Who is The Bible Belt Atheist???

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Here it is! Here’s the reveal video where I tell y’all my name, show y’all my face, tell y’all what state I live in and finally what city that I live near! Enjoy!

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all right everyone welcome back to the Bible Belt atheist as y'all can tell from the title and the thumbnail today is the day that I reveal who is behind the Bible Belt atheist I'm gonna be telling you guys my name showing you guys my face and telling y'all what state I live in and probably what city I live near because I'm not gonna say the actual city that I live in but since I live fairly close to a relatively big city I'll be telling you that instead of the actual town that I live in so without further ado I'm not gonna keep you guys waiting let's switch over to the camera and let's reveal all about the Bible Belt atheist you all right well here I am not really I'm just gonna tell you guys right quick for anybody who's either new to the channel or hasn't seen much of other channels on this a theater or in this atheist community this is the mask that Bubba as I call him or boo mill Zebub on YouTube he calls this spider-man mask a little bit of background about this mask I made this mask when I was about seven eight years old and I was a very I had a slow development to be honest to be completely honest mentally and this was made during a kind of I want to grow up and be a superhero kind of phase this was not meant to ever be used for being an atheist activist because I was a Catholic at the time but this was used as a superhero mask the kids anyways you guys are here to see my face now I just want to make one disclaimer I know my video quality is not that great I'm using the built-in camera in my laptop which is absolute so yeah it's not a good built-in camera so I apologize for the video quality however it is it's at the best setting that it can be at so without further ado what do I actually look like so take these glasses off first because I wear these on the outside or I've been wearing these on the outside because I'm kind of OCD about my lenses and I'm doing this I'm just saying this because this kind of a video about me not really about another person's channel or me talking about another person's channel this more about me kind of I guess you could say introducing me introducing myself to the world so just saying I'm kind of OCD about my lenses and they kind of need clean right now but this nose piece right here was really smearing them up so I just started to wear them on the outside but that is not what I'm here to talk to you about I'm not talking not here to talk to you guys about my OCD most here show you my face what does my face look like I am the Bible Belt atheist with really bad hair that needs to be cut my name is Zack brown and not the country band I absolutely hate country I'm a metal vocalist so no country for me my name as I just said is Zack brown and where do I live in the Bible Belt and yes I know my hair is messed up I need to cut it because I actually cut my own hair so saves a lot of money on hairdressers so because all all I really do is I just take a to guard with a trimmer and buzz it very simple very easy to do takes me about 15 minutes to do what state do I live in as you guys can tell I'm the Bible I'm in the Bible Belt and I told you guys on another person stream believe Elizabeth Mills about stream that I do live in one of the thirteen original colonies and I saw almost immediately that somebody got it right or guessed correctly so if you are watching this video then props to you or I'm pretty sure there was a few other people I got it right as well but again what state do I live in and that state is North Carolina now I live on the more western side of North Carolina I live about a half hour away from a city called Charlotte I'm sure many of you guys have heard of it because it's gonna be the place where the Republican convention is being held in 2020 or for the 2020 elections so yeah I live about half hour south south or Southwest south or however the pilots say it I live more more West than South but I do live like south west of Charlotte about thirty minutes or so depending on where you're going in Charlotte so yeah that's really all the basics all the basics that you have to know or that you need to know about me if anybody has any questions definitely definitely put them down in the comments down below I'll be happy to answer them on either the comments section or on another livestream so definitely definitely if you have any questions please ask them so I'm going to really just end this off right here go and cut my hair because it really needs to be cut and I'll see you guys in the next video stay skeptical my friends