Tightening the bible belt…

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I talk about a new Texas law that requires taeching bible content in public schools.

greeting YouTube I read an article this weekend they discussed a new law which goes into effect in Texas with this coming school year the law requires that all high schools in texas teach parts of the bible as their curriculum let me make that clear the Christian Bible will now be considered part of their curriculum I quote this fall a Texas laws as all public schools must offer information relating to the Bible in their curriculum this is a bad idea that I considered a bad idea should come as no surprise to anyone that seemed more than one of my videos I believe in a firm strong wall separating church and state and this definitely undermines that now if you would like to teach religion as a topic in high school I have no problem with that religion has been very important in the past it is important now and it shall be important in the future and teaching children is so that they can understand how that fits into the context of their lives is also important but when you start teaching a specific fully booked a specific religion well then you start endorsing it you start establishing it and you get to the point where you break the First Amendment so I'm posed to this I know that I'm in the minority probably seventy eight percent of americans consider themselves to be Christian so I'm not really sure why they even need this law I'm figuring at least that percentage if not more Texans are Christian they are after all in the Bible Belt so why do they need to put this book in the public schools there are over 200 translations of the Christian Bible into English what's going to happen when someone complains that the Bible's the school system have aren't the one that the family wants their children exposed to that they aren't the proper version of the Bible what's going to happen when families whose children happen to be Jewish or Muslim hagan Buddhist or atheists also complain that their children are being indoctrinated into the Christian faith as Texas who you want to spend all of its school budget on lawsuits because that's where this is going to end up in court and if the Texas Supreme Court doesn't deal with it then the Supreme Court in DC will because that's where this case is going to head to a high court is going to be a whole lot of people getting involved a lot of money she'll be spent on lawyers and eventually and almost guarantee you this will be found to be unconstitutional it's a waste of our time it is nothing more than political pandering to the religious right now I'm aware that gets you elected particularly in the Bible Belt when it does so by selling your soul another part of this article that annoyed me equally as much someone commented about the fact that quote unquote since prayer has been banned in schools things are going to heck in a hand basket I've got news for your folks people have been saying life is going to heck in a hand basket for as long as there has been language I read a quote recently where someone said there's something very similar to that commenting about the fact that children not respecting their parents and everyone wants to have their opinion known and the quote is from 2,800 years ago this is not a new idea people have always complained about the world around them they always will I've got news for people prayer has never been banned in schools in America I want to show you something one second no I did just them I prayed and there isn't anyone anywhere ever that could stop me you can't stop someone from praying there is no way to ban the practice of prayer now students aren't allowed to pray out loud but they're also not a lot of the sing out loud disrupt class a person wants to pray to themselves nobody and nothing on earth can stop them now the reality of course is that schools are banned from leading students in prayer school administrators and teachers coaches etc are not allowed to lead students in prayer which is a good thing because that would be a clear violation of the First Amendment of establishing a religion teachers administrators and coaches and such should not be leading kids and prayers it's not their job personal spiritual and religious beliefs are just that personal they have no place in a public school if the students themselves wanna practice religions let them if the parents and teachers want to practice their individual religions let them but don't go pro lyst izing them nope goes trying to spread them around don't try to indoctrinate people don't try to get your religion into the curriculum of a public school now apparently there are people in Texas that want to live in a place where the government is run by religious leaders okay I would recommend they move to Iran or this event type of government already exists but for the rest of us keep your faith your religion out of the laws out of the public schools in America