Yahawah’s Camp teach hard truth in the Bible Belt pt 1

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A set of United States maps showing the counties that have the highest concentrations of sin, based on the “Seven Deadly Sins,” has caused a stir since Memolition reposted it this month. In each of the maps the southeast, an area often referred to as the “Bible Belt” for its tradition of faith, has the largest amount of sin per capita. Yahawah’s Camp visited sinful Charlotte NC and rebuked them through the spirit of truth as they warned about isis bombing is setting the stage for wwiii

ha ha Shem hamachi acha how a shot you are not under the cells of your house key we had to break the tree according to the scripture that's right however we will defend ourselves if Phillips about your kitchen did our enslavement of fernet of two states at fires little children come from miles around now sit up late to quench it Adam would be before it to a sweetener in fact that's what a word think they come from good Oh stay I'm stuck get the right here get the lady ahead she studies the crazy now that's right that's let meet yourself lucky okay okay No now you think do you think it was wrong for me so cool white people dancing so-called box in America we understand that the Irish producer days but we're talking about over 400 years you know atrocity you know but in that state I don't know of any Irish up before that state that was lynched and then cut the back legs in his drawer put it in bottles the Capitol souvenirs got their so-called black women stuck open and let the fetus fall to the dollar we did a show called white man took his a simple as got a real head start the baby distant okay now are you willing are you willing to show that you're sorry about that no didn't like your network the show because you are quick as hell you are with you you are def gonna get doubled in the Bible sweetest kind of sexuality that you're Darrell passing your damn churches is telling about and the society is wicked just like the brother saying this society is wicked as hell and it's disgusting okay we can't distress that enough okay hit it last lap I'm telling you fucking it's like the Bible tells you to put the Timothy's the mess I said he sent the Apostles last what the hell do you think that's all about okay after us this is it there's no more running after us okay you had Moses in the past you had charm I you're at Isaiah okay and we had I'll pull the Chrysler to pass or so after us this is hey who's coming out this is fired that's just cut it up out there okay that questions gonna ass in under heavens and he's going to destroy this damn place okay it's like to pull the same okay I like a brother said only they know we don't have much time to get ourselves together okay either you do or you got syphilis my verse 27 and 50 / rebuke is better than huh does anybody open rebuke is open rebuke is when your mama says Johnny don't do that no more don't you go over there put your hand on that hot stove don't you hit your sister in the face don't you take that pencil and put it here your brother's eye in front of everybody but that's what we do is a peep whenever we do something wrong you got so-called Negroes going around jump out all white be blame bad talking about what about black-on-black crime what about your mother what about your brother what about your father you don't think you'll work something more than just put it off on our internal conflicts every nation has internal conflicts but you don't see why don't like a winner of white people come on come on what about white or light crime I'll gladly blame bad they'll never see that we don't only Uncle Joe cool infection Negroes that do that because I didn't we been indoctrinated to do that but guess what I'm rebuking you today but those that have ears for those that will listen you're getting a rebuke from your brother because i love i love my people I don't love the other nations I get less than a damn what happened to him we are here to tell you about you later rape Rob murdered us and when I tell you the truth about who you are you say what about the white men but what about he's telling you his story it's all in your schools it's all on the news but he didn't tell you the truth of who you are according to the Bible you really believe that you're in the land of your oppressors and he told you the truth of who you are that you're just Africans like do y'all know what's going on that's what the war has started it's gonna escalate what does you love go to supermarket and they're gonna be enough food thing you laughter but this man got setting in store for you he's planning on putting you in concentration camps whose plan on telling you what happened out in Ferguson that's just a ride small trial phase that's just a small trial they testing your will they're trying to see how far they can go with you they're going to be telling you like that anesthesia back and lift lift the right why because the Bible tell you that your pillow shall come down having great wrath because you know if that he has but a short time time is short the third man's war has begun it's not going to turn it around nothing good change you gotta type of terrorists and let's catch it that's gonna be out here killing people and allows you ain't ready you're not ready you do busy somewhere in the damn tattoo you too busy chasing after some little shudder they're not ready for what's about to happen in this country but you better hurry up and get ready you better hurry up the time it's me baby short real on Matthew chapter 11 and verse 6 and blessed is he who so ever shall not be up me whoever type that you said blesses me whosoever should not be effective than me if you are figure out that means you don't like Jesus Christ because the only thing we're doing is teaching where you talk about the teacher by the line you don't want to be Jim I 1610 I let you don't want to hear but we gotta say you set him down he just shut up I'm tired of listening to them guy he out here telling people at Atlanta like I can let my life the way I want to live my life why don't y'all just shut up well no we ain't gonna just shut up we're gonna continue to tell you that to the British people on the planet Earth and you have to have you up and wake up you don't have a lot of time it's not like before time is its to be shut its time are you going down and thermal nuclear destruction are you all coming to the Lord and pc those are the only two options that you had not Jeremiah chapter 6 and verse 10 to whom shall I speak and give warning the man I love to whom shall I speak and get wanted to rerun that they may hear that they may have real we hold it here is uncircumcised little of that your ears I'll uncircumcised you don't that means let me that you feel selected you refuse to take you to what people are telling you for your own good you tell your ears are uncircumcised wheel on the word of the most high is unto them over broach the Lord said the word his word and unto you and the reproach you hate what the Lord said on the Bible yet to go to church every Sunday a lot you I'm going home to grab my tonight you know your grandmother going to church tomorrow you don't tell your grandmother that she wrong so you go to church and let the path to read the Bible to unlock door because we re reading the Bible we got they don't accept anybody there truth too much that's why I love anybody Mike I love everybody but show me that in the Bible the filling one is you disagree with what we're saying booth looks wrong that's all we act the first round prove me wrong this is the Bible Belt this is the Bible Belt anybody go to church down south but I don't like what ya'll said what is it that you don't like you don't like the fact that we telling you that the black woman shouldn't be a whore do I like the fact that we tell you that she shouldn't put track to lose all your body because it gives you 10 cancer and plant the blood right against the cross blood cancer did you know that allow you to need to know that later on in life trip you get blood cancer from tattoos you take the right man gonna tell you that no he's making too much damn money off you do I'll commodity and he's not gonna tell you that faggot 93 why not Matthew 6 and 10 to whom shall I speak and give morning a lot that we shouldn't speak to read on that they may hear that they may have redone behold there here is uncircumcised no and I'm second sighs minute you can't hear what we say relearn they cannot hearken they cannot listen relearn behold the word of your how it is up to them over bring every coach you hate the word of god you hate the word of God but you think God it's not angry at America you think God is not angry that America pass they write for two men to get magnitude each other's you think God an angry about that you think he's not angry about that he lives in any going to start is playing and you Negroes do gotta hurry up and wake up the Lord is coming back for you he's not coming back for everybody you keep lying to you God do not love anybody if you are wicked and filthy New Jersey does not love you give him some 3416 good just like the brother saying which you Negroes got understand is this they say like the brother been saying for the last past hour tom is running short okay you are living in the last days of the Bible speak up okay it's like the brother is saying the one thing that the brothers saying was absolutely true which amongst everything you were saying is true is that you've been taught the Bible give it to the Hebrews 4 17 and I'm gonna get it right back to you what you gotta understand is this is that your leaders of us in this society has been teaching you the Bible upside down okay the things that the brothers really to bring things that the brothers bring it out is right in the exact the Bible is our true and authentic history book that's what the brokers are all about okay but your passes have a big teaching it to you correctly don't you know that fans over 613 laws in its populace broken down into three different categories you got your mom your CIBIL your dietary and your your cell phone your lawns or get your pants is not going to tell you about okay buddy just like the Greeks okay just like their atomic aunts the oceans and it's like that early say that the Greeks Scott wouldn't wrong do a suburban suit don't you like those customs a bit put it down okay do you serve God knickers here in the United States don't you know you're doing the same things as the moments implemented over 500 years ago don't you know the holidays are just celebrating or not in the Bible don't you know that the Lord says in his Bible festivals going to judge you in these last days don't you know that Christ is our set up that black man he's coming back in these last days the don't you know it too heavily okay the games are times are playing games is over we're only telling you sell out Nichols was varied about there's a damn reality show well hell you think you chairman out there Stevie J just thing what's on em again Stevie J and what's the whole name again see right where do you get up Christ that's okay dad love and hip hop in scandal going over look at them set up Terry Washington okay she's a bad example for black woman okay going around singing with the damn white man and you dare black to me you just love it man ok she got a devil pull up but just that she's all shows trying to put herself up as a righteous woman she showed us up on TV as a damn whore and a bad example for black women ok I'm sick of sitting on damn TV everything I'm talk show she coming on TV smiling but you're gonna find out black women and black back all that stuff is going to cease ok in the near future you want to find out that Christ is angry just like the massage and we do so-called Negroes and you answer like and also the same time soon you're the same children then what do the Red Sea with Moses the same hunger stiff-necked people ok I to the dance everything okay with the bullfrog but I got you hold of Hebrews they read it call it a read the book of Hebrews chapter 4 verse 16 let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace okay we got to come before grace okay because right now okay that's the time period that we in Galatians 4 16 that's the time period that we live in it we're living in a time of grace okay but that grace is slowly but surely lifting up okay that's the reason why you see girls all over the earth best piece why you see fires all over the earth that's the reason why the mole size raising up the tyrunt's crews what they'll break every damn body up there are people dont care thats do this all damn day long okay but it's a shot and obama to us the way to fight when we come out here open up it obscures activate there's no shock to us because well because we're not the ordinary men okay you're not gonna get a damn song and a dance and a good time to organ and a piano and a damp cellar comes up hill we go up here pants all about them behind okay what you gonna get you wanna get there unadulterated yeah uncut no tracer come on let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy yeah that's the weird check out it too okay okay Galatians 4 succeed we got the same mercy because it's how the mercy is just about over week okay come on and find grace to help you the time of need this is a time of me okay and you can't see that that's it's too bad okay it's not gonna get better do not gonna be voting for over a hundred damn gears what the hell is brock obama done for you lately that's what I want to know do they rose minister josh your ass arrested you took up a whole damn we started buses send the same time condition X new heads 876 down years later gasps place is still hot abortion clinics and still coming out ramp it okay you Nichols having me success do men regress let's just go on okay come on brother Hebrews chapter 4 verse 16 let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of need 112 yeah that's the time that we living in jump up and throw come on Hebrews chapter 4 verse 12 for the word of the Most High it's quick close I said his word is quick okay it don't play no games i'm kang like the brothers up here and you've got to understand them spirits and the way they activate put that damned Emil's up here I do sort out later the scripts is going to get her descriptions of the problem was pulling I'd no sooner lay that demon was gonna jump up on up it was just a matter of time we were just sitting back just wait I all surprised it then come out sooner come on for the word of the most highs quicken it's where it is quick and it's ass on that power tortoise there's no excuse okay do drag compete you can't go up against this bird okay the ABS philosophy is the Quran that was pointed out okay the ass but they teach our people doesn't address philosophy we're not missing we're not five percent without your help witnesses all right a concert of paddle the so-called Negroes rusty reporter regains okay all of the nation of Israel we're not Egyptians don't come up in a sec I'll intelligence little chip tounsi garbage all right because a longing sector are never to swear up and down that you down related to my yang okay Timmy a lot of you safeguard Negroes only not a pronounced said stuff okay during the time of slavery when the so-called Negroes restored potatoes down in West Africa during the time of King to home an empire the so-called white man could have went right up to Egypt okay because it wasn't that far all the site that the so-called right man get the people that was right there if these junctions was the natural and it's special people that knew so much science and know every damn thing right in the day I white man just traveling easier to get them and sell them they so natural they so special okay because I Got News for You black man black woman these Europeans I don't work that's over here in America and then once that's running the British Empire they know exactly who the hell you are they made sure the people of Christ they know they're sure to send the Somoza thank you to the central Abraham Isaac and Jacob but guess we will not do so called Nichols over in America okay forget about damn scandal caring Washington Denzel Washington's next movie in simple man okay it well simple what a so-called white man is off in Iraq okay doing bro okay committin bro you say same here worry about a damn party or a damn black niggas gonna be sick by their cousin over there tomorrow each one of them Frankie want to be a damn kappa all the stuff that's going on in the earth that's your logic that shirt that's the best you can do and you sir for niggas you don't have any leaders LeBron James ice a damn joke man morale is a damn show and the best thing that you kick balls could do is worry about them it jay-z and beyonce is gonna stay together or they gonna get divorced and she havin another baby and baby blue ivory years that's the photo shoot so chord nickel it's mine girl man right what the hell and put the Holly ojc like as he done for you Nichols in the cat old man and self a silk robe see you at a damn past our unicos you locked up around a damn block just to get his day I'm CD or iPhone 6 ok you niggas are sick get the iphone 6 come on hebrews chapter 4 verse 12 for the word of the most high is quick this word is quick and powerful his power you see a lot of demons activated that lady that was up here this word is powerful come on and shut it shot one okay guys the way that brother bought them scriptures out was beautiful it was shocked okay come on sharper than any two-edged sword yeah we ain't got no sword we got no weapons okay the only weapon that we use is this Bible that's it okay we understand the spirituality of everything okay the way the Bible move some Spurs and way to activate people little mix the move adjusted don't think TD jakes will come out here do what we do don't think that he'll get that same reaction you ask yourself that you think of our car and came out here and was do what we do it do you actually think he'll get the same reaction hell no come on here see even to the dividing asunder of soul and the most i cited thesis okay to the dividing soul of your soul in asunder I can it because it's worth discerns everything this word cuts okay cut our people write today Hawkman right to that spirit because you know why because our people know that they're doing wrong I people wicked as hell man I'm not gonna fight my damn tongue you a bunch of wicked damn Nick Rome's man what city of Puerto Rican yeah oh yeah according to the Bible okay will you read the Bible your research awards okay the history your nipples you are finding out you're breaking every last single law that's it is piping okay you have for long okay you're gone the things that are written in this Bible ok you believe everything mansae mansae what celebrate Halloween you niggas your Grampa costume celebrate Christmas you got a day of treehouse celebrate Kwanzaa you niggas got 17 tables in your house celebrating use your mother he tiptoes is crazy man you're crazy like a Miss I said you destroyed for lack of knowledge and that don't hit nobody else without people come on of soul and spirit soul and a spirit that's how it cuts out people it cuts your soul and it cuts your spirit because I'm people who they're not doing right come on back y'all I people know that they not doing right and according to the fiber like the brother said we ain't got much time in this place okay you can play games all you want to you can dance or you dare watch it but you're gonna play okay put up what for the atrocities you were to pay also for the trance questions that you're doing according to the Bible okay if you don't repent for your sins you need to come on pick get some literature and find out what you're doing wrong because your past is not going to tell you don't think your passcode tell you is but come to church on Sunday and make sure you bring that ten percent as homeless you can run around and a damn Fatima sinners kids to Morehouse University of Spelman he's okay as long as you can sit his kids the clock or Howard what up in Washington DC he's okay Andros is a partner i the phantom okay that gets colors for simplicity okay a lot of people i could not bad song i'm gonna let the grover come on back come on actually what the brother is essentially saying is that you liberals have to wake up and you should want to wake up that's all the further essentially said that you got to come back to the most i'll come back to your power these people don't care nothing about you time is short for these people that knowing the battle title of Revelation 12 and 12 the devil shall come down unto you having great wrath why because he knows that he has but a short time what does it mean that means that you went people are on your way up the so-called Caucasian people do have been filthy on the planet you have been despicable on the planet grandpa veterans on the planet that's right this is why the Lord got you dine and in the middle we don't you're going to go and fight again I let bliss that they stand in the White House we pillow slow to go boots on the ground that's a damn lie you're going back to the matter weeks you know that the dark gonna make you fuck this room that's right God is bringing the destruction to America back and bring it back to America that's right and then they don't get no better anything no good no better in this country I keep telling you people Tommy Schutt you all have a lot of time like like rubbing because of you a lot of time got a team into it if you don't have enough for work doesn't wake up the Lord is gonna kill you so you don't wanted to tell you that you have the first to come out here and lie to you till you a sauce sweet song in the bed we're not hit advanced for you when i hit a single damn song for you this is chuck friend and america fuck you honey disenfranchised to when the boat ride sometime come back around a lot of you and you don't be able to vote don't you know to kill their North Carolina you gonna stop you from throwing because I hi to you and kind of niggas fuck that mattress you put up on me you think I get back to this this uh Carl ok if you don't care about you they look at you and the slave child gets hurt that's how I see you a slave child that's all you will ever be to them but what did the launch they can be anything not in turn let's see what the Lord safer because to our people when I put up good fate is sealed we only have it for our people because God only love so-called Negro the nation of Israel so God nipples what did Ian for research after a Latino hate dealing with everybody then it's American he's like dealing with everybody only those people that are just missed it everybody else they're going to activity they're gonna pay for their crimes against the Lord's people and you Negroes if you don't wake up his let's go happen to you Amos chapter 9 and verse 10 all the centers of my people yes that the Lord is talking about a particular people visit all the Senate are my people redone so don't know what doc so what doctor what dr. bhathal slow at explore beyond which save the evil shall not overtake what did an eagle shut nap all the take cuz allow do you do that I ain't going to happen to me we're setting evil shall not overtake me none nor prevent the attitude that I could do whatever I want to do and ain't nothing gonna have to know if you are simple person guide is going to punish I'll close to the Bible he's gonna 3416 cuz a lot of you like to say I don't matter like i was saying earlier and don't matter how you up come at you up anybody come as you are we cannot just come as you are do not have a pet have to do now to do then you come to God rinat psalms 34 and 16 the face of the most high is against them the logs active faith of the Lord is a get them beyond that do eat that duty so if you say that God not anybody you land on the back do I on the Bible give me x 11 5 you learn on the boat if you're gonna talk about the Bible then you're gonna talk about what the Bible says God never told you that he loved anybody don't matter who you are just come as you are God love you You sanctified and you fell with the holy ghost filled with what do filled with shrt let's go to fill with because your path day teaching nothing and you keep on to these people and you learn in a way you look Rose wasn't getting tattoo 30 years ago who is wearing tattoos 30 years ago it was the Baker now you got to know putting a tattoo every damn way farther behind cheese everywhere or your breath it's a shame it's despicable love you woman you did what it's called my stamp mark my behind cried over your behind my trap mark gonna let you sometimes stupid do get some man's name victor over your behind do you wonder why you got to the man you're no longer with the man that you got the name written on the throwing up behind then did you wonder why you're gonna have sex for to the right way baby nobody can be done in bed because you had another ten man named retinol your back that's why you can text me too I see Mike written on your back good songs 11 and 5 the most heart try out the righteous you love teddy track the righteous you're trying to Rachel jeantel with them redone but the wiki but the wicked riddim and him that love is violence a lot of that people lived on letting you out in I'm going to do something man my body I'm a dental I'm a shooter white man killed you later you're gonna do a damn thing to the white man but you love to kill your own brother now do you think that makes you a man I don't make you no man because you can tell somebody I ain't get real good private damn gonna kill somebody how many times you see little kids drive gun to kill people that'll make you don't man what makes you a man that's when you come back to the Lord's and statues of the Most High that's what makes you a man when you come back to the Lord of the Bible redone but the wicked and him that love is violence like the wicked and hung love it on his feet on this soul peyton is so happy so if you're president like quicken it God don't love you but now if you come back and do right by Allah then are you going to accept and that's what you have to do that time is short it's Tim you sure and with that the next pile the speaker gonna come up