Warning Signs of an Imminent Earthquake, Predicting the Big One

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August 15, 2019: The fear of a major earthquake in North America has escalated, as a series of strong tremors has been felt from southern California all the way to the Pacific Northwest.

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San Felipe Video: Observed on channel 28.1 PBS, Time Warner Cable, 2:21PM on 09/14/2014

Skyquake Mp3 Audio: Recorded in Canada, January 9, 2014

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Skywatch media news for August 14 2019
in recent weeks the fear of a major earthquake in North America has
escalated as a series of strong tremors have been felt from Southern California
all the way to the Pacific Northwest the fear of a catastrophic event in America
ebbs and flows with the frequency and the severity of a groundswell but the
concern surrounding such events never subsides there is no proven way in which
to predict the next big event whether it be along the u.s. west coast or in the
heartland of America along the New Madrid seismic zone these two areas
combined have the potential to create an extremely powerful earthquake with
devastating consequences it is entirely possible that nature itself has a way of
warning us of an imminent earthquake there are five warning signs in no
particular order which provide a non-scientific observational method for
earthquake predictions the first one has to do with the appearance of mysterious
lights in the sky which happened just prior to the actual occurrence of an
earthquake days or even months before an earthquake strikes witnesses have
reported seeing peculiar lights rising from the ground which hover in the air
above them these strange lights referred to as earthquake lights are not fully
understood but the theory behind their occurrence may be linked to the
admittance of energy from rocks that are under extreme stress prior to an
earthquake two years ago in September of 2017 a green light was photographed
rising from the ground and projected in the sky just prior to the most powerful
earthquake to hit Mexico in the past century scientists have been unable to
explain the appearance the earthquake lights have been photographed
in various ways including blue flames originating from the ground as orbs of
light that actually float in the air and as huge forks of light that resembles
lightning shooting up from the ground but regardless of their origin these
strange emanating lights are a real phenomenon they are not based on UFO
theories it is conceivable that they exist as a warning sign sky quakes and mysterious booming noises
are earthquake precursors they typically occur several days before an actual
earthquake a cannon like rumbling or a sonic boom is a phenomenon originating
from the sky and they have occurred in locations across the world although even
to this day they remain unexplained many witnesses have reported hearing these
mystery noises like this one recorded from Canada in January of 2014 that
actually set off car alarms and barking dogs earthquake clouds or rainbow clouds as
they are commonly referred to are said to be a sure sign of an imminent
earthquake their presence in the sky has been described since antiquity in the
year 2008 the mysterious clouds appeared just 20 minutes before a major
earthquake took place in Sichuan although scientists have said that they
have seen the clouds associated with a seismic event the claims are mostly
unsupported in the scientific community of great interest among observers is the
fact that earthquakes have the potential to alter the Earth's atmosphere creating
changes in air density as the GOCE gravity satellite revealed during the
massive 2011 Japanese earthquake one of the more reliable indicators of
an imminent earthquake has to do with animal behavior prior to a seismic event
various species of animals have actually abandoned their homes and breeding
grounds prior to an earthquake it is not entirely understood how animals and
marine life can sense an oncoming event it could have to do with changes in the
magnetic field or the ability to feel tremors that humans are unable to detect
but noticing these changes in your pets or animals may provide you with a
forewarning of the event it's known that dogs will become frightened run and hide
or act erratically just moments prior to the event according to some scientists marine
creatures such as the oarfish will behave in unusual ways that could
indicate an imminent earthquake these enormous fish which are rarely caught on
video are known to rise to the ocean surface and Beach themselves in what is
believed to be a warning of an impending earthquake it is entirely possible that
fish are susceptible to movements in seismic fault lines thus acting in un
characteristic ways prior to an earthquake the Japanese have long regarded the
Beaching of Oarfish as a precursor to an impending earthquake
therefore the predictive connection between seismic events and unusual
marine life behavior may not be as far-fetched as was once thought the
greatest precursor of an earthquake and the most typical has to do with
electronic interference most often on the evening prior to an earthquake
various electronic devices may react to the changes in the electric field in
much the same way that animals behave erratically to magnetic field
disturbances when they occur on the afternoon of September 14 2014 a program
that aired on PBS Time Warner Cable out of San Felipe in
Baja California was experiencing a type of electrical interference the sound was
popping in and out along with brief occurrences of screen blackout which
increased in frequency during the broadcast TV reception is seldom
associated with consistent interruptions unless something unusual is interfering
with the signal but the interruptions continued throughout the evening of
September the 14th in the San Felipe area on the day after the programming
interference a magnitude 4.7 earthquake struck the area but by that evening the
signal had returned to normal if you live or reside near an earthquake
zone and if you should experience a small earthquake then it is quite likely
that an even bigger one will follow but it is important to understand that fore
shocks do not always occur in advance of a much stronger event and it is
virtually impossible to determine which tremor will become the main event as
there may be more that will follow in general earthquakes do not behave
consistently and the precursors that I have mentioned may not always be
reliable imminent signs can occur hours days or even weeks in advance of an
event and sometimes these signs do not occur at all predicting the timing of an
earthquake based on observations has been met with both success and failure
in the past on February the 3rd of 1975 scientists used converging lines of
evidence such as animal behavior and foreshocks
to persuade authorities to evacuate the city of Hai Cheng China the following day
a cataclysmic earthquake struck the city the advanced warning of this event
prevented a great loss of life one year later Chinese officials used
the exact same warning signs for the town of Tang Shan but this time there
were no fore shocks and so there was no prediction issued and the town was not
evacuated on July 28th 1976 a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Tang
Shan without advanced warning in what would become one of the deadliest and
most destructive disasters in history there are signs both on earth and from
the sky that will forewarn us of the imminent dangers that lie ahead we
cannot know what disasters may await us in our future but if we have a better
understanding and knowledge of the warning
signs it will help guide us through un certain times thanks for watching