What's Love Got to Do With It

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Dave McP preaching at Wellspring Church in Goodyear, AZ.

please we've seen it it's a privilege this morning I want to do two things 1i just say thank you publicly for handful people we had a 300m Cena barbecue playing a bounce house took a lot of fun things and unnoticed of most of us five people came back to this gym and floated of every single thing that you see in a couple of trucks and so I know that is probably my can determining TR and Greg if you did that ipod miss your name forgive me for that but thank you for doing that last week you worship well by serving medicines today it's my privilege to get to introduce so someone's going to lead our message and our time of worship where I start by looking at what God has to say about worshipping in our first low because of his love for us and so I've asked a Macpherson Davis our worship leader he's our associate pastor call of God equipment years training finish w degrees so that he might study the Word of God elegantly teach it accurately on Shane's workman who is that a shame that brightly handles the work done because I'm pastor's heart he loves you priests for you there are people that pray that you would hear what God would have to say to you today and so I would just say with an open heart and a warm applause spring welcome would you welcome now David fearsome our portion Becky worship team for leading us in worship you guys did a fabulous job excited this morning I can share with you something that's near and dear to my heart of the topic of worship this morning as we talk together to be talking and exploring wide readership we'll talk about some ways of worship and the reason behind why we worship also the final worship is before we need no one's fine don't we just pray if you're right i went to pretty heavy for sorry god now you can online I used to be to us we get into your word and we take a look at what you have to say about what worship is may you move our hearts and you draw us close to you may can help us to know if greater that's how we can fall more in love with you God we need you so I pray that you would come and have your way to this abuse and then I May first nineteen eighty-four Tina Turner released a song that I was a good title of our series what's love got to do with it really popular song most of you probably are familiar with it what's love got to do got to do with it it's catchy tune and actually they're so popular than the state and number one song on the Billboard charts for seven weeks it was to users only number one hidden entire career it was so popular that it actually is one of the top 500 songs of all time pretty successful song I'd say why was it so popular and I think that it struck a chord with the culture at large then and continues to speak to us now because it talks about a topic there were all hungry for talks about love listen with me as I read a couple of the lyrics because I finals there it's very fascinating what's a lot of the second animal Cooney's love when a heart can be broken that's a lot but a sweet old-fashioned notion Tina Turner a she asked that question what's love got to do with it her answers pretty clear I don't really need love because of these two broken and so let's just leave low on the sidelines but are there so needs a crime for love in and of itself it expresses an inescapable need to be loved and to love and return the problem is that the love that she's describing it isn't complete it's lacking it's missing something it is a secondhand notion or something that's just old fashioned so as we launch the tourney series this morning I would pose the same question the team to turn doesn't our song what does that have to do with I think the violates a pretty clear picture that love is a big thing that isn't incomplete of isn't untrustworthy or visit hollow or lacking of isn't just a second hand emotion or some old-fashioned notion God loves us and that love is worth so much more than what might appear the lyrics of pop song it's the reason why we worship it's the reason why we get together every Sunday morning and sing about just dollars and read the Bible so what does love absolutely well the Bible says and first John what I mean to god is love so if you're feelin she knows the first blinders god is love essential definition of who God is summed up by the word love it's in his nature its essence it's who he is he can't help but love because god is love now that sounds incredible amazing huge but it's also a little abstract a little hard to comprehend I love sitting around sipping a cup of coffee talking with some friends about big abstract terms sometimes abstract terms lose their meaning if we don't really understand what they're about and so I'm going to try cutting handles on that term so to speak to understand really what it means so we can understand what God is love really does John actually helps us to create handles he he follows that first we just read my first job for nine when that says this by this the love of God was was made clear enough that God sent His only Son into the world that we might live through him it all comes back to Jesus God demonstrated his love by sending Jesus he put his love into action through Jesus as well as we ask the question what's love got to do with it I believe the answer has to begin with the person Jesus because Jesus is the demonstration of God's love to us he is a clear demonstration he defines God's love he defends God's love he displays God's love and that was tangible approachable understandable and completely perfect Jesus birth demonstrates God's loving this that God Himself came down in the human body he couldn't stand by and watch the world it's chaotic States but he had to move enact Jesus life demonstrates God's love in the every moment Jesus did things to restore brokenness in the world around us he killed people emotionally physically spiritually everything that was going on and Jesus death demonstrates guards love more than anything else and so that's why we'll look at specifically wide across and why Jesus death huge demonstration of God's off there's two passengers everyone will get the first one is Philippians chapter two the second one is Romans chapter five so if you brought your Bibles for the thumb between those two passages we'll have those are the lips will have the scripture on the screen I'm used to sing the lyrics so in Philippians chapter two starting in verse 6 Paul writes although he Jesus exists in the form of God to that regard quality with God a thing to be grasped but emptied himself taking the form of a bondservant and they found in the likeness of men they found in appearance as a man double himself by the I'm going to meetings and point of death even death on a cross I love this passage in Philippians 2 actually one of my favorite passages it's some scholars think it's an early him one of the earliest worship songs that we have record of and in this passage Paul writes that Jesus didn't hold on to her pride himself this is equality they had them God though this thing with God was something he's created before the mini of time he was with God and haven't existed with God you can hold on to that Achilles with God said you really gave it up and laid it down so we might have freedom with John we might be free from the jump from our sin topless at this way the Roman style while we were helpless at the right time Christ died in the army for one hardly die for a righteous man no perhaps for good some money dare to die but God demonstrates his own love towards us in this while we were sinners Christ died for us God demonstrated his love for us in such a way that water in the middle of our mock in the middle of everything that weighs us down he couldn't help with move so he said Jesus to take care of such a huge is chosen to make everything about his love pinned on Jesus workington in purpose I want to tell you that were two thousand years of history reported the scripture I'll tell you that God loves you God isn't some intangible reality simply created the world and then took a setback in tonight you guys do whatever you want to do God's love was so great about is is so huge he couldn't help but respond by loving us and he couldn't help but respond by stepping into the middle of the chaotic well that was around us and saying I have to do something in intervene I have to send my son to take care of this in so he said Jesus to cover over us and to make away and set for the stuff that separates us from God the Bible says this that if we comes a gun if we admit that we're not perfect if we believe that Jesus died to cover our sins and confessing him we will find life in Jesus will find freedom from sin from the jump that weighs us down this morning's I was praying over the sermon I was praying over what God wanted to speak to us believe that messages for some of us in this room that maybe some of us don't have a relationship with Jesus we don't know what that is the work we've come in here and I'm pretty heavy from stuff that we've been carrying around I promises we can find freedom in Jesus if you have anything is weighing you down today I'm here to tell me that if you bring that to Jesus you will find for you I love that that's not even the end of the story them as much as who God is as love and he demonstrates is incredible perfect with self sacrificial love to the cross that's not all there is to the story you see god made us in His image in the beginning of the Bible Genesis 1 27 says that God created His image and likeness as a lot of having theological implications in that those few words but it sum it up it basically says and are saying more same essence in DNA the stuff that makes us up is stuff that makes God we were creating the exact mirror image of who God is our idea is a mirror of his identity so if we understand that God's identity is that of love and he had to move by demonstrating his love through Jesus coming down price to cover over us and as we were created just to be loved by God we were created to love others as well and to love him we were created to be loved and to love just as he loves us the God who created everything around so himself exist as a relationship between God the Father Jesus the Son and God the Holy Spirit the highlights were working Jesus on the cross that brings us enlighten and blesses the work of the spirit that continues to read newness into our souls that exalts the Father's love that binds them all together in unity this God created us too long for deep and meaningful relationships with himself and with other people just as he existed this amazing relationship of Father Son and Holy Spirit we were created to exist in relationships to love God and to love other people to be loved and to love in return so how do we believe and connected to this guy only worship Him the next blank as we worship Him it's our identity who God made us to need it's in our nature are very essence to love the God who created us whose nature identity in essence is love he mom's first Washington because he created us her relationship with himself and through worship we acknowledged we use we spend time with him we get to dwell in his presence and near to us encourages a pastor author and former professor at fuller seminary John whimpered once wrote as we discovered experience the majesty of God the reality of his presence in our lives and is availability to us our type of need we will be unable to keep from worshiping him it's our natural response I find it fascinating those I look in the Bible of many examples of where people are caught up in worship but as they encounter God their natural response is to worship Him I want to take a look at two of those one is in Isaiah chapter 6 as you look at Isaiah chapter 6 and in the beginning versus you see Isaiah and finds himself right in front of government and he becomes keenly aware that God's presence is there because you can see the room filled with smoke as tangible reality of God's right there in front of him as he continues to be in that place he also becomes aware that he's in the presence of a perfect God he's far from perfect and so the passage tells us that even comes very aware of the things that make him imperfect keep it was guilty it weighs him down very heavily he's just very word the fact that he's simple and so he starts wondering what am I going to do it I don't know him at an angel comes and it touches him cleanses him and that process the weight of all of the jump that was giving him is lifted off the shoulders the truth is that sometimes in the worship God we can experience the grace freedom forgiveness literally just by being in his presence sometimes that's because we have to confess some things and give right we've done sometimes just getting God's presence the defense stuff from us in Revelation 4 we see a picture of God in heaven angels and people who have gone on and died before God they're all surrounding on in heaven and we see this picture of God is huge is great and can you can't help but respond to go its greatness by worshipping Him so this are seeing they start raising their hands they start shouting I start dialing down getting down on their knees and taking everything that they have a value and significance and worth the crowns or whatever and laying in Jesus feet because God's presence is so great they can't help but respond to that but sure this is as we movie we can't help but respond to God because God is love because god is so big it just naturally he is it what are natural responses even today God's presence continues to move continues to challenge us and call a story a few years ago I had the chance to work on staff at a church in Gatesville Texas little teeny tiny town about an hour away from baylor university where i went to grad school and while I was there Walter told me one story one day at a time when he and had a pretty significant harnish altar implanted in church in his mid-70s he decided that retiring was an option for him so he decided he wanted to fight to church in the town he grew up so he started the church about a year later I got to have on more living but a few years before that he planted the church hanson major heart issues hospital to try and figure out what was going on well within a few hours the doctors have figured out pretty quickly they had to do surgery and so they came to me said Walter we're going to do open arm surgery in just a couple of hours because this is pretty severe but reality is probably going to die on the operating room table we need to do the surgery because it's either life or death but you made on an outcome probably isn't going to be great alter told me that in that moment he had wanted two choices if you accept that reality and just read out as I okay i guess i'm going to die or he can spend time worshipping in crime and somebody chose to literally take a few minutes worship and pray after the doctor or before his family and as he spent time worshipping and spent time in God's presence he said that there was this piece this little T angeliki that starting to film from the top of his head and go all the way through his body and he knew everything was going to be a daddy God's presence just built him and brought him in peace a little bit later they wheeled him into the operating room after his surgery was over the doctor came out talked to his wife and said surgery what an amazing well better than anyone good it the strangest thing happened when we were in the surgery her husband was smiling I've never seen that before it all what I'm operating on people it's because God's peace was resting and because of that she was able to share the gospel with this surgeon was amazing author professor ji packer writes this the worship of the Bible involves praising him for who he is thanking him for what he has done and desiring him to give himself more glory by further acts of mercy judgment and power and trusting him from our concerns and for our future for our own and from others future well-being I pastor Walter me them that through this type of worship he thought reassurance that God was going to take care of him provide for his future and provide for the future this family he knew that he could trust God because God's presence was that tangible of a reality so this morning so far we answered the question why we worship by saying God is not God's essences in love and that was so huge we couldn't help but respond by sending his son to come be cover over our sins and that himself demands a response in worshipping but that's not all there is to the story because not only is God love but our essence our nature the very way we were greeted with was to be logged into love and so we must respond by order you begun if we were to define worship worship as a lifestyle it's a way of living with acknowledging the truth and love of God there's many ways that we can worship we connect with another relationship different modes are described in the Bible one of those actually happens to keep I reading the Bible it says in the word that Jesus is called the word minimization so as we spend time in the Bible we get to spend time connecting with Jesus and knowing he is into the world I can worship your service by being a literally hands and feet of Jesus ministering to those who are the desperate need when you worshipped by declaring he is in prayer we can even worship by what we do in to school and what we do work and literally as we as we give god the glory and we're not as important for some earthly boss through taking class to donna's and for taking classes just to get a good grade but to do so for God and then when we get praise give the glory to God we can worship in into that but this morning I want to specifically focus on worship through song because we spend about half of our time when we get together on sunday mornings before shipping through summer and we have four or five songs we play each week we have up lists and musicians of repair we've got lyrics up on the screen and I'll to quote that and we get to sing along with so why don't we use music and how is this considered worship well the Bible says that God created music if you want to look at Genesis chapter 5 you can look early on the first mention of music is there or a guy named as you pull God God had given to get some music to but I'd like to ask a bit of a different question as well have you ever noticed how we use them sometimes stirs your soul how sometimes the song on the radio theater makes you tap your toes we can pull in your harp strums music has incredible power line it's got dick created for good em in 1933 a young man time we hit them do that to his advantage to twisted manipulate entire generation of young Germans he actually came to power than 233 he commissioned a group of composers to write songs and would manipulate german teens to his cause of genocide music does have incredible powerful movie producers know that as well it's also memorable they use music to associate memories with feelings and even emotionally twist our feelings to pull us more into a storyline you know if I were to have a long bomb what am I saying Star Wars I was like I said a good good good character bad character bad guy or what if I what if I hump oh sorry tell me it's kind of scary yeah music has power to literally create a motion invoke emotion in us to raise our feelings or not there's something about that that's fascinating this is the very thing that made tv turns on the number one hit it was catchy it spoke to something within our culture and something or a longing for that is love and was memorable but she didn't have the right understanding of lung because of her definition of love it was it wasn't satisfying wasn't fulfilling it wasn't enough it was incomplete but we know when we encountered on the Bible says that God's love is complete and so we encounters got to experience the back to god is love experience got the present center was through the cross through the sacrifice that Jesus made covers our sins as we live out our identic and worshiping him that love is amazing so I'd like to look at a couple of difficult examples of worship and then if you want to toss the band and come on it'll be another five minutes or so to look at some ways that we can worship that's in the Bible the first one is singing a common biblical image in the Bible is that I've seen is part of the reason wires but as much time singing is with you Ephesians 5 19 or 20 says this speaking out with one another with hymns Psalms and spiritual songs singing music in your hearts to the Lord always giving thanks to God Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we sing because the bible calls us to because it challenges us to because it's one way we can engage with god another biblical example is that clapping and shouting so the second blank note second example abortion is clapping and shouting in which you're exploring events rumor is as Jeff said earlier those there's a little sporting event happening this afternoon hey I we offer full of applause of great performance we shout to read our favorite team we had some have too carried away the moment and really get it to whether it's a game that where you live a person act or on TV sometimes we lose own voice you are often get caught up in the moment in cheer on and a great event I wonder what is that when we get to church for some reason seems like we need to be a little more reserved you know what would it look like on sun is it we added just a little more passion inside the church as we connected with god the bible certainly encourage is that kind thing Bible says this Psalm 147 one clapping hands all you nations shout to God with cries of joy I love the self because if you could really hear the rather cry of David David the guy who wrote most of the songs he sang do you know how big God is to remember the incredible things that God has done in our midst the victories these brought about about lifetimes we have to shout celebrate let's celebrate because common is such a huge God so we clapped sometimes we can shout during worship because of what God has done in acting on our behalf there's another example into the Bible and that's raising hands raising hands first Timothy 28 says this I one met and everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer without aimed or disputing when I think of raising the hands I actually think of this illustration every time I get home from work for men or do whatever I two and a half year old daughter comes running up to me Frances daddy and what you hugged me and so first perhaps who brung another on me worship God sometimes we're so long but his presence would just raise our hands and say God I need you lord I need more of you in my life and I believe the father's have got responses as good as guests I will fill you up the Bible promises as we seek good we will find God and so it raised our hands were sent God we need more of you there's another fourth example of worship in the Bible there's no more than what we're exploring this morning but this fourth one is bowing and lying down fouling in line hem in Matthew 211 where the wise men found Jesus the text tells us they bowed down to worship Him in Revelation before that the passenger talked about a little earlier as the group of people is in the throne room of heaven and there were even god they're so caught up in God's presence if they can't help but down down and lie down and take everything they haven't laid at your feet of Jesus sometimes as we encounter God abortion it becomes this way down the shoulders we can help it get down on our knees to just say God I sort of everything I have to you but that word is the biblical WordPress canal and the original text as Paul was writing that and that other disciples you're running that that's the word press command and it means literally to be sold by God's presence that you can't help but fall down as an act of surrendering to him that can be me Liam could be bowing like you would for King and from authority figure or simply sitting because God's presence is put a heavy feeling up your soul so you have to sit down I loved all the connotations it means that the word prosecutor when I was in college so much that I into band help Roscoe I am bunch of guys that we were with we would literally went around we traveled here locally to several coffee houses several small churches throughout the state went to a couple colleges here in a couple of other states but our goal as we got together as we played was the help King come to a place released in their hearts they were surrendering everything they had to go they were just holding on to something they were bowing down a worshipping Him what's and what God has done one minced there's a fifth example worship a look at this morning and that's jumping and dancing now I'll say is that for most of us that's not something we're very comfortable with not something we're very expressive with it's not necessarily in our culture in our DNA us or John Travolta or something like that but there are lots of examples of jumping and dancing in the Bible as an active portion and so I felt it being completely i'm talking about that as an example one of those examples is from 2nd samuel chapter six in second samuel six david the guy who wrote most of the Psalms was in the process of moving an artifact of God from a town outside of Jerusalem into Jerusalem they believe this artifact the Ark of Covenant held the very presence in essence of who God was and so they take a few steps and David would start worshipping and dancing and jumping around I take a few more steps and David would do it again I take a few more steps David we do it again all the way in a long journey to Jerusalem and as he did so he danced any prob look pretty foolish pretty awkward a little bit so much so it was part of it if I to him in his wife she wasn't too happy with the fact he was dancing around what as much as he was but David said that he was glad to worship God and dignified so looks silly to people like nothing to him if he was able to connect with the living and breathing God it had freed haven't done so many things for him and so he danced I don't know that for some of us think his expression maybe some of the other expressions are little comfortable for us that's okay there's freedom your ship as you want to if you led to but I believe this morning God may be stirring some of us and challenging cells to stretch the other come from someone's as Borinquen maybe some of these will only be expressed our quiet time with god behind closed doors that's okay but maybe for some of us I'll be expressed here as well we started play by asking the question what's loved out to me what has everything to do with it God's identity his mom and he poured out of his love and demonstrated that love by giving up everything from us through Jesus God created us are the same identity to love him and love others his actions are across and our very identity demanders to him and so he must worship God my question this morning to transition I ask command and come back up to get ready to lead us into worship is this how do you choose to engage god I challenge you can take this moment series let's use this moment to focus on God and about incredible things that he has done in our lives than our medicine because we can experience God's presence as we close our eyes and focus on him we might feel overwhelmed so much so that we need about it can we need to raise our hands I mean even glass shower maybe some of us with names no as we as i start with most worship sets i encourage everyone afraid of this abortion so I challenge let's have freedom to this abortion now a couple of moments ago I talked about something that maybe for some of us we need to do it so as I believe may have come in the room feeling this it's a guilt or shame for whatever reason maybe there's some stuff that we've picked up our lives maybe it's just that we don't have a relationship with God and we know that we know that there's ended separating us from God the Bible promises that are we seek we can find it at this point we're to say a couple of songs in worship as we do so if you don't know Jesus I invite you to come forward come talk to me I'm dr. Chris we want to talk with you about what it means to surrender your heart to Jesus and pray with you if there's stuff that separated from God laid down in Jesus views worship the next couple of songs but standing its prey god I thank you that your presence calls us challenges of story I pray that as we spend the next couple of minutes getting it to put it in practice some of the things that we've learned about what I mean story new star parts got ringing through this freedom to worship you or we ask for more in this place