Tremaine Going Live In Houston, TX with Mystikal

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Tremaine Going Live In Houston, TX with a performance with Mystikal

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Digital Vell

you need you report and I would have ad on your camera turn goal and feel goodbye right now Houston made a nigga may open the console open a whoopin nigga Hey like I guess meet Tintin what a dope it I need I need the loud Houston Street I just left a few bands yeah I play with them like I'm making them what it do yeah we in Houston Texas we just touched down you already know it's going to be moving stay talk all right no just reaches out away from the team and ain't nobody taking they know not to play with me I got my pad – she's good don't point it might get the monitors or any speakers yeah all right and these speakers are on dude you're on out here too and you can go all the way out to that waterfall I say where it is I'm making more money do your moment yeah yeah and see that's what's up unless they might not know how to work it don't leave the booth here yeah he's got the computer and the guy with the food yeah yeah hey see they're gonna be out in a month Southside be all good work well do this up yeah it's all some work bad news bubbles aha spent I spent three days in the parish prison because they didn't like the way I look good I like the way you look yeah in like the way I look so it took me in the various prison for three days to investigate me well like the way you look look Hey look at me we selected nominated Chris Mullin don't do Tennessee chick chick chick we in a beard straight from the team th see if I'm taking it out of the word I buy my beans another man with the sills what the hell everywhere I go I got an e believed to double me everywhere okay what we go Texas South Carolina Colorado will be up there to California and then we everywhere but other than you perform the code Oh I'm Muslim okay so this okay you ain't got no tattoo the Navy cleaned oh good boxing [Applause] we hide we and we he'll be back lad brother ji yes sir we're talking about coke we gotta go [Applause] [Applause] you get no fortune honey melon running [Applause] hands up