Va. Pastor, Wife Arrested in $1,200,000 Congregation Fraud Scheme

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Terry Wayne Millender, senior pastor of Victorious Life Church in Alexandria, Va., and his wife, Brenda, were indicted by a grand jury on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money-laundering conspiracy.

alright alright so his next story was sent to me by uh by tani McMullen she sent this story to me about a passed-out of Alexandria Virginia's name is uh teri millander 52 senior past senior pastor of a victorious life church out of Virginia he's facing fraud charges and faces 20 years in jail he's accused of taking 1.3 million for members from his congregation and other donations for the benefit of helping starving children take a look developing tonight and Alexandria pastor is behind bars accused of defrauding his congregation out of more than a million dollars pastor Terry Melinda was arrested along with his wife and a friend of theirs thought sighs Lindsey Watts is talking to a former church member tonight who says this was a pastor who was supposed to be praying with his members but instead was preying on them Lindsey that's right Tony the man that I talked to says that he has known pastor Terry millander since he was just a kid and that his family invested thousands of dollars with their preacher although they are not a part of this federal case millander was here in court to hear the charges that could now be taking him from the pulpit to prison now I did a story before about prep Road ala and pastors who are bringing in millions of dollars here's a guy who drives a hundred thousand dollar car huge house that's a problem with me we have in the black community we got pastors who are bringing in millions and my thing is this well this celebrity of pastor whoever's not invested back in neck mmunity I'm done with so so your house your car your land your vacay that doesn't define you that he's a preacher who condemned greed and materialism on Sunday morning because there's a whole lobby with all kind of houses and land and whatever else and they are miserable on the inside but federal prosecutors say Terry millander was preying on the very people he was preaching to at victorious Life Church according to court documents he convinced parishioners to invest in his company to help poor people in developing countries church members gave one thousand fifty thousand even four hundred thousand dollars the grand total 1.2 million investigators say millander his wife Brenda and their friend Grenada Wells used that money for things like risky trade deals and this lavish home I mean it didn't really come as a shock it was more suicide relief we spoke by phone to Eric Brown who grew up in the church he says there have been rumors about misconduct for years and his family was among those who invested in the millender's so-called business and I asked him like hey that's a nice car yeah it's a hundred thousand dollars you gave up your money and you know God's gonna bless you blah blah blah blah blah we'll come to find out now it was actually broke one of the biggest problems in the community the black community that you know many people are aware of they never really talked about it is how the church as a whole they are confined to the four walls of the church never to come out never to circulate any of the resources never to give distribute that time that talent or their treasure to the community so you have a bunch of spokesman's for the church some people call them preachers you have them out here and you're not for the people a lot of them are not many are some are a lot of them are not you know it's all about them and things like that they never reach back for the community they never do things like have programs black people need programs just think about this the Black Panther Party here over 65 programs relevant programs you know that they did for the community you mean to tell me that out of all these black churches in the city of Chicago listening we are right off Chicago Avenue you can go from Cicero to central one-mile stretch and you could count over 30 churches right but you can't count one Community Center a payment on a down payment for a home to $3,000 here a food drive maybe some coke drive or some arm toy drive for Christmas but that's pennies that's pennies a lot of these passes are making millions driving bittley's now wait a minute if you preach against greed what are you doing with the $100,000 come what are you doing with Bentley's and you're taking congregation money and donation money away over the hill you get it from and you're spending pointed hundred thousand dollar house now and in some of these neighborhoods they don't even live in a hundred thousand dollar house let alone drive a $100,000 car why would you why not buy a twenty thousand dollar car and invest that back into communities which you got the money from why don't you invest in something that's going to bring that community more money why don't you multiply that money that you receive straight up let me tell you something if your past is not putting back money into that community stop investing in that pastor stop invested in that church at that church if you walk outside and your pastors in $100,000 car stop going to church straight up that's how I look at it I will stop going to church for one you're preaching against greedy and I guess rich man Jesus was poor I preached that give all your money away yet yoke your congregation is catching the bus like you driveway and a hundred thousand oh come and live in a million dollar house and count anything that's relevant or has an impact within this community from all those different churches you know it's all become a thing about people putting money in their pocket has become you know it was a time when black people used to love black people and they'd use things but now it's a thing where black people have gotten accustomed to using people and loving things you know as a people so we got to get out of that we got it you know that whole man said I'm just fucking with these churches and going in there giving them our money and things like that and they never give anything back I'm not talking about those who do I'm talking about those who don't those are the words that need to be held accountable those other ones that people need to stay away from and whatnot and basically shut them down because listen if you're not doing that if your detriment to the community if you're not doing anything from the community but taking your detrimental to the community and you must go