 Paul says he's talking about marriage and he says concerning virgins never been married I have no command of the Lord meaning it's not in the Gospels but I give an opinion about wanted by the mercy of the Lord is trustworthy that I am an apostle and I'll give you inspired stuff even though it's not in the gospel literature in verse 26 I think it's good in view of the present distress that is the church age we are in where Christians get persecuted we're at war in view of the president distress it's good for a man to remain even as he is if you can stay single and not have to worry about all of the responsibilities that come with marriage you can be like Paul like Jesus like Elijah like Elijah like John the Baptist like Sampson I forget him but well Samson did get a little involved with women in it if you will just stay single you can serve God because you can travel light okay and that's true you guys remember when you were singles and you had to move what did you do you threw out a bed sheet you put all your junk that you needed the rest you left it there for the next tenant you put it over your shoulder like a gypsy and you went to your awful that you were living in and you thought when I get married I'll have two bed sheets you were wrong yes you needed beacons and Mayflower and these Goods and so it's good to remain single and if you can stay single and serve God you couldn't I can't so let's move on and verse 27 are you bound to a wife don't go too far don't seek to be released so don't go getting a divorce because I said this are you released from a wife did she take off on you well don't seek a wife but if you should marry you hadn't sent if a virgin marry she hadn't sinned but such will have trouble in this life now you're looking at me kind of funny because you don't know what that means that's because you're single when you're married and it says such will have trouble you're doing this see the Greek word trouble means trouble she's got to have a house with a yard and now you gotta have a weedeater and now huh and you got to pay taxes on this house and then you got kids okay and you want them to go to college where do you want them to go to college you want to go to a good school now it's gonna take some money it's gonna take some savings you have to make some more money and all of a sudden if you don't watch it your eyes can lower puppies and you're asleep and so you're gonna have trouble in this life and I'm trying to spare you now watch this twenty nine I said this I say he said listen up the time has been shortened Jesus is coming amen he's closer now than when we started this service your life is to be governed not just by the taxes you have to pay not just by the dot the diapers you gotta buy there's something bigger Eve is to be a help to Adam marriage is not a hindrance it's a help I mean I said to Teresa look let's get married you won't have to work I'll supply the money you can minister I won't have to cook and get Salmonella all the time you can cook and I can get it something okay so on verse 29 the time has been shortened so that from now on those who have wives just be it though they had none marriage can't change your philosophy of life Adam you're gonna cultivate the garden you're gonna attend your going to be fruitful multiply I'm gonna give you a wife to help you not to shut you down are y'all with me marriage is meant to help you it's not meant to distract you what distracts you sin no responsibility when you get married you get this monkey on your back called responsibility and then that as you grow that monkey becomes an orangutan and then he becomes a chimpanzee full-grown then he becomes a gorilla and then you have more kids and you got mightyjoyoung on you okay and then who you got King Kong all right y'all remember the movie the Magnificent Seven it was a Great Western back in the 60s you remember Charles Bronson their novel and he was the guy that all the little Mexican kids all adopted and they loved him because he had he was he was Mexican and they all just loved their novel and they all got close to him and they said we have made a decision Bernardo that when you get killed we're going to take care of your grave he said thanks a lot I really appreciate that and they said where you are our hero not our fathers they do not fight they are cowards and Bonalu Charles Bronson he grabs him yes well spanks him he said I am NOT your hero I have a gun all I do is shoot your father's they have wives and they have children they have responsibilities they have a big rock on their back and it crushes them and he stands up and he gets shot so that's what happens yeah maybe that Charles Bronson had it straight he said those fathers have to carry a load and we do but you got to keep your head on and not get distracted I don't know how many times we've seen great committed singles marry great other committed men and women to become one ineffective marriage all because of the monkey on their back and so he tells you in verse 30 in verse 29 those who have wives should be as though they had none don't let marriage change your life if I died or if I got worldly more than I am and went out and started living a worldly life and hood administering the first one to be on my case would be Theresa and she say I didn't marry you for this if I'd have wanted money and fame how to married six other guys thanks a lot she's a tender and gentle woman I married you because of your incredible body she's never said that but she's thinking that and I married you because you were serving God we're gonna serve Him forever that's why if I die Theresa is gonna grieve for about an hour and a half and then she'll be right back at it she'll just get up go back to work preaching the gospel over here let's Gabe now let's quit what go back to his revelation and so that's what happened in the Sardis Church let me ask you a question last year at this time where were you and your Bible knowledge and in your ministry where were you next year where are you gonna be you got other plans what are your plans in Bible and in extolling the Bible I'll tell you where you're gonna be you're gonna be where you plan to be that's where you'll be well in verse 4 he says they haven't soiled their garments they will walk with me in white that's a promise this is the prettiest picture of heaven that I've ever seen they will walk with me in white Tommy you're telling me that I can when I die it's gonna be me and Jesus even though there's all these other billions in the holy city there's gonna be me and Jesus yes just like now it's me and Jesus even though he takes care of you at the same time I'm gonna walk with him yes to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord my heart's desires to depart and be with Christ you will walk with me in white today you'll be with me in paradise heaven is never the physical delights it's Jesus all the rest are just perks and that's something you're gonna walk with me in white for they are worthy that's how you tell the true Christian he struggles and when he sees himself getting off-base he comes back he's always struggling when Peter goes fishing he learns how to throw himself back in the drink and swim to Christ and to eat with him we all have to do that and that he who overcomes that's the way you can tell the elect he'll be clothed in white garments and I will not erase his name from the book of life that's an assurance and the Old Testament the Jew could get a race from the book of physical life because of his idolatry you and I will never be erased we will walk with Him hand-in-hand for how long when we've been there ten thousand years bright shining as the Sun we've no less days to sing God's praise than when we first begun forever and I will confess his name that's powerful why will he confess our name this is Jesus quoting from his own words in the Gospel of Matthew he that confesses me before the father before men I will confess him before my father he that denies me before men I will deny him that's the way you can tell the non-elect and the elect that they speak up and they tell who they are and that's what the Church of Sardis is about well let me just read just something have y'all ever heard of the guy named CTC stood he was a guy that started mission work to China with six other guys from Cambridge in the 1800s his father was converted by DL Moody he was converted by his father he was an English of English nobility he and his brothers went to Cambridge he was also the greatest athlete in England before baseball football basketball they had cricket and he was a great cricket ear which was a forerunner of baseball and he got converted by his father who was converted by DL Moody and he lived by his own at a life where he divided time between his commitment to Christ and to all of his pursuits of wealth and fame and lordship and all that stuff and he got his life turned around because he watched his brother almost die and he came before God for the life of his brother and God hurt him and that shook him and then one day he read and this is in his biography his son-in-law wrote on him he read a tract by an atheist and it changed his life the tract read did I firmly believe as millions say they do that the knowledge and practice of religion in this life influences destiny and another religion would mean to me everything I would cast away all earthly enjoyments as dross earthly cares as follies earthly thoughts and feelings as vanity religion substitute Christ in here that's what the a this is the best he can do religion would be my first waking thought my last image before sleep sank me into unconsciousness and I should labor in its calls alone I would take thought for the tomorrow of eternity alone I would have steam one soul gain for heaven worth a life of suffering earthly consequences should never stay my hand nor seal my lips earth its Joy's its griefs would occupy no moment of my thoughts I would strive to look upon eternity alone and on the immortal souls around me soon to be everlastingly happy or everlastingly miserable I would go forth to the world and preach in season and out of season in my text would be what shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul mr. stud said quote I at once saw that this was the truly consistent Christian life this at the atheist so that's Christianity when I looked back upon my own life I saw how inconsistent it had been and I've therefore determined that from that time forth my life should be consistent and I set myself to know what was God's will for me but this time I determined not to consult with flesh and blood but just waiting and killed God should show me that's the path I'm going to follow CT stud started mission work in China and then he concluded mission work at the age of 70 with a heart problem in Africa CT stood let me tell you something in closing the key of the church the powertrain the engine the transmission drives you this the the key of a church is that it holds to the doctrinal and Aaron C and the fundamental ideas of the faith the virgin birth of deity of Christ death for our sin salvation by faith and the second coming that you have to dog idli stand there and not concede that hill no matter how many voices come your way you walk by the Bible secondly that can't just be held to it has to be preached that I can't be up here telling my thoughts on God we've got to look at the text and we've got to explain it and it has to be true in our sunny morning fellowships and our youth and our children weren't they good how many of y'all know the book of Esther like they do how many of you can't find the book of Esther no they can preach about in sing about it and our junior high groups and our seniors groups the Bible is honored and then that we take those who are willing and we give them a chance to play ball at the Triple A level at the major league level we will show you how to win another Christ how to share your faith how to take others that are younger than you and take them through key ideas in the faith and you can be a disciple maker if you are solid on your doctrine your preaching your philosophy of ministry your church has a power train and it's going to do good you can mess up on other things if you're solid there you can see that and you have poked a hole in a balloon and it's done you're dead and so it's got to be the same way in life in your Christian life that I dogged Lee believed in the God who was there and is not silent and I will not only know that truth I will study to show myself approved as a workman who doesn't need to be ashamed handling accurately the word of truth I'm going to know my Bible when I'm cut I'm gonna bleed Bible and then I'm gonna try to do it for all scriptures inspired by God and profitable to teach reprove correct and trained I'm gonna let this change me and then second Tim 4:2 preach the word that's my purpose now then I will make my living but at some time in the day it's just going to be me and God then I will do my work for his glory and then one time during a week me and some guys me and my wife and some couples and my wife and some girls I'm gonna take my time and I'm gonna take what I have learned of God and I'm gonna pour it into some guys that education can't help amen and the arts can't help him and tea if he can't help them that only the Bible can help them and I'm gonna take that responsibility and I'm gonna do it till I die that's the Christian life do we have a song yes we do I have a chair I don't know I'm kind of worried I feel the Tippie tipping of little oklahoma feet you know father in heaven thank you for this bit of Scripture and none of us are exempt on the other text I personally have not yielded to Gnosticism and I felt pretty good this one we're always walking on the edge of being pre occupied by the call of the world and the cares of the world not because we're evil but because we want to be responsible and we're just not sure where to leave off and where to start sometimes and so I pray if there's any of us here that our testimony was what I shared earlier I came to know Christ at this age and I put him on the back burner and I went through the motions until that car wreck when I woke up with my right side paralyzed and I begged God and I got some movement back and through that a committee my life until my child got sick and I didn't know if she'd come back until my job got moved on me and I was out of work I pray God that that life would not have to correct us that it would be the waves that we navigate it wouldn't be the things to put us back on dead center and so help us all of us and we'll ask it in Jesus name Amen I'm so happy right let me give you a great song this song it was a it's a they don't know who wrote it it was believed that it was a Negro spiritual written in the days of slavery and throughout the years as a matter of fact there's no verses on it there's only about two and a half verses and now what we concluded Nate's about two and a half verses and you just add verses to them as you want it's an elastic song you can sing them it's a song that is in the minor key you got to be able to sing in the minor key because it's kind of a lonesome song it's a song that has been sung by any self-respecting country-western singer has this in his repertoire and it's in a minor key because it's about a poor Wayfaring Stranger walking through this world of woe how many have you ever heard Wayfaring Stranger alright give me something minor I am a fool very strange through [Applause] less toy where [Applause] soon [Applause] my same [Applause] Oh let's have a hand for the minor-key I just wish y'all could heard there's a fourth verse it says I'm going to leave Oklahoma away from pain grief