Worship Leader Tips with Pastor Hart Ramsey: Leading Worship With Your Pastor's Heart In Mind

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www.progressivepraise.com had the pleasure of sitting down with Pastor Hart Ramsey-producer, keyboard player, songwriter, and of course, Founder and Sr. Pastor of Northview Christian Church in Dothan, AL and SafeHarborChurch in Montgomery, AL. We asked Pastor Ramsey some very practical questions with regards to leading worship and setting the worship culture in ministries. We hope it blesses you and PLEASE don’t keep us a secret!!

Mr curry young with progressive president worship sitting here with pastor heart Ramsey phenomenal pastor in Alabama he actually pastors to churches we're here to get some insight and inspiration from him as a leader but wanted to first just start off and talk about who he is what makes up this man as well as what you do there in Alabama okay well I passed on one church in two locations on the church in Dothan is called North three Christian Church or NCC family it's the older Church seventeen years old we have about thirty five thirty six hundred members there and that it's a different type of churches more it's they're more reserved and they will kill me for saying this but they are there they received so much teaching that they've become students but the anointed they love the Lord our safe harbor in Montgomery is my wild child it's about seven years old and you drop a dime when you drop a hat and they on the praise and so we've done live recordings there people love to record that because of the spirit and the life of that church so that's what I do there's Liberty there okay so in terms of being a pastor a songwriter a preacher everything what are some of the expectations that you set for both your worship leader as well as your worship team well the first thing I believe is that you can't give what you don't have I mean what I said but when I say that I mean this I don't want them to pretend to be someone else I don't need Fred hammering up there don't need John P key I want you to be you Peter said to the man at the gate called beautiful such as I have given unto you that's the first thing and so if you're not a worship or you can't lead worship I can't lead you to ever never been and so I expect them to come full and leave empty that's just simple so in terms of and I think you've already answered this your worship culture with NCC how do you go about cultivating that within your church how is it something that I mean you know I've been to churches where they actually have it on a bulletin you know here's what we're gonna do and here's what we believe and here's what we're all about or is it something that you and grain and your leaders and hope that they begin to kind of pass down though suggest things that I train my leaders but what I love to do is train the church on worship you know when you look at the the Old Testament the Ark of the Covenant on top of the mercy seat two cherubim face one another and the worship the presence of God is in the middle and so I believe that the platform with the choir the worship team the worship leader musicians they face the congregation the corrugation face back but both sides have to be worshiping for presence to to manifest because God God will be incognita the whole time he'll be silence and we'd be silent rather and if you don't pull on that he'll never manifest himself so we have to have something happening on both sides on the pew and the platform or spin together let's come from it's nothing scripted this is all him okay so let's say a pastoral colleague comes to you and you know they say pastor Ramsey you know you know flat-out my worship is dry of my church you know the people aren't responding you know it's it's not what we know it could be so it's it's not a new atmosphere not a new church but they want to experience a new in their worship right you know how would you go about consulting the first you know one of the things that I see that happens poorly in churches is that the worship leader would say get excited mm-hmm but but think about it whenever there's a riot you have these excited people on with a cause but someone is always charged for inciting the riot because the it's impossible to have excitement without incitement okay the purpose of the worship leader is to incite them to become excited and if the worship leader can't do that it's the pastor's responsibility to pour into that worship leader um there's a style that first of all a pastor cannot choose a worship leader that does not fit the culture you can't hire this guy that doesn't his forte is one thing and then make him or ask him to do something else and so what I do I would recommend to him that he assesses team and make sure these are the people okay now this is interesting I teach this across the nation I will just give you a tip bit of it okay um in the scripture in Matthew 25 or the Bible talks about the talents that were distributed five-three-one but I always ask the question suppose these were ratings and not monetary gifts let's see it was a five-star rating a three-star rating a one-star rating not consider this God is fair and we know that so why would God give them the guy with he gives him a one-star gifting and expecting to perform at a certain level it doesn't seem fair here's what I believe I believe the guy with the 5-star gift it has to work he has to have something that comes naturally and something he has to work on so the guy with the one-star gift has some that comes not shooting something he has to work on the I believe the 5-star gifted guy has a big gift but he has to work on his heart but the one star gifted guy has a small gift but he has a big heart what we make the mistake of doing is we don't we try to get all 5 star people in our platform and they have no heart so the congregation what they get is a great show but no ministry what would you have to do is you take what's there and you develop it the ones with the one star get the small gift then you pull them their hearts they want the big gifts and all they have to learn heart from these people and the ones with the small gave learning gifts from them and the exchange happens in a community of unity and that translates to the congregation as as a blessing that makes sense with that yeah because the power of the power of it what we do we stack our teams if you a stacked worship team of just gifted people has no heart so it's a performance and so the people coming to see a great show that we put together what I do is I use what I have what I love about the NCC family choir is that you have some gifted people not so gifted people but when you put them together I love my choir they told me one time to say well what we'll do is we'll have you show up in this city and we put together choir for years don't know I want my choir because I know it's blended there ok on the work of the Apothecary in the Old Testament when you smell a anointing all its mixed with some good stuff some so not so good stuff off some sweet stuff in some bitter stuff but it comes up with a beautiful smell and that's the way ministry is supposed to be from the platform